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 Post subject: Martians Attack Milton Keynes Over Bank Holiday
PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 3:48 pm 
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Tripod King

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And it was one hell of a fight too.

A big thank you to all that took the time out to come along to Milton Keynes this Bank Holiday to see us, view the new footage and purchase The War Of The Worlds official mechandise.

A huge amount of people who viewed the footage were in no mind clear that they wanted to see this version more than Paramounts film coming this July 1st. Of the 4 days I was there and of the thousands of people I saw, only 2 (yes 2) wanted to see Speilbergs, WHY?, because they were Tom Cruise fans. It was humorous to be approached by Paramount who were down there promoting there film. Even they were interested in the footage we were playing and I believe they were more impressed with Jeff's version more than there's.

The nice chaps of Paramount kindly rewarded my time with giving me some 5000 quad posters of WOTW, thank you guys, bit heavy and took a lot of room up in the 4X4, but thanks all the same.

So what did you miss on the preview DVD we were showing, well here goes.

Starts with the albums logo emerging onto the screen. Next, running with the interfearance, Mars appears and the Sun come into position. With a flash, 3 cylinders are seem being fired from the vast gun sunk into the Martian landscape, followed by long shots of the cylinders heading towards the Earth. Each cylinder is seen, speading on its way towards the the great isle that is Great Britain. Next we see Horsell Common with the huge cylinder sticking from the pit and Ogilvy stands alongside a tree now doubtly wondering what this huge steaming metal giant is. Next seen is the awesome Martian Fighting Machine on the turnatable, next to come to life as its starts its routene of bringing the Heat Ray to bare - this being a better and refined version that is seen here on www.waroftheworldsonline.com We then see the Flying Machine in two poses, long shot and close up. Starting from a ariel advantage point from her rear main mast on her stern, H.M.S THUNDER CHILD comes into view as men are seen going about there daily routene on the vessel as the camera pans over the vessel, stopping short of her bow. It then cuts to her bows decks as we go for a brief stroll on the vessel. This is folowed by the Flying Machine gliding down from above as it brings its Heat Ray to bare, a more refined version of what was seen on WOTWOnline. Next we see the Handling Machine on its turntable followed by the small passenger Paddle Steamer seen on Michael Trims album cover painting. This cuts to a photo realistic scene of the leden sky and a heavy sea with swells. We next see a small fishing tralwer as a turntable image to then cut to a final look at the stern of the THUNDER CHILD as the camera pans down the ythe ships proud name plate - film ends

Purely wonderful, but sadly not available to be seen online - sorry chaps. But you will be able to see these images in the forth coming 'Collectors Edition' boxset out next month.



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