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Author:  Fenris [ Tue Feb 01, 2005 5:44 pm ]
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In the previous forum I started a thread about 'The ABC Warriors' that eventually turned into a discussion about the weekly British comics 2000AD and Action. There are numerous websites dedicated to 2000AD and it's various characters, but here are a few sites about other key British comics of the late 70s and early 80s; <br /><br />www.backfromthedepths.co.uk - website dedicated to Scream, a weekly horror comic produced by IPC/Fleetway in 1984, and clearly intended to be a sister publication to the science fiction-oriented 2000AD. Sadly, Scream only lasted 15 weeks before being cancelled (two of it's storylines, 'Monster' and 'The 13th Floor', continued in the pages of Eagle). This site is clearly a labour of love, and the amount of work that's gone into it is extremely impressive. Several stories are available to view.<br /><br />www.mistycomic.co.uk - Scream wasn't IPC/Fleetway's first attempt at a horror comic. From February 1978 until January 1980, they published Misty, a genuinely eerie & unnerving girl's comic that dealt with black magic, mysteries & curses, as opposed to Scream's violent deaths & monsters. Most of the editorial staff of 2000AD also worked on Misty, and despite being 'a girl's comic' it has attracted a healthy cult reputation amongst male comic fans over the years. Misty was unique amongst British comics in that it had practically no long-running stories or regular characters - it's pages were mostly filled with self-contained tales and serials that lasted no longer than several weeks. While the serials occasionally had happy endings, the short stories mostly didn't - they were usually about very unpleasant things happening to unpleasant people. After 101 issues (all of which are available to view on this website), Misty merged with Tammy. <br /><br />www.sevenpennynightmare.co.uk - website dedicated to IPC/Fleetway's classic & amazingly controversial Action, which changed the entire UK comics scene and lead to the creation of 2000AD. This site concentrates on Action's initial 36 issues - after which a protest campaign by various newspapers & pressure groups lead to publication being suspended. After several months, the title eventually reappeared, a tamer, watered-down shadow of it's former self. It eventually merged with Battle.<br /><br />

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