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 Post subject: IMDB - Goofs for War of the Worlds
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2005 10:11 am 
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Continuity: After the attack at the subdivision, the back windows in the minivan are gone. But later, when the mob attacks the car in the rain, the windows are all there.

Continuity: When Robbie saw the military the first time on that country road, his skin was showing above his pants. When his dad grabbed him, his shirt was tucked in.

Continuity: At the beginning of the film when Ray and Rachel are in the sitting room, Rachel gets down and lies back on the sofa. In the next shot she is sitting upright on the sofa.

Continuity: When Rachel goes to the river to use the 'bathroom', Ray opens the back of the van. In the next shot, Ray is standing next to the van with the back end closed. A few moments later he opens it.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: It's a special Hollywood EMP that disables only the electronic equipment that the filmmakers want it to.

Continuity: After Ray tells Robbie to go into the house because Ray is going to go find out what is going on, there is a guy on a skate board riding beside him. When Ray turns the corner, the skateboarder disappears.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: In the basement scene, the alien spins the front wheel of the bicycle, but we hear the clicking of the free wheel from the back wheel.

Revealing mistakes: In the ferry boat scene, fleeing crowds are back lit by floodlights placed off the main street, not by the lights of the approaching tripods.

Continuity: Orientation of the bottle of mustard in the box of supplies Ray carries changes from shot to shot.

Continuity: When Ray begins "making sandwiches" at Mary Ann's apartment, he pulls out a large knife to spread the peanut butter. In the next shot, he's using a wooden spoon.

Continuity: When Tom puts the gun in behind his pants, he pulls his shirt out to cover it, but later when he pulls the gun out, his shirt is tucked in.

Continuity: When Ray, Robbie and Rachel hide away in the farthest room in the basement after fleeing from New York the door opens to the inside when the house is under "attack". The next morning, when they walk out, it opens to the outside.

Continuity: After they swim across the Hudson River and Rachel starts to get up to run, she isn't wearing her sleeveless purple hoody and none of the others has it, but a few scenes later, she's wearing it again walking along with Robbie and her Dad

Revealing mistakes: When Ray and his neighbors are watching the lightening there is a strong wind blowing, moving all the washing hang out. But the trees behind them are still and not moving at all.

Continuity: After their van has been taken from them because it's the last moving vehicle in the area, we see cars being driven of the boat to make room for more people.

Continuity: In the opening scene, When Ray is operating the heavy machinery, he is not visible because of deep shadowing. In a cutaway seconds later, he is in full bright sunlight.

Continuity: The military convoy completely passes by Ray and the kids while they are standing on the country road at least once, but cutaway shots provide more and more vehicles each time.

Continuity: When Robbie is helping the people that were left hanging on the ramp of the ferry, the water below them is calm, even though just a moment ago the propellers were spinning at full power.

Continuity: The amount/pattern of water on Robbie's back changes from shot to shot, as the army tanks pass and splash water up.

Continuity: When the first tripod comes out of the street, two workmen are on a scaffold. Two shots over their left shoulders show the scaffold swaying; the long shot in between shows the scaffold static and the workmen move backwards in the first shot, but are in the front in the long shot.

Revealing mistakes: When driving up to Boston in the minivan, the gear selector lever is in the park position.

Continuity: When Ray is watching the lightening in his back garden and the camera is behind him, his hood flips up against his head. However, in the next shot his hood is back down again.

Continuity: When the characters walk into the café, there is a blonde woman sitting at the next table. In the next shot, she has disappeared.

Continuity: After their van gets stolen from the family and they are in the café, the first shot shows blood on Robbie's chin, then the next shot of Robbie shows no blood at all.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Rachel was channel surfing at Ray's place, she finally decides to watch "SpongeBob SquarePants". However, the audio is unsynchronized with what is happening.

Crew or equipment visible: When Robbie runs to the back of the ferry and we get an over the shoulder shot of him looking over the boat and dock, there is a member of the film crew off on the dock on the right hand side with a flag (black material on a metal frame) fanning the fog/smoke machine. He's easy to miss in the chaos.

Factual errors: When looking at the hole, one of the policemen says that the noises can't be water because there isn't any water main nearby, but when the tripod comes out it hits a fire hydrant nearby and releases a fountain of water.

Miscellaneous: Ray throws a peanut butter sandwich against the glass window in the car. When it shows the car from the outside, the peanut butter sandwich is backwards.

Revealing mistakes: In the 360-degree shot around the minivan as it zooms over the freeway, blue screen is temporarily visible through one of the back windows as the shot comes around to about a three-quarter view of Ray.

Plot holes: If we assume that the camcorder is working despite the EMP because it was switched off when the EMP struck, we must also assume that every automobile in the entire city was turned on at the time, since the minivan, once fixed, is the only working vehicle until the military shows up.


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 12:14 am 
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Plot holes: If we assume that the camcorder is working despite the EMP because it was switched off when the EMP struck, we must also assume that every automobile in the entire city was turned on at the time, since the minivan, once fixed, is the only working vehicle until the military shows up.

That's one I pointed out. \:D/


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 8:08 am 
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That's what I noticed, too. :)

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle, which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

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