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Windows Vista
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Author:  oever532 [ Sun Apr 08, 2007 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Windows Vista

Does anyone of you have Windows Vista? I have it, but I was wondering if you have it, too...

Author:  McTodd [ Sun Apr 08, 2007 10:03 pm ]
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I don't have it, and I don't want it either. I've heard that it eats up memory like a Texan eats burgers.

Author:  Lonesome Crow [ Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:03 am ]
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I'm going to wait a couple of years, give them chance to iron out all the little bugs it has at the moment.

Author:  McTodd [ Mon Apr 09, 2007 11:50 am ]
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And that. I've heard it's got more bugs than the wards in an NHS hospital trust that sub-contracted its cleaning to Honest Ron's Hospital Hygiene Solutions Ltd (motto: 'Honest Ron, Honest Ron, The others are a con'; employees: fresh from a container smuggled through Dover and earning 58p an hour).

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