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War Of The Worlds - Red Nose Day - Wallpaper
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Author:  The Massacre of Mankind [ Fri Mar 04, 2005 5:56 pm ]
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Hi all.<br /><br />As you may have noticed my Avitar has changed this is because it is a very low res version of a RED NOSE DAY meets WAR OF THE WORLDS Wallpaper I have made which I am making available for people to receive via email for a small donation of £2.50 to go towards Comic Relief for this Red Nose Day. It's a having a bit of a laugh in the light of the new films coming this year.<br /><br />(Lee I hope you don't mind me advertising this here but it's ALL FOR CHARITY MATE!!!!) :D <br /><br />The only thing I ask is that those who get this image don't make it publically available or share it with friends just get them to send me a donation and email me and I'll send them the file otherwise it's not fair on Comic Relief or me for my efforts.<br /><br />Attached is a low res sample of what you will receive digitally if you donate £2.50 to Comic Relief by sending the payment via PayPal to me at james.quinlan@take2europe.com (I promised that all money raised by this will go to Comic Relief and that I will not take any profits for admin)<br /><br />The file will be sent to the email address that the payment is made from - unless otherwise specified.<br /><br />I hope you will all enjoy the Wallpaper image and have a great Red Nose Day.<br /><br />Thanks Jim.<br /><br /><br />[attachmentid=47]

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