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Press Release For Jeff Wayne Projects
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Author:  Horsell_Common [ Fri Jan 14, 2005 5:13 pm ]
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Jeff Wayne<br />Press Release<br />9th December 2004 <br /><br />UPDATE - JEFF WAYNE'S MUSICAL VERSION OF THE WAR OF THE WORLDS !!<br /> <br />Jeff Wayne's multi-award winning Musical Work has sold over 12 million<br />copies to date, gone many times Platinum around the world, seen 3<br />successful Video Games (Spectrum 48k, PC and Playstation 1) and an<br />extensive range of merchandise, since the worldwide release of the<br />original double album in 1978. The music has been licensed to hundreds of<br />major corporations and productions all over the globe.<br /><br />In January 2005, Jeff will be going back into the studio to re-mix his<br />work (fans will know that it was re-mixed in the late 90's for the PC and<br />Playstation Video Games and subsequently released under the banner of the<br />ULLAdubULLA Club Re-mix).<br /><br />In the Spring of 2005, Jeff's official website - www.TheWarOfTheWorlds.com<br />will be launched with a fulle-commerce shop and other exciting features.<br /><br />Sony Music will be re-promoting the album in the Summer of 2005 in a<br />variety of different formats including 5.1 Surround Sound/SACD, and the<br />6-CD Box Set will include a DVD of the making of the album as well as<br />other exciting goodies including out-takes and previously unreleased<br />material.<br /><br />As well as the album and accompanying products, Jeff has recently signed a<br />deal for a Comic Book and Graphic Novel based on the Work, a Limited<br />Edition of Fine Art Prints of the classic Album Cover and a stunning range<br />of merchandise which will exceed 250 products. These will all be available<br />on the official website.<br /><br />Jeff is also in talks with a major Video Games company to release a brand<br />new Video Game (possibly a trilogy), on a variety of different platforms,<br />which is even expected to better the success of the previous games.<br /><br />In addition, earlier this year Jeff commissioned a large team of UK<br />animators to begin production of a feature length CGI-animated film based<br />on his Musical Work which is intended to be released in cinemas in 2007 -<br />and the team are making unbelievable progress. The film will sty true to<br />the HG Well's novel, being set in Victorian England and will of course<br />make good use of Jeff's music!<br /><br />To top it off, Jeff is in talks to appear in concert conducting his<br />Musical Work live on stage and is in development on a large scale Show (30<br />Foot Martian Fighting Machines -- ULLA!!), as well as a production for<br />stage.<br /><br />There is no doubt that the next few years will be a very exciting time for<br />Mr Wayne and all of his fans!!<br /> <br />

Author:  Sam [ Fri Jan 14, 2005 5:21 pm ]
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Wow that is fantastic! I cant wait for all this stuff to be released!!

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