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 Post subject: My Gigantic Fanfiction
PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 11:59 am 
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Well, here's the largest fanfic I'm writing at the moment. I'm don with 5 parts already, and Part 6 is in the final stages of completion. Have fun...

Dragon Ball Z:
Hildegarn’s Return!
Part 1: The preparations

Legend: “…” = speech, ‘…’ = thought, ::…:: = speech through telepathic link (Bond speech) *…* = character action within speech, “…” = telepathic speech

1. The bonding
A year passed after the defeat of Majin Buu. Through that period, an ancient monster named Hildegarn wrecked havoc all over the globe, destroying everything in his wake. Super Saiyan 3 Goku defeated him with the Dragon Fist attack, going straight through him in the process. However, something had survived…

Inside a laboratory, far underground, a scientist is busy at his computer. Behind him, inside a giant tube with a greenish fluid rests a beast, with a small head, a giant body, and a long thin tail.
”Hehehe, soon Hildegarn will be revived, and I will have my revenge.” the scientist said, softly laughing.
The scientist has gained access to the brains of Hildegarn, and is currently inputting data of the ones Hildegarn must take revenge on. These persons are nothing more than members of the Son Family (notably Goku, Chi-Chi Gohan, Goten and Videl) and the Briefs family (Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks to be precise). However, the scientist also inputs data about Krillin’s family, notably 18 and Krillin. The man is aware that the last two have a child, Marron, so she could also be a likely target.
”Once those dog-blasted ornery no-acount varmaints are out of the way (and preferably INSIDE Hildegarn) NOTHING can stop me from gaining what I so longed for: World Domination!” the scientist said.

At the Son’s Residence, Goku and Chi-Chi are watching television, Goten went over to Trunks to play, and Gohan… he’s once again dating with Videl. The couple did nothing more beside dating, except for some sparring sessions, to maintain their existing powers (since they’re both at the Mystic level), they also had businesses with school and they fight crime as the Great Saiyamen. This evening, Gohan took Videl to his secret place. Videl enjoyed being held in Gohan’s arms, and it took them 10 minutes to reach Gohan’s secret spot, in an open field at a large pond, trees surrounding the area. What Videl then saw was absolutely amazing: she witnessed, along with Gohan, the brightest and best sunset ever.
”Gohan, this is an amazing spot!” Videl said.
”It’s great, isn’t it? I usually come here to get away from all sorrows, and get myself together again.” Gohan said.
”Wow. Now it’s going to have a new function.” Videl said.
”Sharing private moments with you?” Gohan asked with a grin.
Videl confirmed this by giving Gohan the most passionate kiss ever. Gohan quickly returned the kiss. After several seconds, she began to rub his back while they kissed and she noticed that an intensity overtook Gohan that she had never seen before. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around her and pressed her tightly against him. He then sunk his teeth into her neck and she felt him licking her wounds. Then, for some reason unknown to her, Videl grabbed Gohan and bit him back, also licking the blood from his neck. They both passed out in each other’s arms as they dreamt of each other’s memories. Gohan was amazed as he started seeing what could only be Videl’s life through her eyes. He watched as her mother died and felt the great sadness that enveloped her. He saw her train hard all through her childhood and watched as she started protecting the city. All through her memories, he always felt the sadness of losing her mother with her. He saw the first time she met Gohan and felt the attraction she felt for him as it grew. Then her fight with Spopovich came and he felt the pain of each blow. He watched as he killed Spopovich and felt the admiration that she had for him after that. As he and Videl began dating, the pain from the loss of Videl’s mother seemed to be dwindling until he couldn’t feel it anymore. Then came the kissing just before and Gohan shot up with a start as the memories ended. He looked over at Videl who had a troubled look on her face and knew she must be seeing his life: being kidnapped by Radditz, the trip to Namek, the encounter with the ruthless Frieza, seeing his father going Super Saiyan for the first time, Namek on the verge of destruction, fights against Garlic Jr. and men, the battle against the Androids, the training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber where Gohan turned Super Saiyan for the first time, and the battle with Cell, the horrors Cell had done, and the moment Videl had the most troubled look was when Gohan released his hidden powers, and went Super Saiyan 2 in the process, with the humiliation of Cell by freeing Android 18 from his belly, the brave sacrifice by his father Goku, and the final defeat of Cell, when she almost screamed along with Gohan when he dealt Cell the final blow, and the meeting of each other at Orange Star High School and the events thereafter (excluding the events when Majin Buu wrecked havoc; remember that what Majin Buu did to them was also erased from their memories with the Dragon Balls as well). Suddenly she shot upright also and looked over at Gohan.
"What just happened?" she asked in confusion.
"We bonded. I don’t know too much about it but I do know that this is the Saiyan form of marriage. Since the bite marks are still there, that means that they are permanent which means that we are meant to be together. You saw my life through my eyes right? Well that happens in bonding. Another cool thing is that..." ::I don’t even have to speak out loud to you anymore. We have a telepathic link now and no matter where you are I can talk to you.:: Gohan thought spoke to Videl.
::This is amazing. So in a way we are already married right now?::
::Yep! In Saiyan terms that is. Not legally yet. I love you Videl. Umm this isn’t exactly how I planned this but...:: "Videl will you marry me? We don‘t have to do it right away of course but I just needed to ask." Gohan asked as he got down on one knee.
"Gohan you don’t even have to ask. Of course I will marry you. But let’s hold off on actually doing it until we at least graduate next year." Videl replied as she kissed Gohan fiercely.
"I’m going to have to get you a ring because I wasn’t planning on doing it this soon. You don’t mind do you?"
"Of course I don’t mind silly. You could give me no ring and I would be just as happy." Videl said as she felt the same happiness coming from Gohan that she was experiencing as well.
"I guess feeling each others emotions are part of this bonding too huh?" she asked. Gohan nodded. Both took flight and went back to the Son’s residence to spend the night there. Once they got there, Goku was waiting for them. They also saw Vegeta there.
”Hi son, hey Videl.” Goku said.
”Hi dad, what’s up?” Gohan said.
”Oh, not much, except…” Goku said, when he suddenly noticed the bite marks in their necks. Vegeta saw them too.
”What the…? Do you realize what you’ve done?” Vegeta said.
”We bonded in Saiyan terms, is there a problem?” Videl asked.
”Well, there is a side-effect to it.” Goku said, having a serious look.
”Right. When Saiyans bond, the mate’s lifespan is shared. If either one of them dies, the other will too unless they find a way to still see their mate quickly. While this is a major advantage for us Saiyans that mate with humans since their life spans are so short when compared to ours, it is a major disadvantage too." Vegeta said.
”So, if I understand it right, if something kills Videl, does it automatically kill me at the same time?” Gohan asked.
”That’s right. Your physically appearance and your habits will remain the same, but due to the Saiyan bondage, you are mentally linked, so what ever happens to you, happens to Videl at the same time and vice versa.” Vegeta said.
”I don’t care actually. If Videl dies, I would rather die myself then have to live the rest of my life without her." Gohan said.
::Do you mean that?:: Videl ‘asked’.
::You bet. I love you so much, I just can’t live without you.:: Gohan ‘replied’.
::Oh, Gohan, you’re so sweet.::
”So be it, but you know the consequences.” Vegeta said.
”We know, but we accept it.” Gohan said.
”Yeah. I agree that Gohan and I are meant to be together, even if we didn’t bond.” Videl added.
Vegeta shrugs and goes inside the Son’s house, were the other members of the Son and Briefs family ánd Krillin’s family is present. The couple is greeted by everyone and then everyone watches TV. No one except Goku and Vegeta have spotted the bite marks in the necks of the couple. The movie ‘Crocodile 2000’ was on TV and the youngsters (Goten, Trunks and Marron) were sent to bed already, since someone told the gang that the crocodile devoured teenagers visibly on screen.

While everyone in the Son’s residence is watching the movie, the scientist continues his project of reviving Hildegarn. The Z-Senshi haven’t got a clue about this. Will the scientist finish his project, or will the Z-Senshi find out about it before it’s too late?

2. The uneasy night
At night, everyone is asleep in the Son’s residence. Goku and Chi-Chi sleep in their own bed, Trunks is sleeping in Goten’s room, Videl sleeps by Gohan, and two spare beds are in other rooms opposite the rooms of the Son’s. Vegeta and Bulma sleep in the room opposite Goku and Chi-Chi’s, and 18, Krillin and Marron sleep in the room opposite Gohan’s. Gohan got out of bed to go to the bathroom, when he suddenly sees Vegeta.
”Hey, Vegeta. What’s up?” Gohan whispered.
Vegeta replied by taking Gohan in the bathroom to speak to him in private.
"Does the harpy know yet?" The Saiyan prince said, startling Gohan.
"Know what, Vegeta?"
"That you mated with that fools spawn. I must say that you surprised me. I thought you did have it in ya brat."
"Knock it off with the brat stuff, we're the only ones in here."
"Fine Gohan." Vegeta said as he let his usual scowl fade to a look that only Bulma and Gohan knew. "So, does your mother know?"
"I don't think so." Gohan replied before glaring at the Saiyan prince. "And it's going to stay that way. At least for the moment."
"Sure thing kid. After all, it won't be me she's angry with for keeping it a secret."
"I…didn't think about that." Gohan replied with a slight shiver. "Anyway, how could you tell?"
"For one thing, you're no longer a bumbling fool around her. And second, your scents have changed."
"Our scents?"
"Baka, I told you about this before. A Saiyan will often use their sense of smell when picking a mate. You probably didn't even realize it, but you're body has been analyzing the scent of every female you've come into contact with for the past year or so. And it wasn't until you met her that you found a scent that's to your liking."
"Still, what does that have to do with our scents changing?"
"When you two bonded, it caused several changes within your bodies. I must admit that human's exhibit a number of Saiyan traits, even if they do not know it. Anyway, your scents have changed to alert others to the fact that you've both taken a mate."
"Ok, but I haven't noticed a change in Videl's scent."
"Are you sure?"
"Well, I do seem to like it more now then I did before."
"That's because it's changed."
"Oh, that wo…" Gohan replied when Videl's voice interrupts him.
::Hey Gohan, are you staying there for long?:: She asked.
::No, I'll be right back. Just chatting with Vegeta.::
::Oh, ok.::
"What?" Gohan asked when a chuckle escaped from the Saiyan prince.
"Nothing, I just forgot how amusing it is to watch a newly bonded couple speak through their bond."
"Why's it amusing?"
"Because until you two get used to it, you have to concentrate on it. But once you get used to it you and your mate can carry on a conversation through it and talk to someone at the same time. And the person you're talking to won't notice anything strange."
"Oh. I guess we shouldn't use it around other people yet."
"You can use it around others, just not those who know about your heritage. That is unless you want them to know about you and Videl."
"Alright, thanks Vegeta."
"Your welcome kid." Vegeta replied as he left the room to get back to bed. Shortly after, Gohan returned to his room, where Videl patiently waited for him. She loved sharing the bed with him. He kissed her on the lips, she returned it with glee and delight. Both sank in a dream, in which they wander around on a farm field during night time. The air is dark blue, and there’s no light anywhere. Both had it cold, since they’re only clothed in their underwear.
”It’s so cold here. I’m freezing to death if we don’t find a place to spend the night.” Videl said.
”I know, dear, but I can hardly see where we are actually walking.” Gohan said.
”Neither can I.” Videl said.
”Ah, crap! My foot’s stuck!” Videl said.
”Let me help you with it.” Gohan said, as he freed Videl.
The couple wanted to move along, but suddenly a soft growl stopped them. They looked behind them, and saw a huge crocodile, like the one they saw in the movie several hours before, standing there behind them. Gohan and Videl stared at each other, and decided to run for their lives. The crocodile chased them. Gohan and Videl finally found a small building, large enough for the couple to hide in. The two sat there for minutes, and just when both gave a sigh of relief, the croc crashed into the building. The couple was caught by surprise, and before they realised what happened, the teenagers found themselves stuck between the crocodile’s jaws. Blood flew from their backs, and Gohan desperately tried to free him and Videl. Suddenly the croc bit again, and this time, both Gohan and Videl felt a snap in their backs. Their spines were broken. Gohan’s muscles weakened as suddenly blood began to flow from his mouth, and the last thing he saw before succumbing to his wounds, he saw his blood mixing with Videl’s as she also had blood coming from their mouths. Then the croc moved the dying couple now into one line with his jaws, letting them slide deeper and deeper inside its beak. With one big gulp, both teenagers were swallowed. Then both woke up in Gohan’s bed, with a thunderstorm going outside.
”Watching that movie was not a good idea after all.” Videl said.
Gohan agreed. Both stayed in his bed, falling back to sleep shortly after. Now they dreamt that they were full blooded Saiyans, and that they were on Vegeta-sei, with a battle going on against Erasa and Sharpner, also full-blooded Saiyans. Sharpner wants Videl, and Erasa has her sights on Gohan. However, Gohan and Videl have chosen each other already, so Sharpner and Erasa punched the two in some mountains.
”All right, that does it!” Gohan yelled, and goes Super Saiyan!
”I’ve had enough!” Videl yelled, going Super Saiyan as well (She is a Saiyan in this dream, you know!).
Their opponents went Super Saiyan as well, and the battle rages on. The four teens then separated, two by two, panting.
::They just won’t give up.:: Videl ‘said’.
::Don’t worry. They are at their max now, what do you say we’ll take this a level higher?::
::What? Is there a level beyond Super Saiyan?::
::Yeah. My dad is training to reach that level, too.::
::So, are you ready to go Super Saiyan 2 with me?::
::You bet!::
”Say, Sharpner, I have a confession to make… I haven’t been fighting on full power yet.” Gohan said, with a smirk on his face.
”What did you say?” Sharpner asked.
”You heard what he said, baka. And to be honest, I haven’t been on full force yet either.” Videl said.
”Then show it like real Saiyans!” Erasa yelled.
”Allright, you’ve asked for it!” Gohan yelled, and then he begins to power up.
”Here we go!” Videl said, following Gohan.
Small rocks are lifted, their auras are getting bigger and huge amounts of energy are erupting. Flashes of electricity suddenly erupt all over the two. Erasa and Sharpener watch all this in awe. Then it happened. Gohan and Videl’s golden hair become divided in more spikes, grow and stands upright (except for some plucks), the muscle mass increase, and electricity runs all over their bodies. Then, with a giant burst of energy, Gohan and Videl have ascended.
”I… I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” Erasa said.
”They… they have… ascended!” Sharpner said.
Gohan and Videl let their tails move to and fro, adapting at their new level.
”Gee, Videl, you look more tougher and much stronger now. I like you.” Gohan said with a smirk, with his face having a Vegeta-look.
”Thanks, you look the same. I like you too.” Videl said also with a smirk, having the same facial characteristics as Gohan has.
Erasa and Sharpner gulped.
”You… did you two actually mate?” Sharpner asked.
Gohan and Videl smirked, almost having a very evilish look.
”You might say we have. Check out the bite marks on my right shoulder. That was Videl’s work.” Gohan said.
”And the bite marks on my left shoulder gave Gohan.” Videl added.
Erasa and Sharpner jaw-dropped, sweat drops staining their faces. Suddenly Gohan and Videl’s tails stopped wiggling, and then Gohan’s tail entwined with Videl, making the auras of both fuse into one, sending portions of electricity through both. Then Gohan holds his hands crossed above his head, Videl following his movements.
Two yellow energy balls were created by the couple, while Erasa and Sharpner froze in fear.
Meanwhile Goku arrives on the battlefield and realizes what was going on.
Goku immediately searches for cover, while Erasa and Sharpner try to engage a counter attack.
”HA!” Gohan and Videl launched the Masenko, and the beams fused the instant they were fired, engulfing Gohan and Videl in the starting point. Erasa and Sharpner were unable to stop it and were blown miles and miles away into a two year coma. Gohan and Videl did hold back a little, not to kill their fellow Saiyans; they just wanted to inflict enough damage. Then, with a loud thunderclap, the dream ends.

Gohan and Videl sat upright, as if the clap startled them.
”The weather is very unusual now.” Gohan whispered.
”Uh huh. It’s so weird.” Videl replied.
”I wonder if the others have sensed it too.”
Gohan and Videl went downstairs, only to encounter the others on their way.
”So, you’ve noticed it, too?” Goku asked.
”We did.” Gohan said.
Suddenly an extremely loud thunderclap came, making the house shake, causing everyone to fall down the stairs. Gohan landed first on the carpet on the ground, Videl landed next to him. Goten and Trunks fell on the two, Goku and Vegeta came down on them, quickly followed by Chi-Chi and Bulma, Krillin fell on the backs of the women, 18 fell on him, and Marron came down on Goku’s head.
”Ouch!” Gohan and Videl said.
”That does hurt!” Goku said, nursing his head.
”Get off my back, Onna!” Vegeta said.
”Well, then Krillin and 18 have to get off me first!” Bulma said.
”Sorry.” 18 and Krillin said.
Suddenly the eleven got more company, as from out of nowhere, Bardock, Mirai Trunks, Launch, Tien, Android 17, Piccolo, GT Pan and GT Bulla appeared and landed on the group.
”How did I get here?” Bardock asked.
”There must have been a rift in space and time.” Bulma replied.
”What a mess!” Chi-Chi said.
”What will my mother say?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”I’m almost getting squashed over here! Would you please get off me?” Videl said.
”You mean Mirai Bulma?” Gohan asked and Mirai Trunks nodded.
”I don’t know.” Bulma said.
”Hey, sister, it’s good to see you again. You managed to have a family of your own, I presume?” 17 asked.
”You’re right.” Krillin said.
”Looks like we’re in trouble.” Piccolo said.
Suddenly the floor around everyone began to creak.
”Uh oh…” Videl said.
”This doesn’t look good.” Gohan said.
”What do you mean?” Launch asked.
Suddenly the floor beneath the group collapsed, making the group fall down. With a loud crash they landed in the basement.
”OUCH!” “Goten, get your head from beneath my shirt!” “Ow, you’re standing on my foot!” “What happened, mommy?” “Kakarot, will you let go off my ears?” “Get your foot out of my face!” “We’re just one happy family.” “I’m hungry.” “Can’t you think but anything else but food?” “Trunks, get off me!” “I’m gonna mess the first one who ever dares to laugh at us up.” “I think I broke a tooth… oh, good thing that didn’t happen…” “I’m glad Mirai mom couldn’t see this.” “Let go of my hair! I grew kind fond of it.” “What if that old pervert saw us?” “Did I hear someone laugh?” “Are you all right, Tien?” “I wish I was back on Vegeta-sei.” “Vegeta, get off me now!”
Yamcha, who heard the crash, came inside and noticed that everyone was allright.
”Well, guess we’ll have to spend the rest of the night this way.” Goku said.
”Should I get you a blanket?” Yamcha asked.
”Oh, shut up already!”
”Hey, Gohan, looks like you got mail [even in this fic they have computers, k?]” Videl said, looking at Gohan’s laptop standing there, while Yamcha leaves to go to Puar.
”That’s funny. I haven’t had mail for a long time.” Gohan said, while picking the laptop from the small table in front of him. He opens his mailbox, and he sees in the new message a link.
”What’s it about, Gohan?” Chi-Chi asked.
”I don’t know. All I got is this link: www.big-boys.com/articles/twophotos1.html.” Gohan replied.
”Click on it, I wanna see what’s it about.” Goten said.
Gohan clicked, and he soon saw a screen with two photo’s of a beautiful landscape.
”What’s it about?” Videl asked.
”I have no idea, I’m supposed to find three differences between the pics,” Gohan replied, “but I don’t see them at all.”
”Let me see.” Videl said, but even she can’t find them. Even the others were puzzled.
”Is there a solution available?” Trunks asked.
”I have no idea.” Videl said, and the others were puzzled as well. Then Gohan gets it.
”Oh no! This is not one of those…”
But before Gohan could finish his sentence, on the laptop screen came the face of a female zombie with red eyes and sharp teeth zooming in/out continuously, and immediately on show up, a loud, agoning, long shriek was displayed. The group was scared to death and literally jumped more than a foot in the air before coming down.
”That’s a new evil! Startling pics!” Piccolo exclaimed.
”Mommy, daddy, make it go away! I’m scared!” Marron wailed, seeking comfort by 18.
Gohan kicks the laptop to the other side of the basement. The laptop remains unharmed, but Gohan had to relieve himself and the others of that pic. Videl applauds Gohan’s action.

3 The bad puzzle…
Our heroes are still asleep, after the most uneasy night ever. After being fallen through the floor, and being scared to death by a startling pic, our heroes don’t feel comfortable at all. Then someone enters the house of the Son’s. This man puts down some speakers near the group, and leaves.
”Hehehe, those lazy bums will be certainly awake with this!” the man said, smirking, and presses on a button.
The speakers begin to play a soft, relaxing music, like is something peaceful is going on, like a car passing by. This goes on for a while, but halfway the 13th second, another loud shriek sounds from the speakers, so loud, it launches the group immediately, only to bash their heads against the ceiling, and to come down again. Shortly thereafter, the group hears someone loud laughing. Instantly Gohan jumps from his position straight towards the living room… very angry.
”Ha, ha, ha, you guys are awake! Just as I expected! Wah ha, ha, ha, ha!” the man said.
”Why you…!” Gohan said, and with a fierce kick, he kicks the man out of the house and goes after him. Just as Gohan is at a safe distance from the house, he immediately powers up to his Mystic Form.
”Looks like Gohan is really mad!” Chi-Chi said.
”But he isn’t the only one!” Videl said, going after him and also going Mystic.
”I’ve had enough! EEYYYAAAH!” Goku shouts, immediately going Super Saiyan 3, following Videl.
”You want to take revenge, Kakarot? Then I’m joining you!” Vegeta said, going Super Saiyan 2 and goes after Goku. Bardock follows, and Launch sneezed to become Kushami, Launch’s violent alter ego; both she and Tien also go where Gohan is. Chi-Chi, Bulma, Krillin, 18, Marron, 17 and Piccolo follow them too, GT Pan, GT Bulla, Goten, Trunks and Mirai Trunks all go Super Saiyan and go after them. So the man has to make an apology, and gives them an online puzzle with the following link: www.liquidgeneration.com/sabotage/vision_sabotage.swf. As everybody reverted back to their normal form, they sat down before Gohan’s computer (he used a capsule to take it outside {also to keep an eye on the man}) to solve the puzzle.
”What’s this?” Goku asked.
”It’s a puzzle to see if you suffer of colour-blindness.” Gohan replied.
”Let’s see if we can handle it.” Chi-Chi said, and Videl clicked the begin button, while the man softly walked away, out of the sight of anyone, smirking.
”This one is easy. It’s 12.” Goten said.
”Yeah, but the colour-blind won’t see it.” GT Pan said.
”Ok, the next one.” Gohan said.
”I can see 29 there.” Bardock said.
”The colour-blind sees 70 instead.” Vegeta said.
”I’m getting bored.” Trunks said.
”The third one is a cinch as well, it’s says 15.” Videl said.
”Right, but the colour-blind will see 17.” Marron said.
”Did you call my name?” 17 asked his niece.
”No, dummy, it’s the cipher 17.” GT Bulla replied.
”Oh, ok.”
Then the fourth one came up.
”It says 6.” Kushami said, while holding her gun.
”The abnormal vision sees 9.” Piccolo said.
”The next one says 73.” Tien said.
”Abnormal vision will see 62.” Mirai Trunks said.
Then the 6th puzzle came up.
”Wow, that’s a strange blur of colours, I wonder if we will see the number.” Bulma wondered.
”You won’t see a number.” a voice from behind said.
”Yamcha? What are you doing here?” Krillin asked.
”I came here to seek a bozo who gave a similar puzzle to me.” Yamcha replied.
”He looks angry, mommy.” Marron said.
”You did get the same puzzle? What made you angry about that man who gave you and us this puzzle?” 18 asked.
”Give a click in that box below ‘enter number’, and you’ll find out…” Yamcha said while taking off in search of safety.
As Gohan clicked, another scary picture of a woman stabbed, blood all over her face and another loud shriek came, scaring the group once again. The group had been sabotaged!
”I’VE HAD ENOUGH! MASENKO HA!” Gohan yelled as he looked in the direction of where the man exactly was.
”TAKE THIS! MASENKO HA!” Videl yelled.
”HOW ‘BOUT THIS? FINAL FLASH!” Vegeta yelled.
”Are you ready? SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!” Piccolo exclaimed.
”KA ME HA ME HA!” Goku, Chi-Chi, Goten, Bulma, GT Pan and GT Bulla yelled.
”DESTRUCTO DISC!” 18 and Krillin yelled, while Marron watches in happiness to this all.
”GET LOST! BURNING ATTACK!” Trunks and Mirai Trunks yelled.
”Power Blitz!” Android 17 said.
”TRI-BEAM HA!” Tien and Kushami said.
And when Bardock has charged his energy ball, the combined powers of the group took the man to the other side of the planet, maiming him badly in the process.
”That’ll learn him!” Vegeta said, crossing his arms.
”Come on, Videl, let’s make a flight through the woods.” Gohan said.
”Ok.” Videl said, and the two took off.
Goten and Trunks want to follow, but the two are stopped by Chi-Chi.
”Not this time, young men. Your brother and his girlfriend want to have a little privacy now!” She said. ‘Besides, I wonder if they will work on grandchildren…’
”Aww, mom?” Goten said.
”Just leave your bro alone, or I’ll use my you-know-what!” Chi-Chi said.
”WAAAH! NOT THE FRYING PAN OF DOOM?!? AAAAAAAAH!” Goten screamed and he runs off in the other direction, Trunks following close behind.
”Wow, they’re fast.” Goku said.
”Well, Goku, a little threatening may help a little.” Bulma said, while eyeing Vegeta.
”What are you looking at?” Vegeta snarled.
”I’m looking at you.”

Meanwhile Gohan and Videl sit on a small island in a small river, with Videl sitting in Gohan’s lap. They look at each other with love in their eyes, totally forgetting about time and place. But just as they wanted to kiss…
”BOO!!!” a familiar voice said. Gohan and Videl startled… and fell in the river together.
Goten rolled over from laughing, and Trunks also laughed. But it stopped quickly as the mischievous duo noticed Gohan and Videl didn’t resurface!
”Oh no! What have I done?!? Brother! Videl! Say something!” Goten yelped in panic.
”Goten, chill out! They will resurface.” Trunks said.
As Goten began to freak out, Gohan and Videl were standing on the bottom of the river, with Gohan using his shield as a barrier. Both giggled at Goten’s reaction. They nodded to each other…
”I think this wasn’t such a good idea after all!” Trunks said, as he walked over to Goten, who was on the verge of crying.
”BOO!” Gohan and Videl shouted as they suddenly resurfaced, scaring Goten and Trunks out of their wits.
”AAAAAHHH!” Goten and Trunks shouted.
”You scared me to death bro; I thought you two drowned!” Goten exclaimed.
”That’s your pay back, Goten; you should have left us alone!” Gohan said, and Videl smirked.
”Aww, man, what is it with you two? Since you’ve met, it seems that every time we come over to play you look at us as if you’re disturbed! What’s your problem, anyway?” Trunks said, while walking away.
”Hey! I’m just spending time with a friend of mine, just like you spend time with my brother as your friend! That MY friend HAPPENS to be a girl…” Gohan shouted.
”Wow, that was a good remark.” Goten said, and Videl giggled.
”Well, now we’re in the water anyway, how about some swimming?” Gohan asked Videl.
”Great!” Videl said, and both dove under.

4. The discovery
While Gohan and Videl are swimming, Vegeta is having some problems of his own, shortly after he sneezes.
”Woman, when do we eat? I’m hungry.” he said.
”Chi-Chi’s wife is going to make food for all of us.” Bulma said.
”Great! I can’t wait to eat!”
”Wha…? Aren’t you supposed to be training?”
”How can I train on an empty stomach?”
”You usually do.”
”Now I want to eat first.”
”All right then, but you have to wait for a while.” Bulma said, and she leaves.
Vegeta smirks.

Gohan and Videl are now swimming deep below the surface of the water, using their powers to maintain their life support. Then they noticed something metal on the bottom.
::Hey, Gohan, what’s that over there?:: Videl asked through their bond.
::I don’t know… let’s check it out!:: Gohan replied.
So both teens went over the metal piece to examine it. But as soon as they reached it…
::What the…? It looks like an underwater entrance to something!:: Gohan said.
::Yeah, I wanna see what’s inside.:: Videl said, and the two teenagers went inside.
As the two went inside, they resurfaced in a large hallway. A sign said:

Only 1 person at a time is allowed to venture here.

”What are we going to do? I want to stay with you, but I don’t want to get lost either.” Videl said.
”Then I see only option.” Gohan said.
”What’s that?”
”How are we going to do that?”
”We’ve seen Goten and Trunks doing that dance.”
”Right. It may look sissy, but at least it works.”
”Indeed, besides, it’s only for 30 minutes.”
The two take position. Videl begins to giggle.
”What’s up?” Gohan asked.
”Oh, nothing. I just find it quite odd to share the same body with my mate for half an hour.”
”It sure is odd. Anyway, I’ll see you again in 30 minutes.”
”See you then.”
Then Gohan and Videl perform the Fusion Dance perfectly, to become Godel, and he is already at the Mystic level.
”Well, now that’s settled, let’s see what this is all about!” Godel said, and rushes through the tunnel.

Meanwhile, the others are at the Son’s Residence.
”What the…? What is that energy I’m sensing?” Goku said.
”What’s the matter?” Chi-Chi asked.
”I was sitting here until the energy signatures of Gohan and Videl disappeared, and a new energy signature has appeared.”
”They must have fused.” Piccolo said.
”Let’s see where they’re going.” Trunks said.
”Hey, I can use my Instant Transmission to get us by that signature.” Goku said.
”Are we going to eat first?” Vegeta asked.
”Now you’re talking about it, I’m hungry too.” Goku said, causing all the others (except Vegeta) to fall down in anime style.
”We’ll look for Gohan and Videl first.” Chi-Chi said, and everyone zilched away with Goku’s Instant Transmission.

Godel has in the meantime reached a spot where more than one person may stand there.
”This is weird.” he said, as he floats around.
He comes across tubes with different kinds of strange creatures inside some green goo in each tube.
”This must be some lab with bio-mechanical stuff.” Godel said, while suddenly the others appear.
”Oh, hi guys.” Godel said.
”Who are you?” Bulma asked.
”He wears Metamorese clothing, so it must have been that two persons have done Fusion.” Goku said.
”I’m Godel.” Godel said.
”What? Gohan and Videl… fused together?” Chi-Chi asked astonished.
”Yeah, you forgot that we trained on the Supreme Kai’s planet, thus we’re both equal in strength.” Gohan’s part of the Fusion said.
”How long are you two fused like this?” Krillin asked.
”It was about five minutes ago that my body melted together with Gohan’s into this one.” Videl’s part of the Fusion said.
”How do you feel now that you two have become one for now?” Vegeta asked.
”Strange, but comfortable.” Godel replied.
’Strange to see that mom and dad are now together as one person. They never did that in the timeline where I came from.’ GT Pan thought.
As the group investigated the area, they suddenly came across a gigantic tube. Inside that tube floats an ancient, horrible monster. Goku investigated the tube.
”Oh no! It’s Hildegarn!” he exclaimed.
”What? Hildegarn? I thought you killed that beast several weeks ago!” Trunks said.
”He did indeed.” a voice said, startling the group.
”Who are you?” Vegeta asked.
”Would you like to know, huh? Let me say that I’m a relative of Dr. Gero.” the man said.
”What? Dr. Gero had relatives?!” 17 and 18 asked bewildered.
”Oh yes indeed.”
”What are you up to?” Godel asked.
”My, my, you guys ARE full of questions. What I simply want is to rule the Earth.”
”You’re not the first one who tried that. Anyway you won’t succeed.” Goku said.
”I knew you were going to say that. That’s why I’m working here to make sure that I won’t fail.”
Suddenly the group is caught in a strong force-field.
”HEY! What are you gonna do?” Chi-Chi asked.
”I’m continuing my work to revive Hildegarn. All of you will prove to be more than a satisfying meal for my beast.” the man said.
”Eewwww, I don’t wanna end up in a monster’s belly.” GT Bulla said.
”It’s destined that all of you will spend the rest of your lives inside my monster.”
”Hit the road, madman! OUR destiny is to spend our lives on Earth and to protect her. Nobody can seal our fate.” 17 said.
”You are sorely mistaken. Once you’re inside my monster, nobody will stop me.”
”It seems that you like to SEE us in that monster. Forget it, bozo, what did we do to you, anyway?” GT Pan said.
”You’ve got guts to talk to me that way, girl.”
”Answer her, now!” Vegeta demanded.
”Fine then. You seem to foil the plans of my friends every time they try to take over Earth.”
”What friends?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”I used to work for Frieza first, but when he got killed, I met Dr. Gero, and I was allowed to set up a lab of my own, making use of his expertise to create the perfect being.”
”You seem to copy Cell that way. Why don’t you leave us alone?” Krillin asked.
”Like I already said, you belong inside Hildegarn’s belly and nowhere else.”
”Gimme a break for cryin’ out loud! You’re obsessed with seeing us inside that beast, and even think about that. What’s up with you? Do your thoughts of us lying helplessly inside Hildegarn’s belly make you horny?” GT Pan exclaimed.
”Now that’s another good remark!” Goten said.
”Way to go, Pan!” Godel said.
”Awesome!” Kushami said.
”He sure didn’t know what hit him.” Bulma said.
”I’m scared, mommy.” Marron said.
”Hush now, sweetie, I don’t think we’ll let it get that far.” 18 said, comforting her daughter.
”You’ll see that my predicament will come true!” the man said.
”Shut up, old-timer! Do you actually know who you’re talking to?” 17 asked.
”And who am I talking to he asks. I’m talking against Hildegarn’s meal, of course!” the man said, pointing to the group, making the group fall down in anime style.
”Imbecile, you’re talking against the strongest warriors in the universe!” Vegeta said.
”Tut-tut, my force field will hold you there until Hildegarn is revived, and to be precise, that can take several days.” the man said.
”You totally underestimate us.” Goku said.
The group begins to power up. Godel shows his Mystic powers, Goku goes Super Saiyan 3, Vegeta goes Super Saiyan 2 and the others who can go Super Saiyan, go Super Saiyan. The entire energy outburst totally vaporizes the force-field, and the group leaves immediately to go home. The man lets them go. He’s gathered enough data on them to make sure Hildegarn picks on them first.

With the discovery of Hildegarn’s planned revival, what will our heroes do? Will they seek out a way to prevent becoming a Hildegarn snack? Or has the evil man more things up his sleeve for our heroes to get things his way?

5. Fat Buu makes his move
As our heroes left the underground lab to come up with a plan to stop Hildegarn’s revival, they suddenly encounter the good Buu.
”Hey, Buu. What’s up?” Goku asked.
”Me not like evil man with monster.” Buu said.
”You mean the man with plans to revive that Hildegarn creature?” GT Pan asked, while Godel defuses.
”Uh huh. Buu must find out what weakness is.”
”How are you gonna do that?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”Buu’s idea is to sneak into the lab and scan that thing.” a man said.
”Daddy!” Videl said.
”Hey, Hercule.” Gohan said.
”Hey, guys. I just came over to give 18 that check of the money she wanted since the end of the 25th World Tournament.” Hercule said, before he leaves.
”Gee, thanks.” 18 said, while Kushami reverts back to Launch with a sneeze.
”Buu need all nineteen of you to go with me, you must say where that monster is, so I can scan it.” Buu said.
”We’ve just been there. The hallway is strong enough to hold one person at a time no matter what he/she weighs.” Goku said.
”Shall we find another way later? I’m hungry.” Vegeta said.
”All right then, I’ll make some dinner with the other girls.” Chi-Chi said, while everyone prepares to take off to the Son’s residence.
”Buu knows how to do it.” Buu said, and everyone turned around in Buu’s direction.
”How?” GT Bulla asked.
Suddenly Buu moves his head tentacle towards the group, scaring them.
”You… you’re not gonna…” Bulma asked while holding Vegeta. Chi-Chi holds onto Goku, Goten and Trunks take cover by their parents, 18 and Marron stand by Krillin, Videl holds Gohan tight, Launch goes by Tien, Bardock, 17 and Piccolo recoil in horror, Mirai Trunks is shocked and GT Pan and GT Bulla hold each other.
”Friends not worry. Me good Buu. Me return you back to normal once me did what Buu must do.” Buu said and then a purple beam is shot from the tip of the tentacle, hitting the entire group at once, turning them into candies. Buu sucks the candies into his mouth and swallows them whole immediately.
”You safe there. Buu goes to search for monster.” Buu said, patting his belly. Then Buu ventures into the water and goes towards the tube where Hildegarn rests.

“I didn’t know Buu was able to hide people this way.” Goten said inside Buu’s belly.
”Yeah, but you can’t really move here, since we’re stuck in these pods for now.” Bulma said.
”Well, as long as we’re safe and remain undetected, then it’s fine by me.” Gohan said.
”Yeah. It’s indeed an odd place to hide, but this is a place bad guys won’t look for it so easy.” Videl added.
”True.” Trunks said.
”Are we dead, mommy?” Marron asked confused.
”No, we’re just playing a variation of the ‘hide and seek’ game. And we’re the hiders; the bad guys are the seekers.” 18 explained, satisfying Marron.

Meanwhile Buu has reached the place where the tube with Hildegarn is, and renders himself undetectable so he can scan Hildegarn on its strengths and weaknesses. Using his head tentacle as a scanner, Buu collects the required date before leaving the place. Once back on land, he spits nineteen candies out, which are instantly reverted back to normal.
”It’s good to have my body back.” Bulma said.
”Now we know what it is to be a small round candy.” Goten said.
”We sure do.” Chi-Chi said, wiping some sweat from her forehead.
”Buu got information. Hildegarn is stronger than you’ve ever imagined. I haven’t spotted a single weak spot.” Buu said.
Gohan and Videl gulped.
”It’s only a matter of time before he appears.” Goku said.
”He will appear within 15 days.” Buu said.
”15 days, you say? Then it looks like we have to go back to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.” Goku said.
”For the most of us indeed.” Tien said.
”I’ll go there. I want to keep my powers alert to hidden dangers.” Gohan said.
”Can I go with you then to train?” Videl asked.
”Sure, why not?” Gohan said.
”I’ll go with Trunks.” Goten said.
”I’ll have 17 as my sparring partner.” Mirai Trunks said.
”Ok, then I’ll take Bulla with me.” GT Pan said.
”I have 18 to join me.” Krillin said.
”I’ll go too, with Vegeta as my sparring partner.” Goku said.
”Kakarot, you’re beginning to have some sense now. I’m eager to defeat you this time.” Vegeta said, smirking.
”Then I go on my own.” Piccolo said.
”Then each pair has 48 hours. I’ll take us there after we ate.” Goku said, and the group this time went to the Son’s to eat dinner.

6. The Advanced Hyperbolic Time Chamber
That evening, the 13 who are going to train in the HBTC, are going to the Lookout with Goku’s Instant Transmission.
”Be sure to train yourselves too, Chi-Chi. Remember Hildegarn will be after every one of us here.” Goku said.
”I promise I will.” Chi-Chi said. ‘My secret training room will be useful after all.’ she thought.
”Good luck guys.” Bulma said.
”Be back soon, mommy, daddy.” Marron said.
”We will, sweetie.” Krillin said, before the group disappeared.
On the Lookout, Dende is waiting for them.
”Hey guys, I’ve got some news. Mr. Popo has been upgrading the HBTC lately.” Dende said.
”And, what are the differences?” Vegeta asked.
”The food supply is now unlimited, you can stay in the room for as long as you like and we have also an unlimited supply of Senzu Beans there, so you can heal yourself if you need to. Another good thing is that now TWO years in the room is one day here! But the best thing is, you will come out of the room in the same appearance as what you had when you entered the room.” Dende said.
”That’s great, so you want to say is that we can go in there for as long as we want, having enough to eat and drink and we won’t even age?.” Goku said.
”Exactly, but you know that the entrance must remain unharmed, otherwise you’re trapped in the HBTC forever (unless you manage to create an dimension hole that takes you to the Lookout immediately).”
”Awesome.” Gohan said.
”Who’d like to go first?” Mr. Popo asked.
”I’ll go first with Videl.” Gohan said.
”Fine then, there is some Saiyan Armour in the room, too. Please follow me.” Mr. Popo said, and Gohan and Videl followed.
”Why are those two going first?” Vegeta asked.
”Relax, Vegeta. I want to save the best things for last, so we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves.” Goku replied.

Meanwhile, in the HBTC…
The door closed behind the couple, and Videl watched in awe when Gohan showed her the room, after the two changed their clothes for the Saiyan Armour.
”Wow, it’s hot in here, and there is less air! What is this place?” Videl asked.
”It’s in an other dimension.” Gohan said.
”Wow, I feel heavier now.”
”That’s because the gravity here is ten times that of Earth.”
”Were you here before?”
”Yeah, I was training with my father in preparations for the Cell Games. Here it was where I went Super Saiyan for the first time.”
”Videl, promise me one thing.”
”What is it?”
”We’re stuck together in this room for four years now, and I don’t want you to ever to go out on your own. Otherwise you will get lost, and you will never return.”
”*gulps* Is it really THAT large?”
”It is. Let me show you the main centre of the room, where we will train together.”
Gohan took Videl with him to the main centre. Videl almost jaw-dropped when she saw the… nothing.
”Wow, we’re in the middle of nowhere!” she exclaimed.
”Pretty weird, isn’t it?” Gohan said.
”What are we going to do now?”
”We’ll first get some sleep, to be rested for the next day here. Then we’ll begin to train. It’s now 11.30 PM, so at 12.00 AM exactly we have 35,040 hours left here to get a good workout.”
And so, the couple went to bed. Videl can’t stand it to sleep alone, so she crept in the same bed as Gohan.
”Goodnight, Videl.” Gohan said.
”Goodnight, Gohan.” Videl said.
The couple kissed each other a good night, and went to sleep.

The next day (HBTC time), Gohan and Videl woke up simultaneously, and had breakfast together. Then both ventured out into the Training Centre.
”Be prepared for anything, Videl, now that you’re as strong as me, doesn’t mean I will hold back because you’re my girlfriend and my mate.” Gohan said.
”Thanks for the warning. I won’t hold back either.” Videl said.
Then both began at the first of the many hard training sessions.

Meanwhile, the others are waiting on the Lookout.
”Those two are probably using the time to make love.” Vegeta said.
”Oh, come on, Vegeta. They probably will do that, but I’m sure they’re busy to train very hard.” Goku said.
”I think so, too. I believe Gohan and Videl never had good time to spar.” 18 said.
”Must have been because of us.” Trunks said, pointing to him and Goten, rolling eyes.
”They seem disturbed every time we pass by.” Goten said.
”Well, Goten, your brother still loves you, because you’re his brother and he likes Trunks as well, because he’s a good friend to him, it’s not that, it’s simply the fact he’s spending time with Videl, and he really likes her a lot, and she likes him as well. They’re just in love with each other.” Krillin said.
’More than that, baka. They bonded in the way Saiyans used to bond.’ Vegeta thought.
”It’s a crazy little thing, called love.” Trunks said.
”Wasn’t that a hit by a popular music group?” Goku asked.
”Kakarot, what on Earth are you talking about?” Vegeta snarled.
Goku shrugs and sits down.

In the HBTC…
There are now 10,000 hours passed inside the HBTC, after Gohan and Videl entered it. Their progress has gone swiftly, and their current Mystic powers have now exceeded Goku on Super Saiyan 3 this time. They keep on sparring, and Gohan flies around as two of Videl’s energyballs chase him. Ironically enough, two of Gohan’s energyballs are after Videl! Both have sustained some injuries already. Piccolo follows the progress closely while he is meditating. He holds telepathically contact with them, and gives advice when needed. Gohan looks back, and sees the two energyballs Videl shot at him are still hot on his trail. He looks forward, and gasps! He’s heading straight for Videl! Videl sees that she heads straight towards Gohan… and the two collide. The energyballs strike their mark a few seconds after, causing Gohan and Videl to fall down on the ground just before the platform where the entrance is. Both are now severely injured and exhausted.
”Let’s call it a week for you two. You guys have been training for 192 hours on end already! It’s time for you to rest.” Piccolo said telepathically.
”Ugh… please… we got to… keep going!” Gohan said, rising slowly. A white aura surrounds his body. Videl gets up as well, also with a white aura around her body. Gohan tries to power up, but suddenly his aura disappears and he collapses onto his knees. Videl staggers to help him, but she collapses as well. Gohan manages to get him and Videl on the bed after several minutes, before passing out. Shortly after Gohan is rendered unconscious, Videl passes out as well, both getting the rest they needed.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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Here's the second half...

7. Gohan and Videl vs. Broly
After the final 25,040 hours have passed, Gohan and Videl emerge from the HBTC, terribly exhausted. Goku quickly gives them a Senzu Bean.
”Wow, you two have become stronger than ever!” Goku said.
”Thanks, dad.” Gohan said.
”Who’s going in next?” Mr. Popo asked.
”I’ll go.” GT Pan said.
”I’m coming with you.” GT Bulla said, and the two girls enter the HBTC for their 2 days in the outside world.
”Look at this! I’ve never have seen this before!” GT Pan said.
”Right you are. It’s so hot, and there is less air than on Earth.” GT Bulla said.
”We’re in the middle of nowhere now!”
”What? Is there nothing more?”
”You bet. We better stay close to where the entrance is, otherwise we’re trapped in here forever!”
”*gulps* Good that you mentioned it.”
The girls scan the area.
”Gohan and Videl did have a good workout. If we can practise almost as hard as they did, we should be able to reach Super Saiyan 2 in no time.” GT Bulla said.
”Let’s rest for a while first. Our bodies need to adjust to this climate, before we work. Otherwise they could throw us into the garbage can for sure.” GT Pan said.
”What’s wrong? Have you become lazy?”
”Of course not! I just need to be prepared, and I want myself feel comfortable in here first. After all we’ll be here for four whole years, what is two days in the outside world.”
”Good thinking.”
And so the girls follow the tactic of Gohan and Videl: 1. Rest to make yourselves comfortable to work within the current circumstances, 2. Train for as long as you can hold out, 3. Rest to regain enough strength, 4. Continuous repeat of step 2 and 3 until the time you are supposed to be in the Chamber has expired.

Meanwhile Gohan and Videl have left the Lookout to relax a little before Hildegarn appears. The two decide to fly around the world to see places where they haven’t been before. With Gohan and Videl’s secret spot (the lake where they bonded in Saiyan terms) as the starting position for each day of the 13 remaining days, they set out to revisit Nataday Village first. They chat a little with the villagers, before they continue their journey. Just as they fly over the lake near the village…
”Videl, look out!” Gohan yells as he spotted a green energy ball heading straight towards the two. They evade it with ease, and land on some rocks to see who attacked them. Just then the person landed almost in front of them.
”WHAT??? B… B… BROLY? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” Gohan shouts.
”Do you know this guy?” Videl asked.
”Remember when we fought a guy with green eyes and gold spiked hair when you were looking here for the Dragonballs, and he beat almost the guts out of both of us?” Gohan asked.
”Uh huh.”
”That’s him. His name is Broly.”
”What? Did he attacked us more than a year ago?”
”I see that you two remember me. Hehehe, then I’m sure you remember how powerful I am!” Broly said, and he punches Gohan and Videl hard in the gut. Both writhed of agony, as they indeed remembered how strong Broly was. Gohan and Videl then punched Broly back, but he blocks their punches, pulls them forward, grabs them by a leg and dashes them next to each other onto the ground.
”JERK!” Gohan and Videl shouted, and attacked Broly once again. This time it’s Broly’s turn to suffer and wince in pain. Then Broly grabs them together in one hand and dashes them into some rocks. Now this has pissed Gohan and Videl really off, and both shout it out loud as they jumped to their Mystic form. Now the battle is going into the couple’s favour, as Broly sustained now some serious injuries. Then Broly is dashed into the water, and Gohan and Videl land on the surface, thinking Broly has had it. They walk away, but suddenly Broly reappears and mows the two down, before backing off.
”Can’t you just leave us alone?” Videl exclaimed.
”Hehehe, I will enjoy feasting on your dead bodies once I’m done with you.” Broly said.
”Wow, seems we look tasty to some bad guys.” Gohan said sarcastic.
”Right, but that doesn’t give him the right to attack us like this!” Videl said.
”I must admit that your powers seem to have increased more than the last time we met. So I’m very disappointed in myself to underestimate your skills, a mistake that I do not intend to make again.” Broly said, and Gohan is shocked.
”What’s he going to do?” Videl asked.
”No! He’s going to transform to his Legendary Super Saiyan Form!” Gohan said.
”Is that powerful?”
”You bet your life! Even though I was at Super Saiyan 2, I could barely stand against him! And I wonder if we can handle him now, even though we’re at the Mystic Level.”
Videl gulped.
”You seem to remember my true power, son of Kakarot.” Broly said.
”Are you kidding? I witnessed it twice, you freak!” Gohan exclaimed.
”And I know that your mate remembers seeing me in that form as well, doesn’t she?”
”You mean when your muscles have bulged extensible and that your eyes are empty?” Videl asked.
::Man, he knows we’ve bonded!:: Gohan said to Videl.
::How does he know that?::
::Like my father and Vegeta, Broly is a pure-blooded Saiyan!::
::So only Goku, Vegeta and that guy knows that we bonded in Saiyan terms?::
”Yes, we Saiyans have a better scanning system than most of the pathetic Earthlings; we’re able to notice whether one of us or half-breeds have mated with someone, most notably through the scents.” Broly said.
’That was what Vegeta explained to me!’ Gohan though in shock.
Suddenly Broly powers up, and what Gohan feared, comes true: Broly transforms to his Legendary Super Saiyan Form.
”Wow, he’s big and strong. He’s terrible!” Videl said.
”You’re absolutely right. He can crush us between his arms if he likes.” Gohan said.
”Too bad Kakarot couldn’t come over to witness your death!” Broly said to the couple.
”W – w – w – what did you say?” Videl asked.
”He’s going to kill us! If we don’t defeat him before he defeats us, then we can say goodbye to this planet!” Gohan exclaimed.
Suddenly, Broly attacks and mows the couple down. Then Broly levitates into the air, with Gohan in hot pursuit, Videl is half conscious. Suddenly Broly fires a Blaster Shell at Gohan, who fears the blast will go straight through him, but suddenly the blast changes course and heads straight for Videl! Desperate to save his mate at all costs, Gohan rushes towards the blast and deflects it into another direction. Videl immediately embraces Gohan, while he focuses his power to create a protective barrier around him and his mate while holding her tight. The Shell explodes in a brilliant flash of green light, vaporizing everything in its path, and Gohan and Videl sustain even more injuries, but thanks to the barrier, they manage to survive. Suddenly, Broly appears right in front of them and grabs the two in his giant arms. Broly then squeezes the two like a doll together, making Gohan and Videl scream in agony. Broly simply laughs at the suffering of the two. Suddenly the couple feels a giant snap in their bodies, as if something has broken. Broly releases the grip on the two, letting them fall. Gohan lands on the ground, Videl lands on top of him. Both don’t move a muscle.
”Oops, did I just break your spines?” Broly said laughing.
Gohan and Videl don’t respond. They realise that if there isn’t anyone to help them, they will die. Broly then launches another blast at the two.
::Well, I guess this is it.:: Videl said through her bond with Gohan.
::I guess so, dear. I’ll see you at the other side, I hope.:: Gohan replied.
Just when the blast strikes, a golden-purple beam with a spiral around it relocates the blast into space. Brolly sees then a green coloured person with a turban and a cape hovering next to the couple… Piccolo.
”So, the green bug tries to be a hero, huh?” Broly said.
”You’re a heartless person, Broly.” Piccolo said.
Then Krillin arrives.
”Are they ok, Piccolo?” Krillin asked.
”No, their spines are broken. A Senzu Bean should do both of them good.” Piccolo said, while kneeling down at the couple to give them the Senzu Beans.
”Oh no you don’t! I want to watch them die!” Broly said, and rushes to Piccolo.
”Piccolo, cover your eyes, will you?” Krillin said, while hovering in the path of Broly.
Piccolo does it, and then Krillin extends his fingers next to his eyes.
”SOLAR FLARE!” he shouts, and succeeds in temporarily blinding Broly. The Senzu Beans are given to the couple, before Piccolo and Krillin head back to the Lookout at rapid speed. Gohan and Videl are instantly restored, and are ready for round two.

Meanwhile in the HBTC…
”Wow, that was a good workout. I never thought we would be able to reach Super Saiyan 2 within less than a year in here.” GT Pan said, while enjoying a bath. GT Bulla just entered the tub as well.
”Right. I wonder if we can reach Super Saiyan 3?” she said after she sat down.
”I doubt that. Goku said only pure-blooded Saiyans can do that, but that’s it’s possible for us to go at the Mystic level or something…” GT Pan said.
”What is that Mystic, exactly?”
”I don’t know, but I believe it’s very strong, as if all of your hidden powers have come out. Gohan and Videl are already in that stage, and they seem to get used to it.”

On the Lookout…
”Wow, I didn’t know Broly would come back.” Goku said.
”Well, Kakarot, it seems your eldest brat and his mate had a hard time.” Vegeta said.
”Yeah. Let’s not hope that Piccolo and Krillin’s action are in vain.” 18 said.

At the battlefield…
”Great! Broly is still blinded thanks to Krillin’s Solar Flare technique. Let’s use this opportunity to fuse, so we can end this in OUR favour!” Gohan said.
”Ok then!” Videl said, equalling her power to Gohan’s. Then the two perform the Fusion Dance, and Godel is reborn!
”Now you die!” Godel said, and charges Broly.
The battle rages on, and Godel has the upper hand. Broly is however one of the toughest foes the Z-Senshi ever have encountered, so Godel receives some injuries as well.

8. Bran makes a discovery! Has Videl been a half-Saiyan all along?!
As GT Bulla and GT Pan left the Time Chamber, Goten and Trunks entered it to have their training. To everyone’s surprise, Pan and Bulla also managed to master the Metamorese Art of Fusion during their training, thus giving birth to Bran, a teenage girl with random plucks of black and aquamarine hair, wearing the similar outfit that’s normal to the result of the Fusion Dance, but this variation is a sleeveless shirt that doesn’t cover the belly, but the pants are the same as with any other. Both girls soon heard about Broly, and both went on rapid speed to the battle scene. Meanwhile Godel is in a serious battle against Broly, and despite his Mystic Powers, Broly isn’t a foe who can be brought down with ease.
”Man, this guy is tough. I wish someone could help me over here.” Godel said to himself.
”I’m glad you two fused together. This way it’ll be easier to kill you both at once!” Broly said, and punches Godel in the gut, uppercuts him, and punches him to the ground, causing a de-fuse. Then the girls land on the battlefield, and relocate Gohan and Videl to a safer distance.
”We’ll take it over from here.” GT Bulla said.
”Be… careful. He’s extremely… strong.” Gohan said.
”Don’t worry. We just came from the HBTC. We know we can do this.” GT Pan said.
”Pan… Bulla… Please don’t… do anything… stupid…” Videl said, before she and Gohan pass out.
Then Pan and Bulla perform the Fusion Dance and become Bran.
”So, you like messing around with teenagers, don’t you?” she said, pointing to Broly.
”A cheeky girl, huh? Well then, show me what you’ve got, girlie!” Broly said.
”Oh, you’re beginning to get gross, don’t you? Well I’ll make sure you keep your big mouth shut!” Bran said, and begins to charge Broly. She starts of with an Ultimate Powerkick Backflip, but Broly doesn’t feel anything of it. Bran tries everything she can, but Broly seems to gain the upper hand.
”Hehehe, you’re such a foolish girl. As a matter of fact you should look in the mirror more often.” Broly said.
”What did you say to me?” Bran said, teeth clenched and very angry.
”I said, you should look in the mirror more often!” Broly said.
”Why you…” Bran said, and she begins to scream.
Then her hair becomes divided in plucks, her black/blue eyes turn totally green, and portions of a golden aura swing around her. Then the aura has been totally formed, her hair grows and stands almost upright, and with a blinding flash her hair has coloured gold, and electricity runs all over her. Bran has become a Super Saiyan 2!
”Now we’ll see who needs a mirror!” Super Saiyan 2 Bran said, and attacks Broly.
Now the battle is getting harder and harder. Gohan and Videl are still unconscious, and Bran does anything she can to save not only them, but the entire planet as well. Broly is capable of annihilating planets with a single shot, as what he showed the people of a planet who worked as slaves on New Vegeta. Broly is determined to kill Gohan and Videl, before annihilating the other inhabitants of Earth and/or the planet itself. Bran has an advantage of high speed and manoeuvrability; being a Super Saiyan 2 and having a flexible body, so she manages to evade most of Broly’s punches and kicks, while she delivers some punches of her own. Broly has it difficult to keep up with her; her long, slim body allows her to form a half of a circle with her entire body, evading the most hard punches by manoeuvring over them this way. Then Broly flies upward, Bran goes in to chase, but suddenly Broly launches a blast, which passes Bran by. Bran watches in horror as the blast hits the spot where the unconscious Gohan and Videl are, engulfing the area in a shining green light. Thinking Gohan and Videl are dead, Bran goes on a total rampage on Broly, making sure the Legendary Super Saiyan doesn’t get the chance to fight back. The anger released by Bran’s actions makes her almost going Super Saiyan 3, if she had two half-Saiyans as fusees. She then delivers a powerful kick to Broly, causing him to fall into a cliff with boiling magma. Bran then returns to the spot where Gohan and Videl were, only to see a huge crater. To her relief, she finds the couple on the bottom of the crater. She immediately goes over there to check if both are alive.

Meanwhile, in the HBTC…
Goten and Trunks are having a furious sparring session, and it’s going on heavily. Both have 10,240 hours left before they are allowed to leave the chamber.

On the Lookout…
”Tell me, Piccolo, how are Gohan and Videl doing?” Goku said.
”Not well. Broly managed to render them unconscious, and the blast he just fired at them almost meant their death. However, Gohan managed to establish a protective barrier around him and his mate, so it’s a miracle they survived.” Piccolo said.
”Oh, good, and what about Pan and Bulla?”
”The girls also have managed to master the Fusion Technique you taught the boys when Buu caused rampage (only Piccolo remembers the events with Buu up to until Evil Buu appeared) all over the globe. They handled themselves well against Broly, they’re now checking up on Gohan and Videl.” Piccolo said.

Bran searches for Gohan and Videl, and then she spots something remarkable.
”A tail? Since when has Gohan got his tail back?” she asks.
Suddenly she spots a similar tail, and digs the bodies of Gohan and Videl out.
”What? Gohan and Videl actually have Saiyan tails? I thought Videl was a human! What’s going on?” Bran wondered.
Suddenly Bran hears an explosion.
”So, that greenish-gold haired jerk is still alive, huh? Well, I’m gonna make sure he won’t last long!” Bran said, and heads for the spot where she punched Broly to.
’I need to act quickly, I’ve got only 12 minute 30 left until the Fusion Time expires.’ she thought.

9. Time to haul ass away from the scenery, Bran! Oozaru Gohan and Videl go on a total rampage!!
On the Lookout…
”Goku, Bran made a horrible discovery.” Piccolo said.
”What is it?” Goku asked.
”Somehow Gohan’s tail has regrown and, oddly enough, Videl has one too!”
”What? That’s impossible! I thought Videl was a human!” Vegeta said.
”I thought too. It must have been caused with the bonding!” Goku said.
”Right, Videl may have gotten some of Gohan’s Saiyan blood in her veins.” Piccolo said.

On the battle scene…
Gohan and Videl have awoken from their unconsciousness, but both feel themselves weak, and can hardly gather enough power to rise.
”Gohan, what’s that brown thing there?” Videl asked, pointing near Gohan’s legs.
”Huh? Hey, since when did my tail grow back?” Gohan asked.
”Is that your tail?”
”Yeah, I’m a half-Saiyan, remember? Every Saiyan had a tail, and I was born with one, too… What the? Since when do YOU have a tail, Videl?”
Videl looked behind her, and she noticed she had a similar tail like Gohan!
”How did it get there?”
”It must have happened during our bonding!”
”Well, during the period we were dreaming of each other’s lives, I believe some of my blood must have slipped into your veins, making you a partial Saiyan as well.” Gohan said.
”What are the tails for actually?” Videl asked.
Gohan remained silent. He looked at the sky, and saw a full moon. Videl noticed it too, and she also went silent. Suddenly, Gohan and Videl felt their hearts pounding.
::Wha-wha-what’s going to happen to us?:: Videl asked through her bond.
::We’re going to transform into Oozaru’s! They are giant ape-like creatures, which every Saiyan with a tail can transform into once he or she stares in a full moon!:: Gohan replied.
::Any consequences?::
::Well, our strength will be ten folded, and I don’t think we will be able to control ourselves. Only Saiyans that trained their tails hard enough, are able to keep themselves under control while being an Oozaru!::
::Can you tell me if you know one of the Saiyans which can control themselves while in Oozaru form?::
::Well, I can only think of one.::
::Gohan… I…::
Suddenly Gohan and Videl’s eyes turn red, as their heartbeats increased even more. Gohan feels his muscle mass increasing, and Videl also feels her body changing. Their teeth are getting sharper, and before the transformation began, the couple notices brown fur appearing on their legs, arms and bodies.

Meanwhile Bran and Broly are still engaged in a furious battle, when they suddenly hear Gohan and Videl scream of agony.
”What’s going on?” Bran asked.
”What? No! It can’t be!” Broly said.
”Kakarot’s brat and his mate are transforming into Oozaru’s!”
”YIKES! I’m outta here!” Bran said, and speeds away (she is for 3/4th Saiyan, since Bulla is half-Saiyan and Pan is 1/4th Saiyan, so they have some knowledge about the ancient Saiyans, from which Goku, Vegeta and Broly are the only remaining descendants of).
Broly watches in horror as two ape-like creatures emerge from the crater where Gohan and Videl laid, and he notices their power increase.

On the Lookout…
”Oh no! Gohan and Videl! They’ve transformed into Oozaru’s!” Goku yelled.
”What?! That’s impossible!” Vegeta exclaimed.
”It’s true! It’s unreal!” Piccolo said.
”That can’t be!” Krillin said.
”We need to do something!” 18 said.
”We’ll have to bring them back under control, or cut their tails off.” Vegeta said.
”We could always blast the moon again.” Piccolo said.
”We have to get them under control. They have to learn how to get used to their tail, so they won’t wreck havoc again should they once again transform into Oozaru’s.” Goku said.
”We’ll go.” voices said.
”Goten, Trunks. I hope you’ll know what you’re doing.” Vegeta said.
”Don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. I feel sorry for them we messed up almost every private moment of them, and we have to do something to make it up.” Trunks said.
”Good luck, my son.” Vegeta said.
”Be careful, Goten. Gohan and Videl are in their current state ten times stronger than they were before.” Goku said.
”Thanks for the warning dad.” Goten said, and he and Trunks blast off, while Krillin and 18 enter the HBTC.

Broly is horrified now that he faces two Oozaru’s in front of his eyes. The Oozaru’s have spotted him, and they attack immediately. Broly fires some Blaster Shells at them to no avail. With a red blast coming from their mouths, the Oozaru’s dealt crippling blows to Broly, and despite his furious resistance, he began to realise that this battle was one he cannot win.
”Kakarot!” he said, while the Oozaru’s approached him one more time.
”KAKAROT!” Broly screams while trying to flee from the menacing creatures, taking revenge on Broly.
The Oozaru’s fire another blast from their mouths, and both hit Broly simultaneously.
”KA… KA… ROT……………………!” he shrieks for the last time while he feels his body slowly disintegrating. After a minute, Broly is no more. Shortly after Broly’s demise, Goten and Trunks arrive.
”YIKES! They’re huge!” Goten said as he sees the Oozaru’s.
”Are they Gohan and Videl?” Trunks asked.
”You bet. My father told me that Saiyans could transform into those giant apes once they stared into a full moon.” Goten said. Then Piccolo arrives at the scene.
”Guys, we need to calm them down. Only then we’ll get them back to normal.” Piccolo said.
”Can’t we wait until the moon’s out of sight?” Trunks asked.
”Of course not! Saiyans used to make use of the opportunity of being Oozaru in the period the moon was full ánd in sight of wiping out entire civilizations of a planet in their wake! This is how the Tuffels, another race who lived on the same planet as the Ancient Saiyans lived were wiped out of existence.” Piccolo said.
Goten and Trunks gulped, and sped off to Oozaru Gohan and Videl to calm them down.

Bran arrives at the Lookout and realizes that Goku and Vegeta also knew what’s going on, and Android 17 and Mirai Trunks have gotten the news as well.
”Wow, I hope Gohan and Videl will come back to their senses again.” Bran said.
”I hope so too. They probably won’t realise what’s going on.” Mirai Trunks said.
Then Bran lights up… and de-fuses.
”Wow, that was funny, sharing a body with my best girlfriend.” Pan said.
”Yeah, two girls, one body. Now I wonder how Gohan and Videl are doing. They may be Oozaru’s, but they’re still one of us.” Bulla said.

10. Gohan, Videl, calm down! Goten’s desperate plea.
”Well, one thing is certain. They took care of Broly, and I will never want to see him again.” Vegeta said.
”Still feeling outmatched since Broly was the Legendary Super Saiyan?” Goku asked.
”Shut up, you clown! It’s bad enough that YOU manage to surpass me in power every time! I’m glad that I could reach Super Saiyan 2 at the least.”
”Hey, don’t get gross! I can help you to reach Super Saiyan 3 if you want. Equalling our strength is needed if we want to beat Hildegarn in power. Besides, until I used my Dragon Fist attack while being a Super Saiyan 3, even I couldn’t handle the monster the first time. Me, you, Gohan, Videl, Goten and Trunks were all knocked out by that beast, and now he’s not only involving yours truly, you, our sons and Videl, but now our wives, Krillin’s family, my father, and the others who met that scientist with us are involved.”
”What? That giant, long-tailed numbskull wants to devour our families and friends along with us together? Then we certainly need to equal our strength. It’s rarely seen that a good idea comes from your mind.”
”Well, I did got the best weapons reserved for the last moments for most villains. I humiliated Frieza, encouraged my son to defeat Cell, and I annihilated Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb.”
”Yes, but don’t forget that using your Spirit Bomb technique was MY idea.”
”Will you two quit arguing?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”We’re not arguing. We’re just having a conversation.” Goku said.
”Well, I believe Gohan and Videl are still going on a rampage. Is this caused by the Saiyan bonding you talked about?” 17 asked.
”Yeah. Gohan and Videl are meant to be together, no matter what. Gohan said that should Videl die, he would let himself die as well, than live for the rest of his live in loneliness, despite having their telepathic link.” Goku said.
”They’re also madly in love with each other. They just can’t stay away from each other. Even if they’re far away from each other, they can still talk with each other, one of the main advantages of having that telepathic link.” Vegeta added.
”I see. But I still don’t get it how Videl got a Saiyan’s tail, like Gohan.” Mirai Trunks said.
”Maybe because that during the bonding ritual, some of Gohan’s blood must have slipped into Videl’s veins, making her a partial Saiyan as well. I won’t be surprised if her appetite has increased as well.” Vegeta replied.

Meanwhile Goten and Trunks are heading towards the two Oozaru’s. The Oozaru’s are shooting around, until they spot Goten and Trunks.
”They’ve seen us!” Trunks said, but Goten doesn’t listen.
”Brother! Videl! Don’t you know who we are?” Goten shouts.
Oozaru Gohan growls.
”Please, bro. I’m sorry me and Trunks are disturbing the moments where you two are by yourselves. But we can’t help it, we’re still young, but nevertheless I still love you ‘coz you’re my brother, and I like Videl too. Please calm down… please???” Goten pleads, showing his ‘puppy dog eyes’ and cries as well. Oozaru Gohan catches one of Goten’s tears… and then he begins to glow, and Oozaru Videl also begins to glow. Then a shinging bright light erupts, and Goten, Trunks and Piccolo had to close their eyes. When Piccolo opens his eyes again, he sees the Oozaru’s are gone. He looks to the ground, and sees the unconscious bodies of Gohan and Videl lying there, with their tails entwined. Piccolo picks them up, and carries them to the Lookout, where he carefully removes the tails, restoring Gohan and Videl back to normal. Piccolo tells the others to let them rest.

In the HBTC…
18 and Krillin had also a hard workout, and it has paid off. Krillin is now thrice as strong as he ever was before, and 18 also had improvements in her abilities, making her 0.75 times stronger than Cell in his Imperfect State, before he absorbed 17.
”Well, that was a giant workout.” Krillin said.
”Indeed. We both have become stronger than we were in the first place.” 18 said.
”Say, how many days have we left before that Hildegarn monster appears after we leave this place?”
”We have then 7 days left.”
”Great. We should use that time to master Marron the technique of flying.”
”Good idea. She may be jumping higher that every average child, but she would be special to be the first toddler who can fly.”

On the Lookout…
Gohan slowly opens his eyes and sees his father, grandfather (Bardock), Vegeta, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, GT Pan and GT Bulla standing near his bed. He looks to his left, and sees Videl lying next to him, also awakening.
”What happened?” Gohan asked.
”You guys turned Oozaru together, and took care of Broly with ease.” Goku said.
”We did? It’s strange, I can’t remember a thing of what happened then, all I noticed I had my tail back, that Videl somehow had one, and the sudden appearance of the full moon. Then my memory went blank.”
”Gohan, you’re ok!” Goten said happily, hugging his brother.
”Hiya squirt! Were you the one that brought us back to normal?” Gohan asked.
”I did.”
”Thanks, bro.”

And so, Gohan and Videl are back to normal, after the freak incident of turning into an Oozaru and killing Broly without the slightest difficulty. Meanwhile the preparations of encountering Hildegarn are still going on the good way. It seems our heroes might have a chance of successfully defeating Hildegarn again, and protecting the ones they care about. But the ‘Mystery Man’, who loves to see our heroes inside ‘his’ Hildegarn, is being hard at work too, eliminating all of Hildegarn’s weak spots one by one. Will our heroes manage to find away to bring this horrible beast down? Find out in the part of Dragon Ball Z: Hildegarn’s Return!

To be Continued…

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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Because you like it so much, here's part 2!

Part 2: The strange prelude to Hildegarn’s appearance

Legend: “…” = speech. ‘…’ = thought. ::…:: = Bond speech (telepathic link). *…* = action within speech. “…” = telepathic speech

11. The revival of the Bio Fighters
Gohan and Videl restarted their ‘World Tour’, a day after their battle with Broly, and the strange events following up of turning into an Oozaru. The main concentration goes out to prepare themselves for the arrival of Hildegarn, which is only 8 days away. Gohan and Videl decide to use this time to keep their powers up and running with some sparring sessions and enhancing their flying skills. Gohan had the idea of during the sparring sessions to do that in their Mystic form, so he and Videl can train themselves good to get used to it in such a manner, that they can hold this power for much longer than usual (like being on Super Saiyan 1 Full Power). Goten and Trunks also wanted to enhance their skills while using Vegeta’s Gravity Chamber; just a minute ago both managed to ascend to Super Saiyan 2. In cooperation with Bulma, Gohan has gotten a similar chamber for him ánd Videl, so both could train also furiously while working under a higher gravity. GT Pan decided to keep her powers active using the local sports school, enhancing her skills in running and melee attacks, and having regular sparring sessions with her great-grandfather Bardock, who is impressed of the girl’s skills. GT Bulla spends most of the time shopping, but she trains also when she’s in the mood. 18 and Krillin are still sparring in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (also referred as the Room of Spirit and Time); while on the Lookout, Mirai Trunks, Android 17, Piccolo, Goku and Vegeta await their turn to use the HBTC. Chi-Chi, Bulma, Marron, Tien and Launch are still at the Son’s residence (Capsule Corp still needs to repair some damage done by the first ‘visit’ of Hildegarn, also training to get stronger. Since Hildegarn is after them as well, they simply want to improve their fighting skills. Chi-Chi used to train in Martian Arts, so she works furiously to get stronger. Buu yesterday announced that the arrival of Hildegarn has been delayed for more than a month after a freak accident, so Goku has decided to transport the remaining Z-Senshi to the Lookout, to speed up their progress. A maximum of 40 persons are now allowed to be present in the HBTC, so Chi-Chi and Bulma wanted to go in with their husbands to master the main energy attacks, and even flying.

Meanwhile, the evil scientist, who is behind Hildegarn’s revival, has released several of his Bio Warriors.
”Men, our friends have gathered at this place, called the Lookout. Go there, and weaken them enough to keep them vulnerable to our pet, Hildegarn. Go now.” he said, and the Bio Warriors head for the Lookout.
At the same moment, 18 and Krillin just left the HBTC, only to be greeted by Marron, who was waiting for them.
”Hey, what are you doing here?” 18 asked.
”Goku brought me here.” Marron replied.
”Yeah, I though it would be nicer to train all together.” Goku said, while Gohan and Videl arrive, and Goten and Trunks land shortly thereafter. Then Pan and Bulla arrive with Bardock, and the gang is complete.
”Say, why don’t we all go into the Time Chamber now? Then we all can have a good workout with each other.” Goku said.
”Great idea.” Goten said.
”Well then, let’s go.” Krillin said.
And so, the group went together in the Time Chamber.

”Wow, it’s so hot in here! And I feel so heavy. Now I understand this is a good training place.” Bulma said.
”Is it too much for you to handle, woman?” Vegeta said.
”Of course not! For most of us this will be a good challenge.” Bulma said.
”I know you can handle it, mom!” Trunks said.
’Wow, this was my brother in his younger years. He’s more playful than in the timeline I come from.’ Bulla thought.
’He plays a lot with Goten in this time. Even in my timeline they still spar together.’ Pan thought.
”Yeah. By the way, the gravity is ten times larger than on Earth.” Goku said.
”Wow! Ten times? We may certainly say that we’ll become the strongest people on Earth!” Chi-Chi said.
”You bet. I know we can do it.” Gohan said.
”Do what?” Launch asked.
”Do our training here, so we can defeat Hildegarn.”
”Well, what are we waiting for?” Videl said, and after that, our heroes began training again.
Little do our friends know that they will have company soon…

The Bio Fighters have now made it to the Lookout, and are directly heading for the Time Chamber. Fortunately, they take the long way, to give our heroes the time they need to train. One minute outside the Time Chamber is 12 hours IN the Chamber, so our heroes have plenty of time to prepare themselves well. But what do the Bio Fighters have up their sleeves?

12. The battle begins
Our heroes have one of the greatest workouts in history of the Z-Fighters. 18 and Krillin aid Marron in mastering the basic energy and melee attacks, and the ability to fly. Marron quickly learns how to handle these things, and she ventures carefully on the area where the others are, where the gravity is ten times that of Earth. After a total of 600 hours inside the Chamber, the door of the Time Chamber opens. The group sees then a group of five humanoid creatures, in red, orange, yellow, green and blue.
”What are those guys?” Goku asked.
”Ugh, not those Bio-Warriors again?” 18 asked annoyed, crossing her arms.
”Bio-Warriors? Did you encounter them, 18?” Bulma asked.
”Yes. Some crazy guy created them to take revenge on Hercule.” she said.
”What had my daddy had to do with it?” Videl asked.
”I don’t know. Your dad had to fight them, or otherwise he would be humiliated in public.”
”Like he still wetted his bed while he was six?” Videl asked, and Gohan chuckled.
”So, why did you go, too?” Gohan asked.
”Well, I still wanted the money he owed me for his victory at the WMAT, and I thought he would be sneaking out and getting away from it, so I insisted to go with him.” 18 replied.
”I followed shortly, and I noticed Goten and Trunks went along too.” Krillin said.
”No wonder they came battered at home that day.” Chi-Chi said, while eyeing Goten.
”Hey, I couldn’t help it! One of those Bio-Warriors turned out to be an exact replica of Broly!” Goten said.
”WHAT?!? BROLY?!?” Gohan, Videl and Goku shouted, and even Vegeta was shocked.
”Who is this Broly?” Android 17 asked.
”He’s the Legendary Super Saiyan. He was incredibly strong, but we managed to defeat him.” Mirai Trunks replied.
”Right, we encountered him before Gohan and Videl transformed into those giant gorillas.” Pan said.
”They defeated Broly then without the slightest difficulty.” Vegeta said.
Suddenly the Bio-Warriors attacked, but our heroes intercepted the first attack, and fought back.
”Leave my mommy and daddy alone you meanie!” Marron yelled at the red warrior, punching him in the gut.
”Good shot!” Bulla said, who saw it.
The battle rages on for a minute or so, and then the Bio-Warriors are on the ground, and the Z-Senshi haven’t got a single bruise or scratch. Suddenly the Bio-Warriors turn liquid, and head at rapid speed to each other, with the most disgusting slurping sounds that would even make Shenron, Porunga or Broly sick! Even Goku and Vegeta don’t feel good and Gohan and Videl have to retch from those sounds. Then the liquids are joined, and form one, purple-coloured warrior. Then Round Two starts off, with Vegeta firing a standard blast, hitting the Bio-Warrior’s chest.
”Bullseye!” Vegeta said.
Suddenly the Bio-Warrior smirks, and regenerates!
”NO WAY!” Goku shouts.
Suddenly a blinding flash engulfs the room, and when the group looks in that direction…
”Hey look! It’s Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks!” Goku said.
”Yes, I’m here and ready for action!” Gotenks said and he floats up.
”Stand back, will you?” Gotenks said, and the group backs off.
”Hey, Bio-Freak! Take this! CONTINUOUS DIE DIE MISSILE!” Gotenks yells, and launches a lot of energy blasts at the Bio-Warrior.
”Cool!” Marron said.
Then Gotenks rejoins the group. Suddenly the Bio-Warrior reappears and punches Gotenks in to the group, Gohan and Videl respond by performing a Double Assault, Gotenks then executes a Dynamite Kick, before he, Gohan and Videl rejoin the group. Then the Bio-Warrior launches a blast himself, but Gohan reflects it. More of these blasts are shot by the Warrior, but then Gohan takes position and generates an Energy Barrier to protect himself, his family and friends from them, allowing Gotenks, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin and 18 to power an attack of their own. Goku launches a Feet Kamehameha, using the attack as a decoy to let the others engage their attack, and to launch a normal Kamehameha by himself, while Gohan holds the barrier active until the others have prepared themselves. Gotenks launches his Galactic Donut attack, trapping the Bio-Warrior. Goku and Vegeta immediately speed to the warrior and take position, where Goku launches the Kamehameha and Vegeta launches his Final Flash (both Goku and Vegeta are at Super Saiyan 2). Then 18 and Krillin fire their Destructo Disc, followed by Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon. Then the group reunites. However, the Bio-Warrior revives once again.
”Man he’s tough! Time for some hardware!” Krillin said, and launches two orange blasts which merge and let them fly past the Warrior into the air.
”What kind of an attack is that? You missed him!” 18 said.
”Just watch, honey.” Krillin said and 18 looks at the Warrior. Suddenly the Warrior gets a rain on Energy balls on him, causing great damage.
”How did you do that?” Bulma asked.
”I call this attack the Kakusandan. You fire two orange blasts, let them merge, and let it fly high above the desired opponent and let the ball spilt in multiple energy balls, giving a rain of energy balls.” Krillin replied.
”I remember. You used it to kill all but one Saibamen Nappa created, didn’t you?” Vegeta asked.
”You’re absolutely right, Vegeta.”
Then the Bio-Warrior levitates, and prepares to mow down the entire group. Suddenly Piccolo fires hundreds of Ki-blasts like a madman, and they’re avoided by the Warrior easily.
”That doesn’t have any effect, Piccolo.” Videl said, and the others agreed.
”No, Videl, look better.” Gohan said.
”Look, he’s totally surrounded by those blasts!” Goku said.
”Awesome, Piccolo!” Gotenks said.
”I call this the Guided Scatter Shot. There’s NO place to hide from it.” Piccolo said, and he clenches his hand into a fist, causing all the energy balls to hit the Bio-Warrior. But once again the Bio-Warrior revives.
”Stand behind me, guys, this is getting big.” Vegeta said, stepping forward.
”What are you gonna do?” Bulma asked.
”Hey, Bio-Freak! Take this! BIG BANG ATTACK!” Vegeta yelled, launching his #2 signature attack as a thin beam from the palm of his hand. The beam collides with the Bio-Warrior, causing a huge explosion (hence the name of the attack). Once again, the Bio-Warrior heals himself.
”That does it! MASENKO HA!” Gohan shouts, and shortly after that, Videl and Piccolo fire the same attack. But the Bio Warrior evades these. Suddenly, Mirai Trunks makes some strange, fast movements with his arms.
”Take this! BURNING ATTACK!” he yells, launching his trademark attack. The Bio-Warrior evades this with ease; just what Mirai Trunks expected! He lunges forward, takes his sword out, and slashes the Bio Warrior in two. Then he keeps on slashing him, and then fires a blast, vaporizing the Warrior.
”Wee, cool!” Marron said.
”Awesome!” Bulla said.
Then Goku, Vegeta and Gotenks return back to normal, thinking the battle is over. Suddenly the Bio-Warrior reappears and powers up. He becomes bulkier, veins begin to pop out everywhere on his body, and his size increases also, along with his speed.
”Well, there’s only one way to outsmart him with speed.” Goku said.
”What do you mean?” Chi-Chi asked.
”We have no choice but to use the Kaioken. I know that some of us can go Super Saiyan or Mystic, but I think that he won’t have time to hit us once we’re in Kaioken.” Goku replied.
”What is Kaioken exactly?” Videl asked.
”I’ll teach you now. Kaioken is a temporal stage which give you a red aura and your body glows red. Anything will improve once in that stage: sight, hearing, speed, strength, power and so on. The higher you go in Kaioken, the stronger you get. But there is a side effect on it.” Goku replied.
”What is it?” Gohan asked.
”The higher you go in Kaioken, the higher the chance is that it may severely affect your body, or even blows up, or burns out after a long usage on that level. Only when I fought Frieza I was forced to use the Kaioken x20.”
”Are there any harmless stages?” Pan asked.
”Yes. According to our power levels, we should be able to use the Kao Ken up to 5x Kaioken without the slightest difficulty. Higher than Kaioken x5 is getting risky after long usage.”
”So, you’re going to teach us the Kaioken so we can have a short period of power-up, right?” Bulma asked.
”Right. King Kai taught me this technique.”
”Well let’s give it a try.” Krillin said.
”Allright then, as long as we don’t mess our bodies up, I’m fine with it.” Vegeta said, while preparing himself.
And so, the group powers up, and activate the Kaioken x1 to start, and upgrade to Kaioken x3. The Bio-Warrior receives punches everywhere, thanks to the high speed advantage our heroes have. Five minutes later, the Bio-Warrior falls to the ground, and our heroes land several meters away from him, exhausted.
”Man, I didn’t know this technique… required so much from me.” Videl said, panting.
”Well, at least you know now.” Gohan said, and Videl smiled.
The Bio-Warrior then gets up, and walks to the Z-Senshi. Marron hides behind her mother, Videl holds onto Gohan, and Piccolo… Piccolo has his hands in front of his belly, while the others are behind him.
”You…” Piccolo growls, while he begins to gather energy.
”What is Piccolo up to?” Gotenks asked.
”I have no idea.” Chi-Chi said.
”I get it! He plans to do the attack he used against Imperfect Cell, before that freak knocked him out!” 17 exclaimed.
”What? Oh my, stand back!” 18 said.
”Choubakuretsumaha!” Piccolo yells, and with mighty force, releases his gathered energy in a gigantic beam, engulfing everything. Gohan once again uses his Energy Barrier to prevent himself and the others to be blown away by the intensity of the blast. After 30 seconds, it’s over… or at least what our heroes thought it should be. The Bio-Warrior returns once again. Then Gotenks goes back at Super Saiyan 3.
”My Fusion Time is almost expired, and I want to do a final shot!” Gotenks said, and he creates twenty ghosts.
”Hey, those ghosts are cute.” Marron said.
”Don’t touch them!” Gotenks said.
”Why not?”
”This is my best technique: The Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. These ghosts are very dangerous; they will explode on contact with any being seen fit, which are you, me, our friends, our foes, and even themselves.”
”Thanks for warning us.” 18 said, while picking Marron up.
”No problem. I don’t want to have friends losing limbs all over.”
The ghosts attack the Bio-Warrior with success, and the last one flies into the Bio-Warriors mouth, letting him burst apart.
”You did it!” Bulla shouted.
Then Gotenks de-fuses.
”That was a brave decision, Goten and Trunks, using the Fusion technique.” Piccolo said.
”Thanks.” the boys said in unison.
”Now, shall we clean up the remains before we go further?” Goku asked.
”What remains? I do not see them.” Vegeta said.
”That’s odd.” Tien said.
The Z-Senshi stand close together.
”I have a bad feeling about this.” Goku said.
”What do you mean?” Chi-Chi asked.
Suddenly a shadow falls over the nineteen, and a purple coloured thing swallows them up completely, reforming the Bio-Warrior, but with the Z-Senshi inside.
”Did he absorb us?” Bulma asked.
”No, he trapped us inside him.” Goku replied.
”I can’t move!” Marron said.
”None of us can.” 18 said.
Then the Bio-Warrior let’s the group move to his right arm, making it bulge greatly. Then the Bio Warrior punches on that spot.
”OUCH!” Pan yelled.
”That hurts!” Chi-Chi said.
”I feel something wet running down my neck.” Videl said.
”It’s blood!” Gohan said, after tasting it.
”I think we all bleed here.” Launch said.
Then the Bio-Warrior moves the bulge into his belly, giving it a hard punch, then he moves the bulge to his left knee, elbows it, moves it to his left arm and punches it again. Then he moves the bulge to his back and he jumps on his back. Then he moves it to the underside of its right foot, and let his foot stomp on the ground, and then he moves the bulge again to his belly, ready to repeat the process. But then different rays of light emerge from his body, followed by a large explosion, totally vaporizing the Bio-Warrior. Our heroes are seriously injured. Both Gohan and Videl have some head wounds, broken ribs, arms and legs, some internal bleedings and other cuts, Goku, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Vegeta, Krillin and 18 have several bruises all over their bodies, Marron complains about pain in her belly, Tien and Lunch have a serious headache and a broken arm, Android 17, Bardock and Mirai Trunks have a broken leg, and Pan, Bulla, Goten and Trunks (the Chibi Trunks of course) have their left shoulder broken. Piccolo has also several injuries, but he has enough power to rise and get several Senzu Beans, to give them to himself and the others.
”Ugh, thanks Piccolo. I and Videl could hardly move a muscle with our limbs broken.” Gohan said.
”Well, at least we got rid of that freak for real.” Bulma said.
”Right.” Vegeta said.
Gohan then cracks his neck. The others look a little disgusted.
”Sorry guys, but my neck got a little stiff.” he said.
Videl however isn’t disgusted; as a matter of fact, she imitates what Gohan just did. Then the Z-Senshi left the Time Chamber to get to Capsule Corp.

13. Gohan and Videl are kidnapped!
While everyone is under way to Capsule Corp., Videl’s watch suddenly begins to beep.
”Now what?” She asks.
’Videl, you and the Great Saiyaman must hurry to Hercule City, the Red Shark Gang is once again on the loose!’ a voice said on the watch.
”We’re on our way.”
Gohan and Videl thus change their course to Hercule City.
”Be careful you two.” Chi-Chi said.
”We will.” Gohan said.
’I hope so. I wanna have grandchildren.’ Chi-Chi thought.

“What’s wrong with your mother?” Videl asked as she and Gohan are near Hercule City.
”Oh, I don’t know. She seems to get excited once se sees us going romantic. I bet she thinks of grandchildren ever since the day we met and began dating.” Gohan replied and Videl chuckled.
Then both switched to their Saiyaman outfits, and they took care of the Red Shark Gang without the slightest difficulty. Then the two retreat to the roof, and switch back to their normal outfits.
”That was easy.” Videl said.
”Yeah, a little TOO easy if you ask me.” Gohan said.
Suddenly a ninja appears, and attacks the two. Gohan and Videl intercept this attack and fight back. But then, when Gohan wants to deliver another punch, the ninja jumps over him and gives Gohan a karate chop in the neck, hitting the crucial spot where a human’s nervous system is, rendering Gohan unconscious. Videl rushes over to help her mate, but she receives a similar chop in the neck, knocking her out as well. The ninja puts the unconscious duo in a plastic bag and takes it with him.

“Where can Gohan and Videl be? They usually don’t take it long to defeat some criminals.” Chi-Chi said.
”Relax, Chi-Chi, they must have a lot of criminals to fight.” Bulma said.
”Then why don’t they simply blast them?” Vegeta asked.
”Vegeta, these criminals are people like you and me. They have the right to oversee what they’ve done wrong, and come back to the good side.” Goku said.
”Oh, Mr. Justice, I presume?”
”Stop being sarcastic or I won’t let you use the Gravity Room for the rest of the month.” Bulma said.
’What’s the deal, woman? I can always use the Time Chamber to train.’ Vegeta thought.

Meanwhile, the ninja takes the bag with the unconscious Gohan and Videl in it to the leader of the Red Shark gang.
”Well done, my friend. Here’s your money, 20.000 Zeni, just as you requested. It’s all there, count it, if you like.” the leader, a big, buff man said.
”Oh, I trust you.” the ninja said, before he leaves with his money.
”So, now we have the two teenagers who always foil our plans.” the boss said.
”What are we going to do with them, boss?” a man with a brown head band asked.
”I’m glad you asked. I’ve got something VERY painful for them in mind. Take them to the workshop.” the boss said.
”Yes, sir.”

Inside the workshop, the men loyal to the boss tie Gohan and Videl to each other with wrist-, ankle- and neck bands, connected to each other with a chain. Then they hang the couple on another chain connected on the chains on their wrists.
”They’re in that chamber like you requested, boss.” the man with the headband said.
”Thank you. Now I’m going to give them the most SHOCKING experience they’ve ever known…” the boss said, laughing evilish.

Goku had noticed something’s wrong with the couple, and is under way to investigate. He uses Instant Transmission to go to the last spot where they were last: in Hercule City. Meanwhile Gohan and Videl wake up from their unconsciousness.
”Where are we?” Videl asked.
”I don’t know. It feels like we’re inside a large, cold room or something.” Gohan replied.
”Gohan, I seem to pull you with me!” Videl said as she pulled back.
”Whoever our kidnappers are, they certainly don’t want to separate us.”
”Yeah. We’re stuck with each other on our necks, wrists and ankles.”
”I hope someone will help us quickly.”
”I hope so, too.”
Videl hugs Gohan.
”Well, how do you like your new ‘home’?” a voice with a slight foreign accent asked.
”You call this a home? Gimme a break!” Gohan said.
Suddenly both Gohan and Videl are hit with electric shocks.
”There. You must be made to understand that you cannot deflect MY will! I want to rule the city and I won’t allow your interferences anymore!” the man said.
::He’s going to kill us!:: Videl spoke through her bond.
::No he’s not. Let him make us angry. If we release our powers, then he’ll won’t know what’ll him!:: Gohan replied.
::Right! I forgot that we’re very strong!::
::Hehehe, he’ll be surprised.::
”You seem pretty tough. I’ll check up later to see if I can find something to kill you.” the man said.
”Good luck then…” Videl said sarcastic.
”You won’t talk like that anymore once you had enough shocks to learn that you must not mess with the Red Shark Gang.”
Gohan and Videl roll their eyes, and fall asleep, with their heads resting on each other’s shoulders, covering the bite marks of their bondage.
”Shall we wake them, boss?” a man asked.
”No, let them have their rest. Those two need to be fit for some more torturing tomorrow.” the boss said.

Next day, Gohan and Videl are woken up by the sound of someone popping a balloon.
”Man, that’s a rough way to wake us up. What time is it?” Videl asked.
”It’s 06.00 hours in the morning.” Gohan replied.
Videl moaned.
::They really are pissed on us to do such things against us.:: Gohan said through his bond.
::Yeah. They really don’t like us, obviously they know that we are the Great Saiyaman, but that doesn’t scare me.:: Videl replied.
::What scares you then?::
::Well, if they find a way to kill me, then you will die as well.::
::True, since we got married in Saiyan terms, you live as long as I live and vice versa.::
::How long can we endure the torturing?::
::I don’t know. That depends on the kind of what they torturing us with, and its power. Compare it with our power and we’ll find out how long we can survive.::
::So the stronger the power, the slimmer the chances of survival will become?::
Suddenly Gohan and Videl are yanked out of their position, their chains untied, and then the two are thrown in a bathroom, and are locked in. Both Gohan and Videl crawl behind a wall, where one of the showers is continuously running, with the water at 37°C. Soon both teens are soaking wet.
”They do want to embarrass us.” Videl said.
”Yeah, but nevertheless, I will always love you, Videl. No matter what happens, I will always be with you.” Gohan said.
”And I will always love you, too.” Videl said.

Meanwhile, Goku and the others are still searching for the two.
”I hope they will be allright.” Chi-Chi said.
”Sure they will be, those two are incredibly strong!” Bulma said.
Then suddenly, somebody is waving at the group.
”Who’s that?” 18 asked.
”I don’t know, but he obviously wants to tell us something.” Krillin replied.
The Z-Senshi then goes to the person.
”I just heard that Hercule’s daughter and her boyfriend have been kidnapped by the Red Shark Gang, who wants to take revenge on them! You have to hurry, who knows what the Gang has in mind!” the man said.
”Thanks for the information. Do you know where they are now?” Goku asked.
”Of course, I’ve been spying on them lately. Their hideout is somewhere between Nataday Village, Hercule City and the Northern Mountains.”
”Thanks again.” Goku said, and he and the others take off to find the couple.

Meanwhile Gohan and Videl are peacefully asleep under the running shower. They forget where they are, they’re sure they will survive it all. The water flows softly past them. Goku has found their energy signatures and retrieves them with Instant Transmission.
”Seems they’re barely harmed.” Chi-Chi said.
”Yeah, but they’re soaking wet.” Bulma said.
”Let’s go home.” Vegeta said, and everyone headed for the Son’s house.

14. Gohan and Videl’s strangest trip ever
As our heroes relaxed for the next days, time is passing swiftly. Buu keeps track on the progress of Hildegarn’s revival, and he said that it will be only two weeks before Hildegarn is revived in his first form. So our heroes return to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, to keep their powers warm and prepared. The sparring session rages on within the group. Everyone had prepared their trademark attack, and fired it at their partners. But the group floated in a circle, so ALL attacks collided with tremendous force, causing a gigantic explosion. Due to the impact, a strange object in the form of a mouth appeared, gulped down two persons, and disappeared. As the smoke cleared, everyone laid on the ground, their clothes partially torn apart, and everyone has several bruises here and there on their bodies.
”Everyone allright?” Goku asked.
”I think so.” Bulma replied.
”Hey, Gohan and Videl are gone!” GT Pan exclaimed.
”Oh my! The explosion must have caused a rift through space and time, and this rift must have swallowed Gohan and Videl up like dust caught by a vacuum cleaner!” Piccolo said.
”I hope they will be all right.” Chi-Chi said, while Pan softly cries.
”Can you tell where they are?” Bulla asked.
”I can’t! Gohan and Videl must have been sent in a gap between dimensions!” Piccolo said.
”Oh no! We have to get them out of there before it’s too late!!” Goku exclaimed.

Gohan and Videl screamed as the fell down in the endless black area, all they could see now was each other. Videl caught up with Gohan and landed on his chest, holding him tight.
”Where are we?” she asked.
”I know as much as you do, Videl, I also want to know where we are.” Gohan replied, while holding Videl.
Both noticed that their clothes have been torn apart greatly. Both suddenly stopped to fall, but still floated. Suddenly light began to appear. First the two get the sight of two half circles turning around in a circle, and the way the half circles are positioned remind Gohan and Videl like the switches on a washing machine. Then more lights and colours appear. Two waves of full circles pass by the couple, followed by a three fourths circle with all colours of the rainbow, which halts in front of the couple. A greyish, one fourth of a circle fills the remaining gap in the three fourths circle, and then the cipher 1 in blue appears into the circle.
”What is this?” Videl asked.
”I haven’t got the slightest idea. I heard TV1 or something being said.” Gohan replied.
”TV1? What are they talking about?”
”I have no idea.”
”It’s cold in here.”
”If we don’t get out of here, we may be floating here for the rest of our lives.”
”What? Can’t we do anything?”
”No, I can’t move a muscle. All I can do is to hold you and talk to you.”
”So can I.”
Suddenly the same music is played, but holds on a little longer. The things they saw retreat, until there’s only a blue sky left, with the same image of the cipher 1 which they saw several seconds ago.
”This music is much nicer than the previous one.” Videl said.
”It sure is.” Gohan said.
Suddenly their surroundings go black, and Gohan and Videl suddenly float in a blue/green space, and in several times, a blue two thirds circle with an aquamarine cipher 2 in it appears in several ways. But then purple and green lines fly around the couple and the image. The couple notices their speed increases, and that they’re heading straight for the image, flying through it, and then their surroundings go black once again. Videl laid her head near Gohan’s and closed her eyes. Gohan thinks about what will happen if they won’t be rescued in time. Will they keep on falling down and passing by these strange surroundings for eternity? Will they melt together into one being or object? Will they get eaten, absorbed, or will they die in an other way? These thoughts make him shiver. He notices Videl crying softly as she had exact the same thoughts like him (they bonded in Saiyan terms, remember?), and comforts her.

”Dende, do you have anything to do with this?” Piccolo asked when the others return from the HBTC.
”No, I swear, it wasn’t me. I’m also puzzled like you are about this all.” Dende said.
”My gosh, this isn’t good. We need to help them somehow; otherwise they will be there where they are now for eternity!” Goku said.
”Is this true?” Chi-Chi asked, while Pan gasped.
”I’m afraid so. Their lives are definitely at stake, so we must do something at it right now.”
”But from where do we start, Kakarot? They may be between dimensions, but we need to know exactly where they are in there!” Vegeta said.
”You’ve got a point there. I bet Hercule is worried sick about his daughter.”
”Why should we help him?” Future Trunks asked.
”Well, he may have stolen the credit from Gohan about the victory over Cell, but he is still a human being. He may not look like it on first sight, but I think he has guts to fight an opponent. He even tried to take on Kid Buu by himself.”
”Yes, and he even convinced the other Earthlings to hold their hands in the air.” Vegeta added.

Having no more control over their bodies except for their sight, dreams, hearing, speech, touch, thought and taste, Gohan and Videl can do nothing except holding, kissing, comforting, cuddling, hugging and talking to each other, and let themselves float into any direction. They don’t care about their surroundings anymore; all they care about is mainly each other, but also about their families and friends. They tried to sleep, but they’ve been plagued by bad dreams. When they woke up, they noticed nothing had changed in time and place. Gohan looked into Videl’s violet eyes, she stares back. Gohan pulled her closer, moved her face to his, and kissed her. It was filled with intensity, lust and love. She hugged him closer to return the kiss. They kissed on until suddenly the light goes from black to gold, with several searchlights shining in the far background.
”Now what?” Gohan asked.
Suddenly four blue letters approached the couple from behind.
”T…R…O…S… Tros? What is going on?” Videl asked as the letters passed them by. Then a gold coloured, eight pointed star with almost triangle-shaped holes near each of the points and a hole in the centre of the star which looks like the screen of a television or PC appeared from behind the letters exactly next to the couple. With a flash the star halted, turns until it lays horizontal, and at the same time it begins to spin. Gohan and Videl are hit by the side of one of the points, and are hurled into another black area.
”Someone or something must be really after us!” Videl said.
”Yeah, there’s no doubt about that.” Gohan said.
Suddenly the couple is surrounded by yellow, red, green and blue light balls, and the same star which hit them earlier appears once again, also with the letters T, R, O and S which they saw earlier as well. Videl closed her eyes, as did Gohan. Then their surroundings went black again. Videl felt as if her body was totally limp, and literally glued on Gohan’s muscular body. Gohan and Videl suddenly felt a push to the left (from Gohan’s point of view), as if something is changing their course.
”Hey Gohan, Isn’t that Earth?” Videl asked.
”It is, but it looks different from what we know as the Earth.” Gohan replied.
”What are these coloured rectangles doing here?”
Gohan and Videl watched as blue, purple, white, orange, green and red rectangles passed by and merged into one blue rectangle. Gohan and Videl are puzzled as they suddenly back off from Earth again, as if something lets them follow the blue rectangle.
”8 uur journaal? What is that supposed to mean?” Gohan asked.
”I have no idea.” Videl replied.
”If this is a dream…”
”…please be so kind to wake us up.”
Gohan and Videl moaned.

While Gohan and Videl are still drifting helplessly through the gap between dimensions, Goku and the others try to locate them so they can find a way to bring them back. Asking this from either Shenron or Porunga is futile, as it is not beyond the power of the dragons to bring them back to their ‘home’ dimension. Besides, Gohan and Videl aren’t dead. Kibito Kai has offered assistance in the search of the couple, and the Elder Kai also has come to the aid of the Z-Senshi. Meanwhile Gohan and Videl are asleep in each others arms again. Still between dimensions, they can do nothing except waiting to be rescued, or die. When they wake up, another nice music is suddenly displayed and, all of a sudden, bubbles fly past the couple, and several bubbles form the cipher 2, but in the shape of a half circle on top of a three quarter circle.
”That music is nice.” Videl said.
”I agree.” Gohan said.
Then one of the bubbles flies to the couple and it engulfs them. Gohan and Videl feel themselves being pushed inside the bubble, and after several seconds, they are inside.

”Why don’t we repeat what we did that caused those two being sucked in the gap between dimensions? If that was what had caused it, then it might free them as well!” Vegeta said.
”Good idea, Vegeta.” Bulma said.
And so, our heroes return to the HBTC, and with their action, manage to free Gohan and Videl.
”Thanks, Vegeta.” Gohan and Videl said.
Piccolo gives the two a Senzu Bean to heal them, and everyone decides to put on some Saiyan Armour, even Piccolo and Tien, before continuing their training.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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Second half of part 2...

15. The big chase in the swimming pool
Our heroes decide to go to the swimming pool, but Piccolo stays behind to train some more. In the locker room of the largest swimming pool with many different pools and a lot of slides, our heroes change to their swimming outfits.
”Hey, Videl, you look great in that suit!” Gohan said after seeing Videl in a tight bathing suit, almost similar to the spandex in the Saiyan Armour.
”Gee, thanks Gohan.” Videl replied, blushing.
Joining hands, Gohan and Videl headed for the first pool, where other people are having a good time. Soon the other Z-Senshi arrive and Gohan and Videl went to the first slide. While in the waiting row, they overheard a joke from a man behind them.
”A guy walks into a bar with his dog on a leash. The barman says, “Geez that's a weird dog: he's stumpy-legged, pink, and doesn't have a tail. I bet my rottweiler would beat the heck out of it.” 50 bucks is laid down. Out in the yard the rottweiler gets mauled to pieces.”
”Wow!” the man he talks to replies.
”Another drinker says his pit bull will win but the bet is 100 bucks. Another trip to the yard and when it's all over there are bits of pit-bull terrier all over the place.”
”OMG!” a woman next to the man said.
”The drinker pays up and says, “Say what breed is that anyway?” The owner says, “Until I cut his tail off and painted it pink it was the same breed as every other alligator.””
The man and the woman burst out laughing, Gohan and Videl chuckled. After a minute, Gohan and Videl reached the entrance of the slide. Videl sits down, and Gohan sits down behind her. And then both slid down the slide.
”Weeeee.” Videl said.
”Yahoo!” Gohan exclaimed.
With a big splash both landed in the water.
”That was fun!” Videl said.
”It sure was.” Gohan said.
Then both receive a splash of water over them.
”Gotcha, bro!” Goten said.
”Hey, squirt! Get back here!” Gohan said, while splashing water over his younger brother. Soon the others are involved in the water battle. Their fun lasted for more than an hour, until a woman gave a loud scream. The Z-Warriors look in the direction of the scream, and notice that everyone leaves the pool. Then they see why. A strange monster, has entered the room and has already killed several men and women, and begins to pick on the children.
”That monster!” Goku yelled, and the Z-Warriors each throw an energy blast at the beast. The beast however notices them coming, and blows out some purple smoke from his beak on the group.
”Ack! What is this?” Bulla asked.
”I don’t know… hey, I can’t fly or use my energy attacks anymore!” Goku said.
”He must have used that smoke to disable our powers, as if we have become pure Human.” Videl said.
”He’s looking at us!” Chi-Chi said.
”Oh no! He wants us! Swim for your lives!” Gohan exclaimed.
As the Z-Senshi swam away, the strange beast immediately gave chase. Its teeth dripped with the blood from its previous victims, now it wants to devour the Z-Senshi! While the creature jumps in the pool to follow the movements of its new targets, the Z-Warriors climb out and, with Gohan and Videl in the lead, they hurry to the first slide. Running up the stairs, with the creature now climbing out of the pool, the Z-Warriors are heading to the first high slide. Several humans accompany them on their way, and now a human boy is now in the lead, as if he urges the others to follow him. At the same moment, different waterfalls go active, so the paths and stairs to all slides have water now.
”What are we gonna do?” Marron asked, while 18 holds her.
”To get as far away from that beast as you can. I think with your action you really pissed him off, and when he gets you, there’s a good chance you’d get swallowed whole!” the boy said, while rushing up the final pair of stairs to the slide.
Gohan and Videl gulped.
”Is there any chance of us to get our powers back?” Chi-Chi asked.
”Yeah, that beast must be dead for that to happen.” the boy said.
Then the boy runs through a long hallway to the entrance of the slide. The Z-Warriors follow him closely, nearly imitating the boy’s movements. Suddenly the boy slips and falls down on his butt… but slides down the hallway, straight into the entrance of the slide. The Z-Warriors also go down, following the same path as the boy went, quickly followed by several other people, and about 30 seconds later, the monster enters the slide. After 1.5 minute, the boy lands with a big splash in an other pool, and without hesitating he swims on for his life. Seconds later, Gohan and Videl land in the pool, and they see the trails in the water the boy made, and they see he just swam through a curve and is now behind the wall to the left of the couple.
”Wow, I’ve never seen someone like him swimming THAT fast.” Videl said as she and her mate swam on.
”Neither did I.” Gohan said.
The couple quickly team up with the boy, while the other Z-Warriors follow them. Suddenly, after five minutes of swimming, the boy stops at once and heads for the side. Gohan and Videl have stopped, and wonder why.
”What are you doing?! Get out of the water! There are piranhas coming in!” The boy shouts to them, but loud enough for the other Z-Senshi to be heard.
”PIRANHAS?!” Gohan and Videl yell, and immediately go to the side too quickly after the other Z-Senshi arrive, who follow them. The other people arrive shortly and follow the Z-Gang closely, but it’s too late for a man who almost reached the side. Everyone watches in horror as the poor guy is overtaken by the piranhas, and the once so clear, blue water, begins to get a red stain. The boy pauses a moment to mourn at the loss of the man, but then he continues further. The Z-Fighters follow him immediately as they too, don’t want to be devoured by the monster. The monster arrives shortly after the piranhas have eaten enough and return to their territory.

The boy runs over an iron ledge but he suddenly stops again. He notices the ledge goes into the water, something he doesn’t trust. He then notices a wooden ladder near the point the ledge goes in the water, and climbs it. He then sees an iron ladder lying horizontal. He grabs a rung and moves along, grabbing rung after rung. He realizes he may still be in danger, so he turns around and sways his legs on the rungs, and acts like he’s climbing a ladder.
”Geez, they really made it as if this is an exercise for the army!” he groans.
Then he spots the Z-Warriors, who are bound to run along.
”Hey! I’m over here!” he shouts, instantly making Pan climbing the ladder first, followed by the others. The other humans do that, too, but one couple gets impatient and runs further on the ledge.
”Hey, this is faster!” the girl said.
”What the…? What do you think you’re doing?” the boy yells at them from above.
”We’re faster this way!” the male half of the couple said.
”Get up here NOW!!!!”
”Hey, who do you think you are?”
”If you wanna stay alive, get up here RIGHT NOW!”
”This is faster!”
”Why you… oh no! LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU!”
As the couple on the ledge turned around, they see a huge crocodile approaching them. They scream, and quickly after them, the crocodile goes in for the kill. The others look away. It was over in a matter of seconds, and the croc returns in the water. All that remains are several red stains and small pieces of clothing.
”They were obviously swallowed whole!” a woman said.
”I think I’m gonna puke!” Gohan and Videl said.
”You took the words right out of my mouth.” Pan said.
As everyone went on, the boy in front of the group notices several ropes hanging in front of them.
”As if we haven’t got enough trouble. What’s going to happen now?” the boy said, almost grunting.
He grabbed one of the ropes, and let himself hang onto it… but nothing happens.
”It looks safe.” Bulla said, as the others grabbed a rope, too.
”Yeah, it LOOKS that way, but appearances are deceptive.” the boy said.
”What do you mean?” Bulma asked.
”Have you ever heard of the Road Runner Cartoons?”
”No.” Chi-Chi said.
”It’s about a blue bird, that can say ‘Beep Beep’.” a little girl said.
”You mean that bird being chased by that coyote?” her brother asked.
”Exactly, and no matter what, the coyote is constantly blasting, crushing, smashing, dashing and crashing himself into his own traps, no matter what. Even at the most unexpected moments, he’ll get into trouble.” the boy said.
”And you think something similar might happen to us, right?” Vegeta said.
”Well, the monster is closing in, so it must happen now!” Goku said.
”Well, I don’t feel a thing.” Chi-Chi said.
Suddenly the rope the boy holds on begins to vibrate and it shoots up, taking the boy with him. He is launched upward, crashes against the ceiling of the pool, gets thrown down, bounces off from the floor, collides with several walls and falls down a hole leading to another hallway, stumbles from several stairways, until he finally lands in front of another pool.
”I am not that coyote, AND I’M CERTAINLY NOT A PINBALL!” the boy exclaims, before he goes out.
Meanwhile Gohan and Videl are enduring the same treatment as the boy, and the other Z-Warriors are undergoing the same, quickly followed by the other humans. The monster however is nowhere to be seen.

16. Piccolo to the rescue
As the boy wakes up, he stands up, and to his astonishment he hardly has any injury at all. He brushes some dust away, and wants to go into the water, but suddenly he backs off, as if he senses a dangerous thing or object in the water. So he walks off, and passes by the pool.
’Ok, let’s see. First we have this monster that wants to eat us up, there’s nothing to it, for now we gained enough distance to escape. Second, after a trip through a slide we stumble upon a gang of piranhas, we only lost a man who couldn’t escape in time. Third we have to climb our way over a sunken iron ledge; a couple ignores it and tries to venture along over the ledge, only to be swallowed up by a giant crocodile several seconds later. I bet we’re having a crossover of different films here. What’s next? An attack of a giant snake? Will ‘Jaws’ make his appearance? What on Earth is going on?’ he ponders, after sitting down on a bench. Then Gohan and Videl land on the ground with a loud crash, and they feel as if every bone in their body is broken. The boy immediately rushes over to help them, and sees also the other Z-Warriors arrive. Also the other Humans arrive. Once the gang is complete, they carefully venture across the pool.
”Why don’t we just swim to the other side?” Android 17 asked.
The boy then grabs a capsule from his pocket, and throws it down, and then a huge piece of raw meat appears. The boy picks it up, and throws it into the pool. The waiting didn’t take long, as within a few seconds a shark appears from out of nowhere, and begins to feast on the meat.
”That gives us the answer.” Android 18 said.
Instantly the boy makes a run for it, rushing over the different paths over the shark pool. Gohan and Videl don’t hesitate to follow him, and quickly the other Z-Fighters go into high pursuit of the couple. The other humans follow them immediately, one woman hesitates a little. The shark doesn’t take notice; it’s too busy eating the large hunk of meat the boy threw into the pool as a decoy. Gohan and Videl join hands in their chase.
”That boy does run fast.” Gohan said.
”Yeah, you can almost say he’s like one of us.” Videl said.
Suddenly the monster reappears behind the entire gang. The Z-Fighters, the boy ánd the other humans are scared to death, and the boy sees then a sphere. He runs through it and he suddenly has some strange bands on his wrists, ankles, thighs and the waist. The gang teams up with him, only to receive similar bands. Some other people appear from out of nowhere, and also receive those bands.
”Looks like we’re having more company.” the boy said while running further.
Two kids, a boy with gold blond hair and a green haired girl ran along with Gohan and Videl.
”Who are you?” Gohan asked the boy.
”My name is Link, and my girlfriend next to me is Saria. A similar monster was chasing us and our other friends until we got here.” Link said.
”Nice to meet you.” Gohan said.
The couple and the other Z-Warriors find out the new companions are from a well known game, but they landed somehow in the real world.
Gohan, Videl, Link and Saria team up with the boy.
”Hey, do you know what these bands are for?” Link asked.
”No, I haven’t got the slightest idea.” the boy said.
”Why have I got the feeling we’re increasing speed?” Saria asked.
”Beats me.” Videl said.
Then the other Z-Warriors and the other friends of Link and Saria team up with the five.
”What happened to our other companions?” the boy asked.
”The… the monster tore them all apart. Only we managed to escape.” Goku said.
”Darn him!” the boy said, and then he and the others notice their surroundings are almost racing past them.
”Hey, how fast are we going?” Vegeta asked as the entire group now ventures in a tunnel with only the ground beneath them lit.
The boy checks his watch.
”What in the names of all the monsters in the HFIL is going on? My speed calculator says we’re travelling approximately 210 mph!” the boy said.
”How fast is that in kilometres?” Pan asked.
”To be precise 1 mph equals 1.61 kilometre, so our current speed is 337.96 kilometres per hour!”
”WHAT?” Gohan and Videl shouted.
”Mommy, what is this button?” Marron asked, pointing at a button on her left wristband.
”I don’t know, dear.” 18 said.
”Oh no, the monster is closing in!” Bulma said.
Then the boy presses the button on his band. The others press it, too, as if they’re imitating the boy. Suddenly different things are automatically drawn out; several valves are opening, along with different sounds of something speeding up. The boy sees all this happening, but just before he wanted to ask what was going on, he is suddenly launched forward with the sound of a bullet being fired, and the same happens to the others. Their speed has increased with more than 100 mph, which is 160.93 kilometres an hour. So they’re running almost 500 km/h now! The boy realizes this, but also realizes he almost is incapable of stopping.
”MOMMY, DADDY, HELP ME!” Marron cries.
”WHAT IS THIS?!” a girl asked.
”WAAAH, IT’S GOING WAY TO FAST!” Saria shrieks.
For minutes on end our friends are rushed forward. Then the boy manages to press on another button, causing three hatches to spring open, and begins to reduce his speed at an extreme velocity, causing a standstill within seconds, and the others crash against him, also standing still.
”Thanks, we couldn’t do anything to stop.” Goku said.
”No problem.” the boy said.
”We forgot to ask your name.” Bulla said.
”Just call me Rick.” the boy said.
”Brother, do you know what’s going on?” a large man with a rocky back asked Link.
”I know as much as you do, Darunia.” Link replied.
”Look out! He’s here!” Vegeta yells, as he spots the monster approaching.
”SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!” a voice hells, and a purple-golden beam strikes the monster, killing it in an instant.
”Gee, thanks, Piccolo.” Gohan said.
”Do you know that guy?” Link asked.
”Oh yeah. He’s one of my best friends and he’s my tutor, too.”
Then a girl runs to the gang. Rick recognizes her.
”Susan!! You survived?” he asks.
”Right you are. I hid myself in the water after you managed to distract the shark.” she said.
”But still we don’t know what’s going on.” an elderly man said.
”Rauru’s right. We’d like to have an explanation.” Link said.

And so, Link and his friends were enlightened by Goku what’s going on. Now that everyone also has his/her powers back, the training begins again.

17. Hildegarn is finally revived
Meanwhile, in the lab of the evil scientist…

”Finally, Hildegarn is finally completed again. Now, let the revival begin.” the scientist said and goes to activate a switch…
”So what do you think you’re doing?” a male voice sounded.
”Huh? Wha-? I want to revive the ancient monster to take revenge on these bums here.” the scientist said, showing the computer with the appropriate data to the man. The scientist can only see his empty, yellow eyes.
”Heh… heh… heh… I see you did your homework. I can sense almost no weak spot at all. I want to make a deal with you.”
”Sure, helping out someone with the same goals a mine will be my pleasure.”
Then the unknown man steps into the light. He’s wears a full knight’s armour, only the head is unprotected. He also wears a red cape, like he used to be a king.
”The deal is simple. I have a grudge on eight people, who are also transported here somewhere. All I want you to do is to extend the data, so the monster will devour them too. In return I will enhance its strength, speed and durability.” he said.
”Consider it done.” The scientist said, going to work immediately.

So the evil scientist found himself a companion, also coming from another dimension. Hildegarn is finally revived, and his power enhanced. Will the Z-Warriors, along with their new companions, find a way to stop the beast from wrecking havoc across the globe, or will they end up as the monster’s main course, with a slow and agoning death ahead? Stay tuned for the next chapters of Dragonball Z: Hildegarn’s Return.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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Hey, I do my best to get the fanfic here. Why aren't you posting here, :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :( :( :( this happens to be a part of eight months of work!

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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When I've got a free week I'll probably read it.
It's a bit daunting, it's so huge, if you had posted it in smaller bits you may have got a better response :(

Also, I personally have no idea what "Dragon Ball Z" is or who any of the characters are 8-[ Sorry :(


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Well, just read the story, man, just enjoy the story ;)

Here's Part 3.

Part 3: Captured, escaped and searching

For other legends, see part 2. “…” = speech from point of view (…’s POV), ~…~ = telepathic message

18. Captured (prologue)
The news of Hildegarn’s revival has spreaded at an extreme velocity around the globe, and our heroes, along with their 10 new companions, do anything they can to prepare themselves well. Link has become now an expert swordsman and archer, even though he’s only 11 years old. Now he’s sharing his skills with his friends. Gohan and Videl have been dating all through the evening, and it always ends up in a wonderful night. Rick and Susan, two humans who joined the gang since the chase in the pool two days ago, have come up with some energy attacks of their own, and even they have mastered the Fusion technique. Rick even taught all our heroes to fire energy balls, but that doesn’t cost energy at all. For now our heroes can fire only white energy balls that doesn’t cost energy, Rick is trying to get upgrades. He even taught most of the heroes how to move your hair like a helicopter, to prevent being hurt from a long fall. So Goku, his family and friends have now new techniques. Goku’s family and friends also learned that Gohan and Videl have bonded in the manner the ancient Saiyans used to, and they also learned what the couple went through when they were trapped in the gap between dimensions. Even their new companions have heard what the couple went through. The next few days went uneventfully, except there was a bus accident near Orange Star High School, and Gohan and Videl were the victims. Both teens were seriously injured; several ribs broken and several bruises and cuts all over their bodies. Gohan tried to stop the bus, but he ended up with his left arm shattered. Oddly enough, both were fully healed within days, something the doctors didn’t expect, so they could go home and resume training. But then, some kind of floating Warship approaches, revealing several new enemies our heroes never have seen before, but Link and his friends recognized them. The skeleton knights wielding a sword and shield, by Link and his friends known as Stalfos, arrived to capture our friends, and to take them to a distant planet where they can be eaten by Hildegarn, leaving Earth vulnerable for the taking. Our heroes fought magnificently, but the Stalfos weren’t giving up that easily…

Gohan and Videl were the first to fall. They were chasing one of the Stalfos, who led them in an ambush. In a matter of seconds, Gohan and Videl were knocked unconscious by a melee attack from behind, and the couple was taken to the ship. Link, Saria, Zelda, a humanoid fish-like girl named Ruto, and a woman who is also an expert in swordfights named Nabooru were the next to be brought to the ship. Link and Saria were wildly struggling to get free, so one of the Stalfos bashed them ruthlessly against each other, knocking them out as well. Darunia is nearly invincible when it comes to handling the Stalfos. His massive pounds and Goron Slams enable him to wipe out hundreds of Stalfos within seconds. However, the Stalfos managed to lead him into a trap, and Darunia was captured, too. One after the other, Rauru, Impa, a woman who is the caretaker of Zelda, Pan, Bulla, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Krillin, 18, Marron, Goten, Trunks, Tien, Launch, 17 and Mirai Trunks were captured, and not too long after that, Bardock and Susan were taken to the ship. Piccolo and Vegeta followed, and later even Goku was taken. Rick resisted furiously, and he was desperate to save his friends at all costs. He was forced to show his potential powers, and wiped out thousands of Stalfos, before even he was caught and captured. Before his capture he managed to deal a crippling blow to the ship’s main engineering, causing a pit stop near another world so the repairing could begin. His friends were amazed at Rick’s capabilities. He knew exactly where he had to hit is target, and not only that, he’s also capable of guiding his blasts so that certain target he then currently aims on is hit. Meanwhile, Hildegarn has been through many changes. The two forms he used on his first encounters with the Z-Warriors are kept; there are new forms added in the form of a new identity. Only the two major bad guys, the scientist and his unknown ally, know about this.

19. The escape begins
Somewhere on the giant prison ship…

(Ricks POV): “As I wake up, I can see all my friends lying beside me. They’re still out for a while. I look around. I can only see a wooden floor, wooden walls, a wooden ceiling, the entrance being blocked by an electric force field, and I can see a large hole in the wall to my left, blocked by a grating. Our power levels have dropped dramatically; it’s now at least enough for all of us to stay alive. The only energy attacks we can perform are those weak, white energy balls, the special non-cost balls I taught my friends. I managed to create special objects and scattered them around the world where we are now. I made sure only me and my friends can see them. These things, called yellow lums, will give us our normal powers back. I also noticed people in cages. I made sure with my special magic that our power level will be for 12,5% restored to normal once we destroyed 10 cages. It’s been a few days since our capture. I’m resting a bit; to regenerate my powerlevel to the point I can join into battle. If I can gather the right strength, I may be able to shoot that grating barrier, and escape from this ship with my friends…”

Rick sits right up as the others wake up, too. They notice that Rick managed to keep some of his energy.
”How did you do that?” Vegeta asked.
”I have rerouted some portions to a special reserved place. It’s my back-up source.” Rick said.
”Wow.” Ruto said.
”How can we get out of here? I don’t wanna be eaten like I’m a piece of candy!” Bulla said.
Rick throws a white energy ball, which heads directly to the grating, blasting it away. The others are sweat dropping. Rick rises and wanders trough the hole. The others watch if there are no guards around, and then they follow Rick. Rick lets himself down slowly on the floor to prevent that the guards will hear it, but just as he lands, he suddenly slides down. He can barely hold his balance. He slides down the hallway, until he reaches a small ledge outside. His friends suddenly bump against him, and then everyone falls down.

20. The Woods of Light
(Gohan’s POV): “I came down with the hardest crash, and Videl landed on exactly the same time I hit the ground. I’m glad we had no injuries at all, but the crash felt like I was being torn apart. I managed to wake up shortly after the crash. It looks like everyone else is sleeping; I fell back to that state too. It’s been almost two months ago that I and Videl bonded in the way Saiyans used to. I can see the bite mark on her left shoulder. I love her so much, it makes my heart ache. I have been through worst moments. Even when the Evil Buu was around. I thought that Shenron erased those memories from us, even from me, but I must have landed head-first. I could see my life again before me. I enjoyed the time I used to have in my younger years. My life changed dramatically when Radditz came. Frieza… that no-good tyrant. He pissed me off when I was on Namek. He stopped me from helping Krillin. I got really mad, and I managed to fight him, but then he picked on me badly. I was scared when Frieza killed Krillin for real, but I got astonished as my father became a Super Saiyan. Then Cell… that Android is so selfish; he absorbed innocent people like a spider sucking up its pre-digested food, and Cell then sucked Android 17 and 18, now Krillin’s wife, up like they were a piece of spaghetti. Claiming to be the perfect being, but I showed him who’s boss when I turned Super Saiyan 2. Nevertheless, I blamed myself for my father’s sacrifice…, but I got over it once I spent time at the beautiful lake I discovered, miles away from home… then I met her… Videl… man she was cute when I first saw her. She has a lot of fighting spirit, courage and determination. I taught her how to fly, and also how to master some energy attacks. What I also admire from Videl is that she has a lot of guts. She won’t give up like me. When I fought Broly for the second time, I didn’t know I would see her in the line of battle. I helped her out after her fight with Spopovich; I killed him for what he has done to her. I made her a lot stronger, and she fought with me against Dabura, but against Fat Buu we didn’t stand a chance…”
(Videl’s POV continuing from where Gohan left): “We were badly injured due to Fat Buu. For a moment I feared that he would turn me and Gohan into candy, chocolate or a cookie and would eat us up. I thought we were dead once we saw a new world after we woke up. Later that day we would die anyway… First we had that Sword, the Z-Sword. It helped me to become as strong as Gohan, I was quite happy with that. When we came back on Earth we learned that Buu has killed everyone except for my father, Gohan’s brother and some of Gohan’s friends. Krillin and 18 survived, too, but they were nowhere to be found, until Goten told us that Buu absorbed them. I had no idea what absorption was, until I saw that Gohan’s tutor Piccolo and Gotenks, the result of Goten brother who fused with his best friend Trunks, were caught by some pink goo and were sent into Buu. I didn’t expect that after an half an hour Buu had set its eyes on us, too. I held my boyfriend tight as that oozing blanket swallowed us up and digested us, so that’s how we became a part of Buu, so he had access to all our powers. Goku and Vegeta saved us somehow, but we didn’t live long after that. I heard Goku mumbling something about some Kid Buu, and that he was going to blow up the Earth. The next thing I remembered, before I woke up in Other World is my body being consumed by fire, along with my boyfriend. Those strange balls, the Dragonballs, they gave us our lives back. It felt as if I had completely regenerated, and was permitted to continue to live from the point I left. I was glad to, if it wasn’t for Gohan’s dad and Vegeta, then Gohan and I would still be dead, or we would be stuck inside Buu together forever….”

Rick woke up with a fierce headache, and seconds after that, the others woke up as well.
”Now that was a hard landing.” Goku said.
”Yeah, are you ok, Zelda?” Impa asked.
”Yeah, I’m fine.” Zelda said.
”Well, at least we’ve escaped.” Goten said.
”Yeah, but they will find us soon enough if we stay here.” Ruto said.
”Right. We have to get going.” Nabooru said.
”Hey, where’s Rick?” Pan asked.
”I’m over here.” a voice said.
As the gang turned around, they see Rick standing on a high bridge.
”How did you get there?” Susan asked.
”I jumped on it.” Rick calmly replied, before jumping off the other side. He then lands in a beautiful landscape. A stream of water flowing, here and there some waterfalls, grassy fields, and no enemies. The others soon arrive, and watch in awe at the landscape.
”Wow, this place is beautiful!” Saria said.
”It sure is. It reminds me of Hyrule.” Link said.
”And it reminds me of Earth.” Rick said.
The group wanders along, following the stream, until they find a cage. Rick smashes this one open with two blasts. Then a yellow sphere appears from the cage. Rick grabs it, and then a rattling sound follows below Rick, indicating there is a new road available. Rick also feels a rush through his body, indicating he regained some of his original powers. He points his right forefinger forward when he’s jumped down upward. Then, within seconds, two orange lights travel each at a side of the finger, and when they meet together at the tip of the finger, they merge and immediately after that, an orange beam is fired from the tip. The others are amazed.
”What kind of attack is that?” Vegeta asked.
”I call this the Phaser. I’m capable of using it in different options against my enemies. I can either lightly stun or totally vaporize them if I wish.” Rick explained.
”Cool.” Marron said.
”Is it just me, or are you getting your powers back?” 17 asked.
”Are WE getting our powers back? Yes, we do. By collecting the yellow lums I created we will eventually get all our techniques back. And we must also destroy the cages. By destroying 10 cages, our powerlevels will return to normal eventually as well.” Rick said.
”So you anticipated that something would steal our energy while we were out, so we’re now on a quest to get them back, is that correct?” Link asked puzzled.
”You bet.” Rick said.
The group ventures along, grabbing three more lums, and then they come across two walls with an opening between them. The opening is large enough for one person to stand in. Rick goes in the opening first, and he begins to climb the walls, until he’s at the top. Underway he grabs a 5th yellow lum. Then he sits down and waits for the others, who arrive shortly after he settled down. Pan then smashes a second cage, and a strange light begins to glow in an opening. It forms some kind of whirlpool. The group approaches the whirlpool carefully, but suddenly they are sucked in, and transported to another place.

21. The Fairy Glade
As the group landed in the new surroundings, they are in a small room with four chests and two withered plants, by Link and his friends known as the Deku Baba’s. Using the energy balls Rick taught him, Link cuts them to get his first ‘real’ weapon: The Deku Stick. Ideal for igniting unlit torches, and burning orb- and cobwebs if they’re hanging in the way. Saria opens the first chest.
”Hey, I found some Deku Nuts.” she said.
”What are those for?” Bulla asked.
”You can temporarily freeze them, so you have an opportunity to strike.” Link said.
”That will come in handy.” Goku said.
”I found a blue rupee.” Zelda said, after opening a second chest.
”So we have five rupees to spend.” Pan said.
”I found a childs wallet here.” Impa said, after looking in the third chest.
”Good. So we can carry 99 rupees in total.” Link said.
”Hey, Link, I found four Deku Shields in here!” Ruto said.
”Oh, so four of us have some protection here. Deku Shields are only for children, so I, Zelda, Saria and Ruto can have a Deku Shield.”
”What about us?” Goten asked confused.
”Hey, bro, we can use the Energy Barrier technique that will protect us from all melee ánd energy attacks, remember?” Gohan said.
”Oh yeah!”
”So we have some basic armament here.” Videl said.
”That’s right.” Darunia said.
As the group ventured outside, after Saria cut the re-grown Deku Baba’s, they come across a small lake with again a waterfall, and an island with a giant mushroom in the centre, connected with mainland via a wooden bridge.
”I can hear some cries of help, but I don’t know where it’s coming from.” Nabooru said.
”Then it must be coming from that underwater cave there.” Rick said, and dives in the water. The others follow him curiously, and then Rick begins to dive under and swims in the cave. He follows a trail of blue spheres.
::Gohan, what are those spheres?:: Videl asked through her bond.
::I have no idea:: Gohan replied.
~Those are blue lums. Get those while being under water, they have a supply of oxygen which allows you to breathe under water.~ Rick said.
~I didn’t know you could speak telepathically.~ Vegeta said.
~I practiced with it during my swimming lessons, several years ago.~ Rick replied.
~Cool.~ Link said.
~Right.~ Saria said.
~Say, Rick, you are unusually strong for a human, and I can sense that your mate has the same powers as yours. How did you get those powers?~ Vegeta asked.
Rick stopped swimming.
~Well, some guy sent me and Susan into space, and somehow an alien race managed to save us and adapted us. We’re no cyborgs, we’re full-blooded humans.~ he said.
After the group opened a cage found in the other water, and returned to the island, Rick jumps on the giant mushroom and is suddenly launched to the sky, only to grab on several vines hanging on a branch about 30 feet from the ground.
”Seems you found a way to continue our trip.” Launch said.
”True. So let’s get going before we’re get caught again.” Rick said, following the wires.
”Sounds a good idea to me.” Goku said, while following Rick.
The others follow Goku.
”What amazes me about Rick is that it’s like he exactly knows where we have to go, even though we all have never been here before.” Link said.
”Link is right. Does he have some kind of scanner?” Zelda asked.
”Beats me.” Saria said.
”So, where are we going?” Chi-Chi asked Goku.
”I have no idea, honey. But I’ve got a feeling we have a hard trip on our hands.” Goku said.
”We’re going to one of my secret science stations, not too far from here. There I will give you some special equipment that will aid you further through everything.” Rick said.
”Where is it?” Bulla asked.
”Patience. All we need to do is to open the gate, cross some murky water, climb up a tree, slide down a brooklet, and pass by a piranha infested lake.” Rick said, while landing on a safe platform, and ventures along.
”Goku, can’t you use your Instant Transmission to get us there?” Chi-Chi asked.
”I can’t. I can’t sense any ki beside that of us from here.” Goku replied.
”What a bummer.” Gohan said.
”Yeah.” Videl said.
”Don’t worry, I’ll be your guide along the way, but coming back, I won’t play. I’ll show you the only way to go, so follow me and don’t be slow.” Rick said.
”That’s the same phrase the Spirit Guide told me when I crossed the Haunted Wasteland.” Link said.
”Then you must have used the Lens Of Truth.” Nabooru said.
Link nodded.
Our friends follow the path of water-lilies, jump from platform to platform and activate the switch, opening the gate. Rick uses a Phaser to open another cage, and another yellow lum is collected.

(Vegeta’s POV): “I just don’t get it! I thought we could live a normal life on Earth, so I could train harder and finally surpass Kakarot, but no! Here we are following a trial with murky water, to escape from another freak we supposed to have killed weeks ago! Some baka scientist HAD to revive it, and now he’s not only aiming at me, but he also wants my family and my friends! I hate it that when every time I reach a new level then there is someone or something challenging me! I’m getting sick and tired of it! I watch as the others climb the tree the human boy told us about. I’m following in final position. We should be there any moment.”

As the group slid down the brooklet, and crossed the piranha infested lake, they come across another path with murky water, and several yellow lums and a cage are present here, too.
”Are we there yet?” Vegeta asked.
”Almost. Just open the cage and get the yellow lums.” Rick said.
Suddenly a high circling sound is heard after the cage has been opened.
”Hey, I remember that sound! There must be a chest or a fairy nearby!” Link said.
”Then let’s check it out.” Saria said.
Goku Instant Transmits to the chest and returns with a small key in his hand.
”This was in the chest.” he said.
”Thanks. It’s a standard security. You have to solve a puzzle here to gain access to the key. Only PURE HEARTED people like you can get the key…” Rick said.
”What does ‘pure hearted’ mean, mommy?” Marron asked.
”It means that if you have a pure heart, it means that you are good. People like me and you have a pure heart, others, like the people who want to defeat us and all that don’t have it.” 18 said.
”Yippee! I’m good!” Marron squealed.
”Pure innocence, I love it.” Link said.

22. The new training
As the group entered the secret science station Rick and Susan have, they’re surprised to see that the inside looks like an old fortress.
”Wow, It’s so quiet here, the only sound we can hear is our breathing.” Videl said.
”Yeah, it’s so weird.” Gohan said.
”Well, now that we are here, our roads have to separate.” Rick said, while Susan joins him.
”Aren’t you coming with us?” Pan asked.
”I’d love to, but I and Susan have to keep track of the enemies’ movements. But I’ve got a special gift for you. This station also has a training center.”
”Now that’s more I like it! When can we start?” Vegeta said.
”Immediately.” Rick said, while showing the way to the training center.
”From what does the training exist?” Link asked.
”There are three stages you must complete. Each stage has three rooms in which you need to fulfil the task of killing all the enemies present. Every Room One is simply to kill all the enemies, Room Two is kill all your opponents within a certain time-limit, and Room Three is kill all your foes using only one technique. One or more chests will appear when a room is completed, each chest containing certain necessary supplies. If you have completed Room Three on Stage Three then you may go to Room Four. We will wait for you there. If you manage to reach Room Four, I and Susan will give you specialized equipment regarding your outfit.” Rick said.
”Which enemies will be there?” Goku asked.
”Stage One includes some basic enemies: Deku Baba’s, Lizalfos, Shaboms, Octoroks, and some weak henchmen of Frieza and some basic Majin Fighters. Stage Two has some tougher enemies: Big Deku Baba’s, Henchmen of Frieza in the highest class, including the Ginyu Force, some Dodongo’s and the Floormaster is present there, too.” Susan said.
Link gulped.
”Ehm… Are there any Wallmasters, too?” he asked.
”Well, Stage Three is totally different from the others; all you have to do is kill all enemies. Stage Three, Room One will include even the toughest enemies: Stalfos, Iron Knuckles, and some Bosses. You will even find Saiyan Warriors in there. Room Two, there you will have to fight… yourself.”
”Like I fought Dark Link in the Water Temple?” Link asked.
”Yes. Room Three of Stage Three is the toughest of them all. It’s an all-round battle simulation, which include the following enemies: Stalfos, Iron Knuckles, King Dodongo, Twinrova, Ganondorf, Floormasters, ReDeads, Frieza, Cell, Broly, Cooler, Dr. Gero… and you will encounter the Wallmaster there, too.” Rick said.
Link gulped harder.
”Are you afraid?” Saria asked.
”No, it’s just the thought of encountering a Wallmaster that sends shivers down my spine. You see, the Wallmaster attacks from above, and if you get caught, there’s a good chance you have to start all over.” Link said.
”Not exactly. It’s true that the Wallmaster can take you back to the entrance of Room One of Stage One, but you don’t have to do the fights all over. Instead, there is a portal in the center of Room One that teleports you directly to the Final Room. So you don’t have to start all over again.” Rick said.
”Good.” Vegeta said.
”Can we go?” Goku said.
”Oh yes, but first we give you some standard equipment.” Rick said, and opens a large box, throwing out some spandex suits, gloves, boots, and some armour.
”It looks like Saiyan Armour!” Vegeta said.
”It is. It’s the Standard Saiyan Armour. Standard Saiyan Armour can handle some basic strikes, like Sword Slashes, Lunging, Bumping, and basic energy attacks. For Link and his friends I’ve got here some basic swords and additional shields for those who don’t have one. Further I’ve got some Red Potions here. If you drink it, your health will be replenished to the max. The gloves you have are Normal Gauntlets; it allows you to pick up light-weight objects like small rocks, jars, Bomb Flowers and so on.” Rick said.
”Is this our standard equipment? We’ll have a hard time then.” Trunks said.
”Oh no. We will enhance your capabilities after Stage One and Two.” Susan said.
”You can enter the First Room of Stage One. Good luck.” Rick said.

(Goku’s POV): “I’m hungry…”

The group advances to the first room, and when everyone is inside, the two doors are suddenly locked with metal bars. Link draws his sword and grabs his Deku Shield; he’s ready. Then the battle begins. Everyone takes his/her time, and within 5 minutes Room One is completed. Then several chests appear. Link is happy, he has now the Fairy Bow, along with his friends. Goku has discovered some Senzu Beans, Saria found a Quiver for the arrows, Zelda found a Normal Bomb Bag, Vegeta got the key to Room 2.
”Well done,” the voice of Rick said, when everyone was in Room 2, “Now defeat the same enemies within 3 minutes!”
Our heroes had it harder, but they managed to solve it within less than 75 seconds. Now the chests contain nothing more than another key, some Recovery Hearts, ammo, and some herbs.
”Hey, what’s going on? I can’t draw my sword anymore!” Link said.
”Try to defeat the enemies with the energy balls I taught you.” the voice of Rick said.
And so our heroes fight again. This time it’s much harder than before, but they succeed eventually. Then they go down to stage two with a new key. There they find Rick waiting for them.
”We’ll never make it through Stage two with only this.” Ruto said.
”That’s why I came here to give you some more stuff.” Rick said.
”Show us.” Vegeta said.
”Here I have a new suit. The Improved Saiyan Armour is the same as normal, but it’s also heat-resistant, and reduces the damage done by enemies with 25%.”
”That’s sounds good.” Link said.
”I also have the Silver Gauntlets here. You’ll be able to move and/or lift medium weight objects.”
Goku tries to move a large rock that blocks the door, but he fails.
”I’ll show it to you.” Rick said, and with the Silver Gauntlets on, he has no difficulty in lifting the rock. The others are astonished.
”Cool!” Pan said.
”Let’s continue with Stage two.” Vegeta said.
Stage Two was also quickly completed, and, equipped with Advanced Saiyan Armour, Golden Gauntlets and some special shielding, the group battled through Stage Three. Then everyone arrived at Room 4. There they found Rick and Susan again.

23. The trip continues…
”Well done. You’re the first who ever completed our training session.” Rick said.
”Piece of cake. Those baka’s were almost nothing.” Vegeta said.
”As a reward, you will be taught some new attacks and secret abilities!” Susan said.
”What? You’re making us more powerful?”
”Correct. First, I’m going to enhance your energyballs.” Rick said.
”You mean the white balls that don’t cost energy?” Trunks asked.
”Right. With the power-up I’m granting you, it causes the energy balls to colour blue from now on, and you’ll be able to grab things like Purple lums.” Rick said, and gives our heroes the power.
”Cool, but what are these secret abilities?” Pan asked.
”I’m teaching you a special defense technique, which can also be used to attack.” Rick said, as he led the group to a spot with stationary enemies.
”What’s its name?” Goku asked.
”The technique is called Flare.” Rick said.
Then he stands in the center of the room, holds his arms crossed in front if his chest, and begins to power up. Within seconds, his body gets a fiery red/orange/yellow glow.
”FLARE!” He shouts, spreading his arms and legs out. Instantly everything colours a glowing red/orange/yellow and on different spots explosions occur. After 10 seconds everything colours normal again, but the enemies are gone.
”AWESOME!” Pan said.
”Please take into account that the Flare takes time to recharge. I can further also teach you to use the Ice Beam. It’s a simple bullet of Ice, which can be fired if you shoot one of your other attacks if you wish. The Ice Beam will temporarily disable your opponents from attacking you.” Rick said.
”Will we ever learn some other moves from you?” Marron asked.
”Sure you will. It’s up to you to complete the trip and gather the yellow lums and break the cages. Here’s also a handy tip: Look out for Secret Area’s. They might be full of stuff to help you, some may contain secret entrances, and maybe you will see me in some areas.” Rick said.
’Oh, joy…’ Vegeta thought.

The group ventures on through the Fairy Glade. Following platforms over an acid brook, climbing a spider web and fighting off some Lizalfos, avoiding electric rays and collecting lums and cages on their way. They eventually pass by some drains, and they fall down several meters, before levitating to the final cage using air currents. They go through the portal to eventually come to a huge swamp.

24. The Marshes of Awakening
”Man, this is what I call a swamp.” Bulma said.
”And it’s infested with piranhas.” Gohan said.
”What?” Videl said.
”We better watch our step then.” Impa said.
”Why don’t we just fly over everything?” Vegeta asked.
”Vegeta! We need to collect those yellow things to regain our powers! Even our flying abilities are disabled.” Goku said
”Imbecile! You tell me now?”
”I thought you realized it by yourself!”
”Quit the arguing and let’s get going, unless you want to become a nice snack for that monster that is after us!” Marron exclaimed.
Gohan and Videl go bug-eyed, and their jaws drop to the floor, their arms hanging totally limp by their sides. Link and his friends stare at each other, also confused.
”Is this their way of ending fights?” Link asked puzzled.
”I guess so.” Saria said.
The group ventures along, following a long, thick branch which eventually leads to a cave. Link has found a chest, and he opens it.
”Cool, I found some Biggoron’s Swords here.” he said.
”What?” Zelda asked.
”Those swords are gigantic!” Saria said.
”Yep, and we can’t use our shields, since we have to use both hands for the sword.” Link said.
”Thanks for the info.” Ruto said.
”Well, the bright side is that the Biggoron’s Sword will never break, and that it’s even stronger than the Master Sword.”
As the group advanced in the cave, they’re suddenly surprised by a monster dropping before them.
”NO! YOU CAN’T ENTER HERE!” it said, scaring everyone out of their wits.
”W – w – w – why not?” Link asked.
The group backs off and retreat from the cave.
”What an ego!” Bulma said.
”Yeah, I wonder what he meant by the name of the place.” Pan said.
”Hey Link, I found an inscription here.” Zelda said.
Link and the others go to Zelda.
”This is strange. Is it some kind of pattern?” he asked.
”I have no idea.” Saria asked.
”What does it say?” Goku asked.
”Take a look.” Link said.
The others were curious, too. The inscription is as follows:

Play these notes…

“Awkward. The inscription tells us that we should play these notes.” Link said.
”Yeah?” Impa asked.
Link grabs his Fairy Ocarina.
”Are you going to try it?” Saria asked.
”Yeah. Who knows…” Link said.
”I’m gonna help you. You probably can’t handle it quickly.”
”Thanks, Saria.”
”I’m helping, too.” Zelda said, taking her Ocarina.
”We need one more player.” Saria said, after picking her Ocarina out.
”I’ll do it.” Ruto said.
”Then take my Ocarina for it.” Impa said.
”Thanks.” Ruto said with a smile.
”Well, here we go.” Link said, and then Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto began to play it.
”It’s a very strange song.” Pan said.
Suddenly, Rick lands several meters away from the group.
”Rick?! You’re back already?” Launch asked.
”Yeah, you guys, are at a spot where you can, shall we say ‘summon’ me.” Rick said.
”Well?” Vegeta asked.
”I have something for you anyway. It’s probably not much, but I think it will be helpful.” Rick said.
”Show it to us.” Darunia said.
”I’m handing some extra weapons to you.” Rick said, and then he creates a ball, in which an icon of a cannon is displayed: .
”What’s this?” Link asked.
”This ball will be integrated in all of you after a few seconds. This weapon is the Laser. This is a Front Gun that, when fully powered, can cause a great amount of damage to your enemies.” Rick said.
”Cool. What do you have more?” Pan asked.
”I have also this: *creates another ball with another icon: *. This weapon is called the Guided MicroBomb. It fires Bombs that goes directly to an enemy if there is one close by. The bombs will be fired if you use the Laser.”
”Wow, so there bombs will chase an enemy to make sure it will hit?” Bulla asked.
”Exactly. I have also two Front Attachments for you: The first one is this: The Protron Cannon Tangerine. It Fires three blue balls in a Y-Shaped pattern, and the balls have the same behaviour as the Guided Bombs. The second one is my personal favourite: The BattleShip Class FireBomb. This fires six fireballs in a six-way pattern to the side, and they can cause great damage.”
”Will they be attached to us? It’ll make us look like cyborgs then.” Goku said.
”Well, They are not really ‘attached’ if you mean it that way, it’s just called that way since it used to be on spaceships. I just converted it so you can fire its weapons with your ki, that’s all.”
’Good.’ Vegeta thought.
”What do you have more?” Videl asked.
”Now that you’re busy, anyway…” Gohan said.
”Well, I’ve got these two weapons here. Here are the icons: & . Together they form the Mega Pulse. With this you can fire, when fully powered, in four directions: Forward, Backward, to your Left and to your Right. These bullets will fire bullets of their own upon impact on your surroundings (like walls etc.) and your enemies.” Rick said.
”Great. Have you, by the way, a personal favourite of all these weapons you’re giving us?” Goten asked.
”You bet. I’m giving it to you as well. It’s this icon here: .”
”What is it?” Android 17 asked.
”I call this the Plasma Storm. This Weapon also needs time to recharge since it has limited ammo, but when fully charged, you can fire a volley of six giant orange/red blasts from each hand. Each blast can sneer straight through scenery and enemies, and it can cause MEGA damage to all your foes. Ideal for eliminating enemies behind walls.”
”Can you demonstrate it?” Marron asked.
”Sure, why not? There is a group of enemies on their way to us, so they form a perfect target.”
Rick extends his hands, and begins to power up. His arms receive green glowing circles, wind begins to blow around him and the others, and orange/red balls form in the palms of his hands.
”PLASMA STORM!!!” Rick shouts, and immediately he fires from each hand six blasts, each with the size of a city block, to the enemies, who are indeed destroyed immediately.
”WOW!” Pan exclaimed.
”AWESOME!” Bulla said.
”That was huge!” Android 18 said.
”I have no words for it.” Krillin said.
”And you said it was probably not much! Looks like you’re sharing your best abilities with us!” Vegeta said.
”I have one more weapon for you: This is the Zica SuperCharger. This sidekick can fire blue beams, which are long and more powerful if you wait long enough until they’re fully charged. You can almost see it as a small Version of the Kamehameha Wave.” Rick said.
”Cool. Was that it?” Chi-Chi asked.
”No, I’ve got a basic shield for you. The Structural Integrity Field is not much for a shield, it simply offers you some better resistance. The upside is that it’s regenerative shielding. I also have this: . The Standard MR-9 is the first generator produced.”
”What are they for?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”Generators will reduce the amount of ki used in combat. It’s useful for the weapons I gave you, ánd for the attacks you already have.”
”Is that the strongest for now? It’s almost nothing.” Bulma said.
”Don’t worry. On other spots where you can either find or ‘summon’ me, I will give you upgrade until I have reached the highest level possible.”
”What? So you’re improving us?” Vegeta asked.
”Yes. With that monster Hildegarn on the loose, you better have some good resistance. Others he will impale you on a spit and use you as its primary barbecue meal!”
The group gulped at the idea of having a spit through their bodies and eaten like a barbecue meal.
”Thanks.” Vegeta said then.
”It’s time for me to leave. One of my animal friends is imprisoned here by the way. He’s a friendly water snake. He may help you cross the swamp if you free him.” Rick said, before he teleports away from the group.
”Modern Technology is the finest. There’s no doubt about that.” Trunks said.
Meanwhile, Gohan and Videl are testing the combination of the Laser + Guided MicroBombs + Protron Cannon Tangerine + BattleShip Class FireBomb.
”Well, at least we have some firepower.” Nabooru said.
”Yeah, but the Laser is almost nothing. It’s so thin and weak.” Tien said.
”Chin up, Tien. Rick said that when we meet him again, he would power us up.” Gohan said.
”Yeah. After all, we have the Plasma Storm as some heavy duty fireworks.” Videl added.
”Oh yeah.” Link said.
”Rick has good intentions towards us. Maybe he knows how to turn the tide of the war against us.” Rauru said.
”You’ve been scanning him on evil?” Impa asked.
”I’m the Sage of Light, remember. Rick’s heart is totally pure, just like anyone else in our group.”

The group uses the lily pads to carefully cross the swamp. Then they come to a cage. Vegeta smashes it open, and the water snake comes out.
”Thank you for saving me. As a reward, I shall let you cross the swamp. I have about a half the lines as you are in number, so it’s two on one line.” the water snake said.
”Gee, thanks.” Pan said.
So the group divides itself in groups of two, each pair grabbing a good hold of the lines, connected to the snakes scarf.
”Are you sure you can get us all together over the swamp?” Bulla asked.
”Of course I can. I’m very strong and very fast.” the water snake said.
”Ok, then stop wasting time.” Vegeta said.
”As you wish.” the water snake replied, and he instantly moves forward at rapid speed, literally yanking the group with him.
Waterskiing all the way, the group quickly collects all of the 50 present lums, and broke the 4 remaining cages. The first one of these cages happened to be the 10th cage in total, so Goku, his family and friends repossessed the Kaioken up to x5.

25. The Bayou and the Walk of Life
The group arrives in another part of the swamp, this time with some more walk able paths. But they’ve just arrived or they’re immediately drawn into battle. Several Stalfos, Dinolfos, and some henchmen of Frieza have arrived, and are attacking our heroes. Our heroes are having a bad time during battle, but then Pan remembers what Rick taught them. She holds her hand forward, and after a few seconds, she fires the full volley of the Plasma Storm at the attackers, killing them instantly.
”Wow, thanks Pan.” Bulla said to her girlfriend.
”No problem. I think the shield isn’t working at all.” Pan said.
”It did work. But still our wounds are pretty bad. But all is better than being killed.” Goku said.
”We have to take a time out.” Impa said, who notices Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto panting heavily.
”But how? There are sure more enemies around here, and Gohan and Videl are in an extremely bad shape.” Goku said, who noticed the large amount of cuts all over the two.
”Maybe I can help.” a voice said.
”Rick, please don’t scare us like that again.” 18 said.
”Sorry about that. I’m here to lead you guys to another place through this portal.”
The group gulped.
”Relax. All you have to do is collect the 50 lums. It’s a simple path, with the surroundings similar to that of the Woods of Light. There are no enemies there, and you don’t have to jump. See it as a relaxing level. I’m waiting for you at the portal at the other side of that path with some upgrades and a new special weapon.” Rick said.
”Are you serious? Gohan and Videl are hurt pretty badly.” Goten said.
”I’m really serious. There is no danger or heavy duty stuff, it’s just plain walking.” Rick said, and then he goes into the portal.
”OK then, let’s go.” Goku said, shrugging.

The group soon found out that Rick was right. They walked easily through the level, grabbing lum after lum, as if they were just lying there to be picked up. Then, after a few minutes, they see Rick again.
”You are indeed in bad shape. Let me help you.” he said, and creates a golden light ball, which divides itself in hundreds of smaller light balls, and they circle around the group. To their astonishment, everyone noticed that their wounds are disappearing, as if something is healing them.
”What did you do?” Vegeta asked.
”Simple, I brought you guys back to your maximum health.” Rick said.
”Thanks a lot.” Marron said.
”No problem. I’m now giving you some upgrades. First, the power of all of your Front and Rear weapons you have will be increased to level 2, and your sidekicks will be refilled to maximum ammo. Then your shield will be upgraded from the Standard Integrity Field to this: The Advanced Integrity Field, and the generator will be upgraded from the Standard MR-9 to this: The Advanced MR-12. So you receive in short a power-up for your Front and Rear Weapons, Your shield level increases and you have also a little lesser ki usage. Receive the upgrades now!” Rick said, and with platinum light balls, he integrates the upgrades to everyone of the group.
”Thanks, Rick. What is by the way the new Special ability you’re going to give to us?” Bulma asked.
”This technique is a special defense technique that will be useful during combat. It’s called the Repulsor. The Repulsor allows you to repulse incoming attacks. I’m giving you two versions of this: The First Version is that you repulse the enemy attacks if you shoot an attack of your own. The Second Version is by moving quickly from side to side (to the left, then to the right, and then back to the left). The only downside of the second version is that it consumes light portions of your shield, but that shouldn’t be a major problem, since it’s a regenerative shielding. So if your shield gets hit by an attack, it will regenerate immediately to its current max, depending on the current power in your generators.”
”Is that all?” Chi-Chi asked.
”For now, yes. I’m currently working on more upgrades like mad, and Susan and some of my other friends assist me. I’m also acting as some kind of delivery boy. Anyway, you will meet me again shortly. You can go back through this portal to the entrance of the level where you had the hard battle, but the good side is, that battle won’t happen all over again.”
”That’s some good news.” Darunia said.
”By the way, there are from now one some gems, coins and crystals scattered over the worlds you’re going to visit. You can find them in destructible crates, some small chests, and several other wreckages lying in your path. Collect as many of them as possible and give them to me. In return I can give you some more weapons.”
”More weapons? What is the strongest weapon you have?” Vegeta asked.
”Well, next to the Plasma Storm, my strongest weapon is this rocket here: .”
”It doesn’t look much.” Pan said.
”True, but it can cause an incredible amount of damage upon impact. Suffice it to say, you only need one or two of these to level an entire city with its entire population.” Rick said.
”YIKES!” Ruto exclaimed.
”Now that’s firepower!” Vegeta said.
”Are you giving it to us?” Trunks asked.
”To be precise I’ve scattered this as a special item also through different worlds, like places where there are lots, and lots of enemies. But if you give me 4 of the very rare Purple Crystals, I may even add it to your standard weapons. Oh and by the way, the Repulsor does not work with melee attacks, only if there are bullets, bombs, arrows, rockets or energy attacks have been fired at you.” Rick said, just before the group leaves.
”Ehm, how do we recognize the Super Bomb?” Videl asked.
”You’ll find one of the super bombs by means of this Icon here: .” Rick said.
”Cool.” Gohan said.
”Eh, what the heck, I’ll give each of you five of these Super Bombs for free, so you can test it by yourself.”
The group instantly freezes in its track, and looks bug-eyed at Rick.
”Here, take them. Remember, they can cause great damage, so don’t waste them. Use them only if you really have to.” Rick said.
”Gee… thanks.” Link said, after taking his five Super Bombs.
”No problem. If you really want more, try to look for them in chests, plants that you can cut and enemies you destroy. You can get a refill from me anytime, but only if you have no one to four of these left. Take care.” Rick said.

’Oh no, not a search quest again!’ Vegeta thought, just when everyone was back to the place of where they had the heavy battle.
::Come on, Vegeta, it’s only some crystals.:: Bulma said through her bond.
::That is all very well, but we still have the problem of that Hildegarn freak!:: Vegeta replied.
::Don’t be such a baby, Vegeta, we can handle it! I know we can!::
::Yeah, but what if we do end up inside that monster?::
::Quit it! We’ll sure find a way to prevent that. Otherwise we have a big problem.::
::Say, Goku, what do you think?:: Chi-Chi asked through her bond with Goku.
::I don’t know, Chi-Chi. All I know is that we have on heck of a trip at our hands.:: Goku replied.
::The enemies are strong, but we’re getting stronger, too.:: Chi-Chi said, just as the group stepped on a large metal raft.
::Yeah. *looks to the others* Say, Gohan and Videl look a little nervous to me.::
::What? Poor teens. Can you figure out what’s wrong?::
::Well, maybe that the period in which they were trapped in the gap between dimensions has something to do with it.::

(Pan’s POV): “So we’ve been sent on a new adventure. As we jump back on land and open a cage with lums, I also noticed that Gohan and Videl are having a bad time in their thoughts. I know it’s Videl, who is my mother in my timeline, who has it hard, but she bonded with Gohan, who is my father in my timeline, so he undergoes the same pain as she. I still can’t figure out how I actually got in this time. It may have something to do with the bad weather several months ago. I was sparring with Bulla, and we both were suddenly here. Now we have to fight another beast, which is so large, he can swallow all of us whole at the same time. I still can’t put my finger on it, it’s so confusing. I bet my mom and dad are worried sick about me.
”Watch it, there are Stalfos coming in!” I heard Link shout, so we have to battle again. Thanks to Rick, who taught us the awesome Plasma Storm, we managed to take them out quickly. I climb a ladder first, and I saw four green glowing gems lying in front of me.
”Check out what I found!” I said to the others.
”This must be the gems Rick told us about. Good work, Pan!” My grandpa Goku said. He softly pats me on my head, since I found them. Bulla managed to his a switch, and a new path was opened.
”Run for it! This bridge is going to collapse!” I heard Piccolo say after we landed on it. We all quickly managed to cross the bridge before it collapsed. There are still piranhas here. I’m getting lightly nervous. I hope we all manage to survive this all.”

The group continues their journey by the swamp, and no further incidents have taken place. Then the group arrives at the top of the cliff they have to cross. Then another battle begins, as suddenly an armada of Stalfos land in front of our friends, and immediately attacks. It’s a harsh battle, and it looks like the Stalfos are winning. But then…
”GYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Videl shrieked as a Stalfos buried its sword in her right shoulder.
”VIDEL!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!” Gohan shouted and without hesitation he fires one of his Super Bombs at the Stalfos.
A gigantic blue-coloured cloudy explosion follows, and all of a sudden, all of the Stalfos bursted into tiny pieces. Smaller blue balls fly away in a 5-way pattern; one of them hits a switch, which creates the path needed for the continuation of the trip. But everyone has stopped with their actions. Everyone looks like they’ve been frozen. No one, not even Gohan couldn’t believe what happened. The once seemingly invincible armada of Stalfos, hundreds of them in total, has been completely blown to bits with only a single rocket!
”Videl… are you… ok…?” Gohan asked after a while.
”I’m fine. You saved my life, Gohan. I owe you one.” Videl said.
”It’s ok.”
”Is this what the Super Bomb can do?” Vegeta asked, still horrified at what just happened.
Pan gulped. Link, Saria, Zelda, Ruto, Darunia, Impa, Nabooru and Rauru are totally shocked; Marron passes out, causing 18 to pick her up.
”Ehm… I think we should get going, ok. And if we ever gonna use the Super Bomb again, please announce it telepathically.” Goku said after a minute of silence.
”Yeah, sure.” Goten said.
The group continued their journey, after Gohan opened a chest, and found another one of the Super Bombs, to refill his stock. Then the group encountered some red spheres.
”What are those?” Nabooru asked.
~Those spheres are called Red Lums. Collect them to restore your health.~ Rick said telepathically.
”Thanks.” Krillin said.
With most of their wounds restored, our heroes continue their way across the cliff carefully. Jumping over some barrels rolling in their path, they finally reach another cliff, which they cross using a purple lum. They also find several silver, red, beige and green coins, and they also found several green, red/orange and blue coloured gems.
”They must have a great value. They look so shiny.” Bulla said.
Saria, Zelda and Ruto walked along, seeing a safe path but suddenly…
”LOOK OUT!” Darunia yells, and the girls see a huge axe swinging towards them. But then the girls are pushed forward to the ground, and the axe swings over them. Nabooru then uses the Plasma Storm to melt the axe. Saria was the first to look who pushed them forward…
”Link?! You… you saved our lives!” she said.
”Thank you so much.” Zelda and Ruto said in unison.
”No problem. You are my best friends, just like the others. And I can’t allow a friend of mine to die.” Link said, making the girls blush.
The group continued their journey, and reached finally the end portal, after breaking the final cage of the level. Then Goku realized that he and the other Saiyans are capable of going Super Saiyan again, and that the wounds which were not yet healed are now healed.
”Gohan, is Videl all right?” Chi-Chi asked, after the group went in the portal, and stood in a total black area.
”No, she is more nervous than usual, and since I and Videl bonded, I’m getting nervous as well.” Gohan said.
”Videl? What’s wrong?” Bulma asked.
”I… I don’t know. I have this feeling that we’re encountering something that only I and Gohan have seen before.”
”What. Has it something to do with your between-dimensions trip?” Vegeta asked.
”Yes, it has.” Gohan asked.
”It certainly had a hard impact on you.” Link said.
Then the surroundings colour gold, and again searchlights sway to and fro in the far background.
”Oh no, not again!” Videl moaned, almost passing out.
”What happened?” Nabooru asked.
”Well, Videl and I got hit by some kind of star here within these surroundings, while we were stuck between dimensions.” Gohan said, remaining calm as usual, but comforting his mate.
”Can you tell us how the star looks like?” Saria asked.
”Well, I better try to draw it. You could get confused otherwise.” Gohan said, as he used a golden pen and a sheet of paper he brought along, and drew the star which had hit the couple before. The group doesn’t notice the letters TROS passing them by.
”It looks like this: *shows the drawing (see image below)*
” Gohan said.
”Wow, it’s a strange star indeed.” Android 18 said.
”I haven’t seen it before.” Goten said.
”But you haven’t been where I’ve been, squirt.” Gohan said. Suddenly…


The group is totally surprised as something hit them without a warning.
”OUCH!” Link said.
”Mommy, it hurts!” Marron said, as she began to cry.
”I know, sweetie, I feel the same as you.” 18 said.
Goku examined the object that supposedly hit our friends.
”Say, this must be the star you drew, son.” he said to Gohan.
”Just as I thought.” Videl said, rubbing her cheek.
”My jaw!” Saria wailed.
”My face!” Ruto yelled.
”My hand!” Rauru said.
”You’ve got a bloody nose, Zelda.” Impa said.
”I don’t feel so good.” Pan said.
”None of us do.” Bulla said.
”Hey! The star is moving!” Zelda said.
”Oh no! It’s going to lay flat and spin around!” Gohan exclaimed.
”I… think… we… get… the… point!” Bulma said, as the spinning began.
The star begins to spin faster and faster, and our heroes can barely hold themselves on it. Then, everyone is flung together in one direction from the star, and after a collision with a wall, they’re all knocked senseless, and lay together on the ground.

26. A time out
Everyone woke up simultaneously with a fierce headache. They see that they are on a platform high in a blue sky. A fresh, soft wind blows friendly by, making their clothes flutter softly, and waving their hairs gently. They also notice their wounds have been nursed.
”Hey, guys, Rick is here, too!” Launch said.
”Wow, what happened to you?” Tien asked as he saw Rick sitting in front of the group. His right eye is blue and is swollen, blood has streamed from his mouth and his left arm has been wrapped in bandages, indicating it has been broken. He also has several bruises on his legs.
”Well, I got the same treatment as you when I wanted to wait for you here. Whoever is after you, it probably set up several booby traps all over here and other worlds to keep you guys vulnerable.” Rick said.
”Hey, Susan is here as well!” Link said.
”You both probably got the same treatment as we got. Blast that star.” Gohan said.
”What’s that green stuff all over your clothes?” Videl asked Rick and Susan.
”Well, Rick and I were on our way here when we first got in an ambush by a giant anaconda which swallowed us both simultaneously. We managed to get out, thanks to the Plasma Storm, but we couldn’t prevent that our clothes were partially digested.” Susan said.
”So, what brings you two here?” Pan asked.
”Well, Pan, I want you first to hand the bag of gems you have in your knapsack to me.” Rick said.
Pan gives the bag.
”Why have we to collect them?” Vegeta asked.
”Well, they are capable of opening gates like these here that will allow you to continue your trip. But that doesn’t mean that things will be easier.”
The group gulped.
”What does it mean?” Goku asked.
”You will encounter some bosses in some of the worlds you will visit. I’m not talking about foes like Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu, nor am I talking about evil monsters like Barinade, Volvagia the dragon or evil magicians. No, I’m talking about some fierce Guardians here.”
”Can’t you do anything to help us?” Marron asked.
”I wish I could do that, but I’m afraid I can’t. These guardians are very tough; they can not be hit from the front, or the rear, or the side. You have to use something to impale them, that’s the only way to defeat them. The only thing I can do for you is to upgrade your shield to this: The Gencore Low Energy Shield, and to give you this sidekick: The Mini Missile. If you use the Mini Missile at full strength, you can fire from each hand up to 100 of these missiles. And another great thing is that its ammo is quickly regenerative, so if you fire all missiles, it takes less than a minute before you’re back at full ammo.”
”And I will heal you back to your maximum health.” Susan said, and with her magic, she heals the group, herself and Rick.
”Ehm, before we go through this gate, I would like to know something.” Pan said to Rick.
”What is it?” Rick asked.
”Where are we going actually?”
”You’re now going to a place called the Sanctuary of Water and Ice. It’s there you’ll meet the first guardian. Just believe in yourselves, I’m sure you’ll all succeed.”
”Thanks.” Pan said, and then she and the others go through the gate.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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Second half of part 3.

27. The Sanctuary Of Water And Ice
The group arrives at a beach, where two crabs are wandering around. There is also a strange, blubbering creature. Gohan, Videl, Link, Zelda, Ruto and Saria wander around.
”This place looks cool.” Link said.
”What is that creature over there? It’s crawling towards us.” Videl asked.
”I don’t know.” Gohan replied.
”LOOK OUT!!! IT’S A LIKE-LIKE!!!!” Impa shouted.
”WHAT?!” Link said, and he draws his Biggoron’s Sword and eliminates the Like-like.
”Thanks for the warning, Impa.” Zelda said.
”What is a Like-like?” Goten asked.
”A monster that can swallow you and spits you back out again.” Impa replied.
”Yuck!” Trunks said.
Using the Front Mega Pulse, Pan opens the cage. But this time, not only three yellow lums come out, but several metal cases come out as well.
”What are these?” Goku asked, as the group joined Pan.
Then the metal cases turn into light balls, and integrate themselves into the group, two cases per person.
”Now what?” Vegeta said.
~Well done, guys. You’ve just powered your Front and Rear Weapons up to level 3!~ Ricks voice said to them.
”So these metal cases are power-ups eh?” Darunia said.
”Wow, check out the Laser!” Pan said while she fires it.
”Now that’s a REAL Laser. A beautiful, clear, constant beam.” Android 17 said.
”And the fire rate of those Guided MicroBombs have increased as well.” 18 said.
The group continued their trip and they soon reached a cave with water.
”It’s clear water! Look, mommy, blue lums!” Marron said, jumping in the water.
”Well I’ll be. We haven’t seen swimmable water after Rick led us the way to the science station/training center.” Krillin said.
”Yeah. Most of it we saw them was either heavily polluted, or it was infested with piranhas.” Mirai Trunks said.
Then Gohan and Videl dive in the water, and they quickly go in the underwater cave, only to find some lums and another cage. Then they swim back to the others, who also went in the water to refresh themselves.
”So refreshing, this water. If we hadn’t had that monster following us, I’d certainly stayed longer in here.” Chi-Chi said.
”I still don’t know who revived Hildegarn.” Bulma said.
”None of us does, woman. But anyway Hildegarn has been made almost invincible. I’m sure that Kakarot’s Dragon Fist Attack won’t work anymore.” Vegeta said.
”Vegeta’s right. We have to take him out though; otherwise we’re its main course!” Goku said.
The others gulped. After a minute or so, the group leaves the water and climbs the ladder to find another cliff. They don’t have to cross it this time; they have to be sure they won’t fall down. Then it’s again battle time. This time it’s against some fiery creatures.
”Oh man! Flare Dancers!” Link said.
”Don’t worry; I’ll take care of them!” Vegeta said, levitating above the others.
”PLASMA STORM!” he yells, and with the mighty king-size blasts, he easily eliminates the Flare Dancers, and also blows up some doors.
”Thanks, Vegeta.” Bulma said.
”No problem, woman. Those baka’s were weak, anyway.” Vegeta replied.
The group divides itself into two separate groups, each to find out what’s behind a door. They soon found two glowing objects, and took them outside. They threw them on the pyramids and another door opened.
”That was easy.” Trunks said.
The group went on, but a giant stone pillar blocked their way.
”Aww, man! Now what?!” Goku said.
Link however walks to the pillar, crouches… and he begins to lift the pillar! With some difficulty, Link manages to pick the pillar up, and then he throws it away, where it shatters in tiny pieces against the wall. The others were amazed.
”How did you do that?” Zelda asked.
”Hehe, we have the Golden Gauntlets on, remember? They enable us to pick up pillars like those.” Link said.
”Cool.” Saria said.
”Can we go further?” Bardock asked.
”Hey, it’s the first time you’ve spoken in a while!” Bulma said.
”Well, we are in a large group.” Bardock said.
The group continues their journey. Bardock then grabs another serial of yellow lums, and then the group ventures in another room.

”It’s so c-c-c-c-cold in here!” Bulma said as the group arrives on a new platform.
”Are we in space? The surroundings look like it!” Marron said.
”If we are in outer space, we would be dead already due to the vacuum. No person can stand up against it.” Krillin said.
”But it’s a big bottomless pit in here!” Bulla said.
”And I’m almost freezing in here!” Zelda said.
”Here’s another problem. This slope is slippery!” Link said.
”Oh my! We have to be careful!” Saria said.
”We sure have to. It seems we have to go over this slope.” Darunia said.
”Well, let’s go then.” Link said, moaning.
The group ventures carefully over the slope , and they notice indeed it’s VERY slippery; they can barely hold their balance. They’re automatically launched from platform to platform, taking the present lums with them. As they slid down a long tunnel, they finally see a safe platform, where they land. But they don’t have time to rest. A strange creature with a blue skin approaches them, and he’s not looking very friendly.
”What the…? This must be one of these guardians Rick told us about!” Gohan said.
The guardian then throws an icicle at our heroes, who manage to evade it with ease. Pan then goes on a counter offensive using her blue energyballs, grabbing the purple lums. She fires another energyball at the icicle above the guardian, making it fall down on him, killing him in the process.
”That was a piece of cake!” she said, and she follows once again the path of the purple lums (she slid back to the others), and the others follow her.
Then the group reaches a big chest. Link opens it…
”Hey, guys, look! I found a Purple Crystal!” he said.
”What?” Saria said.
”Here, check it out.” Link said, showing the crystal.
”Wow, it’s shining so pretty.” Videl said.
Suddenly the crystal begins to move in the air, upright, and slowly spinning. The group is now in a wide circle, slowly backing off.
”What’s going on?” Pan asked.
”I have no idea.” Bulla said, while the crystal goes higher and higher. Suddenly the crystal begins to spin even faster than before, and several beams come from out of nowhere on the ceiling of the room, and make contact with the crystal.
”Mommy, help me! I’m scared!” Marron wailed.
”I’m just as scared as you are, Marron!” 18 said.
The intensity of the glowing crystal increases, and then a beam is shot from the crystal in the open chest. Then other beams are shot from the chest, hitting our heroes within less than a second, trapping each of them in a number of purple rings. Due to the huge intensity, our friends become senseless once again. Then, everything is drawn into the chest, which closes again.

28. The mystery
(Bulma’s POV): “I still don’t know what happened after I woke up. Seconds ago I was with everyone in a large domed room, when we got hit by the beams from a purple crystal, and now we’re suddenly here! I can see the others, my son, husband, and my daughter, which comes from another timeline. I can also see the purple crystal. But the problem is… I can’t move a muscle! Have we been paralyzed? That would be very strange. As far as I know, we don’t have any physical damage!”

As Bulma and the others woke up, they could only rise again after a minute or so.
”My head… where are we, anyway?” Link asked, nursing his head.
”Looks like we’re coming around.” Bulma said.
”Are you ok, Marron?” 18 asked.
”I think so.” Marron replied.
”I found a note here.” Gohan said.
”What does it say?” Videl asked.
“To my friends…

If you read this, then I’m not here right now, as I picked up a distress call of my girlfriend Susan. If you have the purple crystal with you, place it in the top holder of the statue to your left. If done right, then several chests will appear, giving you the necessary upgrades to prepare yourself for the next world you’re about to enter. I wish I could be there where you are now, but all I could leave behind were the chests with the upgrades. I’m right now in the Menhir Hills, that’s also the world you will enter next. I wish you good luck.

“Susan must have been in trouble.” Pan said.
”Yeah. Let’s place the crystal where it should be.” Bulla said.
Zelda places the crystal in it’s proper place, and indeed five big chests appear. Link opens the first chest…
”Hey, I found this here: .” he said.
”It looks the same as Rick gave us before we entered the Sanctuary we’ve just been.” Rauru said.
”Yeah, but I read here on this inscription that we now have the Gencore High Energy Shield.” Saria said.
”Well, at least we have a more improved shielding.” Vegeta said.
”Hey, I found the Super Bomb here!” Goku exclaimed while opening the second Chest.
”Wow, I bet our carrying capabilities have been improved, too.” Link said.
”Yeah, we can now carry 10 of them, I read here.” Goku said.
”Cool.” Pan said.
”I found this dark bar here.” Gohan said after opening the third chest.
”What is it for?” Videl asked.
”I read here that this bar will upgrade/restore our armour, giving us some more resistance against enemy attacks.” Trunks said.
”I’m glad to hear that.” Bulla said.
”Hey, Link, I found some Bomb Bags here.” Impa said after looking in the fourth chest.
”Great! Now we can use bombs to blow stuff up if needed.” Link said.
”And I found here some food and drinks.” Goku said when he peeks in the final chest.
”That’s great! I think we’re all hungry.” Link said.
And so, our heroes began to eat and drink. To the surprise of Chi-Chi and the other Z-Warriors, Videl is eating just like Gohan, Goku, Goten, Trunks and Vegeta can, and even Pan, Bulla and Bardock are wolfing down food, almost inhaling it. It takes everyone a half an hour to finish their food.
”Man, that sure did hit the spot.” Goku said.
”Yeah, I agree with you on that, Kakarot.” Vegeta said, smirking.
Then, everyone decided to go to the Menhir Hills.
”Well, there is one thing that I don’t get.” Videl said.
”What is it?” Gohan asked.
”How did Rick get all this technology?”
”I dunno. I believe that’s a great mystery. Maybe we should ask him on that.”
Then another portal opened, and our heroes went in it.

29. The Cave of Bad Dreams
The group found themselves back in a nice landscape, near a small fortress. The field they’re in has menhirs all over.
”No wonder they call this place the Menhir Hills.” Goku said. While Krillin activated a switch, opening a grating and 18 goes in and breaks the cage there, before returning.
~Glad that you are here. I must warn you. This place is guarded by Walking Shells!~ the voice of Rick said.
”Rick? Where are you?” Pan asked.
~I’m not *cough* too far from here. You have to tame those Shells to get over the swamps.~
”Can’t we swim through them?” Marron asked.
~No, because *coughs* the swamp is full of strong bramble-bushes. Suffice it to say, if you fall in there *cough* it means an instant death. Only the Walking Shell can cross it safely.~ Rick said.
”Wow, Rick doesn’t feel good, I think.” Bulla said.
”Well, it’s a good opportunity for us to repay the favour.” Vegeta said.
”Vegeta’s right. He’s helping us, now we gonna help him.” Goku said.

Our heroes successfully manage to tame the Shells, and enter the fortress, break two more cages, and proceed along their journey, using another Walking Shell to cross the dangerous parts. Underway they smash two more cages open and take the lums with them. Then they came to a large room, only to find two persons lying there. Rick and Susan!
”Rick! Susan! My gosh, what happened to you?” Pan asked.
”We got… struck by a terrible disease. *cough* There is only one thing… that will cure us.” Rick said.
”What is it?” Bulla said.
”It’s the Elixir Of Life. It’s hidden… in the Marshes of Awakening… in… in…” Rick said.
”In what?” Vegeta said.
”In a place called… The… The Cave of Bad Dreams. Don’t forget that name… or the guard won’t let you pass!”
”Oh, I see. Try to hang on; we’ll get that elixir for you.” Goku said.
”Hold on for a second!”
”What is it?” Goten asked.
”In order to get through the cave, the most important item you need is the ‘eye of truth’. Without it, you won’t survive the hidden dangers.”
”Where can we find it?”
”Find the isolated lily pad in the Marshes. There the chest containing it will be present.”
”Anymore tips?” Link asked.
”I can give you only one more. Be extremely cautious in the cave. There will be certainly ReDeads, Gibdo’s, Floormasters and Wallmasters around in the cave. And the cave itself has also swamps with bramble-bushes. Just be careful and go. If you manage to survive and cure us, I’ll give you something good in return.”
”Ok.” Ruto said, and the group went back to the swamp.
”Please… be careful…” Rick said, as he watches the leaving group.

“So, we’re back here.” Saria said, after the group returned at the Marshes.
”Yeah. Let’s find the Lens of Truth first.” Link said.
”You mean this?” Goku asked, holding several strange objects which look like a magnifying glass.
”Yeah, that’s it! How did you get them?” Link asked.
”I Instant Transmitted to that chest over there.” Goku said.
”Wow, I wish I could do that.” Saria said.
”Let’s go. I hope he let’s us pass now.” Vegeta said.
As the group then re-encountered the guard…
”You again? Hmmm, you know the name of this place. I just read your minds.” The guard said, holding a skull on a staff up.
The group gulped.
”You’re now ready to enter the Cave of Bad Dreams, but before you go in, I’ll have to tell you something.”
”Well?” Vegeta asked.
”I’ve hidden a precious treasure inside the Cave. You can keep it for yourself, if you beat me to it. I’ll give you a head start, but don’t waste any time! If I catch you… I won’t show mercy!” the guard said, and holds the staff in front of the group. At first it looks like the group gets hypnotized. But then everything colours in a negative version (the colours get reversed), and a portal opens, and it sucks everyone of the group up.

Inside the Cave Of Bad Dreams…
The group falls down on a large platform that looks like a giant spine. Link looks around.
”Aww man! This is starting great!” he groans.
”What is it?” Saria asked.
”There are Floormasters directly in our path!”
”I’ll handle it! FINAL FLASH!” Vegeta yells, and fires his giant attack, evaporating the Floormasters, but then each Floormaster splits up in three!
”Oh no! Take them out before they use our life energy to rejoin themselves!” Link shouts, and draws his Biggoron’s Sword.
”I’ll do it! SUPER KAMEHAMEHA!” Goku shouts, releasing an even bigger Kamehameha than he usually does, wiping the tiny Floormasters out.
”Thanks, Goku.” Chi-Chi said.
”By the way, try to eliminate the Gibdo’s and ReDeads from a long distance.” Link said.
”Why is that?” Saria asked.
”If you get too close to them, the ReDeads and Gibdo’s can release a scream that paralyses even the bravest soldier. If they’re close enough to you, they’ll hop on your back and drain of your life energy. And they won’t stop until either you’re dead, or manage to escape from its grip.” Link said.
Saria gulped.
”What can we do, Brother?” Darunia asked.
”Let’s stay with each other, then we’re not alone. If you’re alone, then you can say goodbye to everyone since dwelling on your own in this place is a total suicide, or you must be EXTREMELY lucky to survive. But as far as I know… no one has ever survived to tell the tale.” Link said.
”I’m scared, mommy.” Marron said.
18 picks up Marron, comforting her.
”There’s the bramble-bushes swamp Rick told us about.” Goten said.
”Ehm, guys… I think we’re going to have a real hard time here.” Trunks said, pointing to the swamp.
As everyone looked at the swamp, they saw hundreds of dead and rotten bodies of men, women, and even children floating in the swamp, each impaled on several thorns of the bramble-bushes.
”I think I’m gonna puke……” Gohan, Videl, Link and Saria said.
”I don’t feel so good, guys.” Zelda said.
”None of us does, Zelda.” Impa said.
The group carries on, but the smell of rotten corpses slows them down, making them almost collapse.
”This is our starting position, right?” Link said.
”Yeah, what do you mean by that?” Krillin asked.
”This will be then the spot where we will come again should we get caught by a Wallmaster.”
”How do we recognize one approaching?” Saria asked.
”If the shadow below us grows rapidly, then there’s one approaching.”
”Thanks for the tip.” Ruto said.
”No problem.”
The group then goes through a door at the end of the path, where they see more of these swamps with dead bodies in them. Link then draws his Biggoron’s Sword.
”What is it?” Nabooru asked.
”ReDeads. Lots of them around the curve here.” Link said, and gets ready to power his Spin Attack up. But then he notices the shadows beneath Gohan and Videl growing when he steps forward.
”LOOK OUT! WALLMASTER INCOMING!” he yells, and the group immediately backs off to the door, causing the Wallmaster to land on plain ground. Link then does a Jump Attack, killing the Wallmaster.
”Thanks for the warning.” Zelda said.
Link then used his Spin Attack to eliminate five ReDeads at once, causing the other ReDeads to walk to their fallen comrades, giving Link and his friends the opportunity to slash the remaining ReDeads with their swords. Then a chest appears, containing the Map of the cave. Then our heroes advance to the next room, where the path is descending into the Swamp Of The Dead. The platforms present here and there contain a Floormaster, and strange creatures that look like the guard of the Cave of Bad Dreams. Link grabs his Bow and Arrows, and shoots the Floormasters one by one on sight. Even the one-eyed creatures are destroyed.
”How do we cross this? There’s nothing available to help us.” Chi-Chi said.
”I have no idea.” Bulma said.
Then they see Link standing above the swamp.
”What are you doing?” Saria asked.
”I’m walking this path here.” Link said.
”We can’t see it!” Vegeta said.
”I can, I used the Lens Of Truth here. Rick told us we’re going to need it badly.” Link said, carefully walking the path. The others follow him one after the other. Thanks to the Lens of Truth, our heroes walk along a safe path to the next room, where there is no swamp. But the room is very dark, only several torches are lit. Link then finds an old lamp, and lits it… and gets horrified at what he sees then. Dozens of different kinds of spider webs are hanging all over in the room. It isn’t really the types of webs Link sees, but the size! The webs are so big that they can spin all the inhabitants of a major city in one cocoon! The others are also startled at the sight of the webs. Link looks at the ceiling… and he almost passes out at the sight of the many cocoons, with here and there a limb sticking out. The corpses here have been drained, something that Link clearly makes out in the dark.
”How do we get through here?” Launch asked.
”Well, we have to burn these webs, but there’s a good chance the spiders (if any) will spot us.” Link said.
Then one of the threads of the webs touches Launches nose…
”Take cover! She’s going to sneeze!” Tien shouts, and the Z-Senshi, Rauru, Impa and Darunia dive down.
”Ah… Ah… ACHOOO!” Launch said.
”What’s all the fuzz about?” Link asked.
”I have no idea.” Zelda said.
”So these webs are blocking our path eh? I’ll take care of it!” Kushami, Launch’s alter ego said, and with that, she grabbe a huge flamethrower, and begins to burn the webs one after the other, and sprays the flame also on Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto, scorching them in the process.
”Ouch.” they said in unison, before wiping the soot from their bodies.
But anyway, Kushami cleared the path, and discovered a chest with a compass. Then they came in the next room, which contain 10 Super Yellow Lums.
”That’s quick.” Marron said.
”Yeah, and it doesn’t suit me.” Vegeta said.
But then, after all 50 Lums have been gathered, the floor suddenly collapses, causing the group to fall down. Where will they land? What new dangers will be in store for them? Will they succeed in surviving through it all and cure Rick and Susan, or will they become part of the many dead people that have tried the cave before, but didn’t made it through it all? Find out in the next part of DragonBall Z: Hildegarn’s Return!

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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I'm not interested in Dragon ball z I'm afraid. This is a War of the Worlds site. Also I never read fanfics. Sorry mate.

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Aww, man, why do you have to be so negative? :( :cry: :cry: :cry: I don't get any positive reviews from you? I spent almost 8 months on this!

Here's part 4 anyway.

Part 4: Still on the run

For legends, please view the previous parts.

29. The Cave of Bad Dreams (continued)
The group crawled from beneath the rubble after their long fall down. They brushed their clothes, and continued their trip. Launch reverted back to normal, and discovered another chest, containing the Boss Key. The group explored different rooms, all mostly empty or containing enemies or chest. One chest was a trap. Gohan and Videl opened that chest, not knowing it was a trap; both teens were suddenly encased with ice. With the Fire Arrows Link managed to retrieve the couple was freed. Now the group prepared themselves for the Boss Room. Being restored to full health, the group entered the room together.

“Wow, it sure is dark in here.” Videl said.
”Yeah.” Gohan said.
”I can see light shining somewhere in the distance.” Zelda said.
”I’m afraid, mommy.” Marron said.
”I know, and I don’t like it in here, too.” 18 said.
”There must be something threatening us. I’ve got that feeling, and I don’t like it.” Piccolo said.
”Let’s try to go further.” Goku said.
”Yeah, but let’s stay in one group.” Chi-Chi said.
The group wandered along, but then…
”What’s that sound?” Pan asked, as she heard something crawling and growling.
The others remain silent.
”Your trip ends HERE!” a growling voice sounded.
The group turned around, and they see the guard approaching them, its jaws wide open, showing off his large, sharp teeth. Instantly Goku and Vegeta throw their Energy Barriers over the entire group, protecting them from the guard. The guard bounces off the shield, and is launched backwards to the entrance.
”Now let’s get out of here!” Goku said, and he and the others make a run for it (they still can’t fly, remember?).
Soon enough the group slips over some Green Ice, and thus a wild sliding trip is made instead of the running. 18 managed to grab Marron, so the young child won’t be separated from her mother. Meanwhile the guard is in high pursuit, and he is gaining on our friends. But then the group is suddenly launched as they reached the end of the slide, and are swung several miles forward, and are bounced back by a horizontal spring to an other platform… directly towards the guard! The guard yelps in panic as the group approaches him at high speed, and he flees. Our heroes land safely together on a solid platform; dazed, stunned, but conscious.
”Where’s that baka?!? I’ll blast it to the depths of H.F.I.L!!” Vegeta yelled.
The group went along, and then…
”WOW!” Pan said.
”We found the treasure room!” Bulla said.
The group is amazed at the sight of the gigantic treasure. Every coin is pure gold and jewellery shine brightly. Then a coin rolls in front of Goku.
”You’ve defeated me…” the voice of the guardian said, “my treasure is yours. Take whatever you want.”
”Well then, I made the choice.” Goku said.
”What is it?”
”You can keep the treasure.” Goku said.
”WHAT???” Chi-Chi said.
”I said that he can keep the treasure. Have you got any problems with that?”
”No, not at all, it was a wise decision!” Chi-Chi said, hugging her husband.
Then the group disappears from the cave.

30. Return to the Menhir Hills.
The group then finds itself back at the Marshes of Awakening.
”You made indeed the right decision. You deserve this.” the guard said, holding his staff forward.
The group looks puzzled around.
”Here!!! This is the Elixir of Life. Guard it preciously.” the guard said.
”Thanks.” Gohan and Videl said.
Then Goku uses Instant Transmission to get back to Rick and Susan, who are still very sick.
”Here’s the Elixir.” Vegeta said to Rick, handing the elixir over.
”Thanks, man.” Rick said, drinking of the elixir, before passing it over to Susan. Then both Rick and Susan are immediately cured and restored to Full Health.
”Thank you. I knew you could do it. As an act of gratitude, I give you some new weapons and I will also upgrade your shield and generator.” Rick said, and with his magic he gives the promised stuff to our friends.
”What do we have now?” Marron asked.
”I will sum it up. You now have:
o Guided Bombs
o The Heavy Missile Launcher
o The Rear Heavy Missile Launcher
o The Zica Laser
o The Sonic Wave
o Atom Bombs (Ammo = 40, and regenerative when you use it)
o The Shield is now upgraded to: The MicroCorp LXS Class A
o The Generator has been upgraded to: The Gencore Custom MR-12
o The Super Bomb ammo will be refilled to the current max, should you have used some.

That will be all for now.”
”Wow, thanks for that.” Goten said.
”Hey, no problem.” Susan said.
”And I will also clear the path ahead for you.” Rick said, launching a Super Bomb, causing the wall in front of him to cripple. Then Rick and Susan continue to clear the path ahead and the other follow, grabbing the lums and the cages. The group is about to go outside, when they see Rick and Susan standing there.
”Will we encounter much trouble now?” Impa asked.
”Yeah, we need to be prepared for everything.” Darunia said.
”Well, first you have to ride a Walking Shell again, and be careful for rising and falling menhirs on your way. The Canopy, the world you enter next has been cleared out for you already, so you can easily grab the cages and lums. Be careful though, there might be poisonous spiders around, but a special shield will be automatically active when you cross that area. We’ll meet again at Whale Bay.” Rick said, before he transports himself and Susan away.
And so the group went on, and their journey to the Canopy went without incidents.

31. A secret revealed!
As the group arrived in the Canopy, they saw hundreds of spider webs hanging in the bushes and trees, but fortunately not blocking the path. Link however remains suspicious, and without thinking he releases a Bombchu on the path. Everything seems to be allright, but then several spiders give chase at the Bombchu, only to be killed once the Bombchu detonates.
”Just as I thought… trip lines.” Link said.
”Trip lines?” Saria asked.
”Yeah, you see, the tarantulas or bird-eating spiders always spread trip lines of silk in a web like pattern from their borrow, notifying the spider when something edible, like a cockroach or even a small mouse is in the neighbourhood if one of those trip lines is vibrating. Even snakes don’t have a chance, since the spiders can be very intelligent. Some spiders have intelligence comparable to a small mammal.” Gohan said.
”You seem to remember or Biology Classes at Orange Star High, Gohan.” Videl said.
Our heroes managed to cross the spider area with ease, thanks to a fire shield that suddenly went active around the group, and to the knowledge of having trip lines on the path. 20 lums and 2 cages are found in the Spider’s Territory. The group then leaves the area, allowing the spiders to restore the damage done.

Then the group arrives at again a large cliff.
”As if we didn’t have enough of them.” Vegeta groaned.
”We have to be careful.” Goten said.
”We always are, dummy.” Trunks said.
”Uh oh, we have to be careful more than ever!” Link said.
”Why is that?” 18 asked.
”Look there!”
On a platform, several yards below of where our heroes are now, are at least a dozen ReDeads, waiting for a hapless victim to fall in their reach, so they can do well on them. Whether it’s a man or woman, child or animal, a good guy or a bad guy, a boy or a girl, the ReDeads don’t care; all they need is a living victim to feed on. Link could make out some bones, and he realizes that the ReDeads here have a good meal from time to time. The others gulped as they saw them. Then Rick arrives.
”Rick?? Weren’t you supposed to meet us at Whale Bay?” Pan asked.
”Relax; I just came down to see how you were doing. Susan should be at Whale Bay by now.” Rick said.
”Well, it seems like we have to be really careful now.” Link said.
”So the ReDeads came here as well, I presume? We all know what they can do, but you have to cross the cliff anyway. I came by to aid you in that. You see that plank there? You have to walk over it to get to the other side.”
”That looks small. I wonder if we can cross it.” Darunia said.
Suddenly, a blast cuts the plank in two, making it fall down the cliff.
”What the…?” Rick said as he turned around.
A man in a black suit stands behind the group.
”You’re not going anywhere! I’m taking you to the Great Ganondorf!” the man said, smirking.
”WHAT??? GANONDORF IS IN THIS?!?!?!” Link, Saria, Zelda, Ruto, Darunia, Nabooru, Impa and Rauru shouted.
”Do you know that guy?” Goku asked Link.
”Of course! He’s the arch-enemy of me and my friends. Ganondorf wants to rule the entire world, and he can’t do that while we are still around, so Ganondorf wants to kill all of us.” Link replied.
”Listen here, you freak show! You keep your dirty hands for my friends and get out of here, before I get REALLY angry at you!” Rick shouted.
”So, you’re trying to defend them? You’ve got guts, kid.” the man said.
Rick and the others go in a defensive stand, ready to strike. The man then calls his henchmen and –women up and a furious battle begins. Soon enough the henchmen fall one by one down the cliff, some already dead due to the used energy attacks, and the Mini-Missile is regularly used. Then the leader of the gang leaps at Saria in a last ditch effort, but Link pulls her out of the way, causing the man to fall down the cliff… onto the platform where the ReDeads are. Immediately the entire group looks to the man, who charges an energy attack, full of rage to our friends. Rick begins to power a Plasma Storm blast to retaliate, but suddenly he lets go of the charge, and moves away, laying himself flat on the ground by a tree, covering his eyes and ears, clenching his teeth. His entire body shivers. At first the others are puzzled, but then Link sees what’s going on! A ReDead is walking to the man! And the others from the group see it too! Link then dives for cover behind some bushes next to Rick; Saria, Zelda and Ruto follow him immediately. Gohan and Videl hide behind a tree, also next to Rick; the others go at the same hiding places where Gohan, Videl, Rick, Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto hide. The man is puzzled at first, but he screams in fear as he turns around. Immediately the irises of the approaching ReDead grew and the ReDead let out its blood-curling scream, capable of freezing even the bravest soul in fear. All that our friends could hear next, was the terrified shouting of the man, the screams from the ReDead, and then the sound of ripping flesh sounded across the area, while the cries of the man are still audible, until it was suddenly stilled. Rick and the others knew it was over for the man. Rick managed to take a little peek over the cliff… and he suddenly runs off, with his right hand holding his mouth, as if he’s going to throw up any second. He did that, but only at a safe distance. The smell of the rotting and torn corpse made the others retch. With his magic Rick managed to create a solid bridge, and runs over it, away from the scenery. He then transports himself away, while the others run over the bridge. They quickly grabbed the remaining lums and cages. Then they see the final portal in a small building ahead. But just as they want to reach it, the door closes, and another battle commences. This time it’s against a horde of Iron Knuckles. The battle is very hard and harsh, as the Iron Knuckles can cause mega damage with their axes. Using the Heavy and Rear Heavy Missile Launcher, Pan managed to take out three of them at once, but then one of the Iron Knuckles strikes her in the back, almost slicing her spine in two! Bulla eliminates the culprit, but Pan is seriously wounded, and Bulla knows if Pan doesn’t get medical attention quickly, she will die. Marron has enough of those iron giants, and with three strikes of the Super Bomb, the young girl eliminates them all. Everyone has some bad injuries, but Pan is in the worst condition. Blood keeps flowing from the huge cut in her back. Then, several bottles with a blue potion in it fall next to the group. Bulla doesn’t hesitate, and urges her girlfriend to drink of it. Pan swallows the contents of her bottle within seconds. Then she feels her body glowing. A blue flash shines from her body…
”What the…? I’m healed!” Pan said.
The others drank of their bottles, too, and they were also restored to their current maximum health ánd energy.
”This is great! I feel a lot better now.” Saria said.
”And I though I was going to die…” Pan sighed.
”Chin up, this Blue Potion helped you.” Bulla said.
”Yeah. Shall we get going?”

32. Whale Bay… an underwater trip
As our heroes arrived in Whale Bay, they noticed they had their swimming outfits on; Link and his friends had the Zora Tunic on (except Ruto, she IS a Zora) and the others had their normal swimming suits on.
”Hey, are our outfits adapting themselves automatically to the surroundings?” Link asked.
”I have no idea.” Saria said.
”Oh well, we’ll have to take a swim, anyway.” Goku said.
The group climbed on the edge of what looks like a huge aquarium. They jump together in the water, and they swam below the surface, grabbing the blue lums to keep their supply of oxygen at a high level, and they take a yellow and a red lum with them. Meanwhile Link dove to the bottom, and he discovered a Hookshot. Taking some more yellow lums with them, the group quickly takes out a Stalfos, and some Green Bubbles. They go through an open gate, only to hear the sounds of a battle going on. They rush to the open field, and they see a whole bunch of enemies, and Rick and Susan fighting them!
”Wow, finally some action around here.” Vegeta said, and he immediately jumps into the battlefield. Link draws his Biggoron’s Sword and goes after Vegeta. Then the others follow them. The battle is even harder than before, since there are enemies still coming in. The Super Bomb devastates the army, but the enemies keep coming back. Then the group, with Rick and Susan along is backed into a corner, with Rick furious, and the others very nervous or scared. But then! Rick then holds his hands out, and the sound of something like an engine starting up to full speed is audible. Then the sound goes louder, and both the other heroes as well as the army of enemies (Stalfos, Dinolfos, Iron Knuckles, Henchmen of Frieza, Cooler and the Red Ribbon Army) are astonished. Suddenly Rick releases from each hand a jade-green/purple flashing ray, pulverizing every enemy it comes in contact with into dust. Rick fires these rays to and fro, and the Small Army of Darkness has to retreat. The others go totally bug/eyed; Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria and Zelda jaw dropped.
”How on Earth did you do that???” Vegeta asked.
”Simple; I combined my powers into this extremely powerful weapon. You can do that, too. If I were at full strength, I can use this weapon to decimate an entire planet if I would focus its power and fire it directly to the ground!” Rick said.
”Have you ever done that?” Marron asked.
”Fortunately not, but I can do it with ease if I am really desperate, if I would be backed into a corner and I have done everything I could do, but all those efforts failed.”
”Will it ever get that far?” Krillin asked.
”I hope not. If I would do that, it would end up not only killing all the enemies, but it might kill all of us as well. You see, if I get really desperate, I won’t be able to hold control over my existing powers.”
The others gulped.
”But don’t be afraid. It’s VERY unlikely it will EVER get that far.” Rick said, and he heard some sighs of relieve behind him.
”That’s what I hope…” Rick thought.

The group opens a cage and then arrives at a beach.
”What?? There are whales and dolphins trapped here!” Rick said.
”What???” Pan said.
”They’re obviously put there by our foes! We have to free them!” Rick said, immediately venturing in the water. The others follow right away. Via an underwater cave, our heroes reach a secret base. Rick then activates a switch that deactivates the barrier keeping the animals imprisoned. With a Walking Shell, our heroes crash to a door, and open a second cage there. Pan managed to collect some coins and gems, and before she got into the water, she found some fiery red and shiny green crystals. Then our heroes jump back in the water. Then one of the dolphins approached our heroes. The dolphin speaks, but neither of the heroes can understand him, however Rick does.
”What does he say?” Pan asked.
”He thanks us on behalf of the animals that we freed here, and he rewards us by leading us to the other side of this part.” Rick said.
”How?” Goku asked.
”I have no idea.” Rick said.
Then one of the whales approaches, and leaves a trial of air bubbles behind.
”That’s it! If we follow the air bubbles, we’ll make it!” Rick said, diving under. The others follow. The dolphins then circle around the group during the entire trip, to fend off sharks. The underwater trip went without incidents, as our heroes swam easily to the other side of the sea. There they said goodbye to the whales and dolphins they saved, and continued their journey. But just after they entered the portal…
”Oh no! The surroundings are black! Where are you Gohan???” Videl said.
”I’m right beside you, Videl.” Gohan said, picking his mate up.
”Thanks, Gohan.”
”Mommy! It’s so dark here! Daddy where are you?” Marron asked.
Krillin uses his capability of sensing energy, and he quickly found his daughter and picked her up.
”We’re in the middle of nowhere!” Chi-Chi said.
”Yeah, and I don’t like that!” Bulma said.
Then red, yellow, green and blue lights appear all over, and then something hits the group, launching them several miles back, before something kicks them up to a solid platform. The entrance to another world. Another gentle breeze is blowing all over; the sky is nice and blue. The group is quickly healed from all injuries, and decides to sleep for a while first.

33. The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire
The group slept for almost more than a day on end. Gohan and Videl woke up, only to see Rick comforting Pan. Rick notices the couple.
”She had a bad dream, that’s all.” he said.
”Yeah. I bet the incident in the Canopy has something to do with it.” Videl said.
”It turned out harder than I imagined I think, something I didn’t anticipate. Well you survived. That’s what counts.”
”Right. So, where do we have to go next?” Gohan asked.
”Your next destination is the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. Be careful there, since it has lots and lots of lava in it.”
”What? Are you sending us in a volcano or something?” Zelda asked, who overheard the conversation as she woke up.
”I’m not sending you anywhere. It wasn’t my idea of these trips and all that, I’m just warning you. A good friend of mine has been there before, and he told me it wasn’t an easy trip. It was a miracle he survived, considering the danger.”
”Do we have to go there?” Darunia asked.
”I’m afraid so. I’ve seen that the enemies in high pursuit of you are following the same track as you have gone. They’re just started in the Fairy Glade. But they can’t find my training center/science station. They’re slowed down on several spots, so you’ve got a good chance of expanding your lead more.”
”Oh.” Impa asked.
”Well, I’ll give you two more upgrades, since you have to be prepared for anything. First, the Shield will be upgraded to the MicroCorp LXS Class B, and the Generator will be upgraded to The Standard MicroFusion. Now the energy attacks you can perform will last longer, since the Generators simply reduce the energy usage. I believe the energy usage is now reduced with 25%.”
”Now that’s more I like it.” Vegeta said, smirking.
”You have any more stuff to introduce us with?” Goten asked.
”Yeah. I first introduce you guys to the Green Lums. Should you accidentally fall into lava, a swamp or something lethal, you’ll reappear where you last took a green lum. But this will cost some of your armour strength. If your armour strength is down to zero, then the next time you fall into something lethal, you’ll die.” Rick said.
”But our armour strength is only 3!” Bulma said, looking at the armour meter on her wrist band.
”I know. So I’ll integrate this blue bar here first into all of you.” Rick said, and does that.
”Your armour strength should be 15 now.” he said after the integration was successful.
”Thanks.” Chi-Chi said.
”I’ll also have scattered some black, beige and blue bars around the worlds you’ll visit, to ensure you’ll survive. Black Bars increase your armour strength with 3, beige bars do this with 6, and blue bars do this with 12. Also, the shielding will offer some protection. I hope I can find a way to power you guys so that the damage done by your foes will be even more reduced.”
”Great. Have you got something more?” Goku asked.
”Well, I’m going to teach you five Super Techniques. They will be useful. First I’m teaching you how to fire eight Guided Bombs at once.” Rick said, and walks forward.
”How are you doing that?” Trunks asked.
”This technique is called the Guided Bomb Cluster. You need to move quickly to the left, then to the right, shoot an attack, and go back.” Rick said, doing the movements, and the group sees indeed that eight Guided Bombs are suddenly sprayed from his body.
”The only downside is that it reduces your armour strength with 2, every time you use it.” Rick said.
”Oh…” Bulma said.
”Hey, you can use it, but not several times quickly after each other.” Rick said.
”Good. What do you have more?” Link asked.
”Well, I’ve got a special defense technique. It drains 4 points of your armour strength, though, so use it carefully.”
”What is that technique?” Saria asked.
”The technique is called the MineSpray. If you follow the movements I make now, then you’ll be able to give your foes a real shower of fast travelling MicroBombs.” Rick said. He then fires the Front and Rear Heavy Missile Launcher. He then moves to the right, the goes backward, then goes to the left and then he goes forward and stops firing. Immediately his body begins to quiver and a large amount of fast travelling MicroBombs is ejected into every direction.
”Wow. Now I understand why it has a high cost.” Pan said.
”The next technique will cost only 1 point of your armour strength.” Rick said, and he moves forward, and fires his Laser. Then he moves backward while firing, and he suddenly releases 8 strange bullets forward.
”What the…? Those bullets looked like hotdogs!” Bulla said.
”They are. The HotDog Blast allows you to fire one blast of eight extremely powerful HotDogs to your enemy. By the way, if you do the movements the other way round, so going backward, attack and go forward while attacking, you’ll release 5 bullets of Ice. This Ice Blast only drains 3 points of your shielding, which shouldn’t be a major problem, since the shield is regenerative.” Rick said.
”Cool. What is the last technique you’re going to learn us?” Nabooru asked.
”The last technique is called the Repair System. This technique allows you to generate even more armour to your armour strength. Keep in mind that this technique requires ALL points of your current shield, making you temporarily more vulnerable against enemy attacks. But the bright side is that how higher the number of shield points you have, the higher the faster your armour meter will increase if you use that technique. It comes in handy if you have only ½ point of armour left, and there’s no Armour Bar in the neighbourhood to lend you a hand.” Rick said.
”Now that’s going to be VERY useful! Thanks, man!” Goku said.
”No problem. I’m glad that I could help you. By the way, I will enhance your blue energy balls. They will turn gold now, and you can also hold it longer to make it stronger, and you will also find a special item in the Sanctuary that will be very useful.”
”Thanks for the info!” Marron said.
And so the group went on for the Sanctuary, while Rick and Susan teleport themselves somewhere else.

”Wow, it sure is hot in here.” Goku said after the group arrived.
”Good thing I also brought these Goron Tunics along; they give us a better resistance against the heat.” Link said.
”Yeah.” Saria said.
Using the special floating technique Rick taught our friends (I’m talking about the stuff like the haircopter or using a cape like a parachute); they landed safely on a ledge, several meters above the lava. They walk easily on the ledge, and float to another larger area, only to be drawn into battle again. This time against some Peahats and Dodongos. The battle went swiftly though, but the foes did outnumber the heroes with 3 : 1.
”What’s that?” Marron asked, pointing to an object where white stars are coming from.
”I have no idea.” Krillin said.
”Let’s check it out!” Pan said.
With help of a Purple Lum, out friends managed to reach the ledge where the shimmering object is.
”It looks like a golden fist.” Goku said.
”It is. But what is it for?” Chi-Chi asked.
”I dunno.”
Then the fist disappears.
”Now it’s gone… What the…???? My hands! They’re gold!” Pan exclaimed.
”So are mine!” Bulla said.
”Jeepers, even MY hands are gold!” Link said.
”I think the hands of every one of us has turned gold.” Rauru said.
”This is odd.” Bardock said.
”This is weird. We already have the Golden Gauntlets on, but this…” Saria said.
”What is going on?” Darunia asked.
~You guys just found the special item I talked about. The Power Fist enhances the power of ALL your current attacks. But be careful; if you get hit or fall into something lethal (swamp, lava, acid) three times, then the effect of the Power Fist will be gone.~ Rick said telepathically.
”Wow, so we have more power now?” Pan asked.
”Thanks.” Bulla said.
The group continued their journey, but some more Dodongos block their path. With the Power Fist, the group eliminates the Dodongos quicker that usual.
”Wow, these guys are a lot easier.” Link said.
Then green spheres fly to our heroes, and they disappear in a burst of green stars.
”We must have picked a green lum.” Saria said.
”Oh, so we got some kind of checkpoint here?” Ruto asked.
”I guess so. Should we fall in the lava by accident, we’ll return to the point where we last took one.” Zelda said.
”Let’s keep going.” Vegeta said.
The group continued on their way, jumping from ledge to ledge until they found a spider’s web hanging on the ceiling, and a giant plum.
”Now what?” Goku asked.
”I have no idea. But if we don’t think up of something shortly, this place will eventually be our grave!” Chi-Chi said.
Goten shoots a blast at the plum, which falls… and begins bouncing on the lava!
”How big is that plum?” Bulma asked.
”I think it’s large enough for two of us to stand on.” Chi-Chi replied.
Gohan hopped on it first, Videl follows immediately. Standing back to back, the couple is lifted up and down with the plum from the lava.
”So? How are we gonna move?” Videl asked.
”I have no idea.” Gohan replied.
”Try to shoot, bro!” Goten said.
Gohan fires a shot, but then he and Videl are shot backward with the plum.
”I get it. We have to shoot in the opposite direction to move to where we want to go.” Gohan said.
”Yeah. I think we can get to the cage I saw somewhere back there then.” Videl said.
”Good idea.”
And so, both teens used the plum to head back. New plums are generated from its tree, allowing the others to follow them.

Gohan and Videl have meanwhile picked up another yellow lum, the 3rd one of the area, and bounce along to the spot where Videl found the cage, to get to a path to reach it.
::Are you ok? I mean, after all that happened to us?:: Gohan asked Videl through their bond.
::I’m fine, really, it’s just that stupid star that bugs me.:: Videl replied.
::I can understand that. I do feel relieved after I told the others about it.::
::Yeah. Telling them about our ‘adventure’ really made me feel better, too.::
*both have meanwhile reached a secret room with another plum, throwing that one on a post, creating a new platform to cross the Red Lava*
”Geez, it’s here even hotter than before!” Videl said.
”We better hurry. I don’t wanna melt.” Gohan said.
Both teens hurried over the Red Lava, which is streaming very fast. They managed to reach the secret ledge leading to the cage they saw. After they opened the cage, they went back. There they met up with Link and Saria. The four then went back, only to meet up with the others. Then everyone’s outfit is turned into a Goron’s Tunic (only the ones who didn’t have one on). Then, they use the plums to go back to another ledge Link spotted. There our heroes opened the 40th cage, making the time of being Super Saiyan last longer for the ones who can go Super Saiyan. In other words, by all characters is the Endurance increased greatly. Then our friends return to the spot where they picked the first plum, but this time they move over the web to another spot with lava and a plum. Using the plum to make a safe trip to the other side with solid platforms, they finally reach a new spot with a lava river, and again a plum. A Green Lum marks the spot the group will reappear if they get an accident. Then Rick appears from out of nowhere.
”Hey guys.” Rick said.
”Hi, what brings you here?” Marron said, hugging Rick.
”Oh, nothing, I just came here to do a check up on you.” he said, while picking Marron up.
”A check up? What for?” Zelda asked.
”Well, as far as I know, this place is big, really big, so don’t be surprised to find out you’re going to have a hard time in here. I’ll be only appearing here for you to heal your worst wounds, if you have any, or at least restore your armour points to a more acceptable level.”
”Well, as you can see, we made it by now great.” Vegeta said.
”So far so good, but I know for certain things won’t be easy anymore here. You see that gate behind me?”
The group looked behind Rick, and saw a huge gate blocking their path.
”The only way to open that gate is to go up there to a large temple. Somewhere in that temple there is a switch that can open the gate for you. But it happens to be (what else?) a lava temple, so there are indeed several Dodongos, Fire Keese, Flare Dancers, Red Bubbles and Wizrobes around…” Rick said.
Link gulped.
”Are there any Floor- or Wallmasters around there as well? I can’t stand those things, ya know…” he said.
”No, there are no Floor- or Wallmasters around. But there will also be some Stalfos around, and you have to battle a giant beast as a boss. Be careful, if you’re distracted while in mid-battle, then seconds later you’re in that beast’s belly.”
The group gulped.
”But don’t worry. You’ll sure meet me in some rooms there to apply my healing spell to you.” Rick said.
”You’re somehow coming with us?” 18 said.
”You might say, yes. I’m not really a fighter type, but when I’m provoked, I won’t hesitate to defend myself or my friends, even if it has to go with brute force.”
”You’re so nice.” Marron said.
”Thanks, kid, I like you.” Rick said, before putting Marron back on the ground.
”Do you have any more tips before we go?” Darunia asked.
”Not much, since you already found out how to get on those plums and move with it by shooting in the opposite direction, and sticking them on a post. All I can say is that the plums will also float on water as well as lava and swamps. If it’s too far away, shoot at it to make it move. Don’t hesitate to use the plum as a weapon against your enemies. When riding a plum, avoid the Red and Yellow Lavas AT ALL COSTS, since the plums don’t survive on that.”
”Thanks.” Krillin said.
”No problem.”
”Ehm, by the way, you said before that if we accidentally fall into lava there are armour points drained. How many per time?” Goten asked.
”Well, that mainly depends on the strength of the shield. Suffice it to say, the more shield you have, the lesser amount of armour points will be drained.”
”Well, I guess we’re going to have it VERY hard.” Trunks said.
”Not exactly. Before you go I’m giving you guys another blue Armour Bar, increasing the Armour Points to 27 out of the current maximum of 30.”
”Current maximum? You mean we’re getting eventually some armour upgrades as well?” Vegeta said.
”Eventually yes. My team is currently working on the latest upgrades for your shielding and the generators. Well, I gotta go. I see you later.” Rick said, before he disappears.
”See you then… I hope…” Gohan said.
”Will we survive, mommy? I don’t wanna die!” Marron said, almost crying.
”Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll get through it all.” 18 said.
”Well then… shall we?” Gohan said, hesitating a little.
”Ok then.” Videl said, grabbing Gohan’s arm.
”Gohan and Videl! Stop acting like you’re going to meet your final destiny! We will not and shall not die!” Chi-Chi said, making Videl jump into Gohan’s arms.
Though some hesitated a little, the group then went to the entrance of the temple, only to see Susan there.
”Hey guys, I just wanted to give Link and his friends these Hylian Shields. Rick gave them to me to give them to you; since he’s convinced the Deku Shield will never make it throughout the temple.” Susan said.
”Gee, thanks.” Link said.
”Well, here we go.” Goku said.
”Guys, be careful, and on behalf of both myself and Rick, I wish you good luck. You’re going to need it.” Susan said.
”Thanks.” Goten said, before the group disappeared in the temple, and the entrance closed, leaving Susan behind. Then Rick lands next to her.
”You think they will survive through it all?” Susan asked.
”I’m pretty sure they will, even though I’m just as worried about them as you are.” Rick replied.
”If they die, then Earth is lost.”
”I know. That’s why I’ll be going to wait for them in certain rooms to fix them up. After all it’s up to them to defeat Hildegarn and save the Earth.”

34. The Lava Temple
”Wow, it’s even hotter in here than outside!” Bulla said, as the group got into the first room of the Temple.
”Yeah. My bandana is wet already!” Pan said.
”I can see those Dodongo creatures already.” Saria said.
Using his newly received Zica Laser, Link takes out 5 of them, each with a single blast. Then, some new metal cases, similar to the ones they saw in the Sanctuary of Water and Ice appeared, upgrading the Front and Rear Weapons of everyone to Level 4. A sixth Dodongo leaves a strange item behind.
”What’s this?” Link said.
”That item has a hotdog picture on it.” Goku said.
Then the item disappears. It’s Vegeta who tries to fire another blast of the new Front Weapons Rick gave to him and the others…
”What?” Vegeta said, as he suddenly fired something else than what he had in mind. He tries it again.
”Oh great. Now we’re also shooting Hot Dogs.” Krillin said.
”Say what you like, but these can be very powerful! Look over there!” Vegeta said, as he sees a Dodongo dying after he fired some Hot Dogs at it.
”Strange, but it’s indeed powerful.” Link said.
The group also found three large chests, which contained the map, a compass, and the Super Longshot for Link. The Super Longshot can reach twice as far as the Normal Longshot, thus it’s four times longer than a Hookshot. With all enemies defeated, our friends tried to go on, but the door to the next room remains closed.
”These iron bars… they keep us locked in here.” Trunks said.
”Maybe we need something else to open the door.” Goku said.
”I see yellow lums up there.” Krillin said, pointing to a small ledge near the ceiling.
”I’ll get them.” Link said, and he uses the Super Longshot to reach the ledge, grabs the four yellow lums, and after a strange sound, the iron bars are lifted and the door is open.
”Good job, Link!” Saria said.
”No problem.” he said, grinning.
”Ok, let’s move on.” Rauru said, after Link rejoined the group.
But quickly after the group went in the next room, the door closed. A strange warrior appeared suddenly in the room. Its skin is red, he wears grey trousers and shoes, and he has a grey cape.
”Hehehe… I’m the one who will kill you.” the warrior said.
”Hmph, you’re not the first saying that. You evil beings are always the same; too predictable.” Vegeta said, crossing his arms.
”Oh, is that so?” the warrior said.
The group goes in a defensive stand. Then the warrior holds his hands forward and releases a wave of fire on the group, covering them in fire.
”Hehehe, I told you I would kill you.” the warrior said, preparing to leave. But then two heavy missiles smash into his back. The warrior turns around to see who did that, and he sees a furious Gohan standing in front of the others.
”Protecting your friends eh? That’s only a stay of execution.” the warrior said and he begins to laugh. That was the trigger Gohan needed. With a loud scream, he powers up to his Mystic form, but then! His muscles begin to bulge a little, and his aura colours blood red. Gohan’s eyes also colour red, while his hair stays black. Gohan has reached a new level of Mystic!
”I do not have access to most of my abilities, but I can assure you I won’t be needing them!” Gohan said, and he delivers a powerful kick, sending the warrior to the other side of the room, and Gohan goes in pursuit.
Meanwhile 18 has awoken and also powers up, causing a set of new armour being formed on her chest, and her eyes also colour red. She immediately joins Gohan into battle. Videl powers up to equal Gohan and also goes after the mysterious warrior. Seeing Bulma and Trunks injured, Vegeta powers up and he finally reaches Super Saiyan 3 for the first time. Goku also goes Super Saiyan 3 and both Saiyans also go into battle. Goten, Trunks, Mirai Trunks, GT Pan and GT Bulla then all power up to Super Saiyan 2 and also throw themselves into the battlefield. Link then draws his Biggoron’s Sword, and also gives chase to the warrior; his friends follow not too long after that. Chi-Chi, Bulma and Krillin also go in for the kill, and Marron also joins in the battle. Bardock, Android 17 and Tien want to kick some butt too, and the gang is complete as Piccolo makes Launch sneeze, making her transform to Kushami, Launch’s violent alter ego. Then a heavy battle begins. Our friends have advantage over their new abilities, and having a greater endurance, thanks to their armour points, shields and generators. Also the Power Fist helped a lot, but the strange warrior managed to dispense our heroes of that effect easily. The battle rages on for minutes, with lots of punches, kicks, and blasts dealt everywhere. Then the group lies almost senseless on the ground, and the warrior is still standing, even though he has several bruises and cuts all over.
”You don’t have a chance against me, so I’ll kill you for real this time!” the warrior said, and releases a blast.
Just before the blast strikes its mark, a blue laser-like blast evaporates it, and a person lands just before the group.
”No one kills my friends while I’m around! Destiny has decided that my friends live on, no matter what hardships they’ll encounter!” a booming voice said.
”Rick!” Marron said.
”What, how dare you mock me!” the warrior said.
Suddenly an invisible force knocks the warrior to the other side of the room.
”Guys, don’t look at me now. Shut your eyes, my friends and just don’t look, no matter what happens!” Rick said.
”Ok, we trust you.” Gohan said, turning to the other side of the room, lying down and closes his eyes, the others follow Gohan’s behaviour, with Videl lying next to Gohan.
Rick then begins to power a mysterious charge, as if he’s releasing some kind of ghost. Meanwhile the warrior has summoned some of his minions, and they go in formation to strike. But then! Cloudy figures fly all over in the room, and they even fly around our heroes, who stay ducked in cover, their eyes tightly shut, and some shivering of fear. Then one of the ghosts then goes face-to-face to the attackers of our heroes, but suddenly, the friendly ghost turns into a dead’s face, accompanied by a hoarse roar. The warrior and his henchmen were paralyzed with fear.
”Rick???” Link asked.
”Don’t look at it, guys, keep your eyes shut!” Rick shouts.
From Ricks hands a blue fireball is created. The ball then unleashes several lightning rays, piercing straight through all of the warrior’s henchmen, killing them all. Our heroes have to hold their hands on their ears, as the intensity became too much. All they could hear were strange noises of something being squeezed together, a fluid streaming onto the ground, followed by a dull explosion, an agoning scream which becomes muffled, before it’s cut off, and seconds later, everything goes all quiet.
”Are you guys allright?” Rick asked them.
”Yeah… we’re fine… but why did you wanted us to close our eyes and don’t look?” Goku asked.
”Because that attack that only I can perform is simply to test your purity. If you’re pure-hearted (which you all are) you were wise enough not to look through the entire process. If someone looks at my attack, intended or not, he or she will die.”
”The warrior is gone!” Chi-Chi said.
”Yeah.” Goten said.
”Can’t you do anything to prevent innocent people being killed?” Trunks asked.
”Yeah, there is one way. The Pure Solar Flare will temporarily blind all good guys ánd innocent people in the immediate surroundings in which I am forced to use the attack I just did. You will be blinded through the entire process, meaning you’ll survive.” Rick said.
”What kind of attack is that?” Marron asked.
”Well, it’s hard to explain it. Just see it as a very powerful attack, and it’s so strong, that I can decimate entire areas with it. I use it only when I’m really pissed, like when I saw you injured and almost being killed. Speaking of injuries, I’ll heal you this instant, and I will also restore your armour points, give you the Power Fist, and power all your Front and Rear Weapons up to Level 5.”
”How many levels are there of these weapons you gave us?” Vegeta asked, changing the subject.
”Eleven levels.” Rick replied, while using his healing magic.
”Eleven?” Gohan and Videl asked astonished.
”That’s right.”
”Cool.” Marron said.
”If you guys survived through this all, I may even teach you to combine the most awesome weapons into one weapon of your own, with the capability to switch between levels whenever you like.”
”I like you, Rick, you make us like true warriors.” Vegeta said, smirking.

After being restored to normal and powered up, the group advances to a real room with lava, solid walls, some solid islands in the lava and dangers and enemies everywhere. Fire Keeses, Dodongos and Red Bubbles are swarming around.
”This place is hot! And I’m not talking about the fact I’m enjoying this, ‘cause I’m not!” Gohan said, annoyed.
”I second that.” Videl said.
”I third that.” Goten said.
”And I fourth that.” Link said.
”You too? I’m fifthing that anyway.” Saria said.
”And I’m sixthing that.” Trunks said.
”And I’m… Geez, we could go on forever like that.” Vegeta said.
The group jumped carefully from island to island, killing the enemies on their way. Also several yellow lums and a green lum were collected, and two cages were smashed open.
Then the group finally lands on a platform, which acts like a raft in water.
”Well, it looks like it’s getting harder and harder.” Link said.
”That’s true.” Zelda said.
The ‘raft’ then finally is brought to a friendly stop, and the group continues their trip …
”LOOK OUT! FIREBALLS INCOMING!!!!” Impa shouts, as she spotted fireballs lunging at the group.
The group makes a run for it; Marron is picked up and carried along by her father Krillin. The group now crosses fast but carefully a large pit, with lava at the very bottom, and fireballs still lunging at the group. Suddenly a fireball makes a hit on Videl, causing her to stagger. Gohan rushes over to help his mate, but then a second fireball pushes him into the pit, sending Videl down with him. Goten sees it all!
”BROTHER!! VIDEL!!! OH NO!!!!” he shouts, as he runs after the falling couple.
”GOTEN! GET BACK HERE!” Chi-Chi yelled.
”GOHAN!! VIDEL!!” Goku shouts.
Then another fireball hits Link in his back, sending him straight after the falling couple. Saria doesn’t hesitate and jumps after Link in a desperate attempt to save him.
”LINK! SARIA!” Nabooru shouts.
”I’m going after them!” Zelda said, and jumps down after Saria.
”ZELDA! NOOO!” Impa shouts, and jumps down to save the princess.
”Well, this goes against everything I was taught.” Pan said, as she jumped down as well.
”PAN!!!” Bulla yells, and jumps down as well.
”Then we better all jump down to get equal.” Goku said, as he jumped down as well.
”Fine.” Vegeta said, and jumps too. The others follow, some hesitantly, others with self-confidence. As expected, everyone fell into the lava; however, they somehow reappeared on the spot they just were, having lost only 1/3 of the effect of the Power Fist, and also 5 Armour Points less.
”Good, we’re not dead yet.” Vegeta said, satisfied.
And so, the group continued the trip, with no more fireballs bothering them. As they reached the door, they encounter a normal room, with three closed doors. Link firs the Super Bomb at the center door. In the explosion that followed, the doors crumbled into tiny pieces, several Stalfos behind the left door are instantly eliminated and a cage is open. They grabbed the yellow lums, restore the Power Fist, and in a small chest are some Armour Bars present, refilling their armour points to the max of 30 this time. Then the group enters the next room, and they spot several glowing platforms all over the room.
”Oh man! We have to fight a Wizrobe here.” Link said.
Saria, Zelda and Ruto gulped, as they knew where Wizrobes are capable of. And as Link expected, a Wizrobe appeared, and it instantly launches its flame attack, hitting Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria, Zelda and Ruto at once. The Wizrobe appeared into another spot, but Goku intercepts the attack and launches some Guided Micro Bombs at it. The Wizrobe is hit and retreats to another spot, but Vegeta makes use of the BattleShip Class Firebomb, hitting the Wizrobe with it, while the six injured ones recover from their small injuries and join the attack. The Wizrobe desperately uses his Afterimage technique, but our heroes out smart him, and after a half a minute, the Wizrobe is defeated.
”Wow, that was close. Are you guys ok?” Bulma asked the six.
”We’re fine; thanks to the shield we almost haven’t got a scratch.” Link said.
”Good that Rick gave us these advanced technologies. Otherwise we wouldn’t even be here.” Saria said.
”Yeah, you got that right.” Ruto said.
”Let’s go.” Zelda said, and everyone went down a small slide, only to see lava blocking their path.
”Great. Now what?” Darunia said.
”Maybe those Walking Shells sleeping behind us can help us out.” Gohan said.
”Good idea.” Videl said.
The group then indeed uses the Walking Shells to get over the dangerous spots with ease. But then they also ventured in a looping, and finally, after jumping off the Shell, the group arrived in an even larger room, with a ditch filled with lava in a circle, separating the platforms from each other. A bridge is the only access way to the center platform, but just as the group crossed the bridge, the bridge sinks into the lava.
”Oh no! We must be facing the boss of the temple!” Link said.
”I think you might be right! Look there!” Saria said. In front of the group stood a large beast, similar to the normal Dodongos, only 100x bigger, huge spikes on its back and side, Teeth with the size of Link and Saria together, and a forked tongue sticking out.
”This must be the monster Rick told us about.” Trunks said.
The monster lets out a loud roar, and begins to attack by rolling towards the group.
”OUT OF THE WAY!” Goku yells, and the group spreads into different directions, out of the monster’s path. The monster bashes against the wall, and immediately turns around to attack again. The group does the best to keep out of the reach of the beast, but suddenly Videl stumbles over a small rock, bruising her ankle.
”Videl! Get up!” Chi-Chi shouts.
”I can’t! It hurts too much!” Videl wailed.
Gohan is already on his way to pick her up and carry her to safety, but just as he picked her up, the monster has already lunged forward…
”Oh no!” Goten shouted.
”He swallowed Gohan and Videl! Now what do we do?” Bulma gasped.
Link however is pissed of constantly running away, so he draws his Biggoron’s Sword, and begins to hack into the monster’s chest, in high hopes to pierce its heart, killing him. The monster gets injured, and then he knocks Link away, getting rid of the Biggoron’s Sword. Saria rushes over to help Link, but before the duo realized it, their surroundings go dark and moist as well.
”Man, he’s quick!” Tien said.
”Now he’s gulped Link and Saria down too! We have to free them!” Impa said.
Meanwhile, Zelda has found the Bomb Bag, which Link dropped before he and Saria were swallowed. She grabs a Bomb from the bag and lit the fuse.
”Hey! Why don’t you eat this!” Zelda shouted at the beast, throwing the Bomb to it. The beast then indeed ate the bomb, but it swallowed Zelda along with it.
”Oh no! ZELDA!!!!!!!!!” Impa gasped. Suddenly a dull explosion occurs inside the monster, blasting its belly open, killing it. The group then found Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria and Zelda flowing to them. The five are dazed, but fortunately unharmed.
”That was a brave action, Zelda.” Ruto said.
”Thanks.” Zelda said.
”Hey, guys, I just found the switch that kept the gate we saw before we got even at the entrance of the temple. I activated it, so the gate should be open.” Bulma said.
”Why is that dead beast flashing red?” Goten asked, while Link comes around and looks at the beast.
”OH SH…”

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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2nd half...

35. Back in the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire
Rick is walking to the gate, seeing it open.
”Well I’ll be! You did it!” Rick said.
Suddenly he hears a gigantic explosion.
”Oh no! That came from the temple!” he said, before teleporting himself to it.
Just as he arrived…
”Good grief! The temple has been blown up entirely!”
He immediately begins to throw debris of the temple in the lava, which level has decreased dramatically due to the shockwave of the explosion. Soon enough he finds a badly bruised arm. He throws more debris into the lava, before pulling an unconscious Bulma from the ruins. Rick lays her gently on her side on a spot away from the debris, when Susan arrives.
”I heard the explosion. What happened?” she asked.
”I know as much as you do, but our friends are lying unconscious in the rubble! We need to get them out there fast!” Rick said, and both teens are throwing debris in the lava. Some minutes later, they managed to get Goku, Chi-Chi, Vegeta, Impa, Darunia, Rauru, Marron, Tien, Launch, Bardock and Piccolo out of the debris, and not too long after, Pan, Bulla, Goten, Trunks, Android 17, Mirai Trunks, Zelda, Ruto, Nabooru, Link, Saria, Krillin and Android 18 were found.
”Was that all of them?” Susan said.
”No, Gohan and Videl are still buried under the rubble!” Rick said, digging even harder than he already did. Minutes later, he found Gohan and Videl lying on each other, both barely alive. After laying the couple down by the others, Rick and Susan concentrated, and healed everyone at ones, restoring them in the way they were before they entered the temple, but keeping their newly gained abilities. Soon after, everyone woke up.
”Ow, my head… what happened?” Bulma asked.
”That monster you fought must have detonated itself after you killed it. That’s the only explanation there is to it.” Rick said.
”Rick! Thank goodness you’re here with us.” Marron sighed of relief.
”We would be dead if you didn’t get us out of the rubble.” Pan said.
”No problem. You’re my friends, and I’m helping you out, no matter what.” Rick said.
”How do you feel now?” Susan asked.
”Well, it could have been better.” Nabooru said.
”The shield did help to reduce the damage.” Bulla added.
”Speaking of shields, I’m upgrading the shield to the MicroCorp LXS Class C. That’s all I can give you now. Your shield is getting higher and higher. I have to tell you that I’m almost running out of shield upgrades.” Rick said.
”Thanks, anyway.” Android 17 said.
”Yeah. You helped us greatly through everything with these technologies.” Mirai Trunks added.
”No problem. Time for you to go. I just received reports that the enemies are now in the Bayou.” Rick said.
”Thanks for telling us that.” Bulma said, as the group rose, took the plums which were already waiting for them, and headed off to the open gate. They bounced along with the lava stream until they reached a ledge. Climbing on it, they soon reached another cage with a Super Yellow Lum, and they floated down to a safe hall, using the haircopter. There are several plums already waiting for them. Using the Plum, the group reached another safe ledge, where they have fresh air, a gentle breeze, a blue sky… and NO lava!
”Aaah, this is so wonderful.” Pan said, stretching out.
”Yeah.” Bulla said.
”It sure is pretty here.” Gohan said.
”Let’s get out of this place.” Videl said, wiping sweat from her forehead. Safely walking on the path, the group picked a red and a yellow lum, and wanted to continue along… but then the path beneath them collapsed as they were together, sending them several meters down.

36. The 2nd Crystal
Being rendered unconscious after the fall, the group laid motionless on a small ledge. Vegeta wakes up shortly.
”Darn it! Not this all again?” he groans. Suddenly a plum impales itself on Vegeta’s head.
”AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GET OFF!” he shouts, freeing itself from the plum, throwing it in the lava. Vegeta then stops several other plums, just before the others wake up.
”Oh… it seems our trip isn’t over yet at all.” Goku said.
Gohan and Videl cursed under their breaths, Link and Saria moaned. Reluctantly climbing on the plums, the group decided to continue the trip; the sooner they have all that behind, the better. Grabbing the lums on their way and avoiding moving branches with thorns all over them, the group reached another large lava room where they reached the 8th cage of the area. As they slid down a small tunnel, they come upon several platforms, a bottomless pit and a golden orb.
”Great… Now what?” Darunia asked.
”Why don’t we divide ourselves into small groups, each group standing on one of those platforms, and then tossing the orb to each other this way?” Link suggested.
”Excellent idea, Brother!” Darunia said.
And so the job was easily done, thanks to Links idea. Then the group encounters a plum, already bouncing on the lava, but too far away from the group. Goten shoots a small blast at the plum, making it bounce to the group. This way the group crossed the area two by two. Then they put the golden orb on the pyramid of the same colour, causing a door to be switched upside down. The group then reached for the door and went through it…

”Oh no! We’re back where we found the last cage!” Zelda said.
”Well, let’s check if something has gone different.” Impa said.
The group then got some plums and ventured this way on the lava again. But when they went through the door…
”Hey, this spot is new!” Gohan said.
”Yeah. We have to open the door ahead.” Videl said.
Pan then launched a wave of Mini Missiles, breaking the door.
”Good job!” Bulla said.
”Thanks.” Pan said, while smiling.
Jumping on a new set of plums, the group ventured through the open door, and suddenly a Purple Lum passes our heroes by. They follow the lum, only to encounter another slope, at which they slid down entirely. They then reached the room where they put the Golden Orb on its place, only to be at a higher level, where a Silver Orb waits for them. The Silver Orb is also laid on the pyramid it belongs, and a large stone statue moves slowly into the lava. The flat area on its head is large enough for our heroes to stand on it. They did that, but then the statue begins to move again, walking deeper into the lava. Before it sank completely, the group jumped on a safe platform in time, proceeding to the last room. There the group found the last lums and also another big chest. Link opens it…
”Hey, here’s another Purple Crystal!” he said.
The others gulped.
”It’s not going to do the same with us like what happened the first time, is it?” Bulma asked.
”I hope not.” Chi-Chi replied.
Suddenly the crystal begins to levitate, and increases size while spinning. Suddenly the room goes dark, with only a dim purple light shining from the crystal. The crystal begins to spin faster, and from the center a ghost of magenta light, like the colour of Majin Buu’s Change Beam, becomes visible.
”What’s going on?” Goten asked.
Suddenly the light becomes brighter, and our heroes had to shield their eyes with their arms, to prevent being blinded. Then from the light, beams are shot, hitting each of our heroes full on! Screams of agony could be heard all over the room. Before the group had noticed, they suddenly found themselves pressed against each other… inside the crystal! Then the group was put to sleep again by the intensity and all that they’ve been through, as the emotions became too much for them. The crystal goes back to its original size, falling in the chest, which closes immediately.

37. No time to rest
On the spot where the first crystal was placed, a dog runs toward a boy, sitting on a fence. The boy enjoys the sunset, but then he hears the barking of his dog.
”Hey, what do you have this time?” the boy said.
The dog makes suddenly some strange movements, only to spit out a purple crystal several seconds later.
”You’ve swallowed this by accident, didn’t you?” the boy said, grabbing the crystal.
The dog begins to whine, thinking he has done something bad.
”Oh come on, at least you brought me that. Here’s your reward.” the boy said, handing a bone to his faithful pet. The dog licks him, and grabs the bone before running off. The boy throws the crystal high in the air, and with a flash of light, our heroes appear again, still peacefully asleep. The boy looks at them.
”They need their rest. I’ll put this where it belongs.” the boy said, putting the second purple crystal in its hold, next to the first one. Then ten chests appear. With his magic, the boy manages somehow to create an orb around him and the sleeping group, slowing the flow of time so that one second has become an hour.
”They need their rest. I’ll give them the chance to rest.” he said, before taking a nap too. He notices the group has troubles in their dreams, so he decides to enter their dreams. He then sees what they’re dreaming over and over again; engaging Hildegarn or other enemies, only resulting in their death. Once the boy sees in his dream that Gohan and Videl have been swallowed by Hildegarn, he has enough. He replays the dream, but then he decides to step in. Powering up, he launches the same ray he used to wipe out the hostile forces in Whale Bay. He also fires a REAL Heat-Ray, which burns everything it comes in contact with into crisp. His friends are glad to see him. Five hours later, everyone awakes.
”Rick! We were surprised to see you in our dreams!” Marron said, hugging Rick.
”Well, I noticed you had a hard time, so I used my powers to intervene and help you to make your bad dream turn into a good dream.” Rick said, stroking Marron over her head.
”We owe you one again. You saved us so many times.” Android 18 said.
”It’s ok, 18. I just feel happy to help out friends in the hour of need.”
”By the way, what is up with those Purple Crystals? The one we just gave to you sucked us up like we were a piece of spaghetti!” Bulma said.
”I dunno. All I know is that you have to put them here. They are indeed strange crystals to me.”
”Wow, there are 10 Chests in here.” Link said.
”Yep, they are full of presents for you.”
”Hey, I found the Power Fist in here!” Saria said, after opening the First Chest.
”Here’s a Big Bomb Bag.” Link said by the second chest.
”I found some Big Quivers here.” Zelda said at the 3rd one.
”Wow, more Super Bombs!” Pan said at the 4th chest.
”I got some Blue Armour Bars here.” Goku said by the 5th chest.
”I found these metal cases here. Now we’ve reached Level 5 I think…” Gohan said at the 6th one.
”Hey, I found a new Weapon here.” Videl said, after opening the 7th chest.
”That weapon is called the Poison Bomb. I’m not sure what it exactly is, but it’s pretty powerful.” Rick said.
”I found this rocket in the eighth chest here. What is it?” Bulma said.
”It’s a mere rocket. It does have some power, and the funny thing is it makes your opponent flash Blue for a while. It’s not really powerful, but the fire-rate is extremely high. If you use it in a Directional Shot way… you will fire these things in all directions for a very long time.”
”I found this. What is it?” Vegeta said, holding a Blue ball with two smaller ones orbiting it, coming from the 9th chest.
”Well, well. It seems like you found a Special Ability for several of the Rear Weapons. You found the Charge Rear. If you fire a Rear Weapon on its own, an extra shot is added to the front direction. It’s THAT shot that can be charged to a Powerful Blast.”
”How long does the charging take before being at Full Power?” Chi-Chi asked.
”That totally depends on what level of the Front/Rear Weapons you are now. The higher the level you’re at, the LESSER the Charge Rear needs to be at Full Power.”
”I found a Golden Key here.” Goten said after opening the Final chest.
”That Key allows you to open every door you can open with a normal Small Key. See it as the Infinite Small Key.”
”Thanks for the new things you give us.” Marron said.
”No problem, kid.”
”Where do we have to go now?” Bulma asked.
”Your next destination is in the Echoing Caves. You will encounter first a door there that needs FOUR switches to be open. Next, you have to use Powder Kegs to cross the Acid Swamps there. In the Echoing Caves is also a Secret Passage to the Fairy Glade, leading you to the cage that you at first couldn’t reach.” Rick said.
”Thanks for the info.” Trunks said.
”No problem.” Rick said, and then the group goes on.

38. The Echoing Caves
The group arrives at another grassy field, and are relieved to find out that there is NO lava anywhere.
”We’re having some relaxation at last.” Pan said.
”Yeah. But I hope we don’t have to look here for a Purple Crystal. I don’t want to be sucked up again.” Bulma said.
”None of us want that, woman.” Vegeta said.
”Vegeta’s right. I felt like a sardine in a tin can.” Goku said.
”Uh huh. We were almost squeezed together inside that crystal.” Chi-Chi said.
The group has scattered around, to ease the search for the four switches. Gohan and Videl found the first switch, and activated it. Now both are taking a rest from the wild trip they have behind. Videl then noticed that Gohan has been staring at her for a long time.
"See something you like?" She asked with a smirk.
"Uh huh." Gohan said.
Videl can't help but giggle at him.
"Is that all you can say?" She asked.
"Uh uh." Gohan said before a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.
Videl half-heartedly glared at the boy.
"Stop it!" She said.
"If I have to." Said Gohan with an amused smile. As he stretched he noticed that Videl was staring at him.
"See something you like?" He asked with a smirk just like Videl had.
The raven haired girl nodded her head while replying, "Uh huh."
A laugh came from Gohan as he almost lost his balance.
"Now who’s got the intelligent answers?" He asked as he looked at his mate.
"Why you!" Videl said as she playfully punched him in the arm.
Both teens then burst out laughing.
”Seems like you two have fun together.” a person behind them said.
”Hey, Vegeta.” Gohan said.
”You two definitely fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. You both have a big thing is common, and that is that you’ve got the guts to take on enemies, no matter what strength they are.”
”Thanks for the compliment.” Videl said.
”No problem. As long as you make your mother happy with it, Gohan…” Vegeta said, before walking away, smirking.
Soon enough the other switches were found and activated, so the group could proceed.

“So this is an acid swamp Rick told us about.” Darunia said, as the group arrived in the next room.
”Yep.” Link said, while opening a cage.
”We need to use a Powder Keg or something to cross it, but how?” Saria asked.
Gohan has picked one of the Powder Kegs and walks to the edge of the platform. He doesn’t notice the lit torch, when suddenly the torch lits the backside of the keg, launching it along with Gohan forward over the swamp, leading him to a wooden tower. Everyone is shocked at this, but Videl has other plans. She grabs a keg, too and goes after her mate. One by one the others follow Videl to the wooden tower, which conceals some more yellow lums and a cage. Using another keg, the group found an other ledge than they actually intended to go, and went to check the strange ledge out first. As they walked a little further they suddenly fell down a hole, leading them to…

”Where are we now?” Vegeta asked.
”This looks like the Fairy Glade; I can see the lake with piranhas and the plants we used to avoid it.” Goku said.
”You’re right.” Chi-Chi said.
”I can also see some of out enemies trying to cross it as well.” Link said.
”Let’s get going before they spot us.” Saria said, and the group went along on their trip.
Using a plum to safely cross the swamp, the group then encounters several spider webs, at which they can climb on to continue their journey. Climbing over the webs, the group noticed that there are almost no enemies in this area at all, except for some Keeses, but these were quickly eliminated before they could do anything. The group felt the sticky threads on their fingers, but as long as they could cross the swamp, they actually don’t care about that. Using some Purple Lums and some platforms sticking out of the swamp, the group finally arrived at a small building, and they finally reached the cage and the lums they couldn’t get at first. After opening the cage, a single Stalfos appears, and tries to attack our heroes. Without even looking, Link eliminates him with a single shot of the Plasma Storm.

(Marron’s POV): “We jumped down a hole in front of a chair, and came back at the place where we found the secret entrance to where we just have been. Mommy holds me tight as we jumped down to where we actually intended to go. I watch as daddy activates the switch which opens the door. I’m getting sleepy, but there’s no time to sleep. We have to cross the swamp safely. Mommy and daddy go first, I follow next. I don’t feel pleasant during this flight, but mommy and daddy lead me to safety. I opened another cage, but then we have to make again such a flight with these kegs. I wonder how many times we need to do this…”

As the group reached the end of the area, they went quickly through the portal.

39. Being chased at the Precipice
Meanwhile, at the giant Ship…

“So, those 27 pests think they can escape without noticing, eh?” the scientist said.
”What do you want to stop them?” his ally with the cape asked.
”Send some of your warships and capture them. They mustn’t get all these Purple Crystals before we do!”
”Your Ferocity,” a henchman said, “I just received reports from our forces; the fugitives have already found two of them!”
”WHAT??????” the man with the cape said.
”You may leave. Order the warships to chase the group and capture them at all costs!” the scientist said.
”As you wish, my lord.” the henchman said, leaving.

“Aww, man! Not another cliff?” Link moaned as the group arrived in the new world.
”I’m afraid it’s true.” Zelda said.
Then a ship approaches our heroes.
”Will that help us to get over this?” Vegeta asked.
Suddenly the ship fires a cannonball at the group.
”RUN!!! It’s here to capture us!” Link yelled, immediately running for his life. The others follow without hesitation. The cannonballs regularly hit the wall, but some also hit the bridge the group runs on, making parts of it collapse. Nevertheless, the group managed to stay on the bridge, taking the lums and opening the cages. Their trip makes a very quick progress, but it’s also a hard one…

The group then enters a large room, this time with a river flowing really fast, and they are ‘welcomed’ by another ship, similar to the one that chased them earlier. The group then runs onto a tower… which slowly begins to sink! Avoiding the cannonballs, jumping over rolling barrels and fighting off a Lizalfos, the group reaches the summit of the tower quickly. Opening the cages, grabbing the lums and also refreshing the Power Fist, the group enters then another hallway, only to arrive at another cliff with a swamp. Another running session thus followed. Under way they found some power ups, thus upgrading the Front and Rear Weapons to Level 6! Then the group reached a cliff, which has no walking platforms at all!
”Now what are we gonna do?” Bulla asked.
Suddenly Pan jumps towards the gap, and activates her haircopter for easy travel.
”Follow me. This is the only way to stay safe.” she said, as she followed a trial of yellow lums. The others followed Pan immediately.
”I hope this is good for my hair.” Bulma said.
”Woman, Rick told us that your hair will return back into model after using the haircopter. Otherwise you should have brought a comb with you…” Vegeta said.
After several minutes of using the haircopter, another bridge was reached, where the group ran over to finally reach another building, where a Large Stalchild suddenly appears and begins to attack our friends. After several blows, the Large Stalchild is defeated, opening the gate with the final cage, and the final lums of the area.

40. The Top Of The World
After going in the portal, the group arrived by another cliff, where a stationary Stalfos is waiting them up, only to be sent down the cliff by Link several seconds later.
”Hey, look! There are chairs over there.” Marron said.
”Great, now we can relax.” Krillin said.
”I found a new weapon here. The chest it comes from says that this is called the Hyper Pulse.” Goku said.
”Why?” Marron asked.
”I dunno.”
The group then settled in the chairs, but then…
”HEY!! My chair is moving!” Gohan exclaimed.
”So is mine!” Videl said.
”And mine!” Zelda said.
”Your’s too? I think everyone’s chair is moving!” Impa said.
Suddenly the chair where Gohan sits on is shot forward, the one of Videl follows shortly after. One by one everyone is shot forward with chair and all. Grabbing the lums and avoiding the pillars and platforms at all costs, the group is transported into another fortress, where they easily grabbed the other lums and opened the other cages.
”Man, that went easily.” Goten said.
”Yeah, it was the easiest level so far, I guess.” Trunks added.
The group headed for the portal leading them out of the level.

41. The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava and the Walk of Power
The group arrived in another swampy area, and are surprised to see Rick standing by another portal.
”Hey, Rick, good to see you again.” Bardock said.
”Likewise, my friend.” Rick said.
”What do you want now?” Piccolo asked.
”You must have been tired out after all that you’ve just been through.”
”Yeah, you can say that again.” Chi-Chi said.
”Well, the portal behind me will lead you to a level similar to the Walk of Life. Just grab the 50 Lums there. I’ll be waiting for you at the other side of the portal, with some new upgrades.” Rick said, and goes into the portal.
”New upgrades? That sounds good to me. I’ll go.” Vegeta said and goes in the portal.
”Wait for me!” Bulma said, and goes in after Vegeta.
The others follow as well.

In the new world, our friends run by the nice surroundings. At some points they have to swim in the water flowing softly by, but they got the lums, and they also found Rick waiting for them at a high spot of a small hill.
”We’re here.” Vegeta said.
”Great. Me and my friends just developed a new class of Shield. What I have here for you is the first one of these: The MicroCorp HXS Class A. This is even better than the LXS Classes, since the HXS Class will reduce the Shield costs by using a Special Move with ½! I also give you the latest Generator: The Advanced MicroFusion. This reduces the Ki usage with an additional 25%!” Rick said.
”That’s great!” Goku said.
”Do you have some more?” Krillin asked.
”Well, I’ve got three really freaky weapons for you: The Banana Blast Front, the Banana Blast Rear and the Orange Juicer.” Rick said.
”Oh, so we can shoot powerful Bananas and Oranges now?” 18 asked.
”Yeah. But the Banana Blast Rear can from Level 6 on unleash a powerful Banana Bomb.”
”Good to hear that.” Pan said.
”Do you have some more stuff?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”No. All I can tell you is that you’ll re-encounter the bramble bushes and lava in the world where you’ll go in next.” Rick said.
”What? Do we get chased all over again?” Ruto asked.
”No, you won’t get chased now.”
”Good, but we’ve already had encounters with lava.” Pan said sad.
”I know, but I’m afraid there is lava coming up. I’ve not designed the areas, nor do I send you on these paths. The only thing I can do is to refresh your Power Fist. You’re going to need that item bad, since the enemies ahead will be stronger. They also take more hits to be destroyed.”
”Is there anyway to get rid of them easily?” Vegeta said.
”Yes. If you make your foes fall down a cliff, or into acid, swamps or lava, they’re killed instantly. Also the Super Bombs can kill them at once, and also full volleys of the Plasma Storm and/or the Atom Bombs are very effective. Also, the Sonic Charge Level 6 will help a lot.”
”Sonic Charge Level 6? What’s that?” Nabooru asked.
”That is one of the weapons you can charge using the Charge Rear Shot. The Sonic Charge Level 6 will release a gigantic green/white glowing wave that can sneer through targets and scenery causing some serious damage to your foes.”
”Cool.” Goten said.
And so, the group went on their way.

Walking the solid bridge to a net, the group then gets involved in a new battle with well-known foes like the Lizalfos, and some Stalchilds. It doesn’t take long before these foes are out.
”Man, the Power Fist sure make things easier. I’m getting quite attached to this.” Link said.
”So am I, Link.” Saria giggled.
The group then jumped on a large metal raft, transporting them to another solid bridge. However, just as the group landed on the bridge, the raft disappeared beneath the surface of the swamp.
”I guess we jumped off in time.” Trunks said.
Avoiding some more of the rolling barrels, the group continued their journey across the swamp, until they came to a halt at a broken bridge.
”Now what? Any second of delay decreases our lead with regard to our foes.” Vegeta said.
”No problem.” Goku said, as he opened a cage, which reveals a purple lum. The purple lum begins to hover several feet above the gap, allowing our heroes to swing over it and land at the other side of the bridge. They continued their journey, refreshed the Power Fist again, and took out several Skulltula’s and weak henchmen of Cooler before taking the 10 present yellow lums and proceeding to the next area.

“Rick was right. There are bramble-bushes here.” Gohan said, after the group entered the next area.
”Yeah. Now we have to get there without losing armour points or dying.” Videl said.
”We’ll find something.” Android 17 said.
Climbing over several fences hanging against the wall, the group takes some more lums and opens some cages. A green lum is also taken. Gohan and Videl wanted to jump over the bramble-bushes swamp, when suddenly a branch with thorns all over broke through the wall and hit them in the back, causing them to fall in the bramble bushes, going totally under.
”Oh no!” Chi-Chi screamed, while Goku shot the branch back to where it came from. Suddenly a flash of green light appeared from behind the group, and then Gohan and Videl stood there behind them.
”My gosh, are you ok?” Marron asked.
”We are. Good thing we have the enhanced shield and armour…” Gohan said.
”Let’s go.” Vegeta said, while Gohan and Videl were busy to regain the lost armour points, using the Repair System ability. Then the group encountered some strange flowers, hovering above the ground.
”What are these?” Link asked.
”They are Magic Flowers, I read here on this sign. They’ll take us down safely.” Zelda said.
”Well? What are we waiting for?” Saria said, as she and Link jumped on it. As the others stood on the flower, it began to move, slowly taking the heroes to where they want to go.
”I can see the lava, too!” Rauru said, after being five minutes under way.
”So we’re still getting it hot after all.” Ruto said.
”Yep.” Nabooru said.
”Oh, drat!” 18 said, crossing her arms, and looking down…
”Hey, the flower is fading away, is that right?” she said.
”What do you mean?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”That means we’re gonna faAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Bardock yelled as he and the others suddenly fell down. With a loud thud, the group landed on solid ground.
”OUCH!” Piccolo said.
”This is not good for our bones…” Gohan muttered.
After being recovered, the group continues the journey. Jumping on platforms which suddenly sank into the lava several seconds after the group jumped on and from it, the group then found a switch in the shape of a triangle. Pan then fires her Laser to keep the switch active, while a platform suddenly is drawn out of the wall. Using the opportunity, the group quickly crosses the platform before it moved back in the wall, allowing the group to enter the next area.

The group arrived at a rotating platform, with something continuously spraying flame at one side, while a stream of yellow lava interrupting the path at the other side.
”This requires extreme caution! How do we cross this area?” Link asked.
”Simple.” Goku said, as he told the others to hold him. Then Goku uses Instant Transmission to take everyone to the door, picking the lums and cages along with them.
”That was cool!” Ruto said.
”It sure was.” Bulla said.
The group then ventured through the door, and came then by the final hallway. After taking the final cage and the final lums with them, the group then finally arrives at the portal. After jumping in, Gohan and Videl are horrified to recognize the same surroundings after they went in a similar portal in the Bayou.
”Let me guess, something has to hit us, right?” Link said, annoyed.
”I hope not.” Saria said, moaning, and leaning onto Link, who comforts her.
But, unfortunately for the others as well as Saria, the group gets hit by a well-known object, and is caught together in a quick spin, before being flung to the north.

Meanwhile, Rick is patiently waiting for the others, when he suddenly hears screams approaching him. Without thinking he creates a large Catching Net, and catches the group in their fall.
”Thanks, man!” Pan said.
”No problem.” Rick said.
”I managed to collect these gems here while being in the Echoing Caves.” Pan said, handing another bag full.
”Thanks, it’s also the quantity required to go to the next level…” Rick said, and then the group goes through the door. Rick follows then.

42. The fight with the 3rd Guardian
The group lands again in an area with bramble-bushes and lava.
”Aww great, now we’re stuck here!” Vegeta said, disappointed.
”It looks like it.” Bulma said.
”No, you’re not stuck!” a voice said.
”Rick? What are you doing here?” Krillin asked.
”I’m here to first upgrade your shield to The MicroCorp HXS Class B, the second highest shielding there is. Second, I’m enhancing your floating capabilities.” Rick said, and gives our friends the upgrades.
”What capability is enhanced?” Marron asked.
”You can now use the floating capabilities like the haircopter to fly! It’s the only way to cross this all. Simply activate your haircopter and use your ki to go up. Be sure to keep yourself pushing up, to avoid touching the bramble-bushes or lava. To make things easier, I managed to place all cages and lums together in one spot, and doors which should block your way are blasted away. There’s only one door now, but you won’t encounter it yet. Just be careful and go.” Rick said, before he beams out.
”This is great! We can fly again!” Goku said enthusiastic.
”Wow!” Ruto said. Gohan and Videl then jump from the platform, and activate their haircopter…
”I’ll be darned! Rick is right, too!” Gohan said.
”Come on, let’s get out of here.” Videl said, and the others follow immediately.
Flying between all the bramble bushes, the group then reaches a larger area, where a fen suddenly blows wind in their backs, speeding up their progress. Carefully manoeuvring between the bramble-bushes and the lava, the group managed to quickly cross the first part.

”What? Another fan?” Vegeta asked as the group landed in the new area.
”Yep.” Bulma said.
The group is once again being sped up by the wind coming from the fan, and carefully they avoid the lava and the bramble-bushes whatever it takes. The group then found a hole in the bramble-bushes wall, containing a solid ledge to walk on. There they found the four cages and the 50 yellow lums.
”That’s quick!” Videl said.
”Yeah, and I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Gohan said.
”What do you mean?” Chi-Chi asked.
”I have a feeling something luring at us, but I can’t tell who or what it is.”
”Gohan’s right. I also feel uncomfortable here…” Vegeta said.
The group proceeded with the flight until they came upon the door.
”Rick must have meant that door.” Nabooru said.
Suddenly the door opened, and our heroes fly through the opening, only to arrive in a chamber, where there are streams of lava meeting and flowing down together, forming also a deep pit. Just as Rauru flew in the chamber as the last one to enter, the door closed.
”We’re locked in!” Link said.
”Oh no!” Saria said.
”What are we going to do?” Zelda asked.
”I have no idea.” Impa said.
The group remained silent, until…
”GOHAN! VIDEL! WATCH OUT!” Goku yells, as he noticed a shadow falling over the two.
But before the couple could look who is behind them, a strong punch disables them from their flying capabilities, sending them down in the pit.
”Where’s that monster?!?” Chi-Chi yelled, but then she saw Link and Saria fall down into the pit, and be fore she knew it, she found herself and Goku falling down as well, and soon the others fell down too.

Videl screamed as she felt deeper and deeper, Gohan desperately tries to speed up to catch her, in an attempt to slow down. However, both teens hit the ground together not quite soft. They bounced off the ground, and landed several meters further.
”Are you allright?” Gohan asked as he helped Videl up.
”Not really. Thank you for trying to save me.” Videl replied.
”I hoped to receive most of the impact, but we hit the ground before I could fling you on me.”
”Thanks anyway.” Videl said as she kissed her mate. Then the two caught Link and Saria up from their fall, and soon the others came down as well. Then Gohan saw something…
”Ehm, guys… I think we should make a run for it.” Gohan said, nervously laughing.
”Why?” Android 17 asked.
”Look behind you!” Videl said as she saw what Gohan’s talking about.
As everyone looked in the direction where Gohan and Videl were looking at, they saw a similar monster they saw in the Sanctuary of Water and Ice, but he’s made of Rock and Lava! Vegeta made himself ready to engage, but suddenly the monster throws a horizontal line of fire directly at the group!
~RUN, GUYS, RUN! HE’S GOING TO BURN YOU!~ the voice of Rick boomed in their heads.
”Understood!” Gohan said, and he runs for his life, taking Videl with him, the others follow immediately. The monster goes in pursuit, and keeps throwing lines of fire, which doesn’t cause damage for now thanks to the high shielding. Gohan then sees a spider’s web directly in front of him. Using it as a trampoline, he is launched into the air, and he fires an energyball at the stalactite just above the monster.


The stalactite impales itself on the monster’s head, making it spin to get rid of it. Now the monster has been damaged, and that doesn’t make him happier. As a matter of fact, he begins to throw the fire lines at a faster rate, and he also begins to throw vertical firelines.
”Was that a good idea?” Videl asked.
”At least it was an idea, and I bet it’s the only way to beat him!” Gohan said.
At the second web, everyone is launched, and Videl hits the second stalactite…

Now the monster is really angry, and begins to throw the fire lines at an even faster rate than before! Now the group gets some serious burns here and there due to the fast attacks.
”I don’t know… if I… AAAAAAAHHHHHHH… can hold… this much… longer!” Bulma shouted.
Scolded and agonized, the group staggered to the next web to deliver the final blow. However, the third stalactite misses its goal, and so the group gets to suffer more of these firelines, and even worse: the monster is closing in! Desperate to save himself and his friends, Link fires a Super Bomb to the 4th stalactite as soon as the group is launched again.

The Super Bomb has made impact just next to the stalactite, but it’s enough for the stalactite to fall down and impaling itself on the monster’s head, causing an explosion of 1,000 megaton! Still in mid air, the group gets overwhelmed by both the shockwave and the fast moving fireball, rendering them unconscious and burning them badly. 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over their bodies. Pan manages to wake up a little, vaguely seeing a boy caressing her in his arms.
”Shh, take it easy. Just rest for now, I’ll take care of everything.” she heard him say, before she passes out again.

Hours fly by like they are minutes. The group wakes up after being out for 24 hours on end, and notice that the worst wounds have been healed.
”Did we… actually win?” Marron asked.
”We did, sweetie.” 18 said.
The group got up, and thanks to a purple lum, the group reached another platform, and after jumping down, they found another big chest. Link opens it…
”Guess what?” he said.
”A Purple crystal?” Zelda asked.
”Oh. I guess that something is going to happen to us then.” Bulma said.
”I hope not.” Vegeta said.
”Gohan? What’s wrong? You’re sweating badly.” Goku said.
”I have no idea what it… is…… but……………… *passes out*”
”G… Go… han…………” Videl said, before she fell down next to Gohan, also passing out.
”You see?! I told you… that…… something……… is going…………… to…” Bulma said, before she fell down on the backs of Gohan and Videl, also passing out. One by one the group is suddenly put to sleep. Then the crystal appears, and then something drags the unconscious bodies into the chest, before the purple crystal went back in it, and the chest closed.

43. To the Tomb of the Ancients
The group woke up, only to see the third purple crystal in its place, and five chests around them.
”Hey. Are you ok?” a soft, friendly voice said.
”We’re fine, Rick, thank goodness.” Chi-Chi said.
”You guys are the toughest ones I’ve ever seen. To make sure you’ll make it trough the next level, I restored your health and Armour Points to the max.” Rick said.
”What do you mean with ‘make it through the next level’?” Pan asked.
”Well, as far as I know, the place you’re going to enter is even WORSE than the Cave of Bad Dreams.”
”What do you mean? Some places we’ve been before are bad enough, are you saying the next world is even worse?” Vegeta asked.
”I’m afraid so. There are no things such as lava or bramble-bushes, all I know is that there is a polluted swamp, acid lakes, and it’s infested with poisonous spiders, ReDeads, Floormasters, Wallmasters, hidden booby traps, piranhas, Stalfos, Dinolfos, Wolfos and Moblins.”
”Moblins?? Are you sure about that?” Link asked.
”I’m serious about that. The place won’t be pretty. On top of that, there’s a graveyard in that place too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were any Poes around.”
”Are there any creatures who want to eat us up?” Goku asked.
”Well, I know that the ReDeads, the spiders and the piranhas see you as their main course, but the Hidden Booby traps may also have creatures that like to swallow you whole!”
”I’m scared.” Marron said.
”I know, that’s why I’m giving you this.” Rick said, and opens a first big chest.
”What’s that?” Goten asked as Rick took a glowing orb from the chest.
”This will provide you with a Cloaking Device. When activated, it renders you temporarily invisible for ALL enemies in the area. Use it carefully though, this type can be active for only 10 minutes, and it needs an additional 30 minutes to recharge. Also, you can not attack while you’re cloaked.” Rick said.
”Well, it’s at least something.” Link said.
”Yeah. But what if some of us do get eaten?” Goku asked.
”Well, I’ve been enhancing the green lums lately, so you won’t have troubles like that. But take my advice and keep your attention at your surroundings. To help you with that, I’m giving all of you also this.” Rick said, while opening a second chest, taking a strange, metal apparatus from it.
”What is it?” 18 asked.
”What I have here is a Motion Tracking Device. Being designed by an alien species, this will track the current movements of all the foes in the entire area where you are, warns you when there’s a booby trap near, and it also boosts your targeting accuracy, so your attacks have an much higher chance of hitting your opponent.”
”That’s more I like it. What do you have more?” Vegeta said.
”Well, your Super Bomb ammo is now upgraded to 20, the 4th Chest gives you the MegaMissile. It has very low ammo, but it’s quite powerful, and the 5th chest has some food and drinks here.”
”Thanks, man. I’m quite hungry you know.” Goku said.
”You’re always hungry, Goku.” Chi-Chi said.
”I can’t help it.”
”I know. We now have the opportunity to eat.”
And so, the group ate and drank, before they continued their journey.

44. Inside the Tomb of the Ancients
The group landed at a stairway, in which they simply have to walk it down. Different sounds are audible all over, as if the group has landed in a haunted house.
”The surroundings look like we are in a giant haunted house. Look at all those webs here.” Gohan said.
”Yeah. It seems that this place has been neglected over years.” Videl said.
”Look at all those bones and skeletons in the swamp. It looks like we weren’t the first one to enter here.” Trunks said.
”Good thing I’ve got the Lens of Truth here with me.” Link said.
”Yeah, we’re going to need that more than ever.” Impa said.
After 15 minutes, the group is finally down the stairs.
”I thought these stairs would go on forever.” Saria said.
”They reminded me of the final staircase in Ganon’s Tower.” Link said.
”Was that staircase THAT long?” Pan asked.
”Yeah. But I didn’t care. I showed GanonDORK who’s boss.”
Zelda then burst out laughing at hearing ‘Ganondork’. Mirai Trunks found the first cage and he opens it. Then a gate opens, allowing our heroes to continue their trip. The group entered an area, which was even fuller of spider webs… and also digested corpses here and there entangled in the webs.
”Eww, gross!” Pan said.
”You took the words right out of my mouth.” Link said.
”Where are they then?” Goku asked, causing a fall down anime style by the others.
”I don’t get it. He’s incredibly strong, but also incredibly naïve.” Saria said, pointing to Goku.
”He’s always a happy guy; only during combat he gets serious, right Kakarot?” Vegeta said.
”Eh?” Goku asked, causing Vegeta to slap himself on his forehead, moving his hand over his face
”Sometimes you really get me on my nerves.” he snarled.
Goku shrugs and the group continues on the journey. Suddenly a giant spider lands in front of the group, and squirts a substance of glue and cobwebs to them. Gohan, Videl, Link and Saria were unable to avoid it, as they are suddenly received sticky threads all over their bodies, gluing them to each other ánd the ground. The spider shows off its huge fangs, ready to sink them in Gohan and Videl to inject its stomach juices inside the two, but then several Atom Bombs suddenly blast in on the spider, killing it, just as its fangs were straight above the bodies of the couple. It was Chi-Chi who fired the Atom Bombs!
”Keep your dirty paws of my son and her mate! I want to have grandchildren!” She said, making Gohan and Videl blush like mad.
::I wonder if your mother will shut up one day about that.:: Videl said through her bond.
::I’m afraid not. If she wants to, she will force me to impregnate you…:: Gohan said, sweat dropping.
::I see… your mom is so determined. My father however…::
::I don’t wanna know how your father would react…::
::Me neither.::
After freeing the four from their sticky situation [Bad pun, I know], the group continued their journey, as they came to a polluted river. Using an energyball, Ruto then activated a switch she found. She suddenly hears a threatening sound.
”WALLMASTER!!!” she shouts.
”What? Where?” Goku asked.
Suddenly, Marron lets out a terrified scream! The Wallmaster has caught Marron!
”Stay away from my daughter!” Krillin growled, and used the Destructo Disc to intercept the Wallmaster, giving 18 the time she needs to free the scared child. Then Krillin uses the Scattering Bullet (Kakusandan) to finish the Wallmaster off.
”Thanks, Krillin.” 18 said.
”Oh daddy, you saved me!” Marron said.
”No one takes my family or friends away without dealing with me.” Krillin said, grinning while showing the victory sign. Suddenly a similar sound is heard again. The group prepares itself to intercept another Wallmaster by running away from it’s shadow. This time, the Wallmaster has missed its goal. After crossing the swamp using large stones, the group arrives at a hallway with several gates, which are closed.
”How do we get these gates open?” Goten asked.
”We need to find the proper switches.” Trunks said.
But the group doesn’t know that something is lurking from behind. What does it want? Why is that thing lurking at Gohan and Videl? What other dangers will our heroes face? Find out next time in Dragonball Z; Hildegarn’s Return…

To be Continued…

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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[quote="oever532"]Aww, man, why do you have to be so negative? :( :cry: :cry: :cry: I don't get any positive reviews from you? I spent almost 8 months on this!

I'm not being negative I'm being honest. I didn't ask to read your work. You just posted it and then asked why no one is reading it or commenting. I am very busy. I am a writer by trade. Have you bought my play and read it? A play which took me a year to write? No. But that's okay, because you may not be interested in my subject matter. This is a site about WOTW. Not some kids cartoon. I'm 35 and I am not going to read a fanfic by a very young man, who is writing about something I am not even slightly interested in, just so I can then shower him with false praise.

I think it is great that you want to be a writer, and I hope you become a successful one. As writer in residence at The Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres and as the Young writers Mentor I have to read lots of plays a week. There is no way I'm going to read a fanfic on top of all that.

I like you Oever. I think you are witty and enthusiastic. I come here to discuss War of the Worlds related things, not Dragon Balls Z!!!!!! You should do that on a Dragon Ball Z forum.


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In case you didn't know, I'm planning to make a WOTW reference in the fanfic. :wink: It's not entirely DBZ, ya know.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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There are many topics I have posted that you have never responded to, that may be because you haven't seen them or because they hold no interest for you, but I don't asked you why you haven't responded.
As 'Klaatu' said
I agree it is impressive but it holds no interest for me, And I'm afraid a reference to WOTWs does not make it a WOTWs story.
Believe us 'oever', it's nothing personal.


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Oh, I see. Here's part 5. I wish I could do anything to make the story more attractable... This is the Off-Topic Section anyway.

Part 5: Revealing Secrets

For legends, please see the first parts…

44. Inside the Tomb of the Ancients (continued)
The group still stands in front of a closed gate, knowing they have to find the proper switches. But little do they know that something’s aiming at them. But then…
”Gohan… what is this thing wrapping itself around us?” Videl asked.
”What?” Gohan asked, but before he and Videl could do anything, both are suddenly yanked through the wall behind them.
”GOHAN! VIDEL!” Trunks shouted.
”What’s up with these clowns of opponents? Can’t they take someone else?” Vegeta snarled.
”Oh no! We’re facing a new Barinade now!” Link said.
”Wasn’t that the monster which made Lord Jabu-Jabu ill?” Ruto asked.
”There he is!” Saria said.
”I can still sense Gohan and Videl! They’re alive and well, but inside that thing!” Goku said.
Link grabs his Boomerang, an item he somehow managed to take along, and throws it with all his might at Barinade. The Barinade is indeed stunned, and Link begins to hack into it as many times as possible, getting rid of the many electrified jellyfish. Soon enough, the Barinade explodes in a big blast, spreading small pieces and lots of green goo around, and Gohan and Videl are freed. The couple however has been stunned, due to the electric charges Barinade set on them.
”I guess they’ll be out for a few minutes.” Goku said.
So the group rested for several minutes, and Gohan and Videl woke up after three minutes.
”What happened?” Gohan asked.
”Some monster attacked you, but we defeated it.” Vegeta said.
”And a good thing, too.” Videl said.
The group then walked into an area, infested with spiders, and there’s a ReDead on an island, guarding a chest. The group is suddenly brought to a halt.
”That Motion Tracking Device is warning us for something.” Link said.
”For what?” Saria asked.
”We’ll see.”
Link lets a Bombchu loose. At first nothing happens, but suddenly a huge spider comes from the ground and takes the Bombchu in its burrow, only to be killed by it seconds later.
”Trap Door Spiders.” Link and Saria said in unison, the others gulped.
”Where’s Spiderman when you need him?” Vegeta grunted.
”Say, aren’t you afraid that these things are going to get us soon?” Zelda asked.
”Not if we do something about it.” Gohan said.
”What are you gonna do?” Videl said.
”We have no choice but to use one of the Special Abilities Rick taught us.”
”Which one?”
”The Guided Bomb Cluster.”
”The Guided Bomb Cluster?”
”How did that technique go?”
”Well, I remember that Rick told us we have to move left, then move right and then move back and quickly thereafter have to launch an attack. When those movements are made correctly, our bodies should blast out eight Guided Bombs.”
”Well? What are we waiting for?” Vegeta asked.
And so the group made use of the Guided Bomb Cluster technique. A total of 216 Guided Bombs were spreaded across the area, 200 hostile spiders were taken out, and the 16 others defeated the sole ReDead. Using the Super Longshot, Link pulled himself to the chest, picket the item out, and Goku brought him back to the others.
”What are these?” Marron asked.
”I read here that these are Shock Bombs.” Bulma said.
”What are they for?” Chi-Chi asked.
”I read here on a note that the Shock Bombs are capable damage ANY unit which is moving beneath the surface of the land or water.” Bardock said.
”So we can now prepare ourselves on things like the Trap Door Spiders?” 18 asked.
”Indeed, and the best thing is, is that we have unlimited ammo of it.” Piccolo said.
”So we can shoot them whenever we want?” Krillin asked.
”Correct.” Android 17 said.
”Let’s get going.” Mirai Trunks said.
”Is that a switch over there?” Launch asked, looking at a red button on top of a tower.
”I’ll check it.” Tien said.
Tien climbs a large web, while Gohan and Videl follow to watch his back for any dangers.
”It’s indeed a switch.” Tien said, and activates it. A rattling sound follows.
”Hey, Tien, it looks like you opened one of the gates.” Ruto said. The group waited for Tien, Gohan and Videl, and went to see what gate was open.
”The first gate has been opened. Now the last one.” Goku said.
The group then entered the other hallway, to find the switch to open the other gate.
”Rick was right here, too! There actually is a graveyard here!” Pan said.
”Then the Poes mustn’t be very far.” Link said, grabbing his Bow and Arrows.
”What Poes are we gonna fight?” Saria asked.
”I think the Normal and Big Poes.” Zelda said.
”Have I ever told you about the Poe Sisters?” Link asked.
”Poe Sisters? Who are they?” Ruto asked.
”The Poe Sisters are: Joëlle, Beth, Amy and Meg. They’re totally different from the other Poes, since they have torches instead of lamps. Meg has the capability of splitting herself into four, and it’s up to us to find the right one.”
”How do we recognize the real Meg?” Impa asked.
”The one which makes an extra spin is the real one.”
”Thanks for the info, Brother.” Darunia said.
”No problem.”
The group advanced in the Graveyard, only to be greeted by the first line of Normal Poes. Link and Saria have no problems slashing them all to pieces. Then the Big Poes appear. They managed to mow down Link and Saria, but then Zelda intervenes and attacks, while the others try to fend some other Poes off. Then Joëlle appears. She manages to isolate Link and Saria from the others, so she can have a battle with them. This is none of that for Link and Saria, and prepare to engage. Then Joëlle renders itself invisible, and hits Link and Saria with her Spin attack. However, the two get up quickly and when Joëlle is visible again, both use the Jump Attack, defeating Joëlle with a single blow this way. But then the Poe Beth appears, and she prevents Link and Saria from joining the group, so the two have a Round Two. Meanwhile Gohan and Videl managed to do the Fusion Dance, Pan and Bulla, Goten and Trunks and Goku and Vegeta followed not too long after. Chi-Chi and Bulma saw the Fusion, and they tried it themselves… with success! So there are now FIVE Fusions active: Godel, Bran, Gotenks, Gogeta and Chima. The battle is a hard one. Gotenks makes regularly use of the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Gogeta fires his Big Bang Kamehameha to and fro, Piccolo uses his Guided Scatter Shot, Krillin uses both his Destructo Disc and the Scattering Bullet, Godel, Bran and Chima used the weapons and abilities Rick taught them, causing violent changes in the number of Armour points, though it never went below 15 to 20. 18 explained that she has reached a Super Android Stage, which is for now comparable to a Super Saiyan 1 on Full Power level. Marron also had a great boost in her power, Tien managed to decrease the cost after using is Tri-Beam, enabling him to sustain the attack now for 3 times longer. Bardock also managed to reach Super Saiyan, since the frequent power-ups and battles made him stronger as well. Zelda, Ruto, Impa, Darunia, Nabooru and Rauru noticed the situation Link and Saria were in, but the frequent appearance of new Poes prevented them to get over by the two to help them out. Meanwhile Link and Saria have eliminated Beth, but then five heavy blocks fall from out of nowhere on the ground.
”This is the puzzle to unleash Amy! If I’m correct, we’ve got 60 second to do the job!” Link said.
”Then let’s not waste any time!” Saria said.
The blocks are this time harder to move, so Link and Saria combine their strength to move the pieces to the right place. After 55 second, they finished the puzzle, revealing the Poe Amy, who immediately hit the two with the Spin Attack. Link and Saria are barely damaged and draw their Biggoron’s Swords again, ready to strike, as they lock onto Amy’s shadow. After a half a minute, Amy reappears and immediately gets slashed by Link and Saria. But then it’s Meg’s turn! Meg immediately splits herself into four, and begins to circle around the two.
”Time for the Bow and Arrow.” Link said, as he and Saria grabbed their Bows.
Link is the first one to make a hit, and then Saria hits the second time. Standing back to back, Link and Saria have the advantage of looking which one of the four Megs is the real one. Link then takes the third shot at Meg, Saria hits her for the 4th time total.
”One more shot!” Link said.
”Let’s do that together, then we’re even!” Saria said.
The two take position, and…
”I found her!” Link said, and locks on.
Saria also locks on, and the two decide to join Bows.


Link and Saria launch exactly at the same time their arrows, which make a direct hit on Meg, and then the final Poe Sister has been defeated. At the same moment, all the other Poes are destroyed as well. Zelda found then the switch and activated it, causing not only the gate to go open, but a big chest also comes in the room. Link opens it…
”Aha! I found some Mirror Shields here!” he said.
”Cool! Now we can reflect magic, energy and light!” Nabooru said.
”Great.” Saria said, and so the group went further, after the Fusion Times expired.
Climbing over a web, the group arrived at a very hazardous area. The islands they have to jump on are surrounded by a vast lake of hydrochloric acid! A green lum has been picked up, but the group does hesitate.
”Hydrochloric acid… just our luck!” Vegeta said.
”What’s that?” Gohan asked, pointing to a small platform at the very left at the other side of the lake.
”Let’s check it out.” Goku said, and uses Instant Transmission to get everyone there.
”It’s a small stairway.” Chi-Chi said.
”What will be down there?” Bulma asked.
”We’ll have to check it.” 18 said.
”I hope we won’t have any troubles on the way.” Trunks said.
”That’s what we all hope.” Videl said.
Unfortunately for the gang, several Blue Bubbles are waiting for them when they got down the stairs, and after a short battle, the group won, but everyone was flashing blue.
”What happened to us?” Marron asked.
”We’ve been jinxed!” Zelda exclaimed.
”I’ve got something against that.” Link said, and he took his Ocarina and began to play The Song of Storms, revealing everyone from the jinx.
”Thanks, Link.” Saria said.
”No problem. The Song of Storms has always been ideal for chasing curses, like a jinx, away.”
The group then advanced over another swamp, grabbing a SECRET yellow lum, which heals also the wounds that have not yet been healed. Then the group slid down a cave to the next area.

The group landed in an area which contains another closed gate, some metal raft, a giant swamp, and a switch to open the gate. The only platform to walk on is the one by the switch and around the gate. Using the Laser, now at Level 7, Pan lets the switch rotate until the gate is fully open, allowing her and the others to jump on the metal rafts; four persons per raft. The group then climbs another web up to a solid platform, but come across an electric barrier. Vegeta hits a switch that temporarily disables it, allowing the group to pass through. Carefully crossing two bridges (which collapsed after our heroes passed over it) and avoiding electric rays, the group jumped again on a metal raft, guiding them to some solid bridges.
”Oh, man. We have to do here again what we did in the Echoing Caves!” Link said, after opening a cage using the Guided Bombs.
”Travelling with those kegs?” Saria asked.
”Oh, man!”
”Well, here we go again.” Zelda said.
The group flew through a hole in the wall, sending them into a new area, where they had to do it again. During flight, they managed to pick up a Power Fist and two cages, and when they landed on another solid bridge, a Stalfos came down to fight. The Stalfos was quickly destroyed. Then Link saw a sign.


You are about to enter the liar of the Spider Queen.
If you have sufficient protection, you may proceed.
If not, it is strongly recommended you have to protect yourself
Otherwise; you’ll be the next one that the Queen will eat.

“Looks like we have to protect ourselves good. I don’t wanna have digestive juices in me.” Pan said.
”But how can we protect ourselves?” Videl asked.
”I dunno, if we only have something to cloak us… wait a sec, that’s it! The Cloaking Device!” Gohan said.
”The Cloaking Device, you mean that what Rick gave us to render us invisible for 5 minutes?” Chi-Chi asked.
”Right, and if we are invisible, that means we can pass through the area undetected!”
”Great idea.” Videl said.
”How do we activate it?” Bulla asked.
Gohan has found a small, grey button on his wristband. He presses it, and suddenly he fades away.
”Like that.” Gohan said.
So everyone activated the Cloaking Device, and using a metal raft and some spider webs, they made it safely through the Queen’s liar.

The group arrives at another swamp, with again some metal rafts, and yellow lums on the way. While the Cloaking Device disengages, the group is brought to the next area, after deactivating some electric barriers. The group waits patiently to arrive at a small ledge, to climb a net there. To their astonishment, they’ve arrived in a normal room.
”Wow. It’s quiet here. There’s no swamp, spiders or anything like it.” Trunks said.
”Good riddance.” Vegeta said.
”Let’s keep going.” 18 said.
The group opened another cage and climbed over another net to the final area.

45. A new place
The group found themselves in a hallway, where they opened the door with the switch just next to it. They came in another area with different tombstones as the floor, paintings on the wall, spider webs hanging on the ceiling, and a fence placed in a wide circle form in the center of the room. The group then went between the fences, which closed short after everyone was inside.
”Now what?” Krillin said.
Then everyone notices a man in shining armour, on a black horse, holding a staff.
”What? Ganondorf?” Nabooru asked.
”No, this is only his Phantom! I recognize him from the moment we fought in the Forest Temple.” Link said.
Phantom Ganon puts indeed a skull-like helmet on, and with his magic, he transports himself in one of the paintings.
”What do we do now?” Saria asked.
”We need to figure out which Phantom Ganon coming from the paintings is real. If he gets out, shoot at him, otherwise he’ll hit us.” Link said.
”Thanks for the tip.”
”There he is!” Zelda shouted, looking behind the others. Goku responds by giving Phantom Ganon a volley of Mini Missiles. 10 Missiles strike their mark, forcing Phantom Ganon to get off his horse and float above the group. He throws an electrified energy ball at them, but Link reflects it, making a bullseye on Phantom Ganon. Then Link and his friends finish him off immediately.
”So… just as I thought. Ganondorf is in this. I know it now for sure.” Link said, clenching his fist.
”You seem to hold a grudge against that man. Why?” Marron asked.
”Well, in the place where I and my friends come from, Ganondorf tried to conquer the world to be a sole ruler. I and my friends managed to stop him eventually, but before he surrendered, he has sworn revenge on us, so…”
”I see. I don’t like that guy.”
”Ehm, Link, why didn’t you mention the Triforce?” Zelda whispered.
”Come on, Marron is just a young child, she wouldn’t understand a thing if I would explain everything what happened.” Link whispered back.
Then another portal appeared, and suddenly the group floated in mid-air after they went through it.
”What’s this? Can we fly again?” Pan asked.
”I hope so.” Bulla said.
”Why are we moving? I don’t do anything!” Launch said.
Suddenly the speed increases, and the group saw they’re heading straight for an immense bunch of coins and gems.
”Let’s get them!” Pan said.
Through the entire level on, the group gathered as many of the coins and gems they could, before they reached another ledge, only to discover they haven’t flown at all. Then they met Rick again.
”Hey there, guess what, we found some more jewels.” Pan said, handing the bag to Rick.
”Thanks. You can go to the new place now. But I’m afraid I can’t give you any details about it. You’re on your own there.” Rick said.
”Oh… so you don’t have any idea what we’ll encounter there?” Bulla asked.
”I’m afraid not. All I can do is power your Front and Rear Weapons up to Level 7. You will also get the MicroCorp HXS Class C. It’s the strongest shield ever. I’m also giving you the most powerful generator that has ever existed: The Gravitron Pulse-Wave. This generator reduces the ki-usage with an additional 45%, so in total you use now 95% less ki in your attacks.”
”Thanks, anyway. Now that we have the highest upgrades, I guess you can only improve us with some more armour.” Pan said.
”Yep. But not now. I hope you’ll be careful out there.”
”We will.” Bulla said, as everyone went through the portal.

46. The Iron Mountains
”Great… just great…” Bulma said, after everyone entered the area, only to find out it’s raining hard. It’s a matter of seconds before everyone is soaking wet.
Using the purple lums, the first six yellow lums are quickly collected.
”Now let’s get over there *points to a tube* before we catch a cold.” Link said.
Everyone went inside the tube, to undo their clothes of large portions of water. They climbed up a rope ladder, and saw a rotating platform, two switches, an electric barrier and 6 yellow lums. Using a Purple lum, the group landed quickly on the rotating platform, activated the switches which deactivated the barrier, grabbed the lums and jumped down the hole onto a grassy field.
”That was easy.” Saria said.
Our friends continued their way swiftly. Several Stalfos and some of Frieza’s henchmen tried to stop them, only to be defeated seconds later. Breaking two cages, and following a path over a very wild river, our heroes then came across an air balloon. As soon as everyone was in the basket, the balloon floated slowly over the mountains.

“Now this is a nice trip. Look at this view.” Pan said excited.
”It sure is a nice trip. This way our enemies will stay even further behind.” 18 said, holding Marron.
”You’re absolutely right.” Marron said.
Even Vegeta enjoyed the view, having laid one arm over his mate Bulma. Everyone enjoyed the view… until…
”Ehm, guys…” Gohan said.
”What is it, dear?” Videl asked.
”I think we have a problem…” Gohan replied, pointing upward.
”Is there a hole in the balloon???” Chi-Chi asked terrified.
”No, I’m smelling gas, and you might know what happens if gas and fire come together…”
”Then we better should abandon this balloon, don’t ya think?” Videl said.
”Uh huh.”
Gohan ventures over the side of the balloon, and waits until he’s sure he’ll land on the ground.
”GERONIMOOO!!” he shout, letting himself fall.
”GERONIMOOO!!” Videl shouted, following immediately.
Suddenly, a man with a feather on his head, bow and arrows packed, clothed with some old clothes appears…
”ME!” he shouted as he jumped down, too.
”Now what is that supposed to mean?” Vegeta asked, as he prepared himself for the jump.
The others jump quickly one after the other. Bardock, who jumped last down, isn’t 100 meters away from the balloon as he hears a loud explosion.
”Guess we jumped just in time.” he said.

The group landed again near a small fortress, and there are some menhirs and a giant robot chicken on the field. Quickly entering the fortress, our friends broke the final cage, regaining now all their powers.
”This is great. Now let’s get out of here.” Vegeta said.
Link then blasted a door, only to see some children coming out of the room. The group continued their way, resulting in a long Walking Shell Ride. Taking the lums, riding over pillars and switches and also letting the metal bird run the menhirs out of the way, our friends quickly continue their trip.

The group reached another swamp, and quickly ran over solid bridges, only to encounter some people crying near a boat.
”What happened?” Goku asked.
”Some aliens came and abducted our children and locked them in the mines. We don’t know what to do.” a sobbing woman said.
”We’ll get them back for you.” Goku said, and uses Instant Transmission to get all the kids back.
”Wow, that was quick! How did you do that?” a man said.
”It’s kinda hard to explain now, and we have little time, since we have to defeat some enemies.” Goku said, grinning.
”Never mind. Thanks anyway. Take this as a token of our gratitude.” the man said, giving our heroes another purple crystal. Bulma takes it. Then the men, women and children jumped in the boat and went back to their homes.
”Now we’ve got the last one.” Link said.
Then the crystal melted, to become an oozing purple blob.
”Yuck! That’s disgusting!” Bulma said, dropping it immediately.
Suddenly the blob becomes a whole blanket, covering the group immediately.
”Get me outta here!” Chi-Chi yelled.
”AAAAAHHH, I CAN’T MOVE!” Goku exclaimed.
”Vegeta, where are you?” Bulma asked.
”You’re lying on me, woman!” came Vegeta’s reply.
”OUCH! Where’s your head made of, Gohan?” Videl asked as she bashed her head against Gohan’s.
”I wanted to ask you the same thing!” Gohan replied.
”This feels just like when Majin Buu absorbed us.”
”That’s true.”
Then Rick arrives.
”Guys? Where are you?” he asked.
”We’re inside this purple blob here.” Bulma said.
”How did you get in there???”
”The purple crystal turned itself into this and swallowed us up. Can you get us out?” Chi-Chi asked.
But before Rick could reply, the oozing blob suddenly lunged at him, and disappeared totally inside him through his mouth.
”Hey! What’s going on?” Pan asked.
”You’re not gonna believe this: that purple thing just went in me!” Rick said, whose body oddly enough remains exactly the same.
”What? So we’re now inside your body?” Vegeta asked.
”It looks like it… and I don’t like it.”
”What are we gonna do?” Goten asked.
”I’ll get you to the place where the other crystals are. I hope I can find a way to get you out of me.” Rick said, as he flew away.

47. The remaining mystery of the Purple Crystals
Rick arrives at the pillar where the three other purple crystals are. Susan is waiting for him.
”Hey, where are the others?” she asked.
”You’ll not gonna believe this: the last purple crystal has turned onto an oozing blob, swallowing our friends up, and then that thing went in me!” Rick said.
”Oh… so you’re carrying them inside you.”
”Yes, and I’d rather have them out.”
”We’re rather outside too.” Bulla said.
”I’m sleepy.” Marron said.
”I need a rest as well.” Rick said.
”Can you get them out?” Susan asked.
”Of course I can! But I’m really tired. Besides our friends need a rest too, so I’m afraid they have to stay in me for at least a week or so.”
”We understand, just make sure you won’t get caught.” Goku said.
”I can slow down the time again, so we can regain strength quickly.”
”Good.” Vegeta said.
Rick and Susan fell asleep, scanning the area to and fro for incoming enemies. Susan sat in Ricks lap [N.B.: and they’re just asleep and just friends! This is a NO hentai fic, you pervs if you thought that way!!], both are vast asleep, slowing the flow of time, allowing them to sleep for as long as they want.

After several days, the two woke up.
”How do you feel?” Susan asked.
”I feel so odd… as if I’ve become a thousand times stronger!” Rick replied.
”Try to get our friends out.”
Rick concentrates, but all he spits out is a purple crystal!
”Where are our friends?” Susan asked worried.
”I didn’t digest them, I hope…”
”Pull your shirt off.”
Rick then pulls his shirt off, only to reveal a very muscular chest and arms. Both gasped in horror at this…

Then Rick wakes up. It was just a dream. He touches his belly, and notices the prescence of the blob. Knowing his friends are ok, he gets back to sleep. Susan is still asleep, even though she somehow shares the dreams Rick has.
”Say, Rick…” she asked.
”Huh? What is it?”
”Do you actually have knowledge about those purple crystals?”
”Well, all I know is that they’re special, very special, since they have great importance and great value, and because they’re extremely rare. But what I never have known is that they could act on their own!”
”What do you mean, act on their own?”
”Well, the first one our friends found shot an intense tractor beam at them, rendering them senseless while being drawn inside the chest and brought here. The second crystal sucked them inside, the third one rendered them asleep, carrying them here, and the fourth one has swallowed them all up, only to reside in my belly for a week perhaps.” Rick said, rubbing his belly.
”Oh… so they acted on their own. Have they some sort of magic?”
”I really don’t know, maybe those purple crystals will forever remain a mystery…”
Susan falls back asleep, while Rick rubs his belly once more, only to hear Marron’s soft giggle, before he falls back to sleep as well.

48. Back on the Prison Ship
A week later…

Rick wakes up after a week long hibernation, and Susan wakes up at the same time.
”How do you feel?” Susan asked.
”I’m fine.” Rick replied.
”Can you try to get our friends out?”
”I’ll try…”
Rick began to gather his energy. After a minute, he spat out a purple, tennis ball sized ball. The ball then became 100 times larger, and one by one the Z-Warriors and Link and his friends are pushed out. Then the blob reverts itself into the purple crystal.
”Ehm, I may ask a stupid question, but how did you like it?” Rick asked.
”Well, to tell you the truth it isn’t fun to be swallowed up by that crystal to get inside you, but oddly enough, it’s so nice, warm and comfy inside you.” Bulma said.
”That’s what I only wanted to know. I won’t be surprised you wanna kick some @$$, don’t you?”
”We would be glad to.” Vegeta said.
”Where do we have to go now?” Link asked.
”You have to go to the Prison Ship to fight the ones who revived Hildegarn. It may lead to stop its full resurrection.” Rick said.
”So Hildegarn isn’t really revived yet eh? We better prevent the full resurrection at all costs!” Vegeta said.
”Right, but before you go, I’m going to bring you back to full health, bring the armour points to the max, and upgrade your Front and Rear Weapons to Level 8.” Rick said, placing the final purple crystal in its place. Then the statue begins to spin slowly, but then faster and faster, until it’s turned into a transparent dome. Without hesitation the group walked into the dome, and was transported to the Prison Ship.

Meanwhile, the scientist and his ally have been tracking the progress of our friends.
”So, they think that they can come over and stop us, eh?” the scientist said.
”Haha, let Twinrova take care of them.” the man in the cape said.

The group slid down a long way, taking lums on the path with them, and the trip went without incidents. Then the group landed in another area.
”Wow, this looks like a Control room or something.” Bulma said.
”Yeah. It seems the instruments are disrupted here.” Gohan said.
”You got that right.” Videl said.
The group went on to explore the area, only to find a room with lava at the bottom, and some metal ledges here and there.
”How are we supposed to get over there?” Link asked.
But before Impa could reply, another Stalfos landed in the area… and it’s twice as big than a regular one! It took the group some doing, but the Big Stalfos was defeated anyway. The group then again found Shells similar to the ones they first encountered in the Menhir Hills. Suddenly Rick arrives.
”Rick? What are you doing here?” Saria asked.
”I came over to join you guys this time. You may need all the help now.” Rick replied.
”Do you know how to cross the room?” Zelda asked.
”You need the Flying Shells here.”
”Are they the Flying Shells?” Marron asked.
”Cool, let’s go then.” Pan said.
The group hopped on the Flying Shells, and Rick led them to the…

49. The Crow’s Nest
The group landed on top of the longest mast of the ship, and there’s a hard wind blowing.
”Wow, it’s cold in here. Are you sure we’re at the right direction?” Goku asked.
”It must be! We have to fight someone here!” Rick said.
Then two old witches appear.
”Koume and Kotage! What are you doing here?” Link shouted bewildered.
”Hee, hee, hee, we’re here to take revenge! You defeated us in the Spirit Temple, but now we’re back!” Koume said, powering up to her Fire form, while Kotage summoned her Ice Powers.
”Impressive, but can you do THIS??” Goku asked, and then He, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Bulla, Mirai Trunks went Super Saiyan 2, Gohan and Videl powered up to Mystic Level 2, Android 18 went to her variation of Super Saiyan (where she receives armour on her chest, and stunning Android 17, while the others, powered up to unlock their potentials.
”Wow, impressive.” Rick said.
”Thanks. Do you have a special form?” Pan asked.
”Allow me.”
Rick began to growl softly, but then he shouts out loud, and with a blinding flash, he transformed as well. Two blue coloured, small ships have suddenly appeared at Ricks side, while two devices have attached themselves on his chest. Ricks hair has coloured platinum, and is continuously glowing.
”That’s cool! Now we’re all ready to fight.” Goku said, while the others are totally impressed by Ricks new form.
Then the battle began. Link knew the strategy of the witches, and reflects the magic back at them using his Mirror Shield. The battle was too easy, so the witches quickly used their combined form to attack. The battle is made harder due to the appearance of several Stalfos, but our friends don’t care. Soon enough Twinrova splits up again.
”AAAARRRGGGHHH! You beat us again! I can’t take it anymore! AAAAAAAHHH!!” Kotage shouts of anger, stamping on the ground. However, this cause the metal platform to tremble, and soon enough the part where the enemies, Koume and Kotage stood on collapsed, making them fall deep in the large mast.
Rick then ran to the edge of the remaining platform, and looked over it, seeing their enemies falling down. The others came over to look as well, but then the platform begins to creak as well!
”We’re not gonna fall, are we?” Marron asked petrified.
But before 18 could answer, the platform collapsed, making our heroes fall down as well. Rick has enough of all this, and he fires the Super Bomb in the gap, and he uses his flying abilities (he also was taught to fly) to get him and the others to a safe distance. Just as he left the ship, it began to creak uncontrollably, and he saw escape pods flying away from the ship as well. He let the others go, so they can fly by themselves. The abandoned ship begins to creak heavier, and Rick realized a gigantic explosion is imminent, so he activates his Afterburners, enabling him so survive speeds up to Mach 9! The others also have their afterburners active, and just as everyone was at a safe distance, the ship exploded. The group is suddenly launched off-course due to the heavy shockwave the blast had produced, so everyone landed in another forest, all knocked senseless as they were bashed against trees and branches.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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2nd half of Part 5.

50. A long night
Rick is the first to wake up, with a serious headache.
”Man, that was a nasty landing.” he said as he got up.
He looked around.
”Wow, Link and Saria are hurt badly, but it seems that Gohan and Videl are in an even worse condition.” he said, as he took his First Aid Kit.
As he cured his friends, they woke up one by one.
”Ouch! That fall is worse than what we had to endure in the Lava Temple.” Bulma said.
”It’s getting late, too. We better get some sleep.” Goku said, as he yawned.
”Ok, you get some sleep. I’ll make sure no one harms you.” Rick said, as he generated a protective barrier around the entire group.
With Rick on guard, the group falls down into a deep sleep. Susan and some other friends of Rick arrive, and they decide to be on guard as well.

The barrier covers a range of 500 meters in all directions, with one of Rick’s friends behind a tree or some bushes, ready to take out hostile forces that are near. Susan flies around at 100 meters, checking on the other guards as well keeping an eye on stuff coming from above. Rick stands by the sleeping group, keeping an eye on them. He notices that Videl has it hard in her dreams, and Gohan trying to comfort her, but he has it hard as well, since he and Videl bonded. Pan has also some hardships in her dreams, but she manages to overcome them. Rick gets tired, so he sits down, against a tree, only to fall asleep seconds later, while his scanners are at full strength, ready to wake him up at the slightest sign of disturbance. It’s as if he even wants to protect his friends even while he’s asleep. He doesn’t have any dreams of his own. Time passes slowly, and Rick knows it…

51. New adversaries and the Fairy Council
Somewhere, deep in the forest…

A group of friendly forest creatures pass by, and they’re laughing, chattering and having a good time. Then, a large swarm of black creatures, almost similar to the lums, but this time with a face, attack them, and steal the fur of some creatures to make costumes for themselves, creating a new type of lums called: the Hoodlums. Some other creatures fly away to our friends to warn them, while the Hoodlum gives chase. The group however is vast asleep. Trying to pull them up by their hands, the creatures want to carry them away, but then several creaking sounds follow, and the group lands again on the ground. Then others pull the group up by either the clothes or their hair, waking them up, and then they are carried away. After being transported through a valley, while avoiding shots from the Hoodlums and grabbing some red lums, the group is thrown into a log, where they slide down into another valley.

”Now that’s a rough way to wake us up.” Pan said after the group has landed.
”Hey! What on Earth happened to my arms?!” Rick said, as he noticed his arms were hanging motionless at his side.
”Wow, that’s weird, now you’re almost armless.” Bulla said.
”Huh? ……… I guess I’m not the only one…” Rick said, as he looked around.
To everyone’s horror, even their arms have been disabled of further use.
Then, another flying creature arrives.
”Wow, it’s not gonna be easy for you to get your hands on them (no pun intended).” He said.
”Get to the point; I want the control over my arms back and on the double! I’m in a VERY bad mood right now!” Rick said.
”Okay. Some new creatures, called the Hoodlums have shown up, and they’re threatening the world. Those guys who revived Hildegarn are obviously behind this.”
”Oh… Do you also know where he is?”
”Not exactly, but I do know they hid Hildegarn in the form of a new identity. That’s all I can say.”
Rick wanders along, but his friends are hesitating.
”How can we attack without our arms?” Goku asked.
Gohan and Videl see Rick walking to a statue, and they see that he breaks it with a Kick.
”That’s a hard kick!” Pan said.
”Well, I prepared myself for situations like this one.” Rick said calmly, while he breaks some more statues…
”So I presume you use your legs as much in combat as your hands, don’t you?” Vegeta asked.
Following the path through a log, the group arrives at another spot, where a small pond and several other logs are.
”I’ve got the feeling we have another long trip in front of us.” Krillin said.
”I hope not. I don’t want to be sucked in by another purple crystal!” Bulma said.
”You won’t have to look for them anymore, that task has already been completed.” Rick said, as he jumped from some large mushrooms used as platforms. Bulma sighed of relieve.
The group follows the path over a bridge, and after using some trampolines, they came to a large building.
”Check it out! The Fairy Council! If you’re looking for action, this ain’t the place, only some wacky spinsters around here…” a creature said, who accompanied the group. Suddenly, a large pile of Rocks came down on the group. With a large blast Rick manages to get rid of the rocks.
”If I get my hands on that… what the? Hey! I can move my arms and hands again!” Rick said.
”Awesome, we can do that again, too!” Ruto said.
The group enjoys the landscape for a while. Pan sees Rick sitting on the edge of an island.
”Hey, Rick, what’s the matter? You seem worried.” She said.
”I am.” Rick replies.
”What about?”
”Well, I’ve been scanning myself, you and the others while you were asleep. It seems that we all have some extreme hidden powers within us, and it’s building up more energy, every time we either get angry during battle, or get provoked.”
”Is that a problem?”
”Not for now, but I’m afraid that nobody of us is able to control the immense power, when released.”
”What do you mean? Have you ever experienced something like that?”
”No, and that’s what scares me. I don’t even know if our bodies are able to withstand such power, not to mention the pressure and tension which will occur, should the power-up lead to a drastic transformation.”
”*gulps* So we all have a hidden power, which can be hazardous for us, should we ever release it?”
”Yes. It will be a miracle if we manage to keep it under control, if not… then you can compare it with a core collapse within a starship.”
”Core collapse? You mean like a Warp Core Breach?”
”Yes, when a core breach is in progress of a starship, then the destruction of that ship is inevitable. Should our bodies collapse due to the power increase, it will lead to the inevitable fact that our huge powers will be spread across the globe, and it may destroy the planet as well.”
Then Rick and Pan hear some soft music playing, and they see Gohan and Videl standing in front of a TV.
”What are you two watching?” Rick asked, as the others curiously arrived.
”It says here about a movie called “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Have you heard of that movie?” Gohan asked.
”I have, that movie was made in 1981 on Earth.”
”Oh? What do these guys want the Ark for?” Videl asked.
”Beats me, I’m seeing this part for the first time.”
”Then why do you know from what year it is?” Vegeta asked.
”Well, looking in TV guides does help a lot, Vegeta.” Rick said.
”Marion… don’t look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion; don’t look at it, no matter what happens.” They hear a man in the movie say.
”Did he say my name, mommy?” Marron asked puzzled.
”No, sweetie, he didn’t. The name Marion does almost sound like your name though.” 18 said, picking her up.
”Wow, look at all those ghosts there.” Chi-Chi said.
”Are they real?” Trunks asked.
”I have no idea.” Bulma said.
”It’s beautiful!” another man said in the movie.
”One of those ghosts is facing them.” Goten said, pointing to the three men in front of the Ark.
Suddenly the ghost, who had at first a friendly, female face, suddenly morphed to reveal a hostile skull, which then let a hoarse roar. Marron shrieked and buries her face almost in her mother’s chest. Gohan held Videl, Saria, Zelda and Ruto got behind Link (who was horrified on his turn as well) and the others were also appalled at the sudden change. They also heard some men in the movie scream. Rick is only astonished; he knows it’s just a movie, even though he sees this one for the first time.
-Don’t look Marion, keep your eyes shut!!!!” The group heard a couple say in the movie, as seconds later a man, dressed in some strange clothing, like he’s some kind of priest, is suddenly overwhelmed by flames, and then several fiery lightning bolts are shot from the flames, killing the present soldiers one by one.
”Groovy!” Vegeta said.
”That’s awful!” Goku said.
Then one by one the three men in front of the Ark are viewed, all scared out of their wits. They begin to glow lighter, as if the fire begins to overwhelm them.
”Are they getting burned?” Goku asked.
”No… worse than that…” Rick said.
Then the group sees the face of the Nazi commander… which suddenly gets mummified, as if all of his air is sucked out. The group (except Marron, she fled behind some rocks) gruels at this. Link, Saria and Zelda feel their stomachs turning. Then they see the face of a man with a black hat and a long black coat, wearing glasses… and suddenly the face literally melts, making Gohan and Videl sick!
”I think I’m gonna puke!” 18 said.
And then the priest clothed man’s face is shown in a sea of fire, screaming in terror before the entire head explodes, causing Pan to pass out.
”Someone is bullying us with this; I KNOW someone does that to us!” Rick said annoyed.
”You seem very resistant against what we just saw!” Vegeta said, while Goku and Chi-Chi try to wake up Pan, who wakes up after a minute.
”Because it’s just a movie! The special effect the makers used make it look real, while in fact it isn’t. By the way, where are Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria, and Zelda?”
”They aren’t feeling too well.” Impa said, who noticed that the five are somewhere in the distance vomiting.
”I understand that. In my younger years I regularly visited the toilet when I watched a horror movie or some medical program.”
”And you said you’re tough!” Goku said.
”I am tough! But I refuse to watch the insides of somebody else! I’m not waiting for a broadcast of an operation on someone’s intestines, do you?” Rick snapped.
”Stop it, you make me almost puke!” Bulla said, falling on her knees.
”Then stop bugging me about it!” Rick said.
”Ok, let’s stop it, and get back to normal and get on with our trip.” Bulma said.
Vegeta hits a switch, and suddenly a light went on. Meanwhile Gohan and Videl returned, both staggering.
”Where are Link, Saria and Zelda?” Impa asked.
”Over here!” the three said, who came from another side.
”Are you ok, Marron?” 18 said.
”I think so, but I doubt I will sleep well tonight.” Marron said.
”Eh, guys, I don’t think you will have time to sleep.” Rick said.
”What do you mean?” Krillin asked, as Rick pointed in the sky.
In the sky hovered an air balloon, with a small boat hanging underneath it, and three Hoodlums are in the boat. One of the creatures who travelled along with the group gets scared and bashes through a door.
”Wow, they’re heading straight to the Fairy Council!” another one said, as the Hoodlums went in the building.
”We have to stop them!” Goku said.
The group went inside the Fairy Council, and soon they reached a small platform with a switch on it. Rick jumps on the platform first. When he hits the switch, the platform suddenly goes up shortly. He punches the switch several times after each other and reaches this way a higher platform to a small chamber.
”Strange elevator.” He said, as he waited for the others.
”Both Gohan and Videl are real sick.” Trunks said.
”It must be their bond. Gohan is all right, but he does feel what Videl feels.” Vegeta said.
”It must be coming from what we just saw on that TV.” Android 17 said.
”Someone is really pissed at you, I guess.” Rick said.
”How do you know? Are you saying that we will re-encounter stuff we encountered before, like that eight pointed star that has been bugging us on our trip?” Chi-Chi asked.
”Yep, I’m afraid so. This trip is harder for you than for me, since that bad guy is definitely after you.”
Rick hears sighs, moaning and groaning coming from the group, who soon join him. After breaking piggy banks to open a door, the group enters the next area, where Susan teams up with the group. Levitating up to a solid platform, they encounter the first Hoodlum.
”There’s André, the leader of the Black Lums! Quick, shoot him!” the forest creature said, while hovering above the Hoodlum, blocking its rifle.
Rick powers an energy blast and shoots the Hoodlum to oblivion, revealing the black lum with arms.
”Grrraaarrrgghh!! Listen up! Soon I’ll transform the energy of the Heart in an army of Hoodlums! Then I’ll deal with you!” André said, before leaving.
”He escaped!” Mirai Trunks said.
”That coward!” Piccolo said.
”What’s this?” Rick said, walking to a tin can with a green label on it.
”What is it?” Pan asked.
”A laser detergent that transforms your clothes into combat fatigues.” The forest creature said, reading what’s on the label.
”Combat Fatigues! That’s exactly what we need! You’re right!” Rick said enthusiastic. The others remain suspicious.
Suddenly the can opens and a laser light is shot upward. Several pairs of gloves approach our friends, circling around them, causing to get twisted. Rick doesn’t buy it and pulls the gloves on after getting back to normal. The others follow. Then Rick feels his body tingle, and suddenly his hair is waving upward. Then a green aura engulfs him and his hair, clothes and the upper side of his shoes colour green, his hands and the underside of his shoes colour red. Seconds later, the others are ‘given’ a similar ‘outfit’.
”Now what is this? I’m a Prince, not some darned clown! What’s going on?” Vegeta snarled.
”I have no idea.” Bulma said.
”Hahahaha, very stunning! Now you just have to figure out how it works. Good luck.” The creature said, before flying to another room.
Rick fires a blast, only to find out it’s changed into a mini whirlwind! It hits a wall and ricochets off it and hits Gohan and Videl, causing them to be spun several times in the round.
”Oops.” Rick said.
”It’s ok, we were surprised by it anyway.” Pan said, as she watched Gohan and Videl getting sick before passing out. After the two have recovered, Rick hits with the same power a meadowscrew (a mushroom with a screw underneath it), and it gets spinned down until it’s high enough for our friends to jump on.
”Weird.” Pan said.
”And we also look like we’re all in Super Saiyan form, which is true for the ones who have Saiyan Blood.” Vegeta said.
”Why are you standing still?” Bulla asked Rick.
”Apparently, my body is analyzing this strange power. I may get able to activate this power at will.” Rick said.
”Can’t we deactivate it?” Goku asked.
”That happens automatically, since these powers will only last for a limited time. If we stay next to the can, the power will last forever. If we pass by the same can if we already have the power from it or from a can we picked up earlier, the timer will restart, letting us enjoy the power for longer.”
”I see.” Link said, and then the group continued.

52. The Heart of the World
The group entered another room in their normal state. After defeating a Hoodlum by defeating it with a curved shot, they received again the green can, which is called the Vortex power. With this our friends can bring down the Meadowscrews, and give Hoodlums a quick spin.
”It’s good to have almost no enemies here.” Bulma said.
”Yeah, but we need to hurry. If André reaches the Heart, and transforms the energy of it into Hoodlums, the world’s Harmony will collapse.” Rick said, while climbing a wall.
Jumping over trampolines the group reached a room full of fairies. Under way their Vortex stages ceased to exist as everyone reverted back to normal.
”Look like André has hidden himself here.” Susan said.
”Then we need to look.” Marron said, while taking out a Hoodlum, revealing another Vortex can.
So the group looked for André.
”He’s not in there.” 18 said by the first fairy picture.
”He isn’t here as well.” Vegeta said by the second.
”He isn’t here either.” Impa said at the third.
”I FOUND HIM!” Rick said at the fourth as suddenly André flew away.
”Don’t let him escape!” Pan shouted.
”AGH! He’s so fast!” Rick said.
”He’s heading for the Heart!” Goku said.
The group went after André quickly, and came closer to the Heart. They suddenly saw a person being flung away, and went after him through a long hallway…

The group entered a large room.
”The walls aren’t blue coloured anymore here.” Chi-Chi said.
”What’s that sound?” Marron asked.
As the group listened, they heard the some music being played dimly.
”Let’s check it out.” Link said.
The group ventured in the hallway, and the further they went, the louder the music became. Then a gate opens, and the group discovered not only where the music was from…
”It’s the Heart of the World!!” Gohan and Videl exclaimed.
”It’s where all the world’s energy comes from.” Pan added.
”Looks like André hasn’t touched it. Something’s fishy…” Rick said.
The group explored the room where the Heart of the World is, looking for André. Rick suddenly found a small ledge at one of the pillars, and climbs on it. Jumping on a small path right under the dome of the room, Rick is scanning the walls. He suddenly steps on a switch, causing a hatch to go open.
”What the…?” Rick said.
He ventures along, while the others have noticed the hatch opening. Rick then finds himself in a strange, colourful room, and here and there are gems spread across a path, along with several other items.
”I don’t believe it! We discovered a secret chamber!!” Rick said.
”Awesome!” Zelda said, who just came over to take a look.
The others arrived too, and also saw the gems all over. Rick stepped on the path, but he suddenly slid over the path all the way down, trying to hold his balance. He picked the gems one by one on the way. The others followed. Soon everyone sled on a portal, sending them back in the room where the Heart is located. One of the flying creatures who accompanied the group, flew to a group of men dancing while holding a young man above them.
”Excuse me, have you seen André?” he asked.
”He’s here. This guy swallowed him.” One man said, but then the boy floats high in the air and is thrown down hard.
”Agh! You idiot! Just what I thought; André isn’t dead! We can’t keep this guy near the Heart; it’s TOO risky!” another man said, while throwing the boy in a portal. A woman goes to the group.
”Guys…” she said.
”What is it?” Rick asked.
”That young man said he’s a friend of yours. You should take him to the doctor in the Clearleaf Forest. He’ll know how to get rid of him.”
”So all we have to do is to take him to a doctor? That doesn’t sound like a big problem to me. What do you think guys?” Rick said.
”Take him to the doctor? Ok.” Goku said.
”Be careful though, André is a Black Lum, and Black Lums are twisty! He may even fore your friend to drink plum juice, and as far as I know he’s allergic to it. Please be careful on your way.” The woman said, as the group headed for the portal.
”We will. Thanks for everything.” Rick said, and as he went through the portal he suddenly found himself floating with his hair copter in a starry and colourful area. Then he found himself standing on some kind of hover board, on special paths, and gems on the way.
”This is so cool!” he said.
”We agree in that.” Pan said.
”This is amazing!” Ruto said.
And so the group travelled along…

53. The Clearleaf Forest
In a field outside a building, the group lands on a platform and some wander slightly around. Suddenly, the boy who has to be taken to doctor’s, arrives and lands on Gohan and Videl.
”Ouch!” both said.
”Hey! What the…? What happened to the nice music? Nobody break anything? Music, where are you?” the boy asked.
”Hey, Leo, get off Gohan and Videl, will ya, you’re almost crushing them!” Rick said.
”Shut it!” André said, as he suddenly begins to move all over in Leo’s belly, “and get me outta here, I’m thirsty!”
”Guys, I need medical attention QUICK!” Leo said.
”You’ll never get to the doctor in the forest; my Hoodlums will make sure of that!” André said.
”Shut up, André!” Rick said, throwing a punch at Leo’s belly, the point where André is.
”Hey, I’m not a switch!” Leo said.
”Then that lum must keep his big mouth shut!” Rick snapped.
”Looks like Rick is in a bad mood.” Link said.
”Yeah, you got that right.” Saria said.
After taking two Hoodmonger Private First Classes, the most common Hoodlum, out, the group then ventures inside the building. Avoiding the lasers, they reached the first cage. Pan opens it, and some dancing creatures are freed.
”Thanks guys. Look what I stole from a Hoodlum.” One of them said, while giving the group the Vortex can
”I need to go fire up the barbecue.” Another one said when he left.
Ignoring that remark, the group takes the Vortex power-up.
”Guys, stop with the disguises already, I gotta get to the doctor’s!” Leo said.
”Ain’t is not a word, you illiterate imbecile!” André said.
Ignoring this, the group brings down another Meadowscrew, when they suddenly get into combat with two more Hoodlums. One of the Hoodlums left a red labelled can behind. Rick sees it and approaches it. The others follow, leaving an astonished Hoodlum behind. Then the can opens. Suddenly the group receives gloves on, with three spikes on the back of it, and the part where the fingers have to be in are metallic. Then Ricks hair grows and gets a little longer, almost similar to Teen Gohan in SSJ2. The hair, undersides of the shoes and the hands colour blue, the clothes and upper sides of the shoes colour red. A red aura surrounds everyone.
”Now what? Looks like we’re all like a Saiyan in Super Saiyan 2!” Vegeta said.
”Guys, these disguises are getting a bit ridiculous; I mean they’re not even good. I recognize you right away!” Leo said.
::Gohan, What on Earth is going on?:: Videl asked through her bond.
::I have no idea, my love.:: Gohan replied.
::I look almost the same as you.::
::You got that right. If our sizes were the same, we looked like twins.:: Gohan remarked with the famous Son grin, Videl had to laugh too.
”Look at this, this is gonna hurt!” Rick said, showing the fist to the others.
”Hey, watch it!” Susan said.
”Don’t worry.” Rick said, but suddenly a fist is launched, taking the Hoodlum out, bounces from several walls, and landed then in Rick’s belly. Rick was caught off guard as the fist hit him straight on. He writhes of agony and falls on his knee, while holding his belly.
”Rick! Are you all right?” Marron asked, but Rick can’t reply, since his belly hurts too much. Then blood appears from his mouth.
”This… can’t… be!” Rick said, coughing up blood.
”Kakarot, give him a Senzu Bean!” Vegeta said.
”It was… only one of my punches… that made contact,” Rick said, as he collapsed, gasping for air, “so why am I… so damaged?”
”Take this Senzu Bean.” Goku said, and Rick was healed in a matter of seconds.
”That punch must have bruised me bad.” Rick said.
”It sure did, you gave up blood.” Goten said.
Suddenly another fist is launched straight towards Ricks face. He bends backwards, and the fist flies over him.
”Would you be careful, whoever threw that fist? You could smash all my teeth out!” Rick said.
Rick then notices that one of his boot-laces has gone loose, so he bends over to tie it. The fist was on its way back and brushes over his back. All that Rick then hears is a very loud crash and looks up, while the others dove for cover.
”Oh, looks like Link and Saria received the full force of that fist.” He said, as he sees Link and Saria seriously injured on the ground.
”You guys ok?” Zelda asked.
”I think so… man that was a nasty punch.” Link said, nursing his right cheek, while Saria nurses her left cheek. Android 17 then smashes a barrier into pieces, heals Link & Saria and then everyone continued their trip.

The group took out more Hoodlums, and noticed their new power, the Heavy Metal Fist, lasts even shorter than the Vortex. After flying up a waterfall, the group arrived at another valley, also infested with Hoodlums. After destroying the first line, the group found some more cages, and one of the freed men leaves a blue labelled can for our heroes. As it sprung open, our heroes get a steel knuckle with a cage on it on each of their hands. Each cage contains a trap, attached on a long chain. The hair, clothes and upper sides of the shoes colour blue, the hands, and undersides of the shoes colour green. The hair goes up like a normal Super Saiyan again.
”Now what?” Vegeta asked annoyed.
”I have no idea. It’s the third can we encounter after the green and red one.” Bulma said.
”It sure is. I wonder what power is given to us now.” Marron said.
Rick then fires a shot, only to fire the Jaw-like trap, which suddenly gets hold on a Hoodlum.
”Try to shoot again.” Impa said.
Rick tries to shoot again, but then he unleashes an electric charge on the chain to the Jaw, and it eventually kills the Hoodlum.
”Wicked!” Pan said.
”Awesome!” Bulla said.
Rick sees a metal ring floating in the air and shoots at it. He is suddenly swinging to another platform.
”We found a way to continue our trip.” He said.
”That’s great.” Nabooru said.
And so the group took out more Hoodlums, and then they ventured inside a building.

54. Explanations
”…so we did have a hard time in there.” Gohan said to Rick, as he, Rick and Videl walked a little ahead of the group, and Gohan explained everything what happened to the group in the Tomb of the Ancients.
”You and Videl were extremely lucky. You should thank Chi-Chi; otherwise you wouldn’t even be here.” Rick said.
”What do you mean? Would we die from the poison the spider wanted to inject in us?” Videl asked.
”No, worse. A spider can only ‘drink’ food, so it injects it’s stomach juices in it’s prey to liquefy everything inside the victim’s body, so the spider can suck it up.”
”*gulps* We were very lucky indeed…” Gohan said.
”And not to mention that star…” Videl said.
Gohan and Videl sighed, Rick pitied them.
”I’m worried about my own strength. You guys aren’t the only ones who’s holding grudges against persons of things. When I encounter some creature of thing which has been troubling me in my past, it can make me VERY angry.” Rick said.
”How do you mean?” Videl asked, as the group rejoined and stopped.
”Settle down, I may tell you my full history.” Rick said.
The group sat down.
”I was born 19 years ago, like most of you, on Earth. I was only 10 years when my parents were killed by Cell. I kept myself totally silent, something my parents taught me. I laid flat on the floor behind a desk as that Cell creature absorbed my parents together. They tried to defend me, but it cost their lives, something I never got over with. I met Susan when I was running in a forest, trying to escape Cell. I soon found out that even her parents were killed by Cell. We both continued with our journey, until Cell appeared again; he wanted to absorb us like he did with thousands of people. We didn’t get absorbed… as we suddenly vanished from the Earth by means of something teleporting us. We soon found out we were on Earth’s neighbour planet Mars and due to the lesser amount of oxygen, we passed out. I do not remember much after it, since I and Susan were kept in stasis for 8 long years. During that period, the Martians enhanced us with the technologies we currently possess. Then we were sent back to Earth, and adjusted well to life, and then we encountered that beast in the swimming pool, and that’s when we met you.” Rick said.
”So Cell bothered you as well? That beast!” 17 said.
”He did.” Susan said.
”Well, we don’t like Cell either.” 18 said.
”It figures.” Vegeta said.

55. Into the Arena
The group entered another room, and suddenly they encountered a new type of Hoodlum; the Hoodmonger Soldier. Darunia takes him down with a single Goron slam, and then Rick spots an orange labelled can.
”What do we get now?” Chi-Chi asked.
Then the can opens, and then each of the group gets suddenly a rocket on the right hand, when Leo arrives.
”Enough with the costumes already; we gotta get to the doctor’s!” he said.
The group then got the same colouring as with the Heavy Metal Fist power up, only the blue is darker, and the red is replaced by orange. They now have the Shock Rocket, and they find out that it lasts even shorter than the Heavy Metal Fist, but they can reach hidden or far away targets. The group then rushes through an open field, eliminate more Hoodlums and after crossing through another building, the group arrives at another open field, where they see a large building.
”Look guys, the doctor’s office! We made it!” Leo said.
”You crack me a big butt!” André said.
The group then ventured through a tunnel.
”Look’s who’s coming for dinner!” André said.
”What does he mean by that?” Marron asked.
”Beats me.” Krillin replied.
”Uh oh…” Rick said. The others come over to look…
In a very large arena, divided in parts, are Hoodlums hanging on/controlling an apparatus which look like a Bigfoot.
”Looks like each of us have to battle such a thing.” Rick said.
”I’m scared, mommy.” Marron said.
Suddenly, a steam like smoke erupts from Rick, and after a few seconds he gets a platinum aura around him, his hair stands upright and his irises and pupils are gone. Rick suddenly engages.
”Wow! He’s out of control!” Goku said.
”Rats! He has one of his anger outbursts again!” Susan said shocked, before she undergoes the same as well.
”Anger outbursts?” Pan asked.
The others go into battle as well, as Rick suddenly arrives and enhances the speed of everyone, so they can avoid being squashed by the ‘feet’ of their foes. Several lights are lit. As each of the group stepped on that, another light gets lit, and then a third one and then the orange labelled can, the Shock Rocket Power up, appears. Rick doesn’t hesitate and uses it to hit the Hoodlum. He gets back to normal, but he keeps attacking. The others managed to hit their opponent as well. This continues for 2 more hit by our heroes, and then the Hoodlums are defeated, leaving only the apparatuses behind.
”Is it over?” Bulla asked.
”No. There’s a huge armada of Hoodlums on our way!” Rick said.
”How do we defeat them?” Pan asked.
Suddenly Rick grabs one of the ropes of the Stomping thing the Hoodlums used to control, and takes control over one of them.
”What are you doing?” Darunia asked.
”There’s no way we can defeat them all by shooting them; there are too many of them!” Rick yelled.
Gohan and Videl then take control of their stomping thing, and soon thereafter the others follow… just in time, as suddenly thousands of Hoodlums arrive in the arena.
”Rick was right about the armada.” Videl said.
”Yeah, how do we take them out?” Gohan asked.
Rick remained silent. He waits patiently until the Hoodlums have arrived in the arena. The Hoodlums begin to shoot like mad at our friends… but they remain somehow unharmed!
”What the? It looks like we’re having the benefit of Invulnerability!” Vegeta said.
”How do we defeat the Hoodlums?” Bulma asked.
Rick makes sure he has a good grip on the ropes. Then he begins to yank on each of the ropes, setting the thing in motion. The others see it, and they decide to do that, too. It only takes a few minutes before our heroes assemble and leave the apparatuses behind.
”That was fun!” Marron squealed.
”I enjoyed it, too.” 18 said.
”I had some fun as well. It wasn’t boring.” 17 said.
Then Leo arrives.
”Did you see that, guys, I do know that I wasn’t scared.” He said.
”Yeah, and you almost didn’t wet yourself! YOU DISGUST ME!!!” André said.
Rick rolls his eyes, and the group continues to the hallway to meet the first doctor.

56. Otto takes drastic measures
Leo is laying on an operation table, as he heard footsteps coming closer. The first doctor has arrived. The doctor is quick by Leo’s side.
”Well, well, well,” he said with a German accent, “let’s see what we have here. If you don’t mind?”
The doctor then begins to pluck at Leo’s right arm, making the belly move.
”Ah!” He said as he noticed that, and he plucks some more.
”Hm, I see, you swallowed a Black Lum. We need to consult to drastic measures!”
The doctor then begins to play Leo’s right arm like it’s a guitar! Suddenly Leo throws him through the room, as he feels something in his body.
”Ah, I’m afraid that your problem is worse than I thought,” the doctor, which name is Otto, said while getting up, “you see, the Black Lum has taken refuge in a fistula by going through a kidney, near a spare rib. You will need to consult a stomach specialist. I know a very good doctor, who lives in the Land of the Livid Dead. I leave you know, I must clean my instruments.”

Having heard what the doctor said, the group then ventures through another tunnel, but they somehow are sent into the wrong direction…

57. The Bog of Murk
An old lady is doing the laundry outside a swamp, on a rainy day, when suddenly 27 persons land just near her.
”AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! You should be ashamed! *grumbles* I’m gonna kill you!” the old lady said, holding a large fork.
”We’re sorry, we didn’t mean to…” Goku said, trying to apologize.
”I don’t wanna hear it!” the old lady said, fleeing into her house, “*grumbles* I hate those guys, I hate them, I HATE THEM!”
”Wow, looks like she’s pretty upset.” Goku said.
”What a stupid woman. She doesn’t have the decency to accept our apology!” Goten said.
”Hey, where are Rick and Susan?” Link asked.
”Obviously they fell the wrong way.” Saria said.
”Yeah. We must be careful here. This swamp is full of piranhas.” Bulma said.
”Well, let’s get going then.” Android 17 said.
The group began their trip, lightly soaked due to the pouring rain. They opened a cage, and the freed person left a yellow labelled can behind.
”Now what do we get?” Vegeta asked.
Then the can opens, and suddenly each of the group gets a helmet on their heads. Each helmet has two rotor blades, like a mini-helicopter. The hair and underside of the shoes colour purple, the upper side of the shoes and the clothes colour yellow.
”Why are we now dressed like the pathetic disguises of Kakarot’s elder brat and his mate?” Vegeta asked annoyed.
”Hey! This helmet is different than my Great Saiyaman Costume!” Videl snapped.
”And I don’t even wear a helmet anymore since the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament!” Gohan added.
”Anyway, what kind of power do we have now?” Pan asked.
Link jumps, and tries to activate his haircopter, but than the blades appear and Link begins to float upward. The power then deactivates after 3 seconds, and Link lands safely on another platform.
”Link? Did you found a way for us to continue our trip?” Saria asked.
”Yeah, use the new power to fly here where I am now.” Link replied.
The group did so, and then they could continue their trip. Crossing several bridges, they finally came across the entrance of a small building. They entered it… and saw the old woman who insulted them earlier! The old woman saw them as well, and fled downstairs after a quick fight.
”That went pretty quick.” Chi-Chi said.
”The sooner we’re out of this place the better!” Vegeta said.
”How do we get out of here?” Launch asked.
”You know, that’s a really good question.” Piccolo said.
Gohan stood before a mirror, and tried to touch it…
”Hey! I can go through this here!” He said.
Then he went in it, along with Videl and the others…

They arrived at another swamp area, with several Hoodlums around, and also some piranhas lurking in the water.
”I’m getting sick and tired of this!” Vegeta growled.
”Well, let’s go.” Goten said.
The group had no trouble with the piranhas and they quickly took out the Hoodlums in their way. Using the Lock Jaw to cross the swamp, the group opened a hidden cage near a tunnel, and they went through it. When they exited the tunnel, they noticed it was night, and that a Hoodlum gets defeated by some other creatures. It didn’t take too long before the creatures attacked the group, by throwing stones at them. Marron gets a stone right in her face and the poor child begins to cry of the pain. This is none of that for 18 and Krillin and they rushed over to the attackers to teach him a harsh lesson. 18 and Krillin succeeded in killing these beasts, but they couldn’t prevent that Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria and Vegeta also were hit by similar stones. Marron has stopped crying, but she still has pain. Getting the Lock Jaw, the group continues their trip, eliminating any hostile creature on their way. With the Vortex, they take down three Meadowscrews and take out more Hoodlums. Then the group gets on a boat, which then sailed to a small island, full of treasures.
”Wow, that’s cool!” Link said. Goku then stops the boat, so the group could take the treasures.
Then the group returns, to where they fought the last Hoodlums of the area, going through a large hole in a tree trunk.

The group landed carefully in another Hoodlum infested area. Everyone is getting tired, so after they defeated more Hoodlums and headed for another area with a stationary boat, they decided to rest after defeating some more Hoodlums. Gohan, Videl, Link, Saria, Zelda, Ruto, 18, Krillin and Marron fell asleep after laying down in the boat, Impa, Goku, Chi-Chi, Goten, Pan, Bulla and Darunia rested on a small island directly next to the boat, Android 17, Bardock, Piccolo, Rauru, Bulma, Trunks, Vegeta, Tien, Launch, Mirai Trunks and Nabooru slept on the shore between the island and the entrance of the area. Undisturbed by the sounds of their surroundings, like birds chirping, owls hooting, a gentle breeze swaying, the group spends the night at a place, they secretly wanted to have at home on Earth. The group however doesn’t realize that they only get more trouble…

58. Eight legged horrors!
As the group woke up, they noticed it was still night, and the weather doesn’t look good.
”I think it’s going to rain any minute.” Gohan said.
”Yeah. Let’s look for shelter, just in case.” Videl said.
So the group got up and wandered back to where they fought some more Hoodlums before. They crossed the area with the Lock Jaw Power up, and another battle with the Hoodlums and the stone-throwing creatures began. This time, the group remained unharmed. Then they saw the house.
”Who would be living here?” 18 asked.
”I don’t know. I hope we are allowed to go in for shelter.” Krillin replied.
Then the doors suddenly opened.
”Wow, it looks like someone WANTS us to go in.” Nabooru said.
When suddenly a rumble from thunder is heard, the group doesn’t hesitate and go in the house, not knowing the dangers they will encounter there…

The group found themselves in a large hallway, when suddenly the door to the main entrance closes and locks.
”WHOA! It looks like we won’t leave this place for a while!” Saria said.
”Yeah.” Link said.
”Well, we can better explore this place to find a way out. Let’s form small groups.” Goku said.
”That’s a good idea.” Chi-Chi said.
And so the heroes formed small groups of 2-5, exploring the areas ahead.

Gohan and Videl went on the stairway to the attic of the house, and it’s awfully quiet in the attic. The only sound is Gohan and Videl’s breathing.
”It’s sure is quiet here.” Videl whispered.
”Yeah, and I don’t like it.” Gohan whispered back.
As Gohan put on a light switch…
”Yuck! The owner has to clean it more. Look at all those spider webs!” Videl whispered.
”Yeah, and the webs are unusually large, too!” Gohan said.
Then both felt something approaching them. As they turned around…
”Rick?! Susan?! How did you get here?” Videl asked.
”Shh. Keep your voice down! The spiders might feel the vibrations and come after us!” Rick said.
”What happened?” Gohan asked.
”I and Susan fell here instead of where you fell down.” Rick said, as the others arrived as Goku felt the ki disturbance.
”Glad to see you’re alive.” Goten said.
”Look at all those webs!” Trunks said.
”Would you please keep your voice down?” Rick hissed.
”Sorry.” Trunks whispered.
Carefully following Rick, the group ventured the spider’s nest.
”There’s a T-junction ahead. The left side goes straight to the spiders; the other way leads us downstairs. I’ve been exploring this route.” Rick said.
The group ventured toward the T-junction. Rick remains cautious, and Susan noticed this since Rick’s heart rate is increased to 120 beats per minute, as if he senses danger. Then the group makes a horrible discovery!
”Oh no! Look at all those people!” Goku whispered.
”It’s too late for them, they’re dead already.” Rick whispered.
”How do you know that?” Tien asked.
But before Rick could reply, thumping sounds are heard, along with muffled sounds of panicking men and women.
”What’s going on?” Pan asked.
Ricks stands against a web-free wall, peering carefully into the Spider’s nest. Marron gets scared, and wants to take cover by her mother. 18 picks her up and comforts her, also taking a look in the Spider’s nest. The others take a look as well. Then, they saw some huge legs thumping down near the entrance. The group (except Marron) saw a huge female orb-weaver approaching, her fangs ready. Rick looked down from the fangs and gasped. He saw two figures, totally spun in with cobwebs, lying exactly next to each other. Rick noticed it were a man and a woman. The others noticed it, too. But before any of them could say or do anything, the spider stabbed its fangs in the two. All the group could hear was their muffled screams, and liquid streaming. Rick doesn’t hesitate and he immediately leaves the attic. The others follow directly.

”Was the spider poisoning them?” Launch asked as the group sat down in a large room.
”No, worse than that.” Rick replied.
”What did the spider inject then in that couple?” Tien asked.
”Marron, cover your ears and think of something nice, will you? I want to try to keep you safe from scary stuff.” Rick said.
”Okay.” Marron said, as she did what Rick told her.
”What did the spider do?” Bardock asked.
”The spider injected its digestive juices in the couple.” Rick said, causing most of the Z-Fighters to gasp.
”Why?” Launch asked.
”Well, let me tell you that spiders can only ‘drink’ their food.” Rick said.
”Okay, we know enough.” Goku said.
The group got tired, and the Z-Warriors and their 8 companions fell asleep again, while Rick and Susan eyed their surroundings for any danger.

10 hours passed. The group was still asleep, while Rick and Susan remained scanning the area. The group woke up after they slept 12 hours, and then several thumping sounds were heard. Rick then went to the hallway, where he opened the door to the basement, and went in there with the others. Breaking two more cages open, the group decided to get out. After jumping down several holes, they also met up with Leo, and then they saw another mirror. They went through it…

59. The Land of the Livid Dead
”Aah, the Land of the Livid Dead, at last. In any case it’s nice and calm here.” Leo said, as the group arrived in another nature field.
”Well, this is where the second doctor lives.” Rick said.
”Yeah, we have to take Leo there.” Pan said.
”Let’s go.” Rauru said.
Rick breaks a cage, and the freed person gives the Vortex can to the group, so everyone (except Leo) had the Vortex outfit on. This proved useful as it had to take a Meadowscrew to a better altitude so the group could climb on it. The first fights were over rapidly, but then a new enemy appeared; the Hoodstormer. This is a flying creature that loves to hover around and attack opponents of the Hoodlums. A part of the Hoodlum Air Force. Rick quickly understood that the Hoodstormer can avoid frontal attacks, so he locks on, and uses his Heavy Guided Bombs to attack from the side. That tactic proves successful, as the Hoodstormer is quickly defeated.
”You’re really helping us out.” 18 said.
”Well, it’s always good to help out friends.” Rick said.
The group took out the Remaining Hoodlums, and opened a cage, only to find their path ahead blocked by a barrier, which can only be broken with the Heavy Metal Fist.
”Great. Now what?” Darunia asked.
Rick then spotted something else in the field below. He jumps on a fountain and then to the place where he found the odd object.
”Hey, guys, I found something weird here.” He said.
The others come over to have a look.
”It looks like a shoe.” Pan said.
”It’s good to have a reserve pair of shoes, don’t ya think?” Launch said.
”I guess so.” Tien said.
But then! When the group wanted to pick the shoe up, they suddenly shrink until the size they can fit in a shoe, and the left shoes suddenly begins to move around.
”Great. Now we have to play Dodgem with our own shoes.” Rick said, and his friends noticed Rick began to get annoyed.
Rick suddenly begins to chase his left shoe in hot pursuit. The others follow. It takes a minute or so, but the group finally reverts to their normal form, and they also get the Heavy Metal Fist Power up as a reward.
”Ok, now let’s get going.” Rick said, smashing the Barrier to smithereens.

The group then landed in another area, where they quickly finished the Hoodlums off.
”Those Hoodlums are so weak. Where is some decent competition?” Vegeta said.
”You really want a challenge eh?” Bulma said.
”Well, to your information woman, the sooner we have defeated this Hildegarn for good, the sooner we can get back to Earth.”
Gohan and Videl walked to the edge of the platform where the group is on now.
”That water looks clear.” Gohan said.
”Yeah. I wonder we can swim in it.” Videl said.
Meanwhile Goten is chasing a bug, and he suddenly bumps against Gohan and Videl, causing them to fall in the water with a loud splash.
”Oops, sorry!” Goten said.
Suddenly Goten received a splash of water in his face.
”Hey! That’s not fair!” he said, and dives in the water as well.
”Wait for me, Goten!” Trunks said, also going in the water.
”Let’s take a swim, 18.” Krillin said.
”Yippee! Swimming!” Marron squealed as she also went in the water.
”Well, I have to get cleaned anyway. Those adventures we went through so far make me look as I’m living near a dumpster!” Bulma said.
”Disgusting!” Pan said.
And so the group had some fun in the water. Rick however remained focussed and shot a Meadowscrew to a more acceptable height. Shortly the group rejoins him to continue the journey. Some are a little disappointed.
”Don’t worry guys. I’m sure we’ll see some more water soon.” Rick said.
After defeating more Hoodlums, the group levitated on a platform leading to a stairway. Rick has spotted something else. Curious as he is, he decides to investigate it. Gohan and Videl see him exploring an unknown pathway, and follow him. But then the trio stumbles across a special room, filled with treasures, food and drinks! Alerting the others, the trio went in the room, and the trip continued after the group had a good meal.
”Wow that Rice meal sure did hit the spot.” Goku said.
”Gohan and I ate 15 chicken legs.” Videl said.
”You Saiyans seem to eat a lot.” Android 17 said.
”Yeah, we need to make up for all the energy we burn during travels, offensives and defending our territory.” Vegeta said.
”That explains a lot.” Link said.
”You also ate like a Saiyan.” Saria said, teasing Link.
”I know, but I was starving.” Link replied with a grin.
”We all did.” Zelda said.
”Let’s keep going.” Nabooru said.
The group then smashed another barrier, only to get into battle once again. This time things go tougher since there’s a new Hoodlum in the battlefield… a Hoodlum that can create protective barriers over another Hoodlum!
”Looks like you’ve found some little challenge, Vegeta.” Goku said.
”Looks like I have to agree with you on that, Kakarot, but I still find those guys weak.” Vegeta said.
The battle lasted indeed longer, but things were over quickly, when other Hoodlums, including the grenade throwing Hoodboom enter the battlefield. As the Hoodmonger Soldiers were defeated by shots, punches and kicks, the Hoodboom was destroyed with the Shock Rocket. Then some other enemies, henchmen of Cooler and Frieza to be precise, enter the battlefield.
”Not those weaklings again? It’s the fact we might gain more experience, otherwise I would have skipped this already.” Vegeta grunted.
The battle was also quickly over, as the group proved themselves to be stronger than they were before their quest has commenced. Using the Throttle Copter, the power-up the group gets when passing by a yellow labelled can, they levitated to a higher platform, and they ran further onto the path.

60. The strange tower
The group landed in another area where it rains, still in the nature, still in The Land of the Livid Dead, and still having troubles with the Hoodlums. They also saw a large gate several meters away from them, which a Hoodlum closed.
”It looks like our enemies have a large settlement here.” Chi-Chi said.
”I agree. So far we wasted every Hoodlum in our path, but there are more of them coming. The fights may be short, but the funny thing is I’m not getting bored.” Rick said.
”I also don’t get bored with good battles.” Android 17 said.
”Well, let’s explore this area.” Susan said, while blasting the Hoodmonger Private First Class to bits.
”Should I take care of those Hoodlums in those towers?” Trunks asked.
”Nah, let them throw their grenades. Those things can hurt pretty badly, but their aim is lousy! I mean, do they expect us to be at the point of there their grenades will land?” Rick said.
”I see what you mean.” Pan said, as a grenade landed 10 meters away from here, and exploded in a small, fiery blast.
Ignoring the slow-travelling grenades, the group smashed another barrier to bits, shoots a Hoodlum K.O. and continued the trip through a small tunnel, when Leo met up with them.
”Holy cow, guys,” Leo said, after the group entered a field where a huge tower with transparent walls was standing at 100 meters distance from the group, “check out the size of that tower!”
”Incredible.” Bulma said.
”I’d say that too.” Chi-Chi said.
”You can say that again.” Darunia said.
”You think they have an elevator?” Leo asked.
”What do you mean by that?” Rick asked.
”Well, I just really don’t like to climb the stairs, you know.”
Rick then went to the tower to explore it, only to be briefly delayed by a Hoodstormer. Gohan, Videl, Link and Saria follow him, and shortly after that, the others go as well. As the group entered the tower, they see several stairways too high for the group to reach. Feeling that flying might betray them all, Rick hits a switch to make several pillars appear. He immediately jumps from pillar to pillar who are set in a stairway order, with each pillar being higher than the previous one, to reach the first stairway. Noticing that the others follow him, Rick blasts a cage open, where he receives the Lock Jaw can. He then runs on the first stairway going up, swings on the metal rings and lands on the second stair way, while the others are at the first one.
”Man, he’s quick!” Bulla said.
”Yeah. I wonder how he gets that high speed in running.” Pan said.
”He obviously trained a lot.” Vegeta said.
Then Rick has opened another cage, and he jumps all the way down from the 3d stairway to the floor, where me makes a soft landing. The others follow. Then they see the freed person generating the Vortex can.
”One of my brothers is still held captive. Free him, and we’ll open up our world for you.” He said.
”Wow, he wants us to free his sibling?” Goten asked.
”Consider it done.” Rick said, as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. Then he glows a fiery red/orange.
”FLARE!” he shouts, and again several explosions occur all over the area, one of them breaks the cage of the imprisoned brother, two others kill another Hoodstormer. The freed creature flies to the entrance of the tower the group went in before, and with his magic he creates a portal. The group went in the portal, only to be drawn in a new battle with some well known enemies. The only new enemy is the Hoodmonger Officer. The group quickly dispensed of their foes, smashed another barrier to bits, and they came across another Hoodlum, who was protected by a Hoodoo. They quickly defeated them, and sped on to level 3, after Pan used the Shock Rocket to activate a switch, opening gates in the process. Then they destroyed another Hoodlum, and jumping over balloons, they arrived at the summit of the tower, where they fought off a Hoodboom. Smashing another barrier to pieces, they saw that three creatures escaped, who cleared the path for the group.
”Good, that saves us some work.” Vegeta said.
”Hey, we’re locked in!” Bulma said, who saw a closed gate, which had a small opening at the under side.
”Now how do we get out of here?” Mirai Trunks asked.
”I think… that I found the solution…” Rick said looking into the room where the group freed the prisoners.
”What is it?” Bulla asked.
”Oh… I guess we’ll have to play Dodgem again…” Pan said, as she saw an object in the shape of a shoe floating in the room.
”Yep, looks like it.” Rick said.
”Why do I have to be reduced to play such childish game? I’m a Prince!” Vegeta grunted.
”We know, but I’m afraid it’s our only way out.” Goku said.
”Very well.” Vegeta sighed.
And so the group was forced to play the Dodgem game again. After a long search, they found their left shoes on the ground floor of the tower, and then it didn’t take long before the group was returned back to normal.
”That wasn’t so bad was it?” Launch asked.
”Maybe so, but I felt like a mouse!” Tien said.
”Oh well, we’re now back to normal and at the portal so let’s get outta here!” Susan said.

Outside the portal, Leo was still waiting for them. The group went back to the closed gate, which briefly opened to let a more tougher Hoodlum through. This Hoodlum has an armour suit on, and begins to shoot like mad on the group. Rick fires a normal shot, however, it bounces off the armour of the Hoodlum.
”Man, he’s tough!” Mirai Trunks said.
”We can beat him, can’t we?” Bardock asked.
”There must be a way to get him down.” Nabooru said.
”SARIA! LOOK OUT!” Zelda shouted, as the new Hoodlum fired at her. Saria knew she would get hit, however, someone pushed her out of the way!
”LINK!” Ruto shrieked as the boy pushed Saria away and received the full force of the shots. Link survived, but he was wounded pretty bad. This angered Saria, and she fought back, however, the Hoodlum grabbed her, and smashed her next to Link. Gohan and Videl also engaged, but they were also ruthlessly thrown down to the ground, and also shot. Everyone has troubles with the Hoodlum. Rick was smashed against the gate and rendered senseless, the others were distracted and backed into a corner, even though they resisted like mad. But just as the Hoodlum wanted to deliver the final blow, a hard punch from behind makes his armour fly into the air. Goku looks behind the Hoodlum…
”It’s Rick! With the Heavy Metal Fist!” he said.
”What are you waiting for?” Rick shouted while charging his fist, “Strike now before his armour falls back on him!”
”Right!” Vegeta said, and then the Hoodlum was defeated quickly. With the Shock Rocket, Susan opens the gate. Then the group went on with the journey, after Rick did his healing spell on everyone.

61. Frolic underwater?
The group arrived at the shore of very calm sea, with an underwater tunnel close by.
”Wow, check out that machine over there.” Piccolo said, as he saw a strange tripod machine in the far distance walking down in the water.
”I hope we don’t have to fight it.” Marron said.
Then Rick takes a capsule from his pocket and throws it down, while several flying creatures take Leo to somewhere else. As the capsule landed, a special dressing room appears in a small puff of smoke.
”What are you doing?” 18 asked, as Rick pulled his shirt off.
”I’m going to change clothes.” Rick said, as he walked in the dressing room.
”What for?” 17 asked.
Then Rick appears from the room with only trousers covering his legs up to his knees.
”Because OUR route we have to follow now is mostly under water.” Rick said, as he suddenly runs to the edge of the platform he is on, and dives into the water.
”Wow, this water is nice.” Rick said, as he briefly went under.
The others changed to their swimming clothes as well, and also went in the water.
”I used to hate water.” 18 said.
”I can’t imagine that.” Launch said.
”She probably was afraid to rust!” Vegeta said, only to earn himself a death glare by Bulma as well as 18.
Rick swims to the entrance of the tunnel, and he automatically submerges, since the entire tunnel was underwater.
~Seems like Ruto is enjoying herself.~ Goku said, while under way.
~She is from the Zora race. That race lives as well on land as well in water.~ Link said.
”Link is right. I love places with lots of water.” Ruto said.
The group swam on until they arrived in a large room, where Rick suddenly stopped swimming.
”What’s wrong?” Ruto asked, but then the Tripod machine arrived, and also went under water, ready to attack the group.
~Darn it! I can’t attack with my energy for now!~ Goku said.
~Then we have to do it the hard way.~ Rick said.
~Are you crazy? We might drown if he hits us.~ 17 said.
~Remember the old proverb: Where there is a will, there is way! And I know we can take this guy down before he takes us down!~ Rick said, and moves over to engage.
~I’ve never seen such determination in my life!~ Bardock said.
~Well, I don’t want to perish from a battle without putting up a decent fight!~ Link said, and he swam after Rick, who managed to find out how to damage the machine, by using it’s own weapon against it.
~Oh well. The sooner we take that thing out the better.~ Vegeta said, as the others also went into battle.
The battle wasn’t easy, as the machine used from time o time a laser, injuring some of the group pretty bad, but finally it was the machine that suddenly crumbled. The group then decided to get out of the water, and met up with Leo then at the entrance of the doctor’s place.
”Wow, you are the coolest guys ever and you’re my best friends.” Leo said.
”’And you’re my best friends!’ I didn’t know that it was possible to be so LAME!” André said.
The group then went into the doctor’s office.

62. Romeo gets moving
As Leo lies down on the operation table, the doctor walks at a slow pace to the table. The doc looks like a hippie from the late 1960’s on Earth, and his name is Romeo. Finally the doc is by Leo.
”Dude, still on bed? Well it must have been a late night. Thehehe, just kidding, hehehe.” He said, and Leo gulps.
”My colleague explained everything,” Romeo said, “wow, seem you swallowed a black lum. Major bummer… You see, Black Lums reproduce like some kind of crazy weed; they’re really wacky, huh? Let’s see if we can, ya know, help you with something to take the pain away, huh? How’s that sound?”
Then Romeo begins to pat hard on Leo’s belly, creating a rhythm like he’s playing the drums. Romeo then proceeds to go berserk and make a good drum solo, until André has enough. Leo then shoots upright, throwing Romeo through the room.
”Wow! Oh, dear! Now I know nothing can be done. The Black Lum has totally enlarged itself in your brains, see and the problem is: I can’t find it. But, I know a guy who can help you. He’s like a specialist in hollow cavities, and he lives in the Desert of the Knaaren. Well, gotta go, need to go water my plants…”

Now the group makes an even longer trip through the colourful tunnel, so they can enjoy the music longer. But what dangers will await them in the Desert? What secrets are there waiting to be picked, and what do have the enemies have in store for the group? Is the long awaited encounter with Hildegarn finally there? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z:

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 11:43 pm 
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Are you going to post your other story 'The Legend Of Zelda: Ganondorf's Revenge' because I can save you the trouble as both your stories are here http://www.fanfiction.net/u/988371/


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 6:38 am 
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You finally found my stories at Fanfiction.net?

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:33 am 
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](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)


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oever532 wrote:
You finally found my stories at Fanfiction.net?

Yeh' right [-X :^o
It's amazing how your grammar and spelling is so good in the story and yet the opening line of this thread is all over the place
Well, here's the largest fanfic I'm writing at the moment. I'm don with 5 parts already, and Part 6 is in the final stages of completion. Have fun...

Or should that be:
Well, here's the largest fanfic I'm writing at the moment. I've done 5 parts already, and Part 6 is in the final stages of completion. Have fun...

Your choice of 'oever532' as a user name is a good one, because whoever wrote this fanfiction, it wasn't you :a093:


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 9:31 pm 
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And if it wasn't for those meddling kids he would have got away with it too. :-({|= Now somebody pass me the Scooby Snacks. =P~

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Well, Lonesome, I registered on Fanfiction.net as Martian Tempest, SO THAT STORY IS MINE! :a019: [-( My account there has my e-mail address, and I've personally written EVERYTHING of the story. So this time you are the liar, Lonesome! :a019:

I have different usernames on several forums, and it's a shame you don't recognize them as one and the same. :-({|=

No offense at this, but I keep track of every action from me on the Internet.

You hurt me man, by saying that the story isn't mine, that really hurts me. :a010:

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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My, that's a very big Is you've got there!

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Well, I had to make clear to Lonesome that the story IS mine, I just don't put up the same username on sites and forums. I never expected that Lonesome could hurt me like that. I spent nearly EIGHT F***ING MONTHS on the story! Do you realize how long it takes to get the right inspiration? I started in August 2005 with it, and when I'm finally done with the story, I'll make a special chapter with my inspiration sources, and the copyrights to them. I never expected this from Lonesome. :a010: He hurt me real bad. :-({|= :a010: :-({|= :cry: :a010: :a009: :a010:

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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