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Another War Of The Worlds Review
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Author:  eveofthewar [ Wed Jun 29, 2005 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Another War Of The Worlds Review

Ray Ferrier (Cruise), a divorced New Jersey dockworker, is not much of a father to his two children, 11-year-old Rachel (Fanning) and teenage Robbie (Chatwin). When Ray's ex-wife, the very pregnant Mary Ann (Miranda Otto), drops them off for the weekend, Ray's late, and the kids can barely bring themselves to say hello.

So Ray welcomes the distraction of a peculiar lightning storm over his neighborhood, the Ironbound section of Bayonne. But when the lightning strikes repeatedly, Ray is suddenly not so sure it's benign. He and Rachel flee inside. When the lightning stops, so do all of the electronic devices in town, as well as all of the vehicles and even Ray's wristwatch.

Ray walks to the center of town, where five streets come together and where the lightning strikes were concentrated. Passing a neighbor, Ray tells him that his van can be fixed with new solenoids, which should overcome the electrical damage likely caused by the lightning.

In town, a crowd has gathered to inspect the center of the street, where the asphalt has collapsed. Suddenly, the street cracks, sending fissures up the sidewalk and even into the surrounding buildings. Glass shatters and bricks fall, and the screaming crowd falls back The ground shudders. Then it stops.

Ray and the others look back. The street rumbles to life again; the surrounding buildings collapse. The street heaves up, then falls, creating a giant sinkhole. Then the unthinkable happens.

An immense machine rises out of the ground on three spindly legs, towering more than 100 feet in the air, dwarfing the buildings. Massive headlights on its face scan the crowd as tentacles unfurl. And, without warning, the tentacles shoot beams of energy into the crowd, which has now started running. As the beam sweeps the crowd, people die.

Ray narrowly escapes and runs home. We're leaving now, he tells the children. They pack up a few belongings, then commandeer the van that now runs, the only operable vehicle on the street.

And as Ray drives away, behind him, the machine begins to destroy his entire world.

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