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Cruise Character & Artilleryman's Fantasy?
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Author:  Perrotin [ Wed Mar 16, 2005 3:17 am ]
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Hello to everyone on this board...<br /><br />I've been reading it for a few weeks, and it's fun to join in the speculation about the Paramount and Pendragon films. Part of what's fun about a board like this is our attempt to deduce what we can about the films, given how little we actually know about them. Is the Paramount film going to be an effects-dominated summer blockbuster with little more in common with the book than the title, or not? Will the Pendragon film be embarassingly low-budget-looking, or not? Anticipating the various films is like a sort of science, wherein we try to make logical arguments about the films' true nature, based on incomplete and fragmentary evidence.<br /><br />And that's what I love about the book in the first place. Wells' narrator lives in a world that thinks of itself as very sophisticated and knowledgeable, but in fact they have almost no way of finding out anything substantive about Mars. Even after the Martian invasion, they are forced to guess and conjecture at a great many things concerning Mars and the Martians. I love that aspect of the book. For me, it puts the 'scientific' in 'scientific romance'.<br /><br />Okay, enough flowery speeches, now on-topic...<br /><br />Somewhere I recall reading that Tom Cruise's character will be a dockworker who operates the 'giant cranes' in a shipyard on the East Coast of the U.S. I would imagine that these are the cranes used to move shipping containers around. I'm afraid that I can't remember the reference, but it's probably one of the interviews cited on this board.<br /><br />Did anyone else immediately think 'tripod' when they read the phrase 'giant cranes'? I immediately said to myself "okay, so here's the deal... In the Spielberg / Cruise version, the artilleryman will get his wish. (See 'The Man on Putney Hill'.) The Cruise character will somehow commandeer a tripod, and he'll use it to strike back against the Martians... er, excuse me, the 'aliens'.<br /><br />Of course, it could all be misdirection, and I could be utterly wrong, but I can't help wondering... As far as I'm concerned, if I turn out to be right, I'll be a bit disappointed. It would have to be done very cleverly in order not to look really ID4-ish. And it would stray even farther from Wells, who had the humans playing essentially no role in their own salvation. Maybe Cruise will get a hold of a tripod, say 'golly, this is just like driving a crane down at the docks', zap another tripod or two with the heat ray, and then say 'hey, why aren't they fighting back'? Then he discovers that bacteria are killing the Martians... er, excuse me, the 'aliens'. Please say I'm wrong.<br /><br />I anticipate that the Paramount film will actually be pretty good, but I'll still take the Thunder Child any day.

Author:  Leper Messiah [ Wed Mar 16, 2005 12:05 pm ]
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Oh god, the Artillarymans fantasy, why didnt i see it before? its actually going to happen. Itll be amusing if it does from a certain perspective since Wells presents the Artillaryman as a fool with pretensions of grandeur, and thus if they did go down that route it would be like Wells mocking them from beyond the grave :D

Author:  Loz [ Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:18 pm ]
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Welcome Perrotin.<br /><br />Maybe he'll use the crane to bash a tripod over. Swing into it and save the moment before he has to haul ass out of there.

Author:  The Curate [ Thu Mar 17, 2005 11:00 am ]
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Hello to you Perrotin!!!!As regards the Fantasy.....it dunt bear tinkin aboot!! :lol:

Author:  The Improved Trog [ Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:31 pm ]
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Perhaps he will use a crane to bash some Combine soldiers, and find a rocket launcher to fire at the tripods...<br /><br />Woops... Wrong story :P

Author:  The Curate [ Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:36 pm ]
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Is it the wrong story Trogg though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D

Author:  Martian Myster The New Ma [ Thu Mar 17, 2005 5:26 pm ]
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Hi Perrotin and welcome to the boards.<br /><br />I think Perrotin may have a valid point here, as I have read another forum that someone who is apparently an extra says that one of the tripods doors opens, perhaps this is when Cruise commanders a tripod. mmmmmmm<br /><br />Food for thought? :smoking:

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