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Collecting 'the War Of The Worlds' Memorabilia
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Author:  Horsell_Common [ Wed Mar 16, 2005 12:32 pm ]
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This is for those that like myself collect The War Of The Worlds memorabilia. Since 1897, there has been a whole host of various items based around or with a direct connection with H.G Wells now famous novel of a Martian invasion upon the English countryside. With the release of the Paramount Pictures (2005), Jeff Wayne Music (2007) and Pendragon Pictures (2005) movies based around the novel, there is now better time for the collector to start adding new and old items to there collection.<br /><br />This is a basic guide spread over a period (if interest is shown) of what was availible, what is availible and what is coming availible in the collectors world of The War Of The Worlds. <br /><br />THE WAR OF THE WORLDS COLLECTIBLE'S - Part One<br /><br />H.G. Wells Collectors Book Of Science Fiction<br /><br /><a href='http://drzeus.best.vwh.net/wotw/wotw1986.4.html' target='_blank'>http://drzeus.best.vwh.net/wotw/wotw1986.4.html</a> - With thanks to Johan for the use of the image. Also from the J Smith Collection (H_C)<br /><br />Printed matter (book)<br />Released by 'Castle Books' 1978 & reprinted 1986<br />Number of pages - 514<br />Illustrated throughout<br />Hard bound <br />Colour Dust jacket & black & white illustrations<br />Size - 242mm X 170mm<br />Edited by Alan K Russel <br /><br />Contents - H.G. Wells Biographical Note <br /><br />Stories in italics are complete - All fully illustrated with the original period artwork<br /> <br />The War Of The Worlds - The Country Of The Blind - The Flowering Of The Strange Orchid - Aepyornis Island - The First Men In The Moon - The Diamond Maker - The Story Of The Inexperienced Ghost - The Empire Of The Ants - Stories Of The Stone Age (5 intotal) - The Stolen Bacaillus - In The Abyss - The Valley Of The Spiders - When The Sleeper Wakes - The Man Who Could Work Miracles - The Land Ironclads <br /><br />The main story we are concentrating on is The War Of The Worlds. The story here is the original Pearsons Magazine April - December 1897 publication, and shown in full with the 2 Cosmo Rowe illustrations and the 65 Warwick Goble illustrations (with headers). The story is presented unabridges how H.G. Wells first wrote it for Pearsons Magazine in 1897, and differs from the novelisation released in 1898.<br /><br />Some of the main parts of the story I would like to point out that are included in the 1897 story, removed or changed for the 1898 story are as follows - During the chapter of 'The Destruction Of Weybridge & Sheperton' (1897) the Narrator and the Artilleryman are seperated, much like the 1898 version, but this is the last time we hear of the Artilleryman and he does not appear again. The 1898 story had the chapter 'The Man On Putney Hill' included, missing from the 1897 Pearsons. The Narrator (1897) briefly mentions the barbaric ways of how the humans are treated during the later part of the story, observed from the pit that he and the curate occupy during 'What We Saw From the Ruined House'. The Narrator mentions of how the body of a man is disected by the Martians, this being entirely removed for the 1898 publication. In the 1898 novel, the great 'flying machine' is mentioned on a couple of occasions during the later part of the story. Again the Narrator mentions the machine, but with a little more detail into its purpose. Apart from other suttle changes between the two stories, the other major change is towards the end. The Narrator (1898) happens to find the Martian pit while looking down from Primrose Hill, to wonder for some 3 days to be kindly taken in by survivors of the war, of which he leaves after a short while and heads home. The 1897, after finding the Martians dead, he became a Special Constable for 10 days before returning home.<br /><br />The whole story is placed around the wonderful yet oddly looking machines by Warwick Goble. Not entirely accurate to H.Gs description, given point to H.G critising the artists work in one small paragraph during the story, but non the less wonderful to look at in there entirity.<br /><br />Image<br />From the J Smith Collection (H_C)<br /> <br />I only now of the two edition of 'H. G. Wells Collectors Book Of Science Fiction' that were released, both having differant cover. The first released edition had a curious 'alien' creature wearig a space suit (better word for it) complete with face mask and gun. The second edition was more to the mark, featuring a wonder rendition of the Martian Fighting Machines attack upon the 'Thunderchild'.<br /><br />I have seen copies of this book turning up in some odd places, but if looking for the book I would recomend a book search company or even www.ebay.com which I have seen some from time to time appear and at very good prices.<br /><br />'A worth while book to the collection?' - most certainly.<br /><br />H_C<br /><a href='http://www.waroftheworldsonline.com' target='_blank'>http://www.waroftheworldsonline.com</a><br /><br />

Author:  Lonesome Crow [ Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:41 am ]
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Horsell_Common wrote:

From the J Smith Collection 'HOW TO DANCE WITH A TRIPOD'

1. Always let the Tripod lead

2. don't let the Tripod step on your foot

3. ensure the dance-hall has a ceiling at least 100ft high, with good ventilation

4. DO NOT show you partner your blood donor card

5. and never attempt to perform the Tango with a Tripod (messy, very messy).

;) :D

Author:  The Curate [ Thu Mar 17, 2005 10:48 am ]
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  Horsell_Common [ Thu Mar 17, 2005 1:25 pm ]
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Lonesome Crow wrote:
From the J Smith Collection 'HOW TO DANCE WITH A TRIPOD'

Erm, I never new I did a book about 'HOW TO DANCE WITH A TRIPOD', oh well. Is it selling well? :)

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