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Author:  eveofthewar [ Mon May 02, 2005 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  News from Fenris...

I'm sure the old members will remember Fenris. He was one of the original members of the Eve Of The War forum and a huge War Of The Worlds fan. Anyway, I am still in contact with him and below is email I received on Friday...

Well, my computer at home is still out of action, and it looks as though it might be beyond saving. If so, then I'm going to have to tighten my belt and start scraping the funds together to buy a new PC.

Meanwhile, here's some more WOTW news that I've uncovered. Apologises if you already knew about any of the following;

An independent production company called The Asylum has apparently released a direct-to-video movie called Alien Abduction that they're advertising as being a prequel to War of the Worlds. Here's the publicity blurb;

The War of the Worlds has already begun. After a nightmarish encounter with terrifying creatures deep in the woods, a woman is quarantined in a military hospital with hundreds of other abductees. Here she witnesses the torture of other patients along with disturbing experimentation on caged creatures. Soon she begins to unravel the horrifying truth behind the top secret government facility.
Alien Abduction is directed by Eric Forsberg, and according to the latest issue of Fangoria magazine (#243), was released on Region One DVD in April.

SFX magazine #130 reports that Sony Pictures have put a Killraven movie into development. Screenwriter Robert Schenkkan is working on the script.

More Killraven news. In July, Marvel Comics are publishing a collection of all the character's early adventures in a low price, black & white paperback. Essential Killraven Volume 1 contains Amazing Adventures #18 - 39, Marvel Team-Up #45, and Marvel Graphic Novel #7. A staggering 504 pages, it will retail at $16.99.

Finally, I've found an early WOTW related comic book story. In 1950, Orson Welles gave DC Comics permission to use his likeness in a Superman story. Thus, in Superman #62 (January 1950), Welles accidently blunders into a unmanned rocketship bound for Mars (this kind of thing happened all the time in Silver Age comics). Once upon the red planet, he discovers that the Martians, who have studied Hitler's career through very long-range telescopes, have decided to follow his example and invade Earth. Welles manages to send a radio message to Earth, and Superman arrives to help foil the Martians' plans.

Hope to back on the forum in the not-too-distant future.

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