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Facts or rumors from the Virginia shoot
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Author:  KD8AFH [ Tue May 10, 2005 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Facts or rumors from the Virginia shoot

Over the weekend, I was at a Cryptozoology conference in Eastern Ohio. There was a film crew there working on a Sasquatch documentary. Later that night, I was at the pub talking with them. They recognized my WOTW hat and went on to tell me they were contracted by DreamWorks/Paramount to help with the Virginia shoot. This movie is such a big project that many free-lance people were contracted to help with the film.

They told me they found some director's notes, but wouldn't elaborate too much information. I was told that the tripods and aliens were a guarded secret and that they didn't even know what they looked like.

They said that the Virginia shot will be Connecticut in the movie and there will be an intense scene where a bunch of National Guard tanks and humbvees are going up a ridge to meet the tripods. Like the ferry boat scene, the Virginia scene used a lot of extras and it was done in cold weather.

They futher said the the Cruise and Fanning characters will flight up towards Boston in their efforts to flee the advancing aliens. They also told me that some scenes in this movie will be very bloody in an attempt to make this movie scary.

The one gentleman told me that the movie starts off with the aliens communicating among themselves about the effort to invade earth, then the scene jumps to Curise working at the dockyards. He thinks that this is some kind of flashback and explains the "They are already here" scenario.

They asked me not to mention their names on any web sites, but I do have their names on file. Is this a rumor? I don't know, but they seemed sincere in what they reported to me. So, don't shot me, I'm just the delivery guy. :)


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