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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 9:51 pm 
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Loz wrote:
My, that's a very big Is you've got there!
Well it's bigger than yours 'Loz' [-(


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 9:59 pm 
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Well, since 'oever532' left of frustration, I'll be taking his place until he returns.

It is in my opinion that oever532 owns the story completely. He doesn't own the charachters except two, nor does he own the surroundings and events used as inspiration source. What he DOES own is the storyline, thus how the story is told. What he wants is to make a story to keep the readers in suspense, and what I've seen on other forums, he has gotten a lot of positive reactions.

Sincerely yours

EMO, the Emergence Hologram, Oever532.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:17 pm 
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oever532 wrote:
Well, Lonesome, I registered on Fanfiction.net as Martian Tempest, I have different usernames on several forums, and it's a shame you don't recognize them as one and the same. :-({|=

Let me guess :-k one day you put 'Martian Tempest' into your Google search (because we know Martian Tempest is your favourite FM you told us often enough) and waited to see what popped up and 'Martian Tempest' 'Dragonball Z fanfiction popped up' am I right? :?:
And me not believing you doesn't make me a liar it makes me a disbeliever. That's the sort of mistake you wouldn't have made in one of ?your? stories.


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:30 pm 
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I do not know exactly how you are putting it, but I'll talk to 'oever532' about this. He told me that he doesn't want to be known all the time as 'oever532' on other places; he only wanted to be called like that on this forum. He noticed several other people came up with their own usernames, and 'oever532' simply followed their example. And can you explain that 'mistake' to me, then I'll pass it on to 'oever532' so he can try to correct it. I know it sounds a little confusing but I'm afraid I can only put it this way.


The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:56 pm 
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oever532 wrote:
And can you explain that 'mistake' to me,


Yes I can, you said that I was "the liar" because I didn't believe you wrote this Fanfiction :roll: Me not believing you, doesn't make me a liar it makes me a disbeliever of your fiction, Fanfiction that is.


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 6:23 am 
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THen it's YOU who made the mistake of actually saying that you don't believe the story is mine.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 9:52 am 
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What the bloody hell is going on here? :-k


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 11:17 am 
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Lonesome thought that the story wasn't written by me, but he is VERY wrong in that. You should realize that the username 'oever532' here and 'Martian Tempest' on Fanfiction.net are one and the same person. So that story is mine. Case Closed. Now would someone PLEASE give me a positive comment about the story so I can post the remaining parts here.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:58 pm 
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Okay I'll give you a positive comment.

I like the way you use white lettering.

Bah bah black sheap April diamond spheres, Rigsby, Rigsby, Eight sided Pears.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 1:28 pm 
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That was not the type of positive comment I meant, but ok. Here's Part 6. This part ans ALL previous and upcoming parts are ©2006 'oever532' aka 'Martian Tempest'

Part 6: The Long Awaited Encounter

For legends, please see the first parts…

63. The Desert of the Knaaren
The group landed in a desert during mid-day.
“My gosh, it’s so hot in here!” Bulma said.
“What time is it?” Marron asked.
“It’s now 12.45 PM Earth time. We can better prepare ourselves; this is not going to be a field trip.” Rick said, while Leo ran off in search of some shadow.
“What do you mean?” Launch asked.
“I do not much about this place, but I do know that there were people here before us, and they never got out of here alive!” Rick said.
Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria and Zelda gulped. Gohan and Videl wanted to walk, but the sand is extremely hot, so the couple burned their feet on it. Both yelped as they felt their feet burning like they are on fire.
“Great. Just great.” Vegeta said.
“2nd degree burns on their feet.” Rick said, examining the injured teens.
“That sand is really hot!” Gohan and Videl wailed, trying to cool their feet down. Meanwhile Link, Saria and Zelda go through this as well, as the hot sand simply burns through the shoe soles. Impa had to play the nurse to apply First Aid to the trio.
“How do we cross it then? The sand is extremely hot.” Darunia said.
“According to my temperature scans, the large bones here have the only acceptable temperature where you can stand or sit down.” Rick said.
“What about lying down?” Marron asked.
“That’s also possible, but you will get scorched from the sun. We better get going before we dry up here.” Susan said.
Jumping over from bone to bone, the group avoided the hot sand as much as possible. Rick supported Gohan and Videl, while Darunia took Link, Saria and Zelda on his shoulders, since they need to get healed. The group had no troubles on their way, and they arrived near an acid lake, with small islands safely enough to stand on.
“Well, this may be lethal acid, but at least it isn’t hydrochloric acid.” Rick said, while Leo gets lifted up to a platform with another wooden barrier. Meanwhile, Rick has found a healing potion, which he gave to Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria and Zelda; which were healed within seconds.
“Thanks.” Link said.
“No problem.” Rick said.
Venturing carefully over the islands one by one, the group arrived at a small pillar where there’s a yellow labelled can waiting for them. Link and Saria found a red button on a wall next to them, and they pressed it. A tada sound is heard, but the sound quickly goes down like the battery is going dead, and suddenly a computer crashed down right next to Link and Saria, scaring them out of their wits. The others were also startled blank from it, but Link and Saria’s hearts pounded like crazy in their chests.
“That was a surprise.” Marron said.
“Tell me about it.” 17 said.
“Wow, Link and Saria look like they almost had a heart attack.” Launch said.
“Suffice it to say, they HAD a heart attack.” Vegeta said, who noticed that Link and Saria had turned pale, and holding their hands on their chests on the spot where their hearts are.
“Well, let’s take a little break. This way we all get the time to come around, especially Link and Saria.” Rick said.
Being in the shadow, the group sat down on the ground, while Zelda tries to calm Lank and Saria down. Vegeta kicks the demolished computer in the acid lake.
“That thing has already been damaged beyond repair anyway.” He said.
“Oh.” Bulma said.
“Are Link and Saria ok? They’re trembling and sweating bad. They’re even turned pale!” Ruto said.
“I can imagine that, since that computer scared them out of their wits as it came out of nowhere.” Impa said.
“How’s Marron doing?” 17 asked his sister.
“She’s fine; she only needs to calm down.” 18 replied, holding softly trembling child.
“Where are Gohan and Videl?” Chi-Chi asked.
“They’re over there, sleeping.” Rick said, pointing at the spot behind Rauru.
“That’s so cute, seeing them lying there, holding each other.” Bulma said.
“At least that’s good.” Rick said.
“What do you mean?” Goku asked.
“I once read in a paper that a boy was sent to prison since he was caught in bed with his own sister! And they were not sleeping!”
“What? That’s gross!” Pan said.
“And that’s not all; she even liked it! That’s what I read.”
“Some humans are so weird.” Bulma said.
“What’s happening now on Earth by the way?” Goku asked.
Rick concentrated himself…
“The Earth is safe for now; however, that goofball Hercule is searching like mad for Videl. He thinks she’s abducted, like us. Buu knows we’re all safe for now; he keeps track on our energy signals.” Rick said.
“That’s good.” Goten said.

After an hour, Link and Saria have calmed down, and the group could continue their journey. After several rides with the Throttle Copter the group arrives on a small ledge with the Lock Jaw can, and the Group so went even higher to a higher ledge, which led to a long hall, where a Shock Rocket can was waiting for them.
“That’s odd; I haven’t seen any enemies around.” Goku said.
“Maybe they finally realized they’re no match for us.” Vegeta said.
“Or it might be this place.” Pan said.
Rick opens a cage, and the freed persons land somewhere else. The group leaves the room and head for another ledge, where they met up with the freed persons.
“Hey guys, if you want to cross the Desert, you need to use the tunnels.” The first man said.
“But it won’t be easy! The tunnels are swarming with Knaaren and those beasts are IN-VIN-CI-BLE!” the second one said.
“Yeah, well do you have a better idea?”
“You bet, you better tell ‘em, I do! teleports away”
“Okay, listen close, guys, do NOT let the Knaaren get near you, understand, NEVER! If they get too close on you, you’re dead! Well, it was nice knowing ya! teleports away”
“Looks like we’re in deep trouble.” Impa said.
“Are they really THAT strong?” Marron asked.
“I’m afraid so. As long as we stay out of their reach without being spotted, we’ll be fine. That’s what I clearly understood.” Goku said.
“But what if they do spot us?” Launch asked.
“Then we have to be VERY lucky to escape. The higher our endurance, the better. Otherwise they’ll tear all of our internal organs apart with a single blow.” Rauru said.
“Do you have to get detailed?” Link asked, who noticed that Saria and Zelda get dizzy. Link himself doesn’t feel too good as well.
“Anyway, we have to use the tunnels. It’s the only way.” Rick said, smashing the barrier to bits, and venturing into a small room. The others followed, but then when Leo ventures inside, the floor begins to creak and collapses, taking the entire group with it. Leo gets intercepted by something grabbing him, and the others see Leo being carried away. Not too long after that a part of a wall is suddenly smashed away, and a tall creature, dressed like an ancient caveman with large hands, thin arms and legs ventures in the room, giving chase to the group.
“That must be a Knaaren!” Rick said.
The group tries to avoid him, but then the group stumbled on a deep pit. Rick tries to defend the group by generating the barrier, but the Knaaren doesn’t buy it, and delivers a hard punch in Rick’s gut, and a second punch sends him against the wall behind the group, sending him down into the pit, unconscious.
“Oh no!” Marron shrieked.
The Knaaren doesn’t stop however, and knows no fear. Gohan and Videl try to stop him with a Double Assault, but the Knaaren grabs their arms, and smashes the duo after Rick. Saria, Zelda and Ruto were meant to be the next targets, however, Link takes the full force of the punch and is also sent into the pit, and it didn’t take too long before everyone else of the group was knocked down in the pit. Then the Knaaren smashes on a gong, alerting his comrades of the ‘intruders’.

64. Operation: Distract the Knaaren
Rick wakes up after 8 hours of unconsciousness, and he notices his friends lying all around him, also knocked senseless, all of them lying in a large puddle of spilled blood. He feels his left under jaw has been distended a little, and his belly is badly bruised. He decides to conduct a medical scan…

Results Diagnostics scan:
Overall Status:
Health 65
Medical Attention required!

“Man, that was a hard punch. I already heard that we should stay out of the neighbourhood of the Knaaren; and we all found out why.” Rick said, as he tried to get up. He coughs, and he suddenly noticed his hand has several streams of blood.
“I need Red Lums or other medical stuff quickly.”
He looks around, and to his relief he spots several red lums waiting for him. This way his health has increased with 20 total.
“Now to help my friends.” He thought.
He ventures in the hallway, and suddenly sees a Knaaren standing outside, but his field of vision reaches within the hall! Rick carefully drags the unconscious bodies of his friends out of the F.O.V., guaranteeing their safety.

(Link’s POV): “Man, that was the nastiest punch I ever had felt since I fought Ganon and Majora. My friends suffered this time, too. I try to get up, but I’m feeling like every bone in my body has been shattered. I see someone walking around. It’s Rick, he’s bandaging our wounds and gives these red spheres to us to heal the worst of them. Saria, Zelda and Ruto know I tried to protect them, they’re really surprised I used my body as a shield on occasion, I like them all very much, especially Saria. I spent nearly every day of my childhood with her. We both enjoyed it very much. I’ve grown really fond of her. Rick then kneels down by me to heal my worst wounds, and bandage the others. I know he has his healing spell, but he decided not to use it now, since he fears it might attract the attention of the Knaaren close by. We were very lucky now, but the Knaaren can kill us all, and they can do it without hesitation. Rick then goes down on his stomach, and he begins to crawl softly forward, trying to remain out of the Knaaren’s Field of Vision, while looking for a spot to go on. I feel Saria crawling next to me.
“I’m scared, Link.”
“So am I, Saria.”
“We all are.” I heard Zelda say. She is right though. Even that Vegeta guy feels himself uncomfortable here. He knows the Knaaren are invincible. I try to go after Rick, Saria, Zelda and Ruto carefully follow me. I see Rick standing upright, standing flat against the wall. He holds his left hand towards me, indicating I have to stop moving. I immediately obey. Rick tries to remain calm, but in fact he is quite nervous. I noticed his heart beat increased some ever since we’re here in this place. Saria crawls next to me. Impa comforts Zelda and Ruto. She’s been a much as a caretaker for me, Saria and Ruto like she is to Zelda. I turn to Saria.
“What is Rick up to?” I asked.
“I have no idea. It seems like Rick is scanning the area.” Saria replied.”

Rick simply looks into the large room, making sure the Knaaren doesn’t spot him.
“There must be a way out of here,” he thought, “the fate of the Earth rests on the shoulders of me as well as on my friends. I have to make sure we all survive. This is getting hopeless. I can only see a Knaaren blocking our path, and a gong like object hanging behind a hole in the wall behind the Knaaren, I can clearly see it. I have also seen an orange labelled can on an island in a small acid pond… wait a second! That orange labelled can! That gives us the Shock Rocket power up! Could that be the solution? Oh, I almost forgot that the Knaaren are invincible. Wait a minute… what if I shot the rocket at the gong? What would happen then? Well, there’s only one way to find out…”
Rick gets himself ready to make the most dangerous move he’ll make.
“Listen up guys; I’m going to try something out. I hope it’ll work.” He said.
“You’re not gonna attack, are you?” Link asked.
“Are you nuts? You’d get killed!” Saria said.
“I’m not going to attack, I’ll try to lure the Knaaren away from us, so we have a safe passage. But you have to be quick.” Rick replied.
“Please don’t do anything stupid!” Susan said.
“Don’t worry, you know me.”
“That’s why I’m saying it!”
Rick then sprints into the hallway and jumps directly on the island, immediately gaining the Shock Rocket Power. He launches it first at a cage above him, immediately freeing the person and gaining the Lock Jaw can as a reward.
“Now to distract those guys!” Rick thought as he launched the Shock Rocket at the gong.
The gong begins to move, emitting its sound on impact. The Knaaren hears this, and speeds to the gong to see what’s going on.
“Now is our chance!” he yells, urging the others to get the Lock Jaw and swing themselves to safety as soon as possible. The others obeyed immediately, and they soon jumped down a hole, where they found a stone egg, and a few meters away from the group there is a switch located.
“So, if we can’t beat them, we have to distract them?” Bulla asked.
“Yep. Against enemies like the Knaaren we have to use our brains instead of our hands.” Rick said.
“Like I always say: you can solve problems not only with your fists.” Chi-Chi said.
“It looks like we need that egg to keep the switch active.” Darunia said.
Link and Saria volunteer to carry the egg.

(Saria’s POV): “I try to lift the egg together with Link. Man, that thing probably weighs a ton! It’s very heavy. Good thing Link helps me carrying it. I have liked Link ever since our childhood. I never liked Mido since he was teasing Link, only because Link doesn’t have a fairy. I have no fairy anymore ever since I became the Forest Sage N.B.: that happened in The Ocarina Of Time. I still can’t figure some things out. That fiend, Ganondorf, obviously sent me, Link, Zelda and the other Sages to the planet Earth through that portal, hoping he would kill us there so he can go back to Hyrule and conquer it, undisturbed. Link regularly visited me and the other Sages with Zelda after we defeated him first. I still don’t understand how he managed to break the seal. When I carry the egg with Link to the switch, three chicken-like zombies attacked us! Zelda destroyed them with ease. We place the egg on the switch and a gate opens, revealing another orange labelled can. I still find it very odd; to temporarily walk around with a rocket on my right hand when its power is active. The powers make me like I’m not a Forest Child, known as the Kokiri. I watch as Rick aims his rocket at the gong, securing our safe passage. It’s a success once again. We all quickly venture down and head for the large room.”

The Knaaren has finally spotted the group, but is too late to intercept them. He lets out a roar.
“Eww, what a nasty breath.” Pan said.
“It smells like rotten flesh!” Rick said.
“Yuck. Are they eating living flesh?” Bulla asked.
“I think so. Let’s go.” Rick said, running further.
The others hesitate.
“I wonder if we can escape alive.” Launch said.
“I’m scared, mommy.” Marron said.
“I know, sweetheart.” 18 said.
Suddenly the group hears Rick screaming of terror. Susan immediately rushes to him. She finds him, staggering against the wall, trying to keep his stomach under control.
“What’s wrong?” Susan asked.
“Now I understand why retches no one got retches again out of here alive. retches again” Rick said, hanging above a toilet he found.
Susan looked curiously into a hallway… and then she collapsed, crawling near Rick. The others then arrive.
“Man, what’s wrong? Have you gone ill again?” Pan asked.
“Ehm… I don’t think so, Pan.” Bulla said.
Rick is still struggling to keep himself under control, but he realizes he’s losing it. Gohan and Videl look also where Rick and Susan looked at, and are horrified at what they see. Tens of bloody corpses, lay spread across a room sealed off by a spiky gate, some torn apart, some without a head, and others had all their bones broken. The others had to take a look as well.
“I don’t feel so good.” Zelda said.
“None of us do.” Impa said, trying to support her, while Link and Saria collapsed. Suddenly the entire group hears some shrieks and screaming.
“What’s going on?” Marron asked.
The group, peeking through one of the open holes in the gate, sees a young couple being dashed against a wall. The boy and girl are holding each other tight; both scared out of their wits. Their clothes have been greatly torn apart. Then a Knaaren approaches them.
“What is he doing?” Link asked.
“I don’t know.” Saria said.
The couple managed to give each other a kiss, but then the Knaaren has enough. He thrusts his right hand forward, plunging his fingers in the chests of the couple, who let out a final blood-curling scream, which quickly faded away as their ki signal dropped to zero, and everything began to get numb as their bodily functions slowed down until they stopped forever.
“Oh no!” Impa said, and Zelda gasped. The others were appalled as well.
Then the Knaaren retracts its hand…
“He ripped their hearts out!” Rauru said bewildered.
Rick feels his stomach turning like mad, and when the Knaaren decides it’s dinner time, Rick has seen enough. He rushes to the toilet, and begins to vomit.
“Wow, he had enough.” Launch said.
“He isn’t the only one…” Darunia said, as he saw Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria and Zelda throwing up as well. Most of the group began to vomit. Marron begins to cry, Krillin and 18 try to comfort her.
The group first came around of the horrors they saw, and decided to venture along. But, to their horror, they entered a long hallway, with several Knaaren patrolling the area.
“This is impossible! We’d surely get killed.” Tien said.
“But it looks like we have to cross this area.” Piccolo said.
“But how? With those cavemen in the way…” Bardock said.
Rick then walked into the area, scanning the hallway.
“The hallway is 30 km long.” Susan said, as she scanned it too.
“We have to cross it, but how?” Pan said.
Meanwhile Rick has made sure his clothes are good tight, so they won’t get in his way.
“Rick? What are you doing?” Trunks asked, as he saw Rick prepared himself to launch himself in the area.
“Have you found a way to get through?” Goten asked, as he and the others also carefully ventured in the area, staying behind Rick.
Rick waited until he got where he waited for! The path is free!
“It seems there’s only one way to cross it.” He thought.
“Tell us what you’re going to do!” Marron said, still sobbing.
“All right, guys. Super Pursuit Mode.” Rick said, and a valve opens at his left wristband, revealing a green and a red button.
“Are you serious? I thought the Super Pursuit Mode makes us lose control over our speed?” 18 said.
“It does, but I’m afraid that Super Pursuit Mode is the only option we have to cross this hallway unharmed.” Rick said, as he took a deep breath. The others gulped. Rick then moves his body forward, like a runner waiting for the starting shot.
“I’ll see you at the end of the hallway.” Rick said, and presses the green button. Immediately the wrist, waist and ankle bands responds. The wrist bands opened up air intake vents, the ankle bands extended fins to aid manoeuvring, and the waist band opens up a valve containing the rockets to give Rick the speed boost. All this goes in combination with the sound effects which are the same when KITT, the car of the TV-serial Knight Rider, activated SPM, and then Rick launches himself forward.
“Wow, he’s gone!” Launch said.
“I’m not wasting my time anymore! I want to get out of here as soon as possible!” Gohan said with an angry tone in his voice, indicating he has enough. Gohan activates his Super Pursuit Mode, and goes after Rick.
“Wait for me, Gohan!” Videl said, as she immediately went after him. Hesitantly, the others followed. Within 1 minute, the group has reached the end of the hallway unharmed, and deactivated the Super Pursuit Mode.

65. A helping chaser
The group ran into a large room, where they found three Knaaren patrolling the area. They also saw some platforms motionlessly floating in the air, and in front of the room was a statue of a giant bird.
“Looks like we’re back in trouble.” Mirai Trunks said.
“Yes and no.” Rick said.
“What do you mean by that?” 17 asked.
“We may be in trouble since there are Knaaren here, but on the other side, we have a lot of space to move in. I also found a safe platform here at the ground floor which we can reach, but the Knaaren can’t.” Rick said.
“What do you want us to do?” Goku asked.
“I want all of you, except Susan, to get on that safe platform. I and Susan will try to get the floating platforms in motion, and lure the Knaaren to the other side of the room. Then we’ll get back to you so we can safely continue our trip.” Rick said.
“Ok, we get it. Please be careful. We don’t wanna have dead friends with us.” Krillin said.
“We wish you two good luck. You’re going to need it.” Vegeta said.
“Thanks. Now you better get in the safety zone.” Rick said, and he and Susan watched as the group ran into a small chamber with several gems floating, waiting to be picked by the person who finds them. Rick then fires a blast at the entrance, which became an invisible blast.
“What did you do?” Susan asked.
“I created an invisible barrier to protect the group. Should a Knaaren try to get them, he gets bounced off from the barrier, no matter what he tries.” Rick said.
Rick and Susan then explored the area, trying to find a way to get the floating platforms moving.

Inside the small chamber…
“Well, this is at least Knaaren-free.” Launch said, sitting down.
“Yeah. We need to have some rest, but I’ll bet the dreams we might have are nightmares…” Piccolo said.
“Mommy, daddy, I’m so scared.” Marron said, tears still welling up in her eyes, seeking comfort by her parents.
“It looks like Leo is the one to blame. If he hadn’t swallowed that black lum, we wouldn’t be here.” Vegeta said.
Gohan and Videl decided to sleep, even though they might get nightmares. Link also wants to rest, as he gets tired as well. Saria settles down next to Link, Zelda sits next to her with Impa with her. Ruto joins the four, and Darunia, Nabooru and Rauru also settle down. Gohan held Videl tight in his arms, as if he wanted to protect her. Both were vast asleep.

(Android 18’s POV): “It’s been 12 hours after we arrived in this place. Rick is right about us being safe here for now. He and his girlfriend are still looking for a way to get those floating paths moving. My husband and daughter are sleeping, like the most of us. Here we are, in the middle of a race who likes to eat raw flesh, whether it’s human or animal, man, woman or a child; they don’t care. I’ve seen those corpses and a poor couple been eaten. I still get sick at the thought of seeing the Knaaren swallowing the hearts of that boy and girl whole. Even I couldn’t take it anymore. I feel sorry for Marron though. She’s only 4, and already involved in hard things. I think what we have endured for so long was worse than being killed by Majin Buu. I sighed, and my brother comes to me.
“How do you feel?” he asked.
“I feel terrible.” Is my answer.
“I understand that. I think this is even worse than Cell and Buu together.”
“Tell me about it. At least I’m glad I’m on the good side now.”
“Me too. We can be revived if something bad happens to us now.”
“Yeah, that’s true. I don’t know much about it, but I heard that Cell killed 16, and Gohan kicked his butt. But I also got absorbed by that Buu creature.”
“You were? That’s why I felt so bad that day.”
“It were Goku and Vegeta who saved me and others who were absorbed, but then Buu annihilated Earth, that’s how I died then.”
“I passed away on that same moment as well.”
We both sighed.
“Let’s get some rest. Rick and Susan will probably return quickly.” 17 said, and then I and 17 went to sleep.”

In the large room…
“Wow, that was a close one!” Susan said to Rick, as both escaped from a swipe from a Knaaren.
“Yeah. But we succeeded in finding out how to get these platforms moving. What do you say we go back to the others and pick them up?” Rick asked.
The two teens teleported to the chamber after dropping some chicken legs as decoys to distract the Knaaren, only to find the group asleep.
“Shall we wake them?” Susan asked softly.
“No, let them have their rest. Let’s slow the flow of time for them.” Rick said, and he and Susan created a barrier around them and the others, slowing the time inside the barrier.
“They don’t look so good.” Susan whispered.
“I can understand that if you witnessed an innocent couple being slaughtered…” Rick whispered back.
“Yeah. I guess we have to wake them up.” Susan said.
Using a water blast, Rick woke the group up.
“Huh? Wha-? Oh, thank goodness, Rick.” Pan said.
“How did you know we had troubles?” Marron asked.
“Well, I have some kind of sixth sense for that. If you guys have a bad nightmare, somehow I can feel it. I had to wake you up.” Rick replied.
“Thank you.” 18 said.
“How did you get those platforms moving?” Krillin asked, noticing the now hovering platforms.
“Well, I got chased by one of the Knaaren, and that guy stepped on a switch, which caused the platforms to move.” Rick said.
“Shall we get going?” Susan asked.
The group headed for the floating platforms, and they reached a new room, where they walked to another hallway. The group then split up for a moment, to avoid being detected…

66. Painful experience
Rick entered another small hallway.
“coughs Hey, does anybody here have any cough syrup?” he hears a Knaaren say.
“I would have helped, but you would kill me…” Rick said.
Rick ventures on a small stairway.
“Ah, crap! The path is blocked and there are Knaaren on the other side of the rubble,” Rick said as he came into another hallway, “Let’s go back to find another route.”
He walks down the stairs and then spots a red lum.
“Wait a sec, maybe I can climb the walls here.” Rick said, and, to his relief, he can climb the walls. He just reached the top, when Susan arrives, shortly followed by the others.
“Hey, climb up here.” Rick said.
“What are you doing up there?” Nabooru asked.
“Securing myself against the Knaaren. You see, the path ahead of you is blocked, and I may have found a way to continue our trip.” Rick replied.

As the others climbed the wall one by one, Rick found in the mean time some small ledges and some walls with a rougher surface, meaning they can be climbed on. Using these walls, Rick led the group to a safer area, behind a small acid pond.
“Hey, hey, hey guys, I mean, don’t you feel guilty about gang upon a guy when he’s all alone?” a Knaaren asked a comrade.
“No. Why? Do you?” the comrade replied.
“No, no, no of course not! Eh… What was I thinking? mumbles”
“Well, seems like the Knaaren know no mercy.” 17 said.
“Yeah.” Mirai Trunks said.
“And they won’t show it either.” Chibi Trunks said.
“That’s more than true.” Goten said.
After the group passed a gate, the gate closed.
“We can’t go back!” Ruto exclaimed.
“The better. We should go to the right from here.” Rick said.
The group wandered to the right, and, using the Lock Jaw Rick managed to grab, they crossed a large pit.
“Wow, that pit is large!” Gohan said.
“Yeah. It looks like it’s bottomless.” Videl said.
Suddenly the couple noticed Rick flying by, and he smashed with arms and legs spread against a wall.
“Ooooh, that’s gotta hurt.” Link said.
“Rick? Are you ok?” Saria asked.
Rick doesn’t reply; he simply skids down the wall for a second, and then he falls down into the pit.
“What did hit him?” Zelda asked.
Suddenly the group hears a roar behind them. The group immediately freezes, and slowly turn around…

Meanwhile Rick has woken up from a brief unconsciousness, and after venturing through a small corridor, he is already climbing his way up.
“I should have spotted that Knaaren. That’s the second time I get hit by those guys.” Rick grumbled.
Suddenly a rock, which feel down from the ceiling, hits him head on in his face, causing him to fall down again. When he gets up, he notices his nose is bleeding bad.
“Oh, drat! Now I’m really pissed. First I get smashed down here by a Knaaren, and now a rock breaks my nose!” he grumbled, and climbs up again, this time avoiding the rocks. Climbing on a small hallway, he nurses his bloody nose.
“Just what I thought. My nose IS broken! I can’t believe that I get sent into this place! Why are the bad guys ALWAYS after me and my friends?” he asked.
He steps on a switch, causing a gate to go open. Right after he passes the gate, it closes behind him.
“There. Now I have to make sure nothing bad happens to me again, otherwise I definitely need a new face!” Rick said.
He wanders around, to get to a ledge with some red lums. There he also found Rauru, Impa, Darunia, Goku, Chi-Chi, Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Goten, Bulla, Pan, Piccolo, Tien, Launch, Bardock, Mirai Trunks, Android 17, Android 18, and Krillin lying on the path he walks on.
“Oh my gosh! They too already! Jeepers, now we all definitely have felt how strong the Knaaren can be.” He said, as his nose began to bleed again. At the same moment, Pan and the others on the path woke up.
“Rick? What happened to you!” Pan asked.
“That blasted Knaaren smashed me down into the pit, and while I was climbing my way up, a rock hit my face and shattered my nose. Darn, my nose begins to bleed again! Where are the others?” Rick said.
“They also fell in the pit you fell in.” Pan said.
“Ah, crap! Then it won’t be long before they get back here also with a serious injury.” Rick said.
And Rick was right. Soon the others rejoined, and Rick could clearly see the damage the rocks had done. Link and Saria have a blue and swollen eye and a bleeding eye-brow, Gohan and Videl have a cut in their lips as well as a sore jaw, Susan nurses her head with her left hand, which underside is greatly stained with blood, Zelda and Ruto have a lump on their forehead, and Nabooru has a cut on her right cheek, while carrying an unconscious Marron.
“Man, that was nasty.” Launch said.
“We don’t want to talk about it.” Link and Saria said, having an obvious angry tone in their voices.
“You’re not the only ones who are in a bad mood.” Rick said.
“Well, I and Saria are supposed to be in a VERY bad mood; our left eyeballs were almost smashed! We were lucky it’s still whole though.” Link said.
“Yeah. I hope we can find some red spheres around here. They act like the red lums. Maybe out worst wounds will heal.” Rick said.
The group then tried it again, but this time they managed to avoid and get past the Knaaren without being hit. Soon they entered another room which they can walk safely, and they also found a cage, which they opened. The freed person happens to be one with the best skills in medical, so he bandages the wounds of the group. He also releases four Red spheres for each of the group, to increase the healing process.
“That sure helped us.” Tien said, while Marron woke up.
“Yeah. Now let’s get out of here.” Vegeta said.
The group ventured across another corridor and came in another area, infested with Knaaren.
“My dad is stronger than your dad!” A Knaaren said.
“No way! MY dad is stronger than your dad. I heard his friends say, that he can even pick up a door!” his comrade said.
“retches Would you guys PLEASE stop talking about your dads!” a third one said.
“What are they talking about?” Goku asked.
“They talked trash.” Trunks said.
“I agree with you, son.” Vegeta said.
Carefully manoeuvring by all the Knaarens, the group managed to reach the top of the tower they were on, and they could continue the journey…

67. A Harsh Landing
The group entered an area with a cliff, where they again heard a conversation between Knaaren.
“Hey, are you going to the gong party on Saturday?” A Knaaren asked a comrade.
“I’d love to, but I doubt my dad will let me go out. He’s been in a bad mood lately.” The comrade replied.
“The only ones in a bad mood are we.” Link said.
“I agree.” Zelda said.
The group wanders along the path, but as they wandered along, they suddenly encountered a group of 5 Knaaren heading towards the group. Marron shrieked and fled into her mother’s arms. The group returns, only to see three more Knaaren waiting for them.
“Oh no! We can’t escape.” Chi-Chi said horrified.
But then the ground beneath them shook, and the part of it collapsed, causing the group to fall down into the cliff.

Hours are passing by. Rick wakes up again.
“Man, how many times have I been out? I have made heavy trips before, but THIS is definitely the worst.” He said, trying to get up, but then he feels his left arm stinging like crazy!
“AAAAAAARRRGGGHHH! OUCH! What’s wrong with my arm?” he thought, clenching his teeth on each other. He then comes to the realization that his arm went out of the socket when he landed. Then he hears the others moaning.
“You woke up. Thank goodness.” Rick said.
“What’s wrong with your arm?” Marron asked.
“I probably came down bad, since my arm went out of my socket.” Rick said.
Suddenly Gohan yells out in pain.
“Gohan? You too?” Susan asked, but then she feels her arm stinging.
“It looks like everyone has the same as you, Rick.” Piccolo said.
Rick staggers to a wall.
“Well, there’s only one way to fix our arms, but, believe me, it’s pretty painful.” He said, trying to grin.
“Huh? What are you gonna do then?” Pan asked, holding her left arm.
Rick remained silent. His friends notice he is uneasy. Then he swings his left shoulder back and rams it against the wall. A creaking sound follows, and Rick screams of agony and falls on his knees, but he knows his left arm is back on its place. Susan rushes over to help him.
“Are you ok?” She asked, noticing tears flowing from Rick’s eyes.
“Yeah, at least I can move my left arm again.” Rick said, smiling.
“Huh? You bashed your arm against the wall to get it in its socket again?” Launch asked.
“That’s right.” Rick said.
Then Link dashes his arm against the wall and he also screams of agony.
“Geez, man, that really hurts!” Link wailed.
“I told you it was pretty painful, but hey, the bright side is you can move your left arm again.” Rick said.
“I’ll be darned! You’re right, Rick.” Link said astonished as he got up.
One by one the group managed to get their arms back in the sockets, so the trip could continue. They entered a room with several holes in the path, and a stone with the shape of an egg.
“We need to move one egg to the switch near that door over there.” Rauru said.
“Yeah.” Nabooru said.
Rick takes an egg, and begins to carry it to the switch. But just as he is halfway, the ground beneath him begins to tremble.
“Huh? What the-?” Rick asked, but then the path beneath him collapses, and he falls down with a loud crash N.B.: Click on the following link to hear the sound of the crash: http/ The others see it happen.
“Oh my gosh! Rick, everything OK?” Bulla asked.
“I’m fine.” Rick said.
“Hey, you sound close.” Launch said.
“Well, this pit is only 2.5 meters deep.” Rick said, as he climbed back to where the others are with the aid of some stones.
“How did the pit look like?” Bardock asked.
“You don’t wanna know.” Rick said, has he brushed a cloth stained with dried blood away.
“Ok, we get the point.” 18 said.
Gohan and Videl gulped as they took a peek in the pit. After a while, another stone egg is this time safely carried to the switch and placed on it, opening a door. Link and Saria went through it first, soon followed by the others. Link and Saria jumped down the path, Zelda followed, and the others joined in as well. The others walked along, but Rick noticed one of his boot-laces has gone loose. He bent over to tie it, but then he feels some hot air in his neck.
“Ok, wise guy, STOP BREATHING IN MY NECK! It’s bad enough that I’m here anyway.” Rick shouted, irritated. He hears a growl as a reply.
“Now look here, bozo, I’ve had enough of being chased around, so will you please leave me alone?” Rick said, only to hear a growl again. Then Rick sees Link and Saria approaching him.
“Hey, aren’t you coming with us?” Link asked.
“I was just ready to come after you. I only had to retie my boot-lace.” Rick replied, who then sees Link and Saria holding each other, both trembling of fear.

“What’s the matter?” Rick asked.
“Uh, Rick, look behind you…” Saria said.
Rick looks behind him, and he sees a Knaaren standing there. The Knaaren begins to roar in his face.
“Yuck, what a smell! Have you ever brushed your teeth?” Rick snapped. The Knaaren responds by giving a swipe, Rick jumped back in time.
“Look, Mac, it isn’t nice of you to do that.” Rick said, while Link and Saria’s eyes look like they’re going to fall from their sockets any moment. Rick sees it.
“Now look here, Link and Saria, I appreciate that you look up to me, but I think it’s best for you to get yourselves outta here. Tell the others I’ll catch up with them.” Rick said.
Link and Saria walked away, still stunned at what they saw. They told the others about this.
“Well, it was nice knowing him.” Goku said.
The group wanted to continue, although Susan almost burst out crying. But then they heard Rick approaching them.
“What the? How did you survive?” Susan asked astonished.
“Ha! The Knaaren may be strong and invincible, but they lack intelligence. That guy which had an ‘argument’ with me got distracted by a rat passing by.” Rick said, while the others stared at him, all sweat dropping. This caused Rick to face fault.
“Now look here, guys, are we getting out of here today or are you gonna keep staring at me like that?” Rick said, as he got up and passed them by.
The others then want after him, as they reached another corridor, where the group split up. Some going solo, others stayed in small groups. Rick walked alone to a small room, with several gems waiting.
“Hey, guys, it’s a dead end here.” He said.
It remained silent.
“Guys?” Rick asked, but then he sees a horde of Knaarens coming towards him.
“Oh no!” Rick said, trembling in fear, as the Knaaren stood before the entrance of the room, blocking Rick’s path. But then the ground beneath him begins to shake, and collapses, taking Rick with it. He lands several meters below on his feet.
“Gee, that was a close one.” Rick said, looking up.
But when he looks forward, he is startled as suddenly two Knaaren land in front of him. The Knaaren think they have a nice meal, but they get startled as a third Knaaren lands behind them, wielding a staff and he looks totally different from the other Knaarens!
“Grrraaaghh! Step aside, he’s mine!” The third Knaaren said, swatting his comrades away with his staff. Then he approaches Rick, who backs off until he stands against a wall.
“It seems a clever stranger, that’s good! I like the clever people; their brains are tastier!” The Knaaren said, while Rick begins to sweat bullets. The Knaaren stepped closer.
“Let’s see how you handle yourselves in the arena!”

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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2nd part of Part 6...

68. The battle against Reflux
(Rick’s POV): “Somewhere, deep inside the desert of the Knaaren…

Ever since I got inside the tunnels I felt an extraordinary high energy signature, coming from the desert. I always wondered what it was, but now it has been made clear to me. I’ll be facing the Champion of the Knaaren.”

Rick is dragged into the arena by two Knaaren, who ruthlessly throw him in front of the Knaaren wielding the staff. Rick gets up slowly.
“Now, Reflux is my champion, and no Knaaren or anyone else has EVER defeated him!” a high voice boomed over the microphone.
“So, you want me to fight the champion of the Knaaren huh?” Rick said.
“Do you really believe that you have a chance against me? No, but really, I’m sure you will shine in the arena; when I burn your corpse!” Reflux said.
Rick gulped, but he tried to remain calm.
“Oh, by the way, you won’t fight me alone.” Reflux said.
Suddenly Rick hears screaming, and then the others fell down in the arena. Instantly Rick went over to check on them, while the outer ring of the arena then disappears, revealing lava streaming.
“Don’t worry, we’re ok.” Goku said, softly laughing.
“Speak for yourself, baka!” Vegeta said.
Then Rick turns to Reflux.
“You’re going down!” Rick said.
“Hahahaha, very funny. I like your attitude.” Reflux said, while he noticed the others got up and laughed.
This made Rick angry. Suddenly his eyes turned red, and then he begins to shout, and his hair colours platinum and he also gets a platinum aura. Reflux is astonished.
“You won’t take ME down easily!” Rick said.
“Give me a break. You’re the 29th person who said that.” Reflux said.
“Oh, so you want to play tough huh?” Rick asked.
Reflux then jumps and begins to spin like mad, generating a shield around him. He then speeds to the group, causing them to scatter around the arena. However, Rick remained focussed. Then Reflux stops spinning and begins to generate energy balls, sending them to the group. Rick retaliates quickly, like the others, but their shots miss as well, but then one of Pan’s energy balls hits a glowing ball in Reflux’s staff, causing him to move a little of the pain.
“That’s it! Hit that glowing ball, guys!” Rick said, who began to attack again, while Reflux relocates to another part of the arena.
Rick doesn’t buy this, and he continuously goes on a counter-attack.
“Wow, looks like Rick has had enough.” Launch said.
“I don’t blame him.” Rauru said.
“Look how Link, Saria and Zelda are doing! They’re also going all out.” Impa said.
“And Gohan and his mate are also going wild!” Darunia said.
Meanwhile Reflux has changed to his Spin Attack again, but he stops when he’s in the middle of the arena. Then he generates again a shield around him, and generates four energyblades on the ground and begins to let them spin over the ground of the arena, trying to swipe the group of their feet. This is none of that for Rick, so he jumps over the blades. The others also jump over the blades. After 30 seconds, Reflux gets tired out and his blades and shield ceases, since Reflux had to rest. Despite the energyballs Reflux dispersed in defence, Rick managed to lock on the glowing orb in Reflux’s staff, and begins to fire energyballs of his own. Reflux had to take hit after hit while the others were still avoiding the energyballs, while the ones with Saiyan Blood go Super Saiyan. Link used his shield to protect himself, Saria, Zelda, Ruto and Nabooru. Reflux then knocks Rick off the arena, and begins to attack the others. However, Rick is hanging safe on a net. Then Rick spotted a red labelled can! The Heavy Metal Fist. He grabs the can and instantly he feels its power effect coursing through his veins. Rick climbed on the arena, just in time to prevent Susan from being fatally hit by an energyball.
“Rick! You… saved me!” Susan said, as she found herself being held by Rick.
“No problem. Now I’m going to make Reflux pay!” Rick said, and he charged.
Thanks to the Heavy Metal Fist, Rick managed to deal some devastating blows to the glowing orb. Then Reflux lets some burning rocks fall on the arena to make it harder. Rick doesn’t buy it, and he generates even more energy, but he sends portions of it to all his friends. They feel the new energy coursing through them. The battle rages on. Reflux is indeed the mightiest warrior of the Knaaren, his power level is huge! Then Rick has had enough. He charges his right hand up, and dashes it with tremendous force at Reflux’s glowing orb.


The fist hits the glowing orb full on. Then Reflux feels dizzy… and falls down on the arena! The group is shocked. But then Rick realized it! The group has beaten the Champion of the Knaaren.
“What happened?” Bulma asked.
“We won.” Rick said.
“What? You mean we actually have beaten the strongest one, the Champion of the Knaaren?” Chi-Chi asked.
The group was excited.

69. The king’s mercy
The group, along with Leo, Reflux and every Knaaren have gathered in the large room where the statue of the giant bird of prey is.
“What is this all about?” Vegeta asked.
“I have no idea.” Bulma said.
Then the king enters the room.
“Is that the King? He’s almost as tall as Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto.” Launch whispered.
“Shh.” Tien said.
The king stopped in front of the statue.
“You,” he said, turning to the group, “you fought heroically in the arena (Even I know it kills me but I have to say it); Reflux has never known the taste of defeat! Reflux mumbles something (Shut up, you idiot, I’m the king!) As your reward, you are the first mere mortals, and strangers who will see the Power of the Leptys!”
The group was astonished. Bears that statue magical Powers? The king then wields his sceptre on another orb, which began to glow.
“Oh, Leptys, Father of the Knaaren people…” the king said, while the entire floor begins to rumble.
“What’s going on?” Pan asked.
The others looked shocked around themselves. The king began to focus on the now glowing orb
“Give to these mighty, mighty warriors points to the entire group the Ultimate startling power!” he said, and then lightning appears in the eyes of the statue. Instantly lightning bolts sway around the room, and thrust themselves into the group. All of them have received the new power. Then they were allowed to leave the Desert.

70. Discovering the new power
The group landed this time in a real Knaaren-free room. Shortly after that, Leo lands also in the room.
“Wow, I wonder what kind of power the Leptys gave you.” Leo said.
“I have no idea.” Goku said.
Suddenly, one Hoodlum enters the room, and aims his gun at the group. Marron charges a punch and defeats the Hoodlum with it. She sticks her tongue out at the lum, who gets scared of that… and turns into a red lum!
“Huh?” Chi-Chi said.
“What happened?” Bulma asked.
“I only put my tongue out at the black lum and then it turned into a red lum! Have I done something wrong?” Marron asked puzzled, tears welling up in her eyes.
“No, Marron, you did it right! You found out the power that the Leptys gave us! We have to scare the black lums to turn them into red lums!” Rick said.
“This is madness!” Vegeta snorted.
“I have to agree on that.” Darunia said.
“Leave that then to us.” Trunks said.
“Yeah, you and Goten can scare the Black Lums then.” Bulma said.
“Cool!” Goten said.
“Thanks to Marron.” 17 said.
Then another Hoodlum enters the area, but he also is defeated quickly. Gaining the Vortex Power up, the group then brings down another Meadowscrew and grabs some jewels, before going into another corridor.

71. Finally out, and André escapes!
The group then got outside in the hot desert again, with the extremely hot sand and bones where you can walk on.
“Finally, we’re out of the desert. We won’t encounter any Knaaren again.” Rick said.
“Thank goodness. I never want to go back there.” Chi-Chi said.
“Yeah, you got that right.” Krillin said.
“Now let’s get out of here as well.” Darunia said.
The group went over the giant bones and soon got into a battle with a Hoodmonger Officer, who had protection of a Hoodoo. It didn’t take too long however for the group to win.
“Such a weaklings.” Vegeta said.
“I have to agree that the Hoodlums are no challenge at all.” Goku said.
The group continued on their way, when suddenly two heavy, flying Hoodlums approached the group, and attacked. The group had more difficulties with them, but they managed to win anyway. They got a Heavy Metal Fist power up as a reward, and smashed a barrier with it.
“We’re getting closer to our destination: the 3rd doctor.” Rick said.
“Great.” Goten said.
“What bothers me is the fact that, that Reflux guy had an extraordinary high energy level.” Mirai Trunks said.
“That’s true. I wouldn’t be surprised we will encounter him again.” Rick said.
“Are you sure?” Vegeta asked.
“Well, he has been the unbeatable champion of the Knaaren, and he was pretty upset when we defeated him. He probably is thinking of a way to reclaim his honour and take revenge on us.” Rick said.
Link, Saria and Zelda gulped.
After another short battle with some more Hoodlums, the group arrived at the entrance of the 3rd doctor’s office.

Leo lies once again on an operation table, when the 3rd doctor floated down.
“I know how to drive out negative energy!” the doctor, with a Japanese accent said, and begins to use acupuncture on Leo, this to irritation of André!
“I like coming out! I happen to have a couple of lawyers!” André said.
“Oh yeah? Let’s see about that!” the 3rd doctor said and calls his colleagues Otto and Romeo, and they have a musical jam session. Now André gets really pissed and flies then straight out of Leo!
“Don’t let him get away!” the 3rd doctor said.
“He’s so fast.” Romeo said.
“If he finds the energy to multiply, all is lost!” Otto said.

André then heads back to the Desert, calling his comrades on his way. Immediately, dozens of other black lums follow him! André then turns to his comrades.
“Nothing is lost, my brothers, hear me! I know someone who can help us! Follow me!” he said, heading straight into the tunnels of the Desert. Speeding through the main areas, the swarm then finally found Reflux lying on the ground, with some other men by him. Reflux is very disappointed in himself, until he spots the swarm of Black Lums. André approaches him.
“Reflux,” André said, “I know you dream of getting revenge against Goku, his family and friends, and I need energy to multiply!”
“What is your plan?” a man with a red cape asked.
“I want you to steal the sceptre of Reflux’s king, and I will serve the ones you wish to kill to you! I know how to lure them!” André said, laughing like a evil genius.

72. The Longest shortcut…
Door 1…
Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta, along with their family, friends and companions, land inside a large building.
“Well, what are we supposed to do here?” Vegeta asked.
“Well, guys, I have some good news and some bad news.” Rick said.
“Start with the good news.” Link said, only to receive an elbow from Saria.
“The good news is that there are NO enemies around here, so we don’t run the risk of getting injured.” Rick said.
“That’s terrific, but what’s the bad news?” Bulma asked.
“Well, André has joined forces with Reflux, and they have stolen the sceptre of the King of the Knaaren.”
“What are they going to do?” Krillin asked.
“Well, they want to awake that bird statue known as the Leptys, and gain unimaginable powers.”
“But what’s the point of us being here?” Android 18 asked.
“Those doctors told me that the door in front of us leads to a shortcut, that allows us to catch up with them and we must hurry.”
“Well, those doctors are cool, but if they want us to hurry, they could at least give us a hand.” Leo said.
“What do you mean?” Nabooru asked.
“I mean, come on, every time the world needs saving, nobody is around, good thing we are… AS IF WE HAD TIME FOR THIS!”
“I’m starting to like that guy.” Vegeta said, smirking.
Then Leo looks at the door.
“What are we supposed to do now?” Bulla asked.
“The inscription on this plaque here says that the door opens for those who have collected all of the crowns.” Goku said.
“What? Are we being reduced to do a childish plaything again?” Vegeta said appalled.
“Vegeta, this is a serious case!” Goku said.
“A serious case my foot! Why don’t we simply blast these doors away?”
“Well, I found a crown here.” Launch said.
“That should open the door then.” Tien said.
However, nothing happens.
“There must be more of them!” Marron said, while Rick suddenly discovered something in a hallway behind the group, and went over it to check it out.
“You’ve got a point there.” Mirai Trunks said.
“Why don’t we go look for them? We have nothing else to do, anyway.” Bardock said.
“Yeah, that’s the only option we have.” Android 17 said, Link and Saria moaned and Zelda sighed.
“Where do we actually start?” Piccolo asked when the group suddenly heard a strange sound coming from the hallway. When they turned around, they saw green light ball dispersing in any direction.
“Hey, where is Rick?” Goku asked.

“Where in the name of my parents am I?” Rick asked himself, as he stood in a large room with some windows, and several metal rings floating in the air.
“This place is so weird…”
Then Link and Saria appeared.
“Oh, there you are. We got worried about you.” Link said.
“What happened?” Saria asked.
“I was standing on some kind of green illuminated circle, and a second later I was transported here!” Rick said, as the others arrived.
“Mommy, do we have to play Dodgem again?” Marron asked, pointing to a shoe object on a switch.
“I’m afraid you’re right, Marron.” 18 said.
“Hey, Dodgem is always fun!” Goten protested.
“Maybe so, but this ain’t the funfair. Besides, on the funfair we don’t have to sit in our shoes for cryin’ out loud!” Rick said.
“You have a good point there.” Trunks said.
“Well, are we getting get this over with or are we going to stay here ‘till kingdom come?” Vegeta said, irritated.
The group then quickly played Dodgem, and they got the Lock Jaw as a reward. Then Rick noticed a mirror image of a window on the floor, while there is one window missing! He instantly rushes over there to check it out. The others are puzzled, and follow him curiously. Meanwhile, Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto found another red button, and went over there to check that. Rick discovered a hidden treasure room, and he and Susan took the treasures. As the two came out of the room, they saw Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto watching a commercial. As curious as he is, Rick went over to the four, who were watching a car passing by a peaceful landscape, with a nice soft music playing in the background.
“I know that commercial from somewhere, but I can’t remember the last time I saw it.” Rick said.
“Huh? What do you mean?” Goku asked, but before Rick could reply, a female zombie began to scream in the commercial. Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto were scared to death and Rick suddenly carried the shivering quartet on his back, clamped to each other and his shirt.
“That was wicked.” Trunks said.
“Well, I doubt if it might help, but I watched those things when I was a kid, so I don’t get scared of those things any more.” Rick said.
“That explains why you remained so calm.” Impa said.
“Would you please let go off my shirt, it’s over.” Rick said, trying to calm the four on his back down.
The four let go, so the four could calm down.
“That’s the second time those four got scared to death.” Rick said.
“Second time?” Darunia asked.
“Yeah, don’t you remember the computer crashing down when we were in the Desert?”
“Oh yeah, I remember that.”
“Well, it looks like Link and Saria barely can take it of all that startling stuff. Just one more thing like that and they’ll pass out!” Nabooru said.
“Yeah. It’s a shame that they get bothered by such stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if their arch-enemy is behind this.” Rick said.
“So you mean that Ganondorf is trying to give them a hard time?” Goku said.
“That ain’t so good.” Chi-Chi said.
“So, how do we get out of here?” Videl asked, after everyone got the Lock Jaw power up.
“Maybe we have to use those metal rings.” Gohan replied.
“Where’s Leo, by the way?” Rick asked.
“He told us he’d stay at the door.” Krillin said.
“By the way, I also read on that plaque we ALL had to pick the crowns, so it’s work for all of us.” Rick said.
“Great… just great…” Vegeta muttered.
“Any more news?” Bulma asked.
“Well, this switch has a timer on, so we need to act quickly.” Rick said, and then he stepped on the switch, and the entire group could hear the sound of doors opening. Then Rick shoots on the metal rings with the Lock Jaw, and soon he swings his way up to a small room with four more crowns. Picking them up, he jumps down on another platform… only to slide down into the main room, where he lands on his butt.
“Ouchie! That was a bad landing!” Rick said, as he got up, and went after the others, who were following him as well. This time Rick went up to the 5th Metal ring, leading to another room with 5 crowns. There he climbed on a net to a higher ledge, and swung with some more metal rings over to a final corridor with some more crowns and a transporter pad, leading him back to the place with the giant door. There they found Leo waiting for them. Then Rick stepped on the plaque which was also a switch, and when the others arrived, the giant door opened.
“We did it!” Rick said.
“Thank goodness.” Vegeta said.
The group then found themselves outside, and Leo then stepped on another switch, causing a stairway to appear. The group then went through the next area.

Door 2…
The group arrived in a bluer coloured corridor.
“What?” Leo said bewildered, “We’re not there yet? Is this what those doctors call a shortcut?”
“Well, good thing we know how to open the door now.” Rick said.
“Yeah.” Susan said.
The group then went to the left in a T-Junction, while Leo went to the right, where the door is. When the group arrived in a small room, they watched in awe at the many floating platforms.
“It looks like we have to work our way up.” Rick said.
“You’re right. Now let’s go.” Goten said.
The group began to make their way up, while gathering the crowns, while 18 discovered a weak wall, revealing four yellow and one green crystal. Meanwhile Rick has reached the top floor, where he finds another transporter pad. As he steps on it, he is suddenly transported to another room.
“What? Are there even more crowns than before? This is maddening!” he said, getting a little tired from all what he and the others have been through. Quickly he grabs ‘his’ crowns, and lands on another portal…
“This is getting weird. I can’t see the floating platforms now, but I can see them in the mirror in front of me. I have to rely on my shadow…”
Rick climbs on the only visible ledge, and waits until he’s sure the invisible platform is high enough for him to jump on. Thanks to his shadow he lands exactly on the platform.
“I thought I could go straight to the spot where the bad guys are and take care of them without endangering Earth, it’s inhabitants, and my friends. And here I am, still trying to solve some kind of puzzle… sighs Sometimes I’d really wish to get it over with fast, but then again, I’m afraid this might have a negative effect on all of us. jumps to another invisible platform, then on another But one thing is certain: evil shall never prevail, even though it will cost some lives, something I’d rather not have, but I’m afraid that it’s a fact that sacrifices simply have to be made.” Rick said, as he jumps to the 4th invisible platform, and then on a transporter pad, leading him to the room with the 3 final crowns.
“Now these platforms are floating upside down! Now I have to rely on both my shadow and a good timing!” Rick said.
He manages to get the timing right, and get the three crowns.
“Well, that takes care of that. Now let’s get back to the giant door and wait for the others.” Rick said as he went through a wall, making another transporter pad visible. He is then transported to the door, and waited patiently for the others. He didn’t have to wait for long, and the door opened, so the group could go up the stairs to another area.

73. Revealing some more secrets
Door 3…
“Holy cow, this shortcut ain’t so short!” Leo said.
“Looks like another job for us.” Rick grumbled.
The others moaned. So they had to collect all the crowns again.
“Well, if we are too late, then at least we can’t be blamed for this.” Link said.
“You’re absolutely right in that.” Saria said.
After activating the switch, Rick jumped quickly over several moving platforms to cross the hallway, and in the middle of the hallway there is a part of the floor filled with water coming from a fountain.
“That fountain is nice. I wish I had that at my place…” Rick thought. When he got at the other side, he shot a small energy blast, which hit some kind of disc-like object, which made a small spin. Surprised at this, Rick released another shot: same effect. Rick then charges a shot and hits the disc again, making it spin like mad. Then, yellow stars emit from it, and then Rick hears the sound of a door being opened slowly.
“Looks like I discovered a secret.” Rick said to himself. He jumps down, only to be launched slightly as he landed on a trampoline. He lands softly on the ground, and sees a small stairway, and at the left side of it while Rick faces upwards, there is a large gap in the wall. He jumps to the gap, and discovers a room full of jewellery, food and drinks! He is quickly accompanied by Link and Saria.
“Did you remember that commercial we saw?” Saria asked.
“You mean that commercial you got startled by that woman screaming?” Rick asked, and Link and Saria nodded.
“Well?” both asked.

“I remember now. That commercial was created by a coffee making company in Germany, a country on planet Earth.”
“What is Earth like?” Link asked.
“Well, you can almost compare it with where you come from. They sky is blue, it’s green with vegetation, bright with water, only there are much more towns and cities around.”
“Where on Earth do you live?” Saria asked.
“Well, I live with Susan in a small town in a large home. The climate of the place where we live is just right. It never gets too warm or too cold. The weather varies as well. The Sun is mostly shining during spring and summer. During autumn and winter there are clouds in the air most of the time, and on occasion it’s raining or snowing during winter.”
“How does Earth look like?” Link and Saria asked in unison.
“I happen to have a picture from it here.” Rick said, as he dug in his right pocket and grabbed the picture.

“Wow, it’s really full of water.” Saria said.
“What are all those yellowish things?” Link asked.
“That indicates the Desert area’s.” Rick said.
“I know the Haunted Wasteland had a continuous sandstorm. Do Earth’s deserts have those too?”
“I don’t know, but I do know that Earth’s deserts can get extremely hot during mid-day. The hottest desert is called the Sahara in Africa. You don’t want to be there during the day.”
“Why is that?” Saria asked.
“Well, temperatures can go up to 55° Celsius in the shadow…”
Link and Saria go bug-eyed.
“So, tell me, how does Hyrule look like?” Rick asked, when Gohan and Videl entered the room, while Rick, Link and Saria began to eat.
“Well, it’s a place with a big castle. Princess Zelda and her attendant Impa live there.” Link said.
“In Hyrule Field is also a ranch. Darunia lives at Death Mountain, home of the Gorons, Princess Ruto lives at Zora’s Domain, Nabooru originally comes from Gerudo Valley and Rauru is the Sage of Light. He lives in the Temple of Time.” Saria added.
“And where do you live?” Rick asked.
“We? gulp down some meat from a chicken leg We live in the Kokiri Forest.” Link and Saria said simultaneously.
“Wow, that place swallows some rice with goulash must be a great one.”
“It sure is.”
Then Gohan and Videl joined the eating trio, and not too long after that, the others arrive and began to eat and drink as well.
“Man, I’m so hungry.” Goku said.
“I know.” Chi-Chi said, rolling her eyes.
“What took you so long?” Link asked from pure curiosity.
“Well, we had some more troubles with all those moving platforms.” Zelda said.
“Those things are really irritating, aren’t they?” Saria said.
“Yeah.” Ruto said.
“Oh well. We’re all here safe and sound for now.” Launch said.
Everyone was quickly finished eating and drinking, and then the group went rapidly on to collect the other crowns and head back to Leo.
“Say, Rick, I noticed you’re a little distressed lately. Is there something wrong?” Goku asked as the group rested for a while in the small pool.
“Well, I’m actually worried about everyone of us, except Leo.” Rick said.
“Why is that?” Vegeta asked.
“Well, Pan might know this already, but I’ve been sensing a large build-up of power within us. If we keep our emotions under control, there’s nothing to worry about. But I’ve been noticing that the power inside my body is slowly and surely turning into a gigantic bomb. And my anger and rage are the main sources who feed it.”
“What should we do?” Rauru asked.
“Just make sure I don’t get too angry. All I need is a single trigger, like desperation, or watching a family member, a friend, or an ally being killed in front of my eyes, to make the barriers that keep me under control snap, releasing large portions of new powers within me. If I would ever lose control, I could experience the same or even worse than Gohan when he went Super Saiyan 2 in the fight against Cell. My body might not be able to handle it.”
“That’s awful, but what about us?” Chi-Chi asked.
“Well, all I can say is to keep your anger as much at bay as possible. It’s ok to deliver a hard punch or kick at your foe, just keep yourself under control.”
“I still don’t understand it,” Link said, “what if we DO lose control?”
“Let me put it this way. When you lost control, then you’re in a state that literally makes you to see the one who did it to you dead. And not just dead; you want him stone-dead!”
Link, Saria, Gohan and Videl gulped.
“I don’t want to be a killing machine.” Marron said, tears welling up in her eyes.
“You won’t be one, I can assure you that, kid. Come here.” Rick said.
Marron slowly walked to Rick, who then gently stroked her over her head.
“Are you sure we won’t be turned into vicious killing machines?” 18 asked.
“Our hearts are too pure to make us ever go that way.” Rick said.
“Well, that’s a good thing.” Mirai Trunks said.
“Let’s get out of here.” Vegeta said.
The group then got up, and went to the door, which opened.
“I hope this was the last door.” Goku said.
The group went through the hallway, and ended up at the shore of a small beach.
“Now what?” Chi-Chi asked, when suddenly the doctors arrived.
“You’re too late, Reflux and André are already here!” Otto said.
“Well, if you guys led us to a SHORTcut instead of a LONGcut…” Rick muttered under his breath, the others chuckled.
“Well, you have to go after them with this boat.” Romeo said.
“Where’s our destination?” Bulma asked.
“You’ll see for yourself. It’s only 15.000 miles away from here straight ahead.” The 3rd doc said.
“WHAT?” Vegeta asked.
“This is really crap.” Trunks said.
“I agree.” Mirai Trunks said.
Then some projectiles are closing in on the group!
“DUCK!” Rick shouted, and the group instantly dove onto the ground. The projectiles zoomed over them and smashed into the ship, causing it to sink.
“All right, that does it!” Rick said, and powered up, causing a red and orange aura to appear around his body.
“What the? Since when can you use Kaioken?” Goku asked.
“This isn’t Kaioken if you mean it that way. I’m simply going to fly to where we have to go at top speed, but I’m also going to use the Super Pursuit Mode again. It’s the only way to make up some time.” Rick said, as the valve with the control system which activates the SPM appears on his left wristband.
“But charging the Super Pursuit Mode costs time, you know that.” Piccolo said.
“Yes, that’s why I’m going to activate it now.” Rick said, then he pressed the green button, and immediately the fins, valves and rocket booster appear. After 10 seconds, Rick is shot away with the sound of a bullet being shot.
“Wow, he’s gone!” Launch said.
“What are we wasting time here for? Let’s go after him!” Link said, as he activated his SPM and went after Rick, followed by Saria 0,1 second later. Soon the others followed, leaving the doctors behind.

74. The Summit Beyond The Clouds

Somewhere in the ocean…

A group of sea-gulls fly over the water, ready to catch some fish, when suddenly a red and orange blur passes them by at extremely high speed. Rick has clenched his teeth as he travels at an insane speed of 750 mph to his destination.
“Whoever attacked me and my friends like that has no idea what he/she has brought him/herself into!” he said.
He looks at his watch, and he notices he’s been under way for 12 hours straight. Saria managed to catch up with Link, and flies next to him.
“Looks like Rick has had enough.” Saria said.
“I don’t doubt that. We’re all in the same trouble together.” Link said.
“What if our hidden powers are released? What will then become of us?”
“That’s a question I can’t answer. All I know is that it won’t be pretty, if Rick is to be believed.”
Link and Saria look at each other, and they could make out confusion and sadness in their eyes.

For 7,75 hours Rick travelled along, keeping his speed constant. Then he saw something in the distance. A mountainous area.
“All right, it seems I’m approaching my destination. I can better slow down.” He said, and he presses the green button in the valve of his left wristband again, deactivating the Super Pursuit Mode in the process. He also decreases his speed, until only a white aura surrounds his body. It takes him more than an hour to finally land in the area… which is full of snow.
“My gosh, it’s cold here! I better keep moving; I don’t want to become an ice statue.” He said, looking around. He wanders around, while he waits for the others to arrive. After 30 minutes, the group was reunited.
“Why are we here in the snowy field, mommy?” Marron asked.
“Well, we obviously have to go here, I don’t know why.” 18 said.
Then Rick powered up… or so the group thought. Rick’s hair stands almost upright, but holds its regular colour of brown/dark blond. That’s the only change there is.
“You look like a False Super Saiyan. Why did you go to that form?” Goku asked.
“I went to this form to keep myself warm. In this stage my energy flows through my veins 0,5 times faster than in my regular state, making it nearly impossible for me to freeze to death. I can hold this form for as long as I want, it’s like an advanced version of my regular state.” Rick said.
The group is puzzled at this. Then Rick lets his eyes glow for 0.1 second, and then the others got in a similar state Rick is in.
“Huh? What in the world?” 18 asked.
“Relax, I simply adapted us to the circumstances here.” Rick said with a smile.
“I look like a punker!” Bulla said, looking in a mirror.
“We all do.” Pan said.
“Now let’s get going, Rick is on his way already.” Gohan said, as he and Videl went after Rick.
“Right, let’s go.” Darunia said, and the group went on its way.

The group landed on a small path, leading upwards by several mountains.
“Wow. I didn’t know that this place had so much snow in here.” Launch said as the group wandered along.
“I do sense some Hoodlum presence in here, but we will meet other foes, too.” Rick said.
“Now that’s ridiculous. How can you know where our enemies are?” Vegeta asked.
“Well, thanks to the Martians I have an extremely wide visible radius, which is the area around me that notifies me of any type of presence, being either friend or foe. Further more, I’m capable of scanning the area for mines and enemies moving under ground and, with the Shock Bombs and a High Energy Shock Wave, disable them.”
“Okay, that’s what I wanted to know.” Vegeta said.
Suddenly Rick hears something rumbling. He immediately scans the area, as the rumbling got closer.
“LOOK OUT! THERE’S A GIANT SNOWBALL HEADING OUR WAY!” Rick shouted, and the group indeed saw a large snowball heading towards them at rapid speed. Instantly the group jumped to the side of the path to avoid it. Link and Saria however were in time to receive, but not in time to dodge the fast rolling snowball. The two were hit by it and they were rolled down against a rock wall, where the snowball crashed into a large heap of snow… with the two buried inside.
“LINK! SARIA!” Ruto cried out.
Suddenly more large snowballs rolled down, and one after the other, the others were soon caught by them and dashed into a large heap of snow. Then some light rays emit from the heap, followed by a large explosion, which freed the group in an instant.
“This has gone far enough.” Rick said, as he noticed some wounds on his arms, legs and chest. Then he spotted a red can floating in the air. He grabbed it, immediately feeling the power of the Heavy Metal Fist flowing through his body. He then sees another snowball approaching. He throws a punch at it… and the snowball shatters!
“Get the Heavy Metal Fist, guys, we’ll have to punch our way through.” Rick said, immediately going for it.
“All right.” Vegeta said.
It took the group a minute to cross the area where the giant snowballs were falling.
“Well, that takes care of that.” Tien said.
“At least we’re through that.” Goten said.
“Now let’s keep going.” Trunks said.
Using the Lock Jaw, the group swung on a metal ring to a small ledge, where they got launched slightly by balloons made by the Hoodlums.
“Now this… is the… weirdest… way… to travel!” Rick said between the jumps.
“It is.” Impa said.
Just as the group landed on a large platform with some wooden constructions, one of them being a windmill, several Hoodlums and Stalchilds landed as well.
“Not those weaklings again?” Vegeta groaned.
“Come on, Vegeta, at least they keep us warmed up.” Goku said.
“Maybe so, Kakarot, but I prefer the greater challenges.”
The group easily got rid of the enemies, but then the Heavy Flying Hoodlums, known as the Lavomatrix, appeared again, along with a small army of Stalfoses.
“Here’s your challenge, Vegeta.” Goku said.
“Shut your trap, Kakarot, I had something else in mind!” Vegeta snarled.
“Quit arguing and start fighting our enemies!” Rick shouted at them, while battling 2 Lavomatrixes.
“Rick is right.” Goku said, only to receive a death glare from Vegeta.
“These guys are getting annoying! ZICA LASER LEVEL 10!” Rick shouted and holding his right hand forward, he released blue coloured, fat beams at his enemies.
“Wow, impressive!” Link said.
“It is.” Zelda said.
Within minutes, the group has won the battle, with only a few bruises all over their bodies. The group continued on their way, and after some more balloon jumping, climbing on some wooden constructions and venturing through a small cave, the group entered an area full with Hoodlum activity. The Hoodlums attacked, along with a group of Lizalfos, Stalfos, Blue Bubbles and Dodongos.
“Here we go again.” Bulma said.
Rick has had enough and began to gather his energy. Soon a beige glow covered his body.
“SANDSTORM!” he shouts, and then the entire surroundings with friends and foes among them are coloured like they exist of sand!
“What is this?” Susan asked, as she also notices several tiny balls passing by.
“Watch out for those balls, they aren’t very strong, but they can cause a lot of pain. Just stay where you are, I’ll handle this.” Rick said, and he zilches to every enemy in sight, wiping them all out. After a minute, everything colours back to normal.
“What was that for an attack you used?” Vegeta asked.
“Another one of my special defence abilities. The Sandstorm is capable of releasing those tiny balls in large quantities, and they can be pretty painful to friend or foe. Only the user cannot be harmed by them. The downside is that it takes a lot of time to recharge.” Rick said.
“Wow, our enemies didn’t know what hit them.” Mirai Trunks said.
“I agree.” Saria said.
The group then headed back and went through another cave.

75. Having fun at last? Snowboarding down the mountain…
The group arrived at night near the top of the mountain they’re on, still wearing their casual clothing and still in an advanced state of their normal form, to the Saiyans referred as a form before False Super Saiyan.
“Gosh, it’s much colder here. Thank goodness that the form we’re in now keeps us warm.” Nabooru said.
“What are those planks doing over there?” Bardock asked.
“Those aren’t planks, they’re snowboards. We have to snowboard our way down.” Rick said.
“Cool!” Pan said.
“Where do we go then?” Bulla asked.
“I have no idea where it will lead us to.” Rick said.
“Well, we won’t know it unless we try. Who knows, we might discover something.” Launch said.
“That’s a good idea. The sooner we’re out of this cold place the better.” Rick said, as he entered the building with the snowboards lying all over. Rick tied his feet tight on one of them, and reverted to his normal form.
“What are you doing?” Susan asked.
“Well, to be honest, I can’t snowboard good, so I’m going to use my energy to steer myself in the proper direction I want to go, and to keep myself in balance.” Rick said.
“Then we should do that, too.” Goku said.
“Why not?” Vegeta groaned.
Rick then moved on his board carefully to the exit of the building. Then he pushes himself outside and he is on his way.
“He is really quick.” Tien said.
“Yeah. We have to go after him!” Darunia said.
The others went one by one after Rick, who went down the mountain already. And so, the group made their way down the mountain, through some caves, tunnels and through some buildings as well.

(Krillin’s POV): “Ever since our adventure in the Desert, Gohan and Videl have been much more unhappier lately. Now of course the others weren’t happy about that ‘trip’ as well, but Gohan and Videl seem to be more in a bad mood due to this all. The moods of Link, Saria, Ruto and Zelda are also down to the point where they don’t want to start a conversation with someone else is that person rubs it in of what happened. But I’m feeling that Gohan and Videl might have been gone through the worst. After all they also got stuck between dimension, they got briefly kidnapped and beat up by the Knaaren. We ALL took some serious beating by the Knaaren.”

Meanwhile Rick has entered a small cave, snowboarding straight through it.
‘Wow, it’s getting really downhill from here.’ He said to himself.
He remains focussed and steadies himself with his energy when he needs to. This way he is in full control of himself, capable of moving to and fro. Gohan, Videl, Link and Saria follow him at 10 meter distance from him, but Rick somehow uses his energy to act like a guideline, so the others know where he is at the moment. Then Rick saw he was approaching a high cliff, and not only that, he also noticed an avalanche came in on the group. Instantly he boosted his speed to remain safe from the avalanche, and the others followed again. Rick knew the edge of the cliff would be there soon, so he instantly searches for it with his scanner, so he can prepare himself to make a jump from it. He found the edge in less then a second, and readies himself for the jump.
“Hey! What’s Rick doing?” Android 17 asked.
“He probably readies himself to jump!” Bardock said.
“Then we should go for it too, don’t you think?” Rauru said.
Meanwhile Rick is in a more crouched position, gaining speed. Then, when he reached the edge, he lifts himself up… and jumps. The others follow immediately, and everyone was save from the avalanche. After two minutes the group landed nicely on the ground and continued their trip on their snowboard. Then the group reached flat ground, and everyone noticed that it meant the end of the trip, as their speed slowed down.
“Well, I guess this is the end of our trip.” Susan said.
“So I noticed.” Vegeta said.
Suddenly the ground around them began to creak, and then everyone fell down into a large pit. Where will they land? What new dangers are waiting for them? Will they survive? Find out in the next part of Dragonball Z: Hildegarn’s Return!

To be continued…

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Boiled Crow.

8-[ I couldn't post this before, I needed confirmation of 'oever's claim to having been the author of this story. so I registered with fanfiction.net but because of an anti-spamming blocker I had to wait three days before I could post a private message to the author when I could post, I found it was 'oever532' and I apologise for doubting him. 8-[
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It's ok, man, I forgive you. Here's part 7.

Part 7: Breakthrough

For legends, please see the first parts…

76. The Main Headquarters of the Evil Forces!
The group fell miles and miles down after the ground they stood on collapsed. They landed clear on their heads after 5 minutes of falling, fortunately their injuries were nothing more than a heavy headache and a light concussion. The group found it best to remain at their position until the pain is over. Rick decided to look around… and gasped! Tens of creatures, like the ReDead, Floormaster, Hoodlums, Stalfos, Lizalfos, Blue and Green Bubbles, some Deku Babas, ChuChus, Gibdoes, Keeses, Dodongos and Wizrobes were patrolling the area at the other side of a large lava stream with some kind of machinery working by it. Rick also saw some Laser Defence Turrets, and some other buildings and weird, red-white coloured creatures around.
“What’s the matter?” Link asked.
“Wow, look at all those creatures over there!” Saria said.
“Where are we?” Krillin asked.
“I think we found the main base of all evil forces who work together to revive Hildegarn!” Rick said.
“WHAT?!” Link, Saria, Zelda, Ruto, Nabooru, Darunia, Impa and Rauru said in unison.
“You mean we’re in the main headquarters?” Goku asked.
“You heard what he said, clown!” Vegeta snapped.
“But I thought we were too late to stop Hildegarn’s resurrection!” 17 said.
“That is true, but I’m glad I’m here.” Rick said, smirking.
“What do you mean by that?” Mirai Trunks asked.
“Well, this is the best opportunity for us to wreck some havoc here. According to our ‘mission schedule’, we’re allowed to cause as much damage as possible here.” Rick said.
“But how are we gonna do that? I mean, look at all those defences! There’s no way we can get by them undetected!” Goten said.
“You do have a point there. I’m gonna check for a spot which keeps us out of the reach of enemy weapons.” Rick said.
He gets up, and then…
“I found a large set of crates there. They’re obviously lava-resistant, so we can stand on them.” Rick said, transporting himself and the others to the crates.
“Wow, you certainly found a good lookout point.” Saria said.
“Well, I wanted to make sure we have a good view of the objects we’re gonna demolish.” Rick said.
“But if we attack those buildings right now, we’ll certainly be detected.” Trunks said.
“I know, that’s why I’ll defeat our enemies first.” Rick said, and he holds his hands forward with thumbs crossed, as if he wants to mimic a spider with his hands. Soon a small, black energy ball is formed.
“What’s that?” Gohan asked.
“I’m going to use another attack that the Martians taught me and Susan how to use: The Black Smoke.” Rick said.
“What’s the Black Smoke?” Videl asked.
“The Black Smoke is a poisonous substance that, when airborne, chokes ANY living organism that breathes it. I and Rick only use it to kill our opponents silently, or as one of our alternate versions of the technique that Krillin, Tien and Goku can perform, known as the Solar Flare. Only friendly persons, allies and innocent bystanders will remain unharmed.” Susan said.
“I see.” 18 said.
Then Rick releases 10 projectiles emitting the black vapour from the black orb, and the others, except Susan, watch in astonishment how the enemies fall down one after the other and vanish from existence. Then Rick deactivates the black orb.
“Stand back.” He said to the others.
The others obeyed, and then Rick released from his right hand a nearly invisible ray, but the heat radiating from it is like you’re in a sauna, but then if you have clothes on!
“What’s that for an attack? I’m almost melting in here!” Link said.
“It’s a Steam Ray I use to clean the Black Smoke.” Rick said.
“That’s neat, to clean up the mess.” Gohan said.
“I agree.” Videl said.
“But the defences are still standing!” Mirai Trunks said.
“Well, why don’t we give them a volley of the Plasma Storm?” Rick said, smirking as he held his hands forward, creating two fiery, flashing orbs.
“I’m game.” Pan said, also powering up for the Plasma Storm.
“Let’s do it!” Vegeta said.
Then everyone has charged the Plasma Storm.

“Payback time, for all the pain and suffering you caused!” Mirai Trunks said, and then the group released 6 waves of the Plasma Storm, and then all defences and most buildings in the area collapsed. Then Rick jumps into the air and creates a shining, yellow energy ball into his right hand.
“Take this! BANANA BLAST REAR LEVEL 11!” Rick shouts, and releases seven bananas with six spreading forward in a wide pattern and one central banana from his hand.

The bananas went at rapid speed, and the central banana hit a strange pillar, with three blue to pink coloured tips on top. This created the same cloudy explosion that the Super Bomb could make when making contact with a target. Instantly the building flashes white, and with a big explosion, it collapses.
“Well, that takes care of that.” Rick said, satisfied.
“Groovy!” Vegeta said.
“So THAT’S the Banana Blast Rear at full strength?” Launch asked.
“Correct. Now let’s get going.” Rick said, as he and the others then crossed the Lava stream by a bridge and headed through a corridor. There the group encountered another Hoodlum blocking their path. Marron releases an energy blast to get rid of the Hoodlum, but then the blast explodes just before it could touch the Hoodlum.
“What the…?” Vegeta said.
“Hey, no fair!” Marron said angry.
“He’s protected by a sorcerer!” Bardock said.
“Now that’s unfair.” Bulma said.
Rick has spotted a small hallway and ventures in it… but then the floor he stands on collapses, taking him down to another room. The others followed to see where Rick was going.
“I hope we land somewhere safe.” Goten said as he jumped down the hole…

In a large room, with lots of crates placed against a wall, some on the ground and some hanging with ropes on the wall, two Hoodlums have an argument with each other. Several Stalfos are patrolling the area, and some other Hoodlums are standing on the crates like tower guards. One of the Hoodlums then grabs his gun and blasts the comrade he was arguing with, killing it. Then the Hoodlum alarms the others for intruders, and then Rick arrives in the room.
“Ah man, I’ve just arrived and I get into battle already! Oh well… PULSE CANNON LEVEL 11!” he said, releasing waves of 13 powerful, orange coloured bullets.

Then the others arrive, and also get into combat.
“Say Rick,” Goku said while battling a Stalfos, “You seem to fire new weapons now! Which weapons do you have more?”
“I’ll show you some.” Rick said, as he jumped back from a Hoodmonger Officer. He then forms a glowing, golden orb in each hand, spreading his arms, almost in the same stance as Vegeta powered his Final Flash for the first time. Marron sees it, and begins to imitate him, as if she want to learn the attack immediately. Then Rick feels the orb glowing at full strength.
“PHOENIX DEVICE!” he shouts, and he releases with an explosion sound four Energy blasts with a red tail behind it spread into the four winds.

The blast make contact with the walls and the Hoodmonger Officer Rick battled against, but it also released even more blasts in the same fashion, this time including diagonal directions!
“That’s cool!” Link said, while slashing another Stalfos in two with his Biggoron’s Sword.
Then Gohan and Videl get hit by some grenade, and Rick retaliates by firing a thin, blue Laser.

The Laser sneers straight through the crates and other scenery, and makes contact with a Hoodboom, who was standing on a ledge. The Hoodboom was easily defeated. Rick smirked at this.
“What? I thought the Laser couldn’t go through scenery!” Vegeta said.
“This isn’t the Constant Laser, but I call the attack I just fired the Mega Laser.” Rick replied, while fighting off some more Hoodlums with the Pulse Cannon.
“Can you show us another one?” Videl asked.
“All right, just one. HYPER PULSE LEVEL 11!” Rick said, releasing waves of 9 bullets similar to that of the Pulse cannon, but at a faster rate!

The attack also goes in a spreading pattern like in a small field of vision.
“Not an attack to be impressed of.” Bulla said.
“But it’s very effective! He doesn’t give his foes the chance to attack!” Pan said, as she watched a Hoodlum receiving the full force of it. The battle was over after that, so the group had to work their way to the top. They simply flew to the top, and shattered a barrier with the Heavy Metal Fist. Then they went through a small corridor, and Pan activated a switch… which opened a door and also brought the platform where the Hoodoo was on down to the ground floor. The Hoodoo was quickly defeated, as was the Hoodlum standing in the path of the group. Then Leo arrives.
“What are you doing here?” Rick asked astonished.
“Well, I happened to hear there were some good chicks around, and I’d like to see them.” Leo said.
“You can be such a girl chaser.” Susan said.
Then Leo noticed a picture of a nice looking girl winking at him.
“Wow! She wants me!” Leo said.
“Watch it, Leo, it might be a trap… LEO! WAIT!” Rick shouted, but it was too late. Just as Leo got at the picture, he fell through a trap door.
“You told him so!” Marron said.
“Yep, I warned him, but did he listen? NO!” Rick said.
The entire group sighed, and continued their journey.

77. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going
The group arrived in another area, only to be involved in a battle again. The battle is a very tough one, as the foes, this time including some ferocious Majin Fighters, keep on coming for the next minutes. Rick mainly used the Guided Bomb Cluster and the Repair System, while Chi-Chi fires Atom Bombs from time to time.

“Well, we sure have some exercise this time!” Gohan said, while using the Kamehameha on a Majin Fighter.
“You bet.” Videl said, while blasting some Hoodlums away with the Masenko.
“SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!” Piccolo shouted, sending his trademark attack straight through 15 Majin Fighters. Piccolo smirked. Meanwhile Vegeta powered up.
“I don’t want to be disturbed by you weaklings anymore, understand?” he yells, spreading arms and legs, his Super Saiyan aura spinning around him.
“Out of the way!” Goku yelled at the others.
“FINAL FLASH!” Vegeta shouted, launching his trademark attack, obliterating all the current opponents, but the battle wasn’t over yet, as suddenly a group of Hoodstormers entered the area and attacked. Vegeta couldn’t believe it.
“LASER LEVEL 11!” Rick shouts, and he fired the Laser at the Hoodstormers, killing them all.

“Hey, the gate remains closed!” Pan said.
“Darn, there must be another enemy around!” Rick said.
“But where? So far we cleansed the entire area.” Susan said.
Rick walked to the gate, as suddenly a Heckler came from the gate and attacked. Remembering the first encounter in the Land of the Livid Dead, Rick immediately took the Heavy Metal Fist can he saw on the ground and retaliated. The others didn’t hesitate, and the Heckler was defeated within 30 seconds. Now the gate opened, and the group went through it, up to the next area.
“Now what? This looks like a Football area!” Vegeta said.
“What is football?” Link asked.
“Football is an Earth game of origin. Two teams with eleven players each try to get the ball in the goal of their opponents. The team with the highest score wins and gets 3 points added for the final score, but it’s ok if the score is tied, then both teams get one point for the final score.” Rick said.
“What is that score?” Saria asked.
“The Final score is a list with a total of 18 to 20 teams who are currently participating in that competition in a country. Each team plays against the other teams two times, so the maximum number of games played by a team is 34 to 36. The score shows the overall games played by the teams, how many games they’ve won, lost or tied, the total points they currently earned and a overall score of all games, indicating how much the team scored against their opponents and vice versa.”
“It’s kinda complicated.” Zelda said.
“I know, I’ll try to show it to you later when we’re on Earth.” Rick said.
“Okay.” Link said.
“There are a large group of people standing there.” Goku said, pointing to the other side of the field.
The group carefully ventured further on the field, and they saw a gang with more than a hundred men and women standing.
“Why are they dressed like that?” Ruto asked, as she noticed the henchmen wore leather jackets, jeans, T-shirts and some had a hat on.
“Probably a dress code of the gang, meaning they have to wear that to be in the gang.” Rick said.
Suddenly, one man, which our heroes presumed he was the leader of the entire gang, stepped several meters back and blew on a whistle. Immediately the other gang members went to him. After assembling his comrades, the leader of the large gang looked to where our heroes are… only to see Rauru standing there. The leader got back in the group.
“Say, the others have already split,” he said, “I’ll take $ 1000,-, you take the rest, okay?”
“Okay.” The others said.
The gang clapped their hands once, and then they took position like rugby players in formation, and the leader of the gang as the coach. The coach then blew on a whistle and the gang attacked. But just as they wanted to pounce on Rauru, he stepped aside and then the Z-Fighters and their companions came from behind Rauru and smacked the gang members down one after the other.
“This is fun!” Marron said.
Then the gang members were down, and the group clapped their hands in victory (just imitating the behaviour of their opponents). The gang members retreated to their coach and assembled again. Rick then suddenly ran over to them.
“Right, 32, Power!” he said and ran back to the others.
“Right, 32, Power.” he said, and the group clapper their hands again, and then everyone of the group went in one line behind Rick.
“This time, we’ll get ‘em. Break!” the coach said, and then the gang went in Rugby formation again.
The coach blew on his whistle and the gang attacked again. Then Rick and the others ran forward, Rick stepped aside and waited for the others to pass by, then he went behind them and the group so formed a battering-ram, dashing them a way through the gang. Then Vegeta grabs a man by his neck and runs off! Bulma, Chibi and Mirai Trunks and GT Bulla then follow him, while the others keep the other gang members busy, before going after Vegeta as well. Rick then carries Marron to take her faster to the others [N.B.: she’s a little child, remember!], and then Vegeta punches the man over the pole, which is the goal in American Football. The others yelled of victory and clapped their hands again. The gang members then retreated. Vegeta wanted to take them out, but Rick stopped him.
“No, let them live.” He said.
“What for?” 17 asked.
“They need the time to change. They need redemption, to see what they’ve done wrong.” Rick said.
“Wow, looks like you know about justice.” Videl said.
Then the gang leader approached the group.
“Thank you for sparing the lives of my men and women, but why do you do this?” he asked.
“Well, I want to say that choosing the side of the bad is not healthy.” Rick said.
“You learned us a great lesson. In exchange, I suggest you go down that pipe over there *points to a tube on a higher ledge*. It will lead you to the Hoodlum Training Center and the Foundry.” The gang leader said, before heading after his henchmen and women.
“Wow, that redemption has been made quickly.” Pan said.
“Yeah.” Impa said.
“Better for them. Now let’s get going.” Susan said.

The group sled down the tube and came by the weapons deposit of the Hoodlums, along with a solid bridge over a small ditch with molten steel. To Ricks astonishment, he found all the guns that the Hoodlums carry with them. He found a crate with some guns standing near the bridge. He kicks it into the molten steel and continues the trip. He notices some Hoodlums and other foes training in the room next to the group. Rick makes sure he’s out of the Field of views by hiding behind some crates, and holds his hands together, where he forms a blue glowing orb, with two smaller orbs orbiting it. The others arrive shortly after that, and they stand behind Rick. Then Rick releases a giant, green glowing, half-moon shaped wave at the Training Center, and all enemies are defeated within seconds.

“What was that?” Zelda asked.
“I call this the Sonic Wave Charge Level 6. It’s a Sonic Wave Charge to be precise, but I’d like to say the height of the level after it, to get maximum Power.” Rick said.
“Impressive.” Link said.
“I agree.” Saria said.
The group then went through the training center into a corridor.

78. The Foundry and the Horrible Machine
The group entered a large room, from which the floor consists nothing more than molten steel, and some solid platforms to move on.
“Man, it’s almost as hot here as when we were in the Desert.” Launch said.
“Yeah. And there are lots of enemies around here as well. It seems that we need a weapon that is good for defence AND assault. I think that I know what weapon we need.” Rick said.
“What’s that?” 18 asked.
“The Orange Juicer.”

“The Orange Juicer?” Gohan asked.
“What does it do?” Videl asked.
“The Orange Juicer fires at Level 11 four Oranges in Rapid Fire. The first two will sway out to the front in circles, spreading themselves from each other. The last two oranges will stay together and home in circles around us, just to form a shield for us against the melee attacks. In large numbers, we can deal great damage if an enemy tries to touch us. The oranges homing around us will disappear after a certain time, or if we touch an enemy or something from the scenery around.” Rick said.
“It’s a weird weapon, but I believe you.” Susan said.
The group carefully ventured over all the solid platforms, to arrive at a ladder where the Lock Jaw Power-up is waiting for them. They took the power up, and then they encountered a Hoodboom on their path after they climbed on the ledge. The Hoodboom was quickly defeated, but the battle wasn’t over yet, as suddenly two Stalfos entered the battlefield. Instantly Rick began to fire the Orange Juicer, to form a barrier against the sword attacks. It didn’t take too long before the Stalfos were beaten, and the group could advance further. Climbing up a ladder the group reached a higher ledge, where they also had to fight against some Hoodlums and Lizalfos. The group then got near a moving band, and Rick then activated a switch. This caused some machine to operate, and it generated new platforms for the group to walk on. However, the path on the moving bands had steam rays hanging just above the ground. Ricks temperature scans revealed that the steam is hot enough to deliver 3rd degree burns at ANY organism that makes contact with it. And his friends knew that, too.
“Now what? How do we cross the moving bands without getting burned to cinders?” Chi-Chi asked.
Rick grunted.
“What’s the matter?” Nabooru asked.
“It looks like I’m going to use another special ability of mine. It’s the only one suitable against this.” Rick replied.
“Is it the Repulsor?” Pan asked.
“No, it’s something different.”
“What then?” Mirai Trunks asked.
“I’m going to use Invulnerability. With this I’m forming a Protron Ring around my body, and my body itself becomes transparent for 30 seconds, making me during that period invincible against ANY type of attack.”
“Wow, that sure comes in handy.” Vegeta said.
And so the group managed to cross the path over the moving bands unharmed. They climbed up another ladder and jumped over some moving platforms to get to a large platform with a door. Just as the entire group was on the platform, the entrance closed and four Stalfos and a Heckler entered the area, attacking the group. Thanks to the Fast Banana Bomb Rick fired, the Stalfos were easily taken out. The Heckler proved to be a greater challenge; this time it had some protection of a Hoodoo.

Nevertheless, the group defeated the Hoodoo first, and with the Heavy Metal Fist, the Heckler was beaten as well.
“Is it just me, or is this getting easier?” Rick asked.
“What do you mean?” Impa asked.
“Well, for now we’ve haven’t got a scratch after this battle.”
“That sure is good.” Vegeta said.
The group then continued the trip.

The group arrived at a corridor, where planks are being transported.
“I wonder how Leo’s doing?” Rick said.
“I think he’s all right. The Hoodlums have somehow let him go.” Susan said, as the group carefully jumped from plank to plank to reach another small corridor. There the group heard loud sounds of machines being active.
::Do you know where we are, Gohan?:: Videl asked through her bond.
::I have no idea, but it seems that there’s a machine close by. I wonder what it is.:: Gohan replied.
The group went curiously through the corridor, and they encountered a large machine straight ahead.
“What is that thing?” Saria asked.
“Well, if I’m not mistaken, this must be the heart of the entire Headquarters of the evil forces!” Rick said.
“Wow.” Link said.
“Let’s blast that thing!” Vegeta said.
“We will, but I’m also detecting a large group of enemies down here, so be prepared for anything!” Rick said.
Just as the group entered the platform in front of the machine, the entrance behind them is closed by a gate, and the bridge they just walked on sank down in the molten steel.
“There’s no way back from here.” Goku said, getting serious.
And then the machine attacked. The battle of the group vs. the Horrible Machine has begun.

Meanwhile, Reflux, the evil scientist and his ally, the man in black knight armour and red cape, stood at the top of a large tower.
“This is getting frustrating! Those annoying people invaded our headquarters and are wrecking havoc everywhere!” the scientist said.
“I know, they’re really trying to safe their worlds.” His ally said.
“They must be more powerful than we realized. But when Hilde- I mean, Reflux summons the Power Of the Leptys, nothing can stop us!” the scientist said.
“It’s almost time…”

“HEAVY GUIDED BOMBS LEVEL 11!” Rick shouted, and four bombs were shot from his back, but they instantly hit a bullseye of the machine with massive explosions.

“DESTRUCTO DISC!” Krillin and 18 yelled, firing their attacks on it. Then the red ball reached a bell, and then an alarm sounded. Then two doors at the side of the machine opened, revealing some Hoodmonger Soldiers, Shaboms and Stalchilds.
“Wow, looks like we angered the armed forces!” Goku said.
“Then they shouldn’t have messed with us in the first place! SHURUIKEN FIELD LEVEL 11!” Rick said, releasing waves of eight, black-gray discs, commonly used by ninjas.

“Whoa! That’s powerful!” Link said, as the Shuruiken demolished the opponents of the group within less than a minute.
“Well, I have even a special weapon with this…” Rick said, as he fired the Laser on the Machine. Then, after the alarm howled again, the second wave of enemies appeared. This time it included some Hoodstormers, Guays and Normal, Fire and Ice Keeses.
“BLADE FIELD!” Rick shouted, releasing a large amount of the Shuruiken at the group. The Guays and Keeses were defeated, but the Hoodstormers were tougher. With curved shots, Link, Saria, Zelda, Gohan and Videl defeated them all. Then the group made the machine go crazy again. This time some Hoodbooms, Stalfos, Iron Knuckles and Dinolfos entered the battlefield.
“This is getting dull! BATTLESHIP CLASS FIREBOMB!” Rick yelled, releasing waves of six fireballs in six directions.

Within no time, the enemies were defeated, and the group delivered the final blow to the machine.
“There, that was that. Now let’s get out of here!” Vegeta said and the group went through another corridor.

79. The Power of the Leptys
(Zelda’s POV): “I walk behind Link and Saria as suddenly the ground shook, and different crates fell down in the molten steel. What is happening now?
“Oh no!” I heard Rick say.
“What’s wrong?” the short kid with spiked hair, his friends call him Goten, asked.
“We gotta get out of here fast! This whole place is going down!” Rick said as he suddenly made a run for it. I quickly understood what he meant by that and went after him with the others.”

The group was in a real hurry. Molten steel rising, Crates falling, platforms collapsing… Rick realized there’s no time for delays, like tying boot-laces for example. The group climbed over the grating and headed for some small platforms. Marron nearly stumbled, but 17 grabbed her in time and gave her to 18. She held her daughter tight as the group sped over the platforms to their safety. They then split up in little groups, to ease the search for a way out. However, they met each other again in a large room, each group on another platform. Several meters down there, one machine of the factory is terribly trembling and shaking. A pressure meter indicates the pressure gets to high, and that the machine can blow in any moment. One tube gets distended, the machine’s working speed decreases with the tenth of a second, and then it happened. The pressure meter busted, the distended tube ripped open, and the entire machine exploded with a gigantic explosion. The immense fireball, emitted from the blast, was now in a pit… and Rick sees it coming straight at him! The others see it too, and are terribly shocked. Then, several smaller fireballs come from the giant one, and one of the smaller fireballs is heading straight for Rick. He instantly tries to put up a barrier to protect himself, but the fireball collides with it and goes up, taking Rick with it. The others heard him scream of agony as he was blasted away. Then the same happened to Link and Saria, then Gohan and Videl, and then one after the other, the others were also hit by a similar fireball, just before the large fireball consumed the platforms they stood on. Rick desperately tries to escape from the fireball, and just as he is out of the factory, he blasts himself from the fireball. Due to the kick back, Rick bashed against some rocks from a mountain, lands clear on his head on a large rock, and falls down even further, colliding with almost every large rock on his way down. He then lands in a small pit near a large tower, skidding down on the floor, rendered nearly unconscious. Blood flows slowly from his head, arms, back and legs, but somehow, all of his bones, arteries ánd vital organs have remained intact. He tries to get up, but he’s severely injured.
“Well… I hope… this won’t… take long…” Rick said, before his surroundings go black. He collapses and he sinks into unconsciousness. The others then fall down near him, also knock out, except for Link, Saria and Zelda.
“Well… at least… we… survived……” Link said, just as he passed out.
“We… have…” Saria and Zelda said, before they got unconscious as well.

Meanwhile, the main adversaries the group have to fight against, are ready to summon the Leptys. They’re standing at the top of the tower, and the wind is blowing hard. The scientist then holds the sceptre up.
“By the power of the mighty sceptre, we woken you, Leptys, bringer of Night, Father of the Knaaren people, give us your Power!”
The Leptys then shrouded everything in darkness, and granted the wish of the men on top of the tower…

Meanwhile, on the planet Mars, located about 200,000,000 miles from Earth, a Martian arrives at a large room called the Elder Chambers, where activities of the Martians, their allies and their enemies are monitored. Thanks to a Mars Based Long Range Scanner, the Martians are regularly updated on the progress of the group, without them knowing.
“It seems our new friends are now in more trouble than we actually realized,” the Martian Elder said, “their current technology, strength, speed and manoeuvrability may not be enough to halt the advance of the enemy.”
“Mars is now in the highest state of security. Our current technologies combined may be enough to defend the planet successfully, but our security chiefs have reported that Earth is the main target of our enemies.” A second Martian said.
“Perhaps the time has come for us to interfere in the conflict, and boost the powers of our allies.”
“Agreed. But the main problem is how to make our friends stronger, without running the risk of destroying their bodies.”
“Our scientific engineers have reported that there used to exist a powerful spell called “Majin”. This spell is directed at people who are not entirely pure of heart. The power of the evil in their hearts is increased with this spell, boosting that persons power greatly. Our research teams are currently analyzing the power of the spell, and convert it into a more friendlier version.” A third Martian said.

80. The Tower Of The Leptys
Hours pass by. Rick wakes up, to see his friends, already awake, sitting near him all of them were badly bruised, and have cuts all over their bodies.
“Hey, how do you feel?” Bulla asked.
“Well, I had better days than this. *shakes his head quickly* Ugh, good thing I have a hard head, otherwise my entire skull was crushed.” Rick replied.
“You jokester.” Zelda said, smiling softly.
“Let’s try to continue. We don’t have any choice.” Goku said.
“Hey, what’s wrong with Rick? He look’s like he’s sweating bullets!” Pan said.
“I can sense an huge power emitting from the top of that tower! It looks like the Leptys has been summoned, and given its power to our foes.” Rick said.
“Why don’t we simply fly up there?” Vegeta asked.
“I’d wish I could do that, but I’m terribly exhausted after our ‘ride’ and I’d like to spare my energy as much as possible.” Rick said.
“Then how do you want to get up there?”
“We have to do it the old fashioned way, but don’t think lightly of this. There are sure to be even more enemies around than the number we’ve encountered so far.”
“How do you expect us to survive?” Link asked.
“Yeah, we could get easily killed.” Saria said.
“Now don’t give me from that guff! You know as well as I do that we can survive, but we MUST and HAVE to work together.” Rick snapped.
“What are you gonna do?” Trunks asked.
“One technique I will definitely use is Invulnerability. I’ll also have the BattleShip Class FireBomb at my disposal. The Banana Bomb with sideshot won’t do bad either.”

“What about the Super Bomb?” Marron asked.
“That’s a great idea. To me, the Super Bomb is known as the Asteroid City Bomb. That’s the place the bombs were made.”

“What other Strong Weapons can we use?” Vegeta asked.
“I’m thinking of using the Zica Laser at Level 11 anyway. To HFIL with it, we need everything at our disposal right now.”

“Let’s go.” 18 said, getting impatient.
The group carefully climbed on a wooden ladder, and then they went inside the ground floor of the tower. Just as the group wanted to climb the second ladder, Rick stopped. He gathers his energy…
“Invulnerability!” he said, and he instantly gets transparent, and six Protron balls glow around his body. Rick instantly climbed the ladder really fast, and he immediately gets into battle with some Hoodlums and Dodongos. The others follow immediately.
“Will we survive, mommy?” Marron asked.
“We will, sweetheart.” 18 said.
Meanwhile, Rick punched and kicked also some Majin Fighters away, and took position for another attack, while Gohan and Videl had some trouble with a large Dodongo. Link and Saria were fending off some Mad Scrubs, while Zelda comes to their aid. Rick then folds his hands together, and extends the index fingers, as if to mimic a gun with his hands.
“VULCAN CANNON!” he shouts.
Instantly, from his fingers and from his sides are small blasts shot, but at an extremely quick fire rate, like some sort of machine gun.

The Front Vulcan Cannon sways to and fro, injuring most enemies, mainly the Hoodlums, in its path, while the Rear Vulcan Cannon takes cake of some careless Majin Fighters.
“Wow, check Rick out! He’s firing bullets from some sort of machine gun!” Zelda said, but then she, Link and Saria are hit by a Deku Nut from a Mad Scrub. Ruto saw it and, furious as she was at seeing her friends getting hurt, she fired a Fast Banana Bomb at the Mad Scrub, defeating it with one blow.
“Impressive!” She said, before fighting off some Shaboms.
Meanwhile Goku and Chi-Chi are fighting off some other Majin Fighters.
::You okay, Chi-Chi?:: Goku asked through his bond.
::For now I’m okay. How are you?:: Chi-Chi replied.
::I’m also all right for now.::
::Things are getting harder and harder::
::I know, but we got to keep moving.::
Gohan and Videl are in the meantime fighting off a large Dodongo, and they do anything they can to prevent the Dodongo from swallowing them whole!
::These creatures begin to annoy me!:: Videl said through her bond.
::I know. But we mustn’t get distracted, or we’ll end up inside that thing.:: Gohan replied.
Then both fired a Fast Banana Bomb at the Dodongo, and the beast is finally defeated. Then the two were attacked by a group of Stalfos, while Vegeta and Bulma were fighting off some other Majin Fighters.
::These guys are getting on my nerves!:: Bulma said through her bond.
::You’re not the only one, Bulma. At least those weaklings are in large numbers now, so we can have a good exercise.:: Vegeta replied.
::I guess you’re right.::
After 10 minutes of furious battle, the group finally won. Marron stuck her tongue out at a black lum, instantly and other black lums in the area into red lums.
“Thanks, Marron.” Goten said.
“No problem.” Marron said, giggling.
The group smashed a door and headed through a corridor to a small pond of a red, water-like liquid (not blood), which is as hot as warm water from a shower. The group just could stand in it and walk around.
“The water is safe. I detect no such things as any type of poison or creatures who want to attack us.” Rick said.
“You remind me of Android 16 in the manner you spoke.” 18 said.
The group wandered through the water, which was only ankle-high, to another ledge, where it went down to another corridor. Then the group heard some activity in the room next to them.
“Well, looks like it’s again battle time.” Susan said.
“There are even more enemies present,” Rick said, “Guided Bombs, the Heavy Missile Launcher and the Rear Heavy Missile Launcher are now very useful here.”

“Are you sure about that? We’re only using the techniques you showed us so far!” Mirai Trunks said.
“I know, that’s why I’m going to use some more weapons, so you have a good variation.” Rick said, smiling.
“Thanks.” Chibi Trunks said.
“No problem.”
The group then headed for the second battle arena, and they saw the enemies they fought first, but this time some Hoodstormers, Hecklers and other enemies joined them. Soon enough, the battle began. The Hoodstormers were beaten quickly, thanks to the Guided Bombs. By some known as the ‘Homing Missile’, the Guided Bombs can fire bombs, capable of following the nearest enemy closely, and they won’t stop until they made contact with either the enemy, or something from the nearby surroundings (like trees, rocks or even buildings). Guided Bombs are VERY useful against enemies in flight, or when a potential other weapon missed a target. Then another Hoodlum floats down by a balloon, but is taken out quickly by one of the Guided Bombs, leaving the Heavy Metal Fist power-up behind. It was taken instantly by Rick who charged the Heckler, while the other enemies fell one after the other. The others watched as Rick delivered the final blow at the Heckler, who leaved a second Heavy Metal Fist Power-up behind.
“What’s going on? Are we not done yet?” Link asked puzzled.
Suddenly the entrance gate closed, and from another gate came an army of Stalfos and Hecklers.
“Nope, we’re indeed not done yet.” Saria said.
“Well, the Heavy Metal Fist gives us the advantage.” Rick said, as he engaged in the colossal battle.
“He’s got a point there, the Heavy Metal Fist boosts the damage we can deal to our foes greatly.” 17 said.
“Well, let’s get this over with.” 18 said.
“HEAVY MISSILE CHARGE LEVEL 6!” Rick shouted, releasing the Heavy Missile Launcher at Level 11, but with two additional missiles added this time.

“We’re getting the hang of this!” Link said.
“Yeah, but we’re now fighting for minutes on end!” Zelda said.
“That’s true.”
It took the group about a half an hour to finally get rid of the final Stalfos and Heckler. But then another Hoodlum entered the battlefield, but it was quickly defeated. Rick walked over to a pillar, and sat down in front of it.
“Man, that battle tired me out. Perhaps I’m not at full health yet.” Rick said.
“You’re not the only one who’s tired.” Goku said, as he and the others sat down by Rick.
“How did you get all those weapons?” Marron asked.
“You know, kid, that’s a really good question. I already mentioned that I and Susan were in coma for 8 years, and during that time the Martians have installed the technology we possess carefully, but the funny thing is, our entire structure and appearance haven’t changed a bit!”
“That’s indeed odd.” Krillin said.
The group then suddenly heard some soft breathing nearby. As Rick looked to the left, he saw Link and Saria lying next to each other, both peacefully asleep. The group awed at the sight of this, and they decided Link and Saria should have their moment, by spreading themselves across the room and take a rest as well. Soon everyone was in a deep, but dreamless sleep.

81. Finding a way up
12 hours passed. Rick wakes up from a well deserved rest, and he noticed that his entire body is entirely healed.
‘That’s odd. My body apparently regenerated in the period that I was asleep! Oh well, it’s only better for me.’ He thought. He also noticed that the bodies of the others have been completely rejuvenated as well. He gets up.
‘The entrance gate is still closed, and we can’t go through the gate where the army of Hecklers and Stalfos came through. Perhaps we have to go up here, but how?’
Rick then noticed that the others woke up as well.
“Had a nice rest?” Rick asked.
“Man that was indeed a good rest, and I feel even better than before.” Pan said.
“Same here.” Bulla said.
“I think everyone of us feels better.” Impa said.
“Now how do we get out of here?” Darunia asked.
“I have no idea, but there’s got to be a way.” Susan said.
Then Rick saw a yellow shoe object in the middle of the room.
“Oh man, not again!” he moans.
“What is it?” Goten asked.
Rick merely points to the object, and the others sighed deeply as they saw it. They had to play Dodgem again. They finished that game quickly and, after some ‘trouble’ with a group of Slapdashes, the group then floated to some metal rings, and swung their way into a small corridor, where they came back in the room with the comfortable warm water. Swinging over it with the metal rings, they reached another corridor, and after leaving it, they got in a battle with a Hoodstormer. Using the Heavy Guided Bombs, Rick took it out easily, and the group continued their trip.
“Tell me, why don’t we just fly to the top?” Vegeta asked.
“I want to keep our energy signature concealed from our enemies for now.” Is Ricks simple reply.
“I see.”
Soon enough, the group smashed another barrier, and crossed the corridor to the next area.

The group landed in a large hall, with this time small ditches with almost boiling hot water in it, where there was a broken stairway round a pillar, leading to the top.
“Man this is really high!” Krillin said.
“I’m feeling it light under my feet.” Link said.
“That’s probably because your imagining yourself actually standing on that platform on the top.” Rick said.
“Do we actually HAVE to get up there?” Bulma asked.
“I was afraid you were gonna say that.” Krillin said.
“Don’t be such a coward, Krillin!” 18 said.
“I’m not afraid of heights, but somehow I have the feeling we’re going to have a harder climbing trip on our hands.”
“What did I just say!”
“Take it easy, 18! Besides, Krillin is right. We have to go up that stairway, get on that platform, and we have to use the balloons, wooden ledges, moving platforms and the other parts of the stairway to get us up. And the thing is that we have to be VERY cautious.” Rick said.
“Do you mean that what you just described is the only way to get up there?” Saria asked.
“Meaning that, should we fall down to the ground, we have to climb the whole way up again?” Link added.
“Yep.” Rick said.
“And there are enemies around here?” Vegeta asked.
“Look behind you.”
As Vegeta turned around, he saw, about 50 meters away from the group, two Lavomatrixes hovering in the air, and a field of Peahats behind it. Rick then charged a yellow energy ball in his hands, and then fired again a Banana Blast in the direction of the Peahats.
“What are you doing?” Zelda asked.
“I fired a Banana Blast Charge at Level 6. The Banana Bomb in it may be travelling slow, but it’s very effective.” Rick said.

The group watched as the Banana Bomb made impact, and immediately 10 Peahats were destroyed.
“You’re right! It IS effective!” Ruto said.
“That Vulcan Cannon thingy was cool, too!” Trunks said.
“Do you have more of that?” Goten asked.
“What, the Vulcan Cannon?” Rick asked, and Goten and Trunks nodded.
“Well, I do have 2 more versions!” Rick said.
“Well, why don’t you show them to us?” 17 said.
“As you wish.”
Rick held his hands together in the same manner he used to fire the Vulcan Cannon Front. He noticed a building from the enemies under construction, and decided that would be the target. Then some blue light appeared at the tips of the index fingers, and it quickly became a shining blue orb, with two smaller ones orbiting it.
“Vulcan Cannon Charge Level 6!” Rick said, and he released instantly a blur of the Vulcan Cannon bullets, packed together in two groups of five bullets each.

These blasts headed straight for the building, passing through some more Peahats, killing them. The bullets passed through the building, which quickly succumbed to it with a giant explosion.
“Enemy Building destroyed.” Susan said.
“Yep.” Is Goku’s reply.
The Lavomatrixes then attacked, but Rick anticipated this.
“Ultra-Vulcan Level 5!” he shouted, releasing a wave of rapid firing Vulcan shots at the Lavomatrixes, killing them.

“That one was awesome!” Link said.
“I agree.” Saria said.
Then, two more Hoodlums entered the area, one of them arrived by balloon. Rick took them out by releasing some Heavy Missiles without a smoke trail, but with a real fast refire.

“Wow, those are fast!” Marron said.
“Is that a new level of the Heavy Missile Launcher?” Susan asked.
“No, I made this version myself.” Rick said.
“Well, at least we can get on with the trip.” Rauru said.
“I agree.” Bardock said.
The group headed up the stairs, using the Lock Jaw to swing from ring to ring, and jumped over the wooden platforms to reach a solid ledge. Suddenly the group heard some crashing sounds.
“Oh. It seems the wooden platforms weren’t as strong as we thought they were.” Rick said.
“An excellent described conclusion.” Susan said.
The group went carefully over the moving platform, to the second part of the stairway. From there they used the metal rings and the balloons to reach the final part. Videl almost lost her balance, but Gohan caught her in time.
“Thanks, Gohan.” Videl said.
“No problem.” Gohan said, smiling.
Using the Throttle Copter, the group finally reached the top platform… where they got attacked by several Hoodstormers.
“They’re really acting like the last line of defence, aren’t they?” Link said.
“Yeah.” Ruto said.
“They’re really getting on my nerves!” Saria said.
“That’s with all of us.” Zelda said.
“Those Guided Bombs really help a lot, we can take them out easily.” Nabooru said.
“But we have to hang in there. Reflux might now be stronger than anyone of us!” Impa said.
“I do agree that his power now is astounding.” Rauru said.
“He may be strong, but he’s not invincible! He HAS a weak point, I know it.” Darunia said.
“Well *fires the Guided Bomb Cluster*, for now we might have the advantage in our numbers.” Rick said.
“But what about Ganondorf?” Susan asked, Link and Zelda gulped.
It takes not too long before the final Hoodstormer goes into battle.
“Post-it Mine!” Rick said, throwing an X-shaped blast at the Hoodstormer.

The blast made a direct hit on the Hoodstormer, sticking on it for a few second before going down, but the Hoodstormer was defeated.
“Wow, that’s cool!” Pan said.
The group then crossed the area to another corridor, with molten steel below them. They also heard sounds of a single Hoodlum trying to shoot the group.
“Now that’s pathetic!” Vegeta said.
Rick doesn’t care; he fires a Mega Hot Dog Shot at the Hoodlum, killing it immediately.

“Cool!” Marron said.
“Thanks, Marron. Now let’s get up here.” Rick said. The group began to climb the wall, with Rick this time in final position.
‘He can be so generous!’ Rauru thought.
“Wow, it sure gets hotter in here.” Link said.
“Yeah, I wonder what causes it.” Saria said.
“Err… guys, I don’t want to push you by climbing faster, but I think we have a problem.” Rick said.
“Now what?!” Vegeta snapped.
“You know that molten steel below the grating we just stood on?”
“Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”
“Well, the problem is, it’s now ABOVE the grating, and it’s still rising…”
Immediately the group took a look down, and they saw indeed that the molten steel was rising slowly. Suddenly, Nabooru slipped from the part she climbed on and fell.
“NABOORU, NO!” Link shouted.
“Take it easy, Link, I got her.” Rick said, while holding the Gerudo woman at her left wrist.
“How did you do that?” Launch asked dumb-founded.
“Well, my arms are a little longer than average, and my body is supple, so I just reached out and grabbed her in time.” Rick said.
“Thank you for saving me.” Nabooru said.
“No problem.”
The group managed to reach the next corridor quickly, and headed for another stairway, where another Hoodstormer waited to attack them. Rick released 3 large, blue balls which headed straight for the Hoodstormer, defeating it.

“What was that for weapon?” Tien asked.
“That was the Protron Cannon Tangerine. I thought I had given you that weapon already.” Rick said.
“You did, but we never got to use it.” Bulla said.
“It’s ok. Now let’s get further.”
Crossing the wooden platforms carefully, the group reached another small corridor into a hallway. There they jumped from balloon to balloon to reach another corridor, where they could pass without being attacked.
“This is much better. Nobody is bothering us now.” Vegeta said.
The group came in another room, where they had to use balloons to work themselves a way to the top. They were only 5 ft away from the floor, when suddenly molten steel begin to rise from the ground! Fortunately the group were at a safe distant, and they soon reached the top floor, where they headed through another corridor.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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2nd half... of part 7...

82. Aerial War zone: Our heroes vs. the Dreadnaught!
The group stood on a small ledge, and they saw only room to move up.
“Great, now we’re stuck here!” Vegeta said.
“Nope, there IS a way out, but we have to do it in flight.” Rick said, as he levitated up.
“What? You mean we can fly now here?” Link asked.
“Yep, and I don’t want to waste time.” Rick said, as he flew higher and higher.
“This is getting really complicated.” Krillin said.
“Looks like Rick is already on his way.” Tien said.
“Then let’s follow him.” Piccolo said, as he levitated. The others followed shortly.

Rick looked around, as he reached the ceiling.
“There’s a door over there.” He said and he flew to it. Immediately the door opened, and just as he had flown through, the door closed behind him.
“Hm, I better get moving.”
Rick then let a white aura shine over his body, and he flies through the room, where different cogwheels are operating. Suddenly Rick noticed enemies flying behind him!
“Oh, crap! They’re after me!” Rick said, and he pressed a yellow button on his right wristband.
“Auto-cruise enabled. You are now able to attack.” He heard a computer voice say.
“Thanks for letting me know. MINI-MISSILE!” Rick shouted, and he began to spray dark blue rockets at a fast rate.

At the same moment, the others arrive in the same room, and they see the small missiles passing by, and one explosion after the other, some Air Force Hoodlums are taken down.
“I’m gonna help him!” Pan said, and she flew to Rick, in the direction of the Hoodlums.
“KAMEHAMEHA!” she shouted, releasing the attack on the Hoodlums, wiping out 15 of them in one shot.
“Thanks, Pan.” Rick said.
“No problem.”
Then more Hoodlums approached the two.
“BANANA BLAST!” Rick said, releasing waves of 8 bananas in a forward spreading shot to the enemies, and as the same moment, the others joined in the conflict.

“Those bananas are quite powerful.” Impa said.
“Yeah, but not as powerful as the Banana Bomb!” Rick said, instantly releasing a Banana Bomb on the Hoodlums. 20 of them were instantly wiped out. Then the Hoodlums tried to attack from the side, but Rick anticipated it again.
“Sonic Wave and Sonic Impulse!” he shouted, releasing green, ( ) shaped waves to the sides, smaller versions are shot in diagonal directions; the Sonic Wave. The Sonic Impulse releases similar ( ) shaped waves in a wide, forward spreading pattern,

while a ^ shaped wave is fired to the front.
“YIKES! That’s awesome!” Bulla said.
“I’ve never seen weapons like that before.” Bulma said.
“Good thing we can learn it, too.” Goten said.
“That’s right, son, but don’t misuse them.” Goku said, trying to fire the Sonic Impulse.
“We won’t.” Trunks said.
“Well, I don’t know about that.” Bulma said.
“Aww, mom, you know me!”
“That’s why I’m saying it.”
“Come on, quit arguing. You’ll miss all the fun!” Vegeta said, preparing a Big Bang Attack.
“Out of the way!” Susan shouted, and the group immediately backed off, as Vegeta released the Big Bang Attack, wiping out the last of the Flying Hoodlums.
“Well, that takes care of them.” Goku said.
“Now let’s go.” 17 said.
Rick was already on his way, as he found another door. He flew to it and the door opened. The others immediately followed him. The group flew through some corridors while avoiding some beams, and then they arrived at a larger hallway, with pillars standing almost everywhere in the room, and murky water at the bottom. Then the group saw the flying hoodlums approaching them.
“This isn’t a battle, this is an all out war!” Rick said.
“What weapon are you gonna use now?” Bulla asked.
“I’ll be using the Multi Cannon Front and Rear, Protron Rear (Mode 1 and 2), Protron Wave, Protron Z, Protron Front, Beno Protron System-B and the Protron Charge Level 6.” Rick said.

“Okay… and now in proper English please…” Pan said.
“Well, the Multi Cannon is a weapon that lets you fire bullets in multiple directions at once, The Protron weapons are tougher to explain. Just see those weapons as blue coloured balls that can do sufficient damage.”
“Are ALL Protron weapons blue?” Krillin asked.
“Yes, all except the Protron Charge Level 6. That weapon fires two orange glowing, slow travelling balls that can sneer through targets and scenery. And the Protron Z fires one light blue with three green balls.” Rick said, as he began to fire the weapons.
“Well, I must say that the Protron weapons aren’t really strong, except for the orange glowing stuff.” Vegeta said.
“Yeah, but it’s effective. Besides, the Protron weapons are also fired in different directions.” Bulla said.
Rick then decides to switch weapons.
“POISON BOMB!” he shouts, releasing five brown/green missiles without smoke trail in one shot.

“That’s a better weapon.” Goku said, as he fought off some of the Flying Hoodlums.
“I agree.” Gohan said.
“Yeah.” Videl said.
“Well, I have much more weapons in my arsenal. MEGA MISSILE!” Rick said, releasing five reddish missiles which impact on some flying hoodlums with massive explosions, instantly causing a pillar to collapse.

“That’s groovy!” Marron said.
“Thanks.” Rick said.
“You might as well show your other weapons as well.” Vegeta said.
“As you wish.” Rick said, while firing a Multi Cannon Cluster at his opponents.

“Let’s go!” 18 said.
“We’re ready, Rick, show some new moves.” Pan said.
“You really want this, don’t you. Well then, MEGA LASER DUAL!” Rick said, releasing two Lasers.

The others followed. This caused the other pillars to collapse, and the enemies to be destroyed. Suddenly Rick stopped attacking and looked to his right.
“What’s wrong?” Link asked.
“There’s a gigantic ship heading our way, and its energy signature is like that of a whole planet!” Rick said.
“How do you know its interested in us?” 18 asked.
“I’m feeling its energy signature coming closer and closer towards us, and that’s not a good thing.”
Then, a wall suddenly crumbled and a gigantic object came forth. The ship was dark grey with here and there dome dark-red things, and four large cannons coming from each side.

“Is that the space-craft you meant?” Vegeta asked.
“Space-craft? You call this a space-craft?!? It’s a giant starship, a dreadnaught, armed to the teeth!” Rick snapped.
“Whoa! Looks like Rick is really nervous.” Link said.
“Yeah.” Saria said.
Suddenly the group heard a whirring sound coming from the ship.
“Oh sh*t! It has locked on one of us!” Rick said.
“What?” Vegeta said.
“Who’s the target?” Goten asked puzzled.
“I… I… I don’t know!” Rick said, shaking.
For a moment, it remained silent. Rick held himself ready to take the blow. Suddenly the ship fired three yellow projectiles from the central hub, and headed straight for one of the group at rapid speed. A second later the group heard a loud shriek, and Rick knew immediately who was hit!
“MARRON! NOOOOOO!” he shouted, and Android 17, 18 and Krillin were terribly shocked as well as the others. Susan immediately headed for the child and caught her.
“She’s barely alive, and I don’t think she’ll make it!” Susan yelled.
Now this made 18 and Krillin snap! They created a Destructo Disc and fired it at the ship… but the discs evaporated before they could even touch it! Before they knew it, 18 and Krillin found themselves being hurled backwards into the murky water.
“It… it can’t be!” 17 said.
“CURSE YOU!” Rick yelled out loud, and instantly his eyes became red, and his hair platinum.
“That is one mistake you won’t live to regret!” 17 said as he suddenly charged the ship.
“17! WAIT!” Goku shouted.
But it was too late. 17 charged the ship, but he was shot back in the same way 18, Krillin and Marron went. Susan laid Marron carefully on dry land, as the bleeding stopped. Marron, her parents and uncle lost consciousness as they were hit.
“That does it! MULTI CANNON CHARGE LEVEL 6!” Rick shouted, releasing two giant and two smaller blasts at the ship.

The blasts sneered straight through the ship, but there were no explosions whatsoever.
“Hey! I think I’ve damaged something!” Rick said.
“What? What did you hit?” Vegeta asked.
“I don’t know what I’ve damaged, but one thing is certain; this ship is NOT invincible!” Rick said. Suddenly the ship fired again. Rick managed to block it this time successfully.
“Darn it! Those blast went almost through my shield!” he said.
“Oh no! He’s going to fire again!” Rauru said.
This time the ship fired at Videl! Gohan immediately goes in front of his mate to protect her and generates a barrier around them. However, the blasts immediately made the barrier disappear, and a second shot is delivered. This time the blasts hit Gohan and went straight through him… and Videl! The two teens were blasted in to the water, where they floated motionless next to each other, the water around the two and their clothes were soon stained with blood.
“DARN IT! DON’T MAKE ME MAD YOU IMBECILE, ONCE I AM MAD, YOU’LL WISH YOU’VE NEVER BEEN BORN!” Rick yelled, and he flew to the left side of the ship, which began to fire some missiles. Rick then powered some attacks of his own.
Rick fired 2 blue lightning beams to the front, to intercept and destroy the missiles fired at him, while he uses the yellow balls of

the Scatter Wave to seek out a target of the ship to destroy. And he found one!
“Guys! Fire everything you have at this mine like thing at the right side of the ship!!” he shouted.
Link and Saria immediately understood what Rick meant and went to him. The others followed, but the captain of the ship had noticed it.
“Not that easy my little pests.” He said.
The ship immediately began to fire the yellow balls again. Rick managed to avoid the ones directed at him and retaliates with volley of fireball like bullets, what Rick calls the Mega and Rear Mega Pulse.

The Mega Pulse is capable of releasing even more bullets upon impact with a target or things from the scenery, causing more damage than usual. The giant ship continues attacking, and the remaining heroes try to avoid the yellow and blue bullets at all costs, but after a minute or so, Link and Saria receive the full force of three of the yellow bullets. They smack against the wall behind them and fall in the water, both Link and Saria are rendered senseless. Zelda was shocked at this, and because of this distraction, she let her guard down, and only a second later she was sent down next to Link and Saria. Rick was now infuriated and he fired everything at his disposal at the ship, as he saw more and more of his friends being sent down in the water. He used Weapons like the Zica SuperCharger, Zica Flame Thrower, Hot Dog Front and Rear, The MicroSol FrontBlaster, and an Expanding Zica Laser.

“Man, this ship is the toughest enemy I have fought so far!” Rick said, as only he, Susan, Goku and Vegeta were still in battle.
Meanwhile the others woke up from their unconsciousness, and they noticed their wounds were not bleeding anymore. And they also felt Rick was on the verge of snapping.
“We… have to… help him!” Gohan said, as he tried to get out from the water.
“But… how?” Videl asked.
Suddenly a big explosion shook the room. The part where Rick, Susan, Goku and Vegeta have been tirelessly firing at for about an hour, has finally succumbed to all the force. One of the right head parts then fired those yellow bullets at Rick, who managed to avoid them all. Then the same thing detached from the ship, while Link tried to rejoin the team, with Saria, Zelda, Ruto and Nabooru following him.
“LINK, SARIA, ZELDA, RUTO, NABOORU, LOOK OUT!” Rick shouted, but the attachment, which was in line with the five, fired a Level 4 Laser at them. The 5 were to slow to avoid it, but just as the Laser wanted to his them, they were suddenly pulled aside… by Goku and Vegeta!
“Are you ok?” Goku asked.
“Well, we had better days.” Nabooru said.
Meanwhile Rick mover to the other side of the ship, avoiding the yellow bullets at all costs.
“It seems the ship is after Rick now.” Vegeta said.
“Man, he’s really furious. His rage after he saw us being hit must have gotten over 95%.” Link said.
“He cares about us because we’re his best friends.” Goku said.
In the meantime Rick had reached the left side of the ship, and he began to bombard the same object that was destroyed earlier at the right side of the ship with a weapon that he calls: The NortShip Super Pulse.

The origin is unknown, but the weapon has an orb in the center, that can release StarWaves upon impact with a target. Rick uses a similar Star Wave to protect his sides, and Rick also releases a short range StarWave to the front. Since the ship has focussed itself on Rick, Goku and Vegeta had time to take care of the others, who were still in the water. Marron managed to survive, and her parents were delighted as they realized it. Their bodies began to self-repair somehow. Gohan and Videl did feel their intestines being torn apart when they were hit, but somehow their bodies managed to repair the entire damage done, and all that was left of the original wound was nothing more than a nasty bruise.
“Check Rick out. He’s almost hammering on that ship for 75 minutes now.” 18 said.
“If we strengthen up quickly, we can help him again.” Goku said, as he watched Rick firing the Laser and the Guided Micro Bombs on the ship, while strange red orbs almost surround him, and fire blasts in the hopes to stop him.
Pan has had enough. She suddenly goes Super Saiyan and heads to the ship to aid Rick.
“PAN, BE CAREFUL!” Bulla shouted.
“Take this, KAMEHAMEHA!” Pan yelled, firing her family’s signature attack to the ship.
“MEGA CANNON LEVEL 11!” Rick shouted soon after, releasing two large blasts at the ship. The blasts sneered straight through

it, just before Pan’s Kamehameha made impact. Then the part Rick and Pan had been shooting at began to creak, and with another big explosion, it was destroyed.
“We did it!” Pan yelled, embracing Rick in a hug of victory.
“Right, but the battle is far from over…” Rick said.
The red orbs were greatly reduced in numbers, but were still attacking. Pan decimated the last two with a serial of energy blasts, but then the ship moved to the north center of the room, and then the things on the north side of the ship attacked again, while the center part began to fire four Level 3 Lasers.
“I’ve had enough! QUAD LASER, SIDE SHIP, ATOMIC RAILGUN, WILD BALL!” Rick shouted, releasing the four attacks at once.

Rick focussed himself on the left head attachment, while Pan flies over to the other side, to attack the right attachment. The others finally gathered enough strength to join the battle again, even though some were almost blasted back in the water by these yellow orbs. The battle was now ferocious. New attacks were used, such as the Mint-O-Ship, the Tropical Cherry Companion, the Atomic Railgun Missile and the Companionship Gerund.

These weapons aren’t quite powerful; you could almost compare their power with a standard energy blast. That’s why the Z-Fighters used their own signature attacks. It took the group this time 45 minutes to disable the attachments permanently.
“I’m getting exhausted.” Marron said.
“I know, everyone of us does, but we have to hold on.” 17 said.
Then the four cannons began to extend from the ship, and Bardock begins to attack one of the cannons on the right side of the ship. Rick responded by attacking from the center, with the Wild Ball Charge, Multi Cannon Charge and Sonic Wave Charge Level 6.

The others also joined in, as they attacked the red orbs who were shooting lightning bolts at the group. This time, the cannons were destroyed in less than 30 minutes. Then the front attachment of the ship began moving, while the main ship began to fire the yellow orbs and the Lasers again. Link, Saria and Zelda were sent down into the water by those lasers, while the others tried to avoid the yellow orbs. Only Chi-Chi, Ruto, Pan, Goten, Trunks and Bulla were hit.
“I’m getting sick and tired of you! DRAGON FROST, RETROBALL, MICROBOMB, MISSILE LAUNCHER, MISSILE POD, REAR MEGA CHARGE LEVEL 6, NORTSHIP SPREADER!” Rick yelled at the ship, launching the new attacks.

“Uh oh, it seems Rick is really pissed of now!” Goku said, as he rushed over to help his wife.
“Who isn’t…” Vegeta said, as he tried to avoid more of the blasts the dreadnaught fired at him.
Rick then also fired another Hot Dog Blast and also a new missile called the Buster Rocket.

It took Rick this time 40 minutes to demolish the final attachment of the dreadnaught. The dreadnaught suddenly went in overdrive, and one by one the entire group was shot down in the now clean water, and any attempt to engage a counter-attack was ruthlessly forced back, leaving the group almost unable to fight back. Suddenly, one of the yellow bullets pierced through Susan’s chest, near her heart. Rick saw it and hurried to her, catching her in his arms.
“No, no Susan, please no!” Rick said.
Rick scanned for any life sign of her… he found it, but it was very weak. Susan was in a state of apparent dead. Rick looked around, and he saw all his friends lying unconscious in the water. Rick began to cry and hugged her tight. Then something snapped inside Ricks head. He began to glow, and sent big portions of his energy into his friends, increasing the amount of their energy to a level good enough for survival.
“Darn… you… you bastard, how dare you…” Rick said, knowing that the dreadnaught had his attention. At the same moment the others managed to open their eyes for a while.
“HOW DARE YOU!” Rick shouted at the top of his lungs, and suddenly a blue aura appeared around his body and he shot up in the air, and he instantly activated his Invulnerability technique. The others couldn’t speak for now, they all watched Rick who was now blinded with fury.
“What in the world?” the captain of the dreadnaught said.
“His… energy…” Goku said softly.
“His energy is going through the roof! It’s extraordinary! Quick, Kill him!” the captain barked.
“I’m trying, but our shots have no effect!!!” a woman at the weapons console said.
“Then we have to get out of here! Helm, get us out of here!”
“Aye, sir!” a man at the controls console said.
The dreadnaught tried to turn around, but it was then that Rick has powered his new weapon up.
“THIS IS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS YOU @$$HOLE! SDF MAIN GUN!” Rick yelled, releasing a giant, blue, wide laser at the dreadnaught.

The captain and his crew then suddenly looked out the window, and watched in horror as Rick’s SDF Main Gun approached them at high speed.
“ABANDON SHIP!” the captain shouted, but then the SDF Main Gun hit the Dreadnaught at full force. It sneered straight through the ship, killing the captain and most of the crew immediately. The dreadnaught began to tremble, large yellow cracks appeared all over it. Then, with a loud and gigantic explosion that filled the entire room, the dreadnaught bursted asunder. Nothing remained of the large ship. The explosion also consumed Rick, and all his friends, but they survived, thanks to the Invulnerability Rick activated just 0.1 second before the explosion. After a minute, the smoke and fire of the explosion disappeared, and Rick was still at his position when he fired the SDF Main Gun. Rick panted heavily. He was terribly exhausted and seriously injured, and he knew it. He then reverted back to his normal form, and let himself fall in the water, where he also passed out.
“We… finally… did it…” he muttered, before passing out.
The others just smiled, before their surroundings went black again.

83. Before the 2nd battle against Reflux…
For 48 hours on end, the group floated on the surface of the water in the room, where the dreadnaught attacked them. They woke up after those 48 hours, and they discovered they had just enough energy to fly to where they actually intended to go. Their trip was further uneventful. They discovered that their clothing have been greatly torn apart, only their chess, and the upper side of the legs still have clothing on.
“We definitely need new clothes.” 18 said.
“But there is no clothing store around.” Bulma said.
“Rick, are you ok?” Pan asked.
“I’m fine, I’m just tired, and I want to get some more sleep.” Rick said.
“You saved us all.” Susan said.
“Maybe so, but together we defeated that dreadnaught. I wouldn’t stand a chance if I fought by myself.”
“But you have the SDF Main Gun!” Trunks said.
“This is true, but would I have fought by myself I wouldn’t even have the time to power it up. You see, the SDF Main Gun demands a lot from my physical strength and power. When I’m at Full health, I have no troubles charging it, but in my current condition my body can barely hold itself together. Had I been more injured than I already am, I could have destroyed my own body and the energy released from that explosion would have not only destroyed the dreadnaught, but all of you would have died as well.”
“How many times have you used that weapon before?” Link asked, as the group arrived at a small room with another pair of stairways.
“Actually this is the first time I ever used it in battle. Like I said, the SDF Main Gun demands a lot from me, so I’ve decided to use it as a last resort.”
“We understand.” Saria said.
The group settled down in a corner just below the first stairway, where there was a heating operating. There was also another small pool of water at that spot, with a fountain next to it. Rick also noticed a door which was a wall seen from outside the room, but it’s a mirror from inside the room. Furthermore the door can only be opened and locked from the inside out. Next to the pool, inside the room was also a bathroom, where you can take a shower, or go to the toilet [N.B. Even the good and bad guys have to take a pee sometime, don’t they?].
“It’s really small but luxury here.” Marron said.
“It’s also nice, warm and cosy here too.” Goten said.
“It reminds me of home.” Goku said.
“That reminds me of a song I heard in a movie.” Rick said.
“How did it go?” Pan asked.
It remained silent for a few seconds…
“#Show me the way to go home, I'm tired and I want to go to bed.” Rick sang.
“#I had a little drink about an hour ago and it went right to my head.” Susan sang.
“Nice song.” Zelda said, smiling.
“Let’s get some rest now. We’re going have one heck of a fight on our hands.” Rick said.
“How hard will that fight be?” Vegeta asked.
“Well, it will be so hard, that our fight with the dreadnaught can be compared as a worm trying to get into a pineapple.”
Link and Saria gulped, but they went to sleep quickly. The others quickly fell to sleep too, only Rick, Susan and Marron were awake. Marron laid by her mother, who laid next to Rick.
Rick let his hands slip in the water of the pool; the splashes made Marron giggle. Rick then fired some specialized Heavy Guided Bombs, which headed for the entrance and remain static there, until a foe passes by. Rick also scanned the construction, and to his relief, the construction was solid as reinforced concrete. Susan then fell asleep together with Rick. Marron made a few more splashes in the water, before she went to sleep as well.

With our heroes vast asleep, they are regaining strength for the battle of their lives. Not only their lives are at stake, but the fate of their homeworlds, no, the entire galaxy rests on their shoulders. And what exactly are the Martians doing with the ancient but powerful )\/(ajin spell? Why do they want to use it on our heroes? Will the tables turn, thus will the group become the bad guys? Or are the Martians so superior in technology that they actually succeed in making a more friendly equivalent of the spell? These questions will or may be answered in Part 8, so stay tuned!

To be continued…

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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