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Open Water
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Author:  Loz [ Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Open Water

This is a great movie. I think it came out last year or early this year. Anyway its based on a true story. And it's a bit like the Blair Witch Project but in the middle of the Ocean with Sharks.

A married couple go out on a holiday dive, to look at reef fish etc. A mistake is made in the head count and the boat leaves with them still under water. They surface and are then stuck out in the middle of the Ocean. They are there for over twelve hours in shark infested waters. It is very realistic and the acting is superp. The suspense is unbeleivable as you keep waiting for them to be eaten. They really go through it. I won't spoil it but, lets just say that is not a happy ending. I couldn't sleep all night afterwards. And I love horror films and am rarely effected by them, but this got to me. I highly, highly recomend this movie. Its out on DVD now.

Author:  Loz [ Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:33 pm ]
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still from open water

Open Water still.jpg
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Author:  oever532 [ Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:49 pm ]
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Will those two get eaten both or one of them?

Author:  Loz [ Mon Oct 31, 2005 7:17 pm ]
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It is pretty much just them all the way through the film stuck out in the Ocean with the sharks.



Author:  Lonesome Crow [ Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:09 am ]
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:shock: sounds good 'Loz' =D>

Author:  Loz [ Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:24 am ]
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It is. I nearly had to switch it of a few times because the suspense was killing me. It got great reviews across the board.

Author:  oever532 [ Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:43 am ]
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Well, at least they will stay with each other (even though they became shark food...)

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