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Doctor Who: New Series
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Author:  Leper Messiah [ Thu Oct 06, 2005 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Doctor Who: New Series

So then, in the new year we can look forward to another series of the good Doctor with his brand new southern look. Of course two things known to occur this series are the reappearence of the Cybermen and the departure about halfway through the new series of Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper). So how do you think she will go? I think it would be silly if she just went home given everything she said in the last episode of the previous series. Therefore I think she will either go off with that Captain Jack guy when he inevitably reappears in the series or she will be killed by a Cyberman. Personally I think the latter would be better.

In the meantime there is the Christmas Special to look forward to. Apparently Christopher Ecclestone is in it, which means we could have a "two doctors" situation which would be great :D

Author:  Loz [ Fri Oct 07, 2005 9:50 am ]
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I'm trying to get hold of the new look remote controle Dalek but it sold out everywhere and they only made a small amount to see how tghey would sell. Got a big wait now.
Mixed feelings about the new stuff. Mostly think its pap. But I'm such a fan of the old that I'll probably watch it, just so I can shout at the TV a lot.
Apperently the Cybermen are going to have a pink tinge to them and have discovered Zen Buddism.

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