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28 Weeks Later
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Author:  morrisvan [ Sun May 13, 2007 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  28 Weeks Later

Right, who's got it then. Who's been infected by the non-stop afflition to see "28 Weeks Later", the sequel to "28 Days Later". Who can stop the ravening desire to read all they can about it, the unstopable impulse to see Robert Carlye prove once again that he's one of this country's finest actors; Rose Byrne in US Army uniform; the shots of London, eerie, silent, deserted and the rampaging, ravening infected who would literaly make minced-meat of George A. Romero's walking dead.

It's received good notices. I've seen it, but I won't say anymore until other people have.


Author:  Lonesome Crow [ Sun May 13, 2007 1:23 pm ]
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I haven't seen it yet and without giving any of the story away would you say it was as good as '28 days later' or better.
I enjoyed '28 days later' and the DVD has an alternative ending on it, for those who haven't seen the first film yet


In the alternative ending, Jim dies and his character is replaced with a chicken (I kid you not :lol: )


You are right about Robert Carlyle, he is a great actor and very good at playing the psychotic type as he did in 'Trainspotting' and in 'Ravenous', you never can tell when he's going to go nuts, so there's always a tense atmosphere when he's on-screen.

Author:  morrisvan [ Sun May 13, 2007 5:25 pm ]
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I would say it's even more grim and downbeat than the first. The shots of the deserted, debris strewn London streets have a poignant feel to them, and one scene set in the derelict, overgrown Regents Park is eerie. All of the characters are flawed which makes them more three-dimensional and even the virus is developed further which makes it even more powerful. In fact the whole film has evolved from the original rather than be a rehash.

I was apprenhensive about the American involvement in the story; thinking it would be pandering to the American market, but actually it's an ironic comment on American involvement in Iraq. The taskforce is seemingly benign and helpful, but snipers are posted on the buildings and when things go wrong out come the big guns. The tragedy is that they think they can control events which ultimately sweeps them away. Even two Americans desert their posts.

I thought Carlye was very good: providing a lot of grit and a memorable prescence, and I'm becoming a fan of Rose Byrne who as the only character trying to prevent another outbreak displays an all too human vunerbility. Imogen Poots and Mackintosh Muggleton have received a lot of praise as Carlye's two children. They give strong, unsentimental performances of two siblings very protective of one another.

I'm surprised by reactions to the ending. Some people have said it was dark; others that it was hilarious. I found it disturbing. After seeing this I thought there would have to be another sequel. Sure enough Danny Boyle has announced that a third entry: "28 Months Later" will be produced. As to why it's called that then go and see "28 Weeks Later".

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