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Author:  eveofthewar [ Tue May 31, 2005 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Veronica Magazine Article

Message from Rick...

"Every week me and my parents recieve the Veronica Magazine, it's a magazine which tells us exactly what programs will be on tv and radio this week, a small preview of tv-programs of the next week, and it keeps us up to date about the news in Hollywood, the sports, and all that. It also gives some pages with reviews of the movies that will be played on the Dutch television this week. In this edition there was a movie special included. In that movie special, there were two pages dedicated to Spielbergs movie of Wotw, these pages have been scanned by myself, and therefore you can take a look at it. It is in Dutch however.

There are also some references to other Wotw-like movies, such as Independence Day, Invasion of the Body Snatcher and so forth. The title of the article is: The Martians are coming! WAR OF THE WORLDS"



Thanks to Rick for the scans and the below translation....

The Martians are coming!


As the greatest star-actor and the mightiest director of Hollywood join forces for a movie, then you know it will be going to be something special. In War of the Worlds, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg will make a breakthrough.

Our Earth has been trough hard times on the screen with the most extreme scum from outer space. Are we actually waiting for another monsterproject about pissed aliens with nasty plans to exterminate humanity? Especially when the story has been told several times in different forms? We DO if that project comes from the cooker of Steven Spielberg, and the main player being Tom Cruise. Three years ago the superduo clasped hands for Minority Report, and obviously they liked the co-operation. With War of the Worlds they are going once again together on sf-tour, and a lot sooner than that they intentially had planned.

The diaries of people like Spielberg and Cruise are usually booked for years on end, but after six months of last year there was a hole dropped for both gentlemen. Cruise encountered delays with Mission: Impossible 3, and Spielberg got his movie about the attack on the Olympic Games in Münich not in time off the ground. The solution: War of the Worlds was quickly taken from its release in 2007 and the production of the movie started immediately. It was a nice thought, but there was one drawback sticking on it: this giant had to be finished within 7 months! A piece of cake for Spielberg who went in his entire career not a single day over any schedule.

He started the recordings of the scénes where there would be a lot of digital effects involved, so the whizzkids at ILM would be working on it as soon as possible. It’s possible that they’re at this moment still busy with it, or maybe it is a smart practised marketingstrategy, the fact is we haven’t seen any alien on pictures or trailers. But still, War of the Worlds is about a destructive invasion of the Martians. Cruise plays the role of a normal guy who has to make all sails strain every nerve to save his two kids from the outbursting chaos; giving him the chance of proving that he is a good father. It’s a typical Spielberg-turn to the well-known story of H.G. Wells, who wrote the book in 1898. It became notorious in 1938, when Orson Welles made a radioplay of the book, which caused the listeners of the play to run to the streets panicking, because they thought the Martians were really coming! In 1953, the famous sf-producer George Pal made the first movie based on the book. Due to the antiquated effects of the ships and the octopus-like aliens, that War of the Worlds has lost his power in the mean time.

There’s little chance that Spielbergs version will suffer from that soon enough; as 130 million dollars has been pumped in this uproar, so with the visual violence here everything is all fixed. And with an experienced couple like Spielberg/Cruise on board to steer this blockbuster in the right direction, we have a relieved feeling, according to the rest of the movie. Let the destruction on June 29th begin!

Tentacles off from our planet!

As long the movies are being made, alien scum from all corners of the universe are coming this way to annex our Earth. It isn’t odd as it seems, because it’s still fun to watch how these space aliens burn 50% of the entire planet, and how we, against all odds, are pulling once again to the longest end. However, in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the aliens have the last laugh. They had themselves cleverly disguised as men. Mostly they look striking, like John Travolta with dreadlocks in Battlefield Earth or like tiny skullheads with huge brains (Mars Attacks!). It’s typical that the aggressive scum are never learning from the mistakes from their predecessors. Take Independence Day for instance: after a huge attack wave the aliens have the Earth for the having, but they always forget the tiny backdoor, causing them to still eat dust on the end. Let’s see if in War of the Worlds our neighbours of Mars dó have thought out a waterproof plan to kick us from our planet…

Author:  oever532 [ Thu Jun 09, 2005 5:59 pm ]
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I was glad that I could get this article. It gives this site a little more 'international' outfit. :)

Author:  eveofthewar [ Thu Jun 09, 2005 6:04 pm ]
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oever532 wrote:
I was glad that I could get this article. It gives this site a little more 'international' outfit. :)

I agree! I like the site to be worldwide \:D/

Author:  oever532 [ Thu Jun 09, 2005 6:17 pm ]
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Then I simply made the site a step forward in that direction. I also heard that persons who were working at the radiostation Veronica, have made a Dutch version of the War of the Worlds Musical. I dont have the version myself though, but I heared it through an interview.

Author:  Loz [ Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:36 pm ]
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Good article, thanks Lee. Strange how the writer refers to the martians being octopus like in the 53 movie.

Author:  oever532 [ Fri Jun 10, 2005 12:27 pm ]
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I found it strange myself. I simply posted and translated the article, so I'm not the writer...

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