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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 12:36 pm 
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Tripod King

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This is for those that like myself collect The War Of The Worlds memorabilia. Since 1897, there has been a whole host of various items based around or with a direct connection with H.G Wells now famous novel of a Martian invasion upon the English countryside. With the release of the Paramount Pictures (2005), Jeff Wayne Music (2007) and Pendragon Pictures (2005) movies based around the novel, there is now better time for the collector to start adding new and old items to there collection.<br /><br />This is a basic guide spread over a period (if interest is shown) of what was availible, what is availible and what is coming availible in the collectors world of The War Of The Worlds. <br /><br />THE WAR OF THE WORLDS COLLECTIBLE'S - Part Two<br /><br />Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds - PlayStation Game<br /><br />PlayStation - PS1 (PAL) - U.K - Europe<br />Released in 1999<br />GT Interactive & Pixelogic Limited<br />1 Player Capatible<br />Number of levels in total - 14<br /><br />Bonus - Invincibility Cheat - triangle square X O triangle triangle X O<br /><br />Image <br />Taken from the J Smith Collection (H_C)<br /><br />Contents (levels)<br /><br />Training - Parliment Is Attacked - Recapture Dover - Defend Oxford Against Invasion - Oxford Is Taken - Thunderchild - Stronghold On Nottingham - Evacuate York - Liberate York - Flying Machine - Submersible Strike - Ground Attack (Glasgow Docks) - Victory Is At Hand (Martian Base) <br /><br />Now a classic in its own right, based around the multi million selling album Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds and released in 1999, this excelent yet under rated game puts you into the action when the Earth or should I say Victorian England comes face to face with invaders from Mars.<br /><br />From the start you are pitted against the Martians who are content in causing as much trouble as possible in there towering Fighting Machines. The game starts with your 'training' as you learn to fire guns and drive around various obstacles.<br /><br />Unlike the album where we get only the 100 ft tall Fighting Machine and the ground hugging six legged Handling machine, the 'PlayStation' game gives you a host of other Martian machinary to satisfy many who play, such as the album cover Fighting Machine and Handling Machine, we see the Martians, Scouting Machine, Electric Machine, Bombarding Machine, Tempest, Bomb Turret, Electric Turret, Flying Machine, Scanning Machine, Xeno - Telepath, Drone, Heat Ray Turret, Red Weed and the Black Dust.<br /><br />Also included are the machinary used by the humans such as the Armoured Car V1, Armoured Car V2, Amoured Lorry, Fuel Tanker, Heavy Cannon, Iron Clad (Thunderchild), Light Cannon, Machine-Gun Motorbike, Machine-Gun Turret, Medium Cannon, Mobile Anti-Aircraft Platform, Mobile Artillery Vehicle, Observation Balloon, Rocket Launcher, Self Propelled Gun, Special Forces Bike, Submerine and two devices captured by humans - the Mobile Electric Ray and Mobile Heat Ray.<br /><br />The levels are at time basic to look at but you can easily get use to them in time as you 'zoom' around streets blasting the Martians, collecting materials to build reinforcements, help save mankind and just having a jolly good time.<br /><br />The game also features some superb animation from start to finish, with the highlight being the Fighting Machine attacking the steam train during the opening shots of the game, to the opening of the cylinder upon Horsell Common and the first wave of attack.<br /><br />On a sad note, the game does not follow the albums story or even the classic H.G. Wells novel, but it is fun and with some superb remixed soundtracks from Jeff Wayne's album, it does get a little hard to put down.<br /><br />In all, a fun game and a worth while addition to your collection, but be warned, its getting a little thin on the ground to find and prices are creeping up slowly.<br /><br />For more information about Jeff Wayne products and projects for 2005 - 2007, go to <a href='http://www.thewaroftheworlds.com' target='_blank'>http://www.thewaroftheworlds.com</a><br /><br />H_C<br /><a href='http://www.waroftheworldsonline.com' target='_blank'>http://www.waroftheworldsonline.com</a><br /><br /><br />


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